Burgle Bros 2 Extended Gameplay

Burgle Bros 2 Extended Gameplay

hey everybody welcome back to Burger brothers – let’s get back to the casino although before we going folks did I mention Klingon subtitles I hope you paid attention because you would already know I made another goof in the main part I was thinking this is a bit too easy I totally forgot you have to spend two actions to activate the the Intel chips but it only generates one die not two so there’s still two more safecracking dice I could find out there I’ve only got two which is why I might still want to search around while Jin is here is searching around for the safe okay anyway so she’s done the guard went away although it’s interesting uh I’m getting a bit ahead of myself when I talk about the final thoughts the biggest change in burger burgers to over burger brothers is just how smoother and simpler and fewer rules there are one of those is you can use your abilities anytime you want on any player’s turn so you have a lot of flexibility so if Jen was ever any trouble I could have created the crybaby commotion I don’t have to wait til it’s my turn like the old game but anyway so it’s my turn I now have all three of my abilities adrenaline is at the ready although I haven’t taking any heat yet so it’s not really gonna help me but we are up and Adam and what am I gonna do well I don’t think I want to come back this way let’s go on ahead and I just want to check out these chips because any one of them might be and I gotta I gotta go a long way I don’t have the character with Monaco’s you just lets me look anything I want so for actions let’s go one it’s a pool uh-oh let’s see what happens at the pool swap guards take two cards from a deck Oh with the most and put them on the deck with the least okay so he said more so that means two of his cards are gonna come over here alright that’s not too terribly bad as a guard shift that’s interesting basically once these decks have run out what happens is unlike original Burger brothers where you reshuffle and they all get a little faster instead once the decks have once the deck has run out the deck goes away and the guards go into hunt mode where they will always move towards the nearest player so it gets very very scary once those cards run out say that was one Iowa at the pool there was a shift change no big deal let’s move again – and it’s a lounge oh well now I’m gonna hang around at the lounge and see who I run into and I’ve lost track the bouncer on the floor moves to his destination okay boom he’s just right there I lost track of time which means he is now heading over here okay so still not too bad I mean yeah these been pretty painless for the most part and this is a dead end so I don’t think I’m gonna spend my was all three I’ll just peek to see if it’s even worth walking in here and it’s another lounge which I don’t particularly care for and oh my gosh it’s a Salesman this is the greatest danger in the game if you run into one of them you are trapped as they keep pushing to try and sell you a timeshare in Boca and you can’t get away unless there’s some special power you have that lets you move you are not allowed to move anymore and the only way to get away is for another player to drop what they’re doing rush all the way over to you and rescue you from the salesman I dodged a huge bullet that would have caused a big problem because Jim would have had to come back downstairs come over here and save me Hugh okay so I was one two peeked over there and four which means once again I find myself poolside and let’s see what happens there’s identity theft swap heat with the next player okay not too bad hey I needed that heat more because I’ve got adrenaline basically once I use this I get one extra action for every Heat I’ve gone so this is a good desperation move later on okay so that was it and now this guy is moving on to d2 he’s got three moves one two and I’m gonna come over here which means he if you can’t go through a wall so three so he’s gonna come up around this way okay no problem so he’s a stayin away and now it is Jen’s turn to start scouring for the safe hopefully it’s not all the way over here on the opposite side of all these walls and whatnot just in case this is you let’s just spend our first action – all right first of all precognition peak at any patrol deck so this is a good wait we can do this three times if we’re think we’re about to get caught we can always Precog and tell them to go different way first action let’s just peek it’s the dance floor and you know it’s cover oh this is interesting these are both cool new ideas the dance floor if you move into the dance floor any players who would be adjacent to there automatically get pulled onto the floor even through walls so if I been over here and Jen moved in here I would get pulled into the dance which could be a problem or it could be a lifesaver I mean cuz you can literally go through walls doing this and also cover means that you’re safe if you’re in a room with cover and the bouncer comes into that room the cover acts as a shield and protects you you get lost in the crowd but then the crowd is used up and so that’s pretty handy – all right so that was one nothing down there let’s just start walking up – and we found storage place the door behind done time Donna a door has closed behind us so now if we want to go up and down between the first and second floor well there’s that me up now we come upstairs boom it’s a dead end unless we start spending time opening the doors all right so um that’s two three let’s okay and again let’s just peek it yeah let’s peek at this I mean cuz who knows that might be a Salesman and I don’t want to get trapped stood because if I get trapped a Salesman then you know jinx trapped I gotta come a lip so let’s just peek cuz I forgot how terrifying they are there’s two of them there’s one more salesman lurking someplace so we’ll just peek and we’ll find it’s a blackjack table with a balcony oh my gosh I would have met if we’d walked in here would have fallen off the balcony and ended up back on the first floor down here and that would have been quite the setback so it’s a good thing we peaked and I’m alright if inter distr a commotion happens if you leave so that’s interesting a commotion would have happened the guy would have immediately moved he wouldn’t coming over here but then we would have because we would have left via the balcony but as it is we just didn’t fall off the balcony when we went over and checked out the blackjack table and now for let’s just move up here and see it’s a roulette table all righty commotion upon entry boom no avoiding that and that means remember whenever a commotion happens the guard gets one free move so he’s gonna move and now he’s gonna cap what he’s gonna come through this wall one two three and we’re gonna get caught unless unless we use one of our powers so we could use telekinesis to move the bouncer far away I could do cry-baby which means the bouncer would be coming for me one two three but he can’t reach me and it means he’d come over here and stay away from Jen um right or or we could just say hey we could do some mind tricks all right let’s do some mind tricks whoo so this guy all right so Jim serves over some of the commotion he’s on his way but the mind trick says that’s not the commotion you’re looking for we’re gonna make this guy go instead and he’s got to go one two he’s reached there the salesman won’t bother him he’s very intimidated and now he wants to come over here to be three which means he one two three versus one two three so means he’d come this way so he’s coming for me I got a runaway all right but still we avoided that problem okay so nice nice nice back to me back to my turn the guard is definitely coming my way although if I’m worried I see if I’m worried about it I could just do the crybaby which will create a commotion so he’ll move right on to me when I’m sorry not so I wanna use if I use fainting that means I cannot gain heat from the bounce of this turn he would immediately move to where I am because he Oh can I help you up ma’am and then he would just go on his merry way in fact he wouldn’t even activate and he isn’t my note but no that’s the thing I don’t want to come this way because I’d have to go through the salesman and that would I need to come back down this way to check these out to see if I can find some more Intel while my teammates looking for the safe so well I could have a fainting spell to get past it wouldn’t help me with that salesman so I think it’s time to run away so let’s go one two and now I’ve got two actions to try to open this door because oh he stuck to me because he a problem this is a bit dangerous – yeah I got – I need to roll because if I don’t I enroll again I’m stuck here this guy’s gonna come here he’s gonna get to the front desk and because I’m adjacent to the front desk while he’s there I’ll take more heat so it’s a bit dangerous okay what looks gross yeah but one – we’ll try it and if not I’ll just run over here to the buffet where I’ll get some coffee but then I’ll be wasting the coffee cuz well Sam I gonna do oh well you don’t I can afford one heat let’s just try to roll and get through this door and I did it I cannot fail that was action three and action for is I find myself back by the pool cannonball alright there’s a commotion on this tile and on the same spot on the other floors Oh alright that was a big cannonball went all the way to the second floor so he’s coming for me but still I’m fine whew alright and I that means he’s not coming for Jen all right cannonball alright so that’s it he now says that changed where he’s gonna go because one two three four versus one two three four oh it does change his order they’re both equidistant they always go clockwise so he’s gonna go one two three he’s coming for me he’s drawn by the cannonball alright no problem though I got time to get away anyway Jen’s turn let’s see all righty let’s just come on ahead over here and let’s see what we find boom okay we have found the safe nice nice alright well well I can’t do anything and in fact I need to do a little bit more work because this is one thing that has not changed from burger brothers there’s two things we need to do to crack this safe we need somebody in the control room to send the dice up here so I can roll them but before that does any good I have to find out the combination of the safe right now I know two numbers three and four you can see every tile has a little number down here in the corner so I know three and four to find out the rest a combination I have to explore these two areas in these two areas everything in the row and column of where the safe is so with that in mind let’s just going ahead for my second action and try and open that door IIIi am a door master alright so that says one two three and hopefully nothing bad happens it’s craps table commotion if I end my turn here so I was actually thinking about ending my turn here and just peeking over here cuz who knows this might be the salesman it could be dangerous but it could be more Intel as well and I just wanted to stop here but now if I stop here there will be a commotion and he’ll come for me so what do I do I could just run back away back to the safe where I am literally safe or I could just walk blindly in here maybe get lucky find some more Intel I mean I do need to flip this to get more of the guy there’s another number the number one in the combination but you know what there’s one two three four five six seven eight there is a one in eight chance that I would get hit by a Salesman if I just walk in there blind but if I don’t if I if I in the commotion here remember he automatically gets one move which means he’ll be on me so I’m I know I don’t have been crazy lucky so far with all the blind I’m just gonna walk back the other way and just play it safe and not in the turn at the craps which would create a commotion alright so that’s it and now he wants to move three uno dos tres he’s very happy to have found nothing oh wait a minute there’s over here alright one two and now he wants to come down here which means three actually I think the the counterclockwise starts from left so three all right so there we go fine and dandy back to me and he’s coming for me cuz of that cannonball which means all right okay now is the time to faint I’m gonna faint which means um right so I cannot gain heat so the bouncer immediately moves to where I am I cannot gain heat this turn and he is not gonna move this turn he has reached his goal so now we know that he wants to head over to be to the pool but he can’t do it because he spent all this turns just helping me back up and say oh are you okay ma’am and I said oh thank you very much so I’m done with fainting I’ve used one of my powers and that didn’t take an action so now I’m just gonna very nonchalantly walk away yes unless I create a commotion if this is a coming up it I don’t care I cannot get heat this turn so boom so that was one it’s a monorail monorail that’s a quick shortcut so that could come in handy if I need to get over here to get to the escalator that’s pretty nice okay as one uh-huh let’s peek let’s not take our chances the dance floor and okay okay that’s pretty cool so uh we’re relatively safe huh we have found the two salesmen so I do not want to go there so I was one two and what the heck let’s just walk on in uh three mmm yeah three and some intel nice and a storage shed Oh No so boom a door slam shut behind me I’m trapped three and unfortunately I need two actions to generate the one in sell-off here I’ve only got one action left so ICS is gonna be to try to reopen that door that just closed behind me and for once it fails okay now hi had more actions the second time I tried to open the door I get to roll two dice the third time three dice and so on alrighty so I’ve got alright so I’m I had fourth action I tried to open the door I couldn’t so I am done and because of my fainting spell he is not gonna move so we’re done there back to Jen okay so the guy walks away so first of all one and okay I’m not worried about salesmen anymore and this could be more Intel and to be wait alright so let’s just be brave – its oh no no it’s fine it’s a blind corner no big deal actually this would have been much worse this is maybe my favorite one of these hidden things because it really encourages you to be bold with this game here’s what would have happened it’s a blackjack table let’s put that aside for a second if instead of walking in there if I had peeked what would have happened is it I would reveal oh it’s a blind corner and I’d also reveal that it is a blackjack table where if I enter the room and leave it’ll create a commotion but if I’d peeked here hey I’d avoid the potential creating commotion but whenever you peek into a blind corner it turns out boom the bouncer was there he was there how long we got lost track of him and he was there I lost track of him around a blind corner now as it is I didn’t peek I walked in so I avoided that problem but I did create another problem if I walk out of here now I will create a commotion so I don’t think I’m going to I’m just gonna stop I still need to get over here to find these two codes before I can start working on the safe okay that’s pretty cool now meanwhile mr. man says I’d like to we’ll go one and then two and okay you want to come up here so he’s got a three so he’s coming back over there boom easy peasy so back to me back to my turn first of all I will spend two of my actions to get our third bit of Intel and like I said if I and I are it explained all dad let me explain again right so that’s one two three let’s open this door nope for now I get to roll to Dyson if either of these give me a four five or six the door is open all right there we go here’s my five so three four so I just spent all of my entire turn in the closet finding some Intel and just trying to get through that door that got me stuck because I don’t want to come up here with this salesman all right that’s pretty good all righty and now a mr. guy is heading over here so he will go one two three he has reached the pool and we’re running out of cards folks pretty soon he’s gonna go into hunt mode but in the meantime he wants to go to be one okay Jen’s turn um see one only commotion fearing to turn there no big deal – oh shoot if I come down here boom I fall downstairs right all into the guy so one two oh and if I walk in here I create a commotion but it’s unavoidable 3 which means suddenly there’s a commotion at the roulette table and the guy moves one space for free and he’s gonna be on me Oh three and because I’m trying to avoid this balcony 4 which means a door has closed behind me ok ok like but I got to come all the way back down here to check these out are all righty and now he is going to go clockwise he’s gonna nail me so it might be time to use another power hmm let’s see here I could move him however I want I could there’s no reason to peek at his patrol deck because I know because I know where he’s going but yeah I could still I could be peeking at this to try and make sure he’s you know keep on burning cards his basically I peek at the patroltec I can put it at the top or the bottom of the deck and anything they’re just gonna be around here I could just keep on yeah I could do this 3 times in a row if I wanted to try to get cards to tell him to go over there let’s do this let’s Precog it I know it’s not gonna change right now he is gonna try and come here he is gonna get me I still have that problem hmm so maybe I should just use the telekinesis or we could use the crybaby which means I’d create a yell 1 2 3 which means he’d get come no actually yeah let’s do it let’s do it let’s enter I’m gonna do my first cry baby so creating a commotion on this tile which means this guy goes nice let’s move over and try to get in there and on the floor above which is moving the commotion back over here and he gets a free move and he goes boink ok oops not the balcony him okay so we’re safe we’re safe to have some good teamwork I’ve still got one more crybaby I could use but in the meantime he might know I mean he’s about to draw he might go for it let’s go on ahead and start pre-cocking just to keep this guy away let’s take a look and see because I want to know where he’s gonna go now and it’s gonna be c1 yeah I’m fine with that let’s just leave it there so Precog and so we reveal what it is he wants to go to it is c1 and right because that means he’s just gonna go around this way it’s gonna take him a long time so cue all right and all that was now he’s actually gonna move because of all that commotion stuff right yes so one two three and now where does he want to go I could Precog again let’s Precog again and he wants to go to b4 I do not want him to go to before that is where I am going we say no we put that at the bottom of the deck and he’s got b3 yeah that’s even worse okay shoot all righty um I should have uh I should have Precog again but worry about later so that was it back over here so now you already do this Intel yes I did I already did do this Intel forgot to send away so he’s coming for me I got to get out of here let’s go so I could come here and then come over here yeah yeah yeah let’s go or I could just go one two three oh whoops I forgot by the way I forgot ah folks this way watch the thing on sub toss turn on remember he gets it they get an extra move when they walk through open doors and then they close them I’ve probably forgotten about that a couple of times because they will close doors behind them uh I didn’t remember if I did that or not we’ll live with it but that’s why you have to clean up sometimes turn on anyway so I guess go one two three yeah I’m gonna go one two three and as an action in the control room I can spend an action to send one die up to the safe which means it’s usable for rolling once we figured out the the code and now I want to spend on my next turn more action sending more of them up here but the thing is once they’re rolled they all get moved back down here and then I got to keep sending them up you got to imagine I’m on the earpiece in the control room feeding information to the guy trying to crack the safe alright anyway so that was that so it was one two three four and now I’m mister man wants to go again he’s gonna go one two and a four is where he wants to go next at which I see that B one two three four or you know actually was gonna be one two you can go one two three four five six versus one two three four yeah so he’s gonna go back this way one two three he’s coming back up here he’s gonna leave me alone for a while although he’s almost done folks he’s gonna start making a beeline for me immediately so we got a pump up the jam cuz they’re gonna be coming for us once the deck is empty it’s Hunt time now cuz they know something is up alrighty so that was Jen’s turn he’s moved and now it is my turn and I got all these stupid doors I gotta go through but I can’t come in here because of this stupid balcony so first of all let’s open that door try it on first try six boom nailed it one two let’s open this store I can’t peek through this either one two three nailed it and I could go for peeking but there’s no time let’s just walk right in I know that’s where he’s coming to but he’s a long ways away let’s see we found some cover so I’d be safe if he does join me and it’s oh it’s the staff elevator okay if I spend three actions here then I create effectively another L another connection Sam we’ve got an escalator between here and here we’ve got the staff elevator here and here that can be pretty cool now my prototype didn’t come with an elevator card so I’m just gonna go on ahead and put it here sideways to indicate that I have not spent the three actions I would need to spend here to make these two connected via an elevator to the same way these two are connected via the escalator so cool so once ooh do I have one more or was that my last action where was I oh I’ve totally forgotten I think I was coming around so didn’t I 1 2 3 4 yeah I think I think I just had to open both these doors and walk through so that’s it for me his turn he is up he would like to move through here which means he gets an extra action cuz he closed the door so that’s 1 2 3 Oh No hold on a second folks this isn’t a wall this is a door he’s coming right for me and he’s gonna get or move don’t even need see he’s gonna get 3 he’s gonna be right on me so before I have him move let’s I could do another cry baby and tell him to come over here yep it’s time for me to do my last cry baby action which means he’s coming for me no I don’t want to do that because he’s leaving me alone I don’t want to do a cry baby action so no but I’m safe I’m gonna cover I’m undercover it’s fine I totally forgot I’m here at the elevator yeah so let’s have him go so one and because he closed the door he gets an extra action two three and the cover saved me he just now has to pick a new place to go he doesn’t even know I lost in the crowd which is he’s gonna want to come back up here and boom he does go back up there and is my last Precog let’s let’s use it let’s use it let’s use my last Precog find out where he’s going next b1 that means he I mean I do not want that go somewhere else guy farther away from the safe please a4 okay that’s pretty cool yeah that means he’s gonna ultimately avoid me because if I’m down here right okay so that’s pretty cool and now we’re down to telekinesis one more cry-baby and some adrenaline alright although I can’t usually a journalist because I’ve been pretty good at avoiding stuff so far anyway so he moved and now he’s gonna head over there back to me back to my turn I’m gonna spend two actions sending more dice my teammates way one two and there’s nothing else I can do on this floor but I have to stay down here because once he rolls the dice they’re gonna come back down so one two is there anything else I can do I could come down here and drink a cup of coffee to do actions I don’t need no I think I’m just gonna stop yeah I’m just gonna I’m just gonna take it easy oh shoot I totally forgot I came through this pool again what happened when I went through the pool I lost one heat cuz I went for a swim I totally forgot right so again okay on subtitles I’m gonna look anyway here Felix here so I’m just gonna stop I’m just gonna wait because I gotta get he’s got to get he’s got to get this last code he’s got to come back up here he’s got to roll the dice in and I can send them back to him so I’m done and meanwhile the guard is just gonna very nonchalantly go one two three four all right cool so um gents turn I don’t even have to walk down here and even if this is Intel I don’t think I have time I’m just gonna peek it’s a buffet which meant I would have started building up the food and some oh my gosh ah it would have been a balcony I would have fallen down got my cup of coffee and I would have to run all the way back up here oh my gosh Wow that is lucky that is look Hey so you alrighty so I peeked I now know what the codes are all right I see that was one two three oh these doors in this balcony all these balconies I’m such a butterfingers 1 2 3 I can’t reach it anyway no 1 2 3 and I’ll try to open the door show me lucky died three no good so I’m stuck here all right drat right and now he’s gonna go and what was he doing I don’t know he’s coming down here oh he’s gonna come right for me no he’s not um yes he is because it’s 1 2 3 vs 1 2 3 either way and he goes clockwise starting from left he’s gonna come right where he’s not gonna go down that way darn it alrighty telekinesis time you sir all the way over here boom now he’s got to walk all the way up and around so that bought me some time and I’m out of tricks ok so that’s it and now he gets to go he goes 1 2 3 he’s on his way through the only dorks he couldn’t go through the walls okay back to me nothing I can do nothing I can do oh this is painful I’m just basically going to pass because my teammate got balconies are killing me so that’s it the guy’s gonna go one and now he wants to go to a 3-2 and folks he has no more to go he is now in hunt mode he is coming for me and I’m trying to ever do they speed up in hunt mode let me double-check that all right the gonna hunt mode no closest player no they still day they still keep the same speed alright so one two three he’s coming for me now folks I’m stuck here in the control room ah okay so fine fine fine backward back to my team so um right we need to open that door action one failed action – oh my gosh success back through the door three four I have no axe if I had any more actions I would spend them now I would roll all three of these hoping to get a 3 a 1 a 4 a 5 and a 2 but I ran out of actions cuz it oh okay and so meanwhile mister man is going very calmly very nonchalantly 1 and he wants to go clockwise so 2 3 and then 4 because he went through this right left that door open I should have closed the door oh I should have closed the door alright so he’s reached his destination which means he’s got a new destination of right here not that big a deal okay um my turn still nothing I can do as the guy and he’s gonna go one two three he’s coming for me I gotta go I got a hard because the thing is yeah if he comes he I take two heat and then he stays there he’s next time uh you know I gotta move away I’ve run out of tricks okay then I got to run away to do a crybaby to create a commotion so he will temporarily forget about me so um how can i how can I do this what is the best thing to do or I can just take I know wow I mean if the more heat I get the more adrenal I have four more actions to run away I think I’m just gonna live with it I’m just gonna pass I’m gonna do nothing and he goes one two three and he says what are you doing here in the control room and he puts some heat on me I now have to heat on my next turn if I still stay here like an idiot I’ll keep I get six eat it’s over we lose but I can turn heat into adrenaline and run away but that’s it he’s on me meanwhile over here I’m gonna get all the dice I need it’s impossible isn’t it because I need three I need a 3 a 1 2 2 of the ones but I just need one 1 a 1 a 2 a 3 a 4 and a 5 oh I can’t do it with three dice well I see action 1 all right so I got threes which means I took care of that and I got fours which means I took care of that I did not take care of the ones the fives or the twos and now these all come back down here yikes and what am I gonna do hmm cuz I gotta wait and a down here I gotta spend 3 actions to send all these back up here could give him another chat which means I’m gonna get two more heat but then after that hopefully he’ll be done rolling I’ll be able to use all the heat as our adrenaline to run run run although I got to get through this door because we didn’t use the staff elevator make this shortcut although we don’t know I may or may not need to get up there I mean there’s different finales depending so all right so we did that and we got three more actions but there’s a not much to do so let’s just have him go one and I wants to come over here to be four to three and because of the door he closed it which means he’s gonna go one more place and he’s gonna start hunting us now before he’s coming for it we’re both coming for us oh my gosh all right so this is my turn three actions boom boom boom and a fourth action I could run away but he’s just gonna come for me anyway and I need to be here I could start running for the escalator but I need to be here so I’m just gonna stay alright so I’m done and the guy says hey what do you still here here’s two more heat two more if I get succeed I’m arrested and we lose okay I’m trying to I’m trying to very nonchalantly send the information up to my teammate while the guys you know read me the riot act and I’m trying to stall him okay all right so okay I need to roll a one I need to roll one a five and it’s you I need to roll everything ah here’s the one just gets sent back downstairs and there’s the oh wow oh my gosh okay well now here’s what happens next folks when we took this job it was pretty sketchy we didn’t get much time to prepare which is why we didn’t have our gear Authority and our client didn’t even tell us what’s in the safe now’s where we find out what’s in the safe the game comes with different things it could be the Steinway rescuing her ride or hammer time and so let’s and I suspect you can check out the Kickