Build a Gaming PC for Under $550 (November 2011)

Build a Gaming PC for Under $550 (November 2011)

Due to the nature of building a custom computer
you may find compatibility issues with the
parts list. Today I’m here with the latest
in my
computer build series, focusing on a computer
is aimed at entry level 1080p gaming performance
the $550 price point. You won’t be able
to play every
game maxed at 1080p but you will get reasonable
performance in any game you throw at it.
To start with we’ll be using an Intel Pentium
As one of the new Sandy Bridge Pentium chips
you’ll find
it has solid performance with a dual core
design clocked
at 2.8GHz. In normal gaming the Pentium G840
any AMD chip for the price and is only just
behind the
Core i3. For $85 this is a great start. Next
we have a Asus
P8H61 motherboard. This is a fairly basic
H61 board but it
has everything you need to get your build
up and running for
$68. For the graphics card we’ll be using
a Sapphire Radeon
6770. This is one of the best price to performance
GPUs you
can buy and it will run practically any game
you throw at it
on medium to high settings. With DVI, HDMI
and DisplayPort
connectors to support most monitors this is
a great card for
only $100 after rebate. Moving on to the RAM
we have a full
8GB of Corsair XMS3 memory clocked at 1333MHz.
Having a full
8GB of RAM on a system can be helpful down
the road and for
only $24 after rebate it’s hard to pass
up. For the hard drive
we have a Western Digital Caviar Blue 500GB
drive. 500GB should
be more than enough store lots of games and
as it’s a 7200RPM
drive your system should be running nicely
for a $100. As always
this Asus DVD burner is optional but I like
to include it as it
simplifies Windows installation and lets you
use your optical
media for $20. The case is a Thermaltake V4
Black Edition. For
a budget case you get a lot including a 120mm
blue LED fan and
lots of room for expansions for extra drives.
Coupled with an
extra 120mm fan for better cooling this will
run you $37.
For a power supply we have an Cooler Master
Elite 460W supply.
460W is more than enough to power the system
so this will work
great for $34. Lastly we have the operating
system, Windows 7
Home Premium 64-bit. If you want to run Linux
or already have
an operating system ready you can skip this
but otherwise it
will run you a cool $80. So what’s the damage?
As of November
29th, 2011 on the entire build
will run $548.72. For
just over $500 you’ll get a solid gaming
PC capable of handling
this year’s great games. Do keep in mind
that prices are
constantly fluctuating and that it’s a custom
PC that you can of
course feel free to customize to your own
liking. If you found
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100 thoughts on “Build a Gaming PC for Under $550 (November 2011)”

  1. Why are you guys asking him about what settings you can run this on certain games. Don't be a lazy ass. Look up the game specifications and it will tell you and then compare to the parts in the description.

  2. £300 is 500 US dollars, how can you get a better computer than that if it costs less? Unless he uses a pirated version of Windows.

  3. is this build better or my one better?
    Motherboard: ASUS M5A97 AMD 9 Series
    CPU: AMD Phenom II X6 1045T
    RAM:Corsair 4GB DDR3 x2
    Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 550 Ti SuperClocked (1GB)
    HD: Western Digital Caviar Blue 500 GB

  4. well i wont need to buy windows as i already have a version that came with a prebuilt computer i bought (yes i am ashamed of buying a prebuilt computer i was 13 and didnt know much) so i wont have to spend the $80 for windows. there for when i put my new rig togeather its going to cost me about 450 or so and its going to have the phenom ii x4 965 not intel but still rly good and the gtx 550ti with 4 Gigs of ram instead of 8. with an $80 mobo and a $50 case. and im running out of room to type t

  5. EZ yes you could run it on ultra depending on your screen size. but yes your going to be fine if you cant run on ultra then rly fucking close to it

  6. That's pounds not euro. Also how'd you get the serial key for Windows? For 450$ that's pretty good I guess. Better than this one but this video is from 2011 and prices change a lot.

  7. the computer came with a disk and the serial key is on the side of the case. for an extra 70 i could stick a 560 ti and have it be about $520 so i would still sit under the price of this rig. and yea i know about the time diff its nice how tech goes down in price just because the slightly better stuff came out. the price drops are great from $500 to like $200 or even $100 lolz

  8. all you need it a gpu with 1 gb or abouve(no cheap 20 dollar ones 80 dollars or above) next a i3 p or abve and 4 gb of ram or if you like to hear to youtube videos while playing like me 8 gb of raam

  9. @Mrshotshell Actually, it probably won't run minecraft on its highest settings with HD textures very well.

  10. That processor will beat ANY Amd processors? I don't think so, first off, it's a dual core, second, it's quite a powerful dual core but it is limited, try out a game called rigs of rods and tell me how it runs the tatra, bet you lag. My fx 4100 will blow that processor away, it's 4.1 ghz and steady, hasn't crashed yet..

  11. @LogicalProdigy I can help you, I have a 500 – 600 dollar build that I have built myself if you want the list, I had no compatability problems and runs most games including gta Iv on high, 500 if you looking for just a pc 600 for a better graphics card but the one on the 500 should cut it.. Pm me if you want the parts list..

  12. @BlindedFateGaming If its a boxed processor it will have a cooler, but don't expect to overclock it without heat issues..

  13. This needs a better CPU. Looks like that's going to be the bottle neck. Also, you shouldn't buy a $34 power supply.

  14. Well, I would still invest alittle more money into the brain of the build.. But my bad, Didnt watch it carefully enough..

  15. Hey @ducan33303, I might build a budget PC for a friend, not really a gaming PC but more a general use PC(with maybe some light gaming). Would be very nice to have a video for a $300-400 desktop computer that will kill what's available in big-buck stores, with the ability to upgrade in mind! 🙂

  16. any flat screen monitor…. check which type of plug you have, VGA or HDMI? Get a monitor that will support that, but I would definiately recommend 18'' or bigger if you are a gamer though…

  17. This sucks, my $600 pc kicks this $550 pc's ass.
    AMD Phenom ii 1045t – $100
    Cooler Master Storm Scout – $60
    Biostar Extreme Edition 990FXE – $120
    Coolmax 550B 80+ PSU – $20 (SALE!)
    Barracuda 3TB 7,200 rpm, 6gb/s, Sata 3, 64mb cache – $150
    Asus DVD burner/ writer/ reader 24x – $18
    Sapphire HD 6850 1GB GDDR5 – $120
    G Skill Rip Jaws 8gb – $30
    TTL – $618

  18. Hey guys I am actually thinking about building this is every thing he mentions compatible?
    Please respond!

  19. @defendthecookie That's sounds pretty good. Could you send me a message saying all of the parts and how things run?

  20. Hello guys,will i run this pc config with my current PSU:
    i5-3570k @ Stock
    Hyper 212 Plus
    Asrock Z77 Extreme 4
    G.SKILL Ripjaws 2x4GB
    Cooler Master Elite 460W
    I'll buy new PSU as soon as I can but probably i'll run my system on this PSU for few months.Will it be a problem?

  21. i think the Sapphire Radeon HD 6870 is the best choice for a budget. Its more powerful then the HD 6850 but very cheap.

  22. i advise using the AMD FX-4170 Zambezi 4.2GHz (4.3GHz Turbo) Socket AM3+ 125W Quad-Core Desktop Processor FD4170FRGUBOX as your processor

  23. you're on your own. it's assumed that most people at this experience level of building their own pc can probably come up with a monitor, mouse, and kb.

  24. Not to mention if you're watching this video, odds are you have a monitor, mouse, and keyboard anyways, otherwise you probably wouldn't be able to use the computer that you're on right now.

  25. It is just a i3 without hyperthreading basically.. well some other differences but they don't have an effect on gaming, it is better than you might think for gaming 🙂

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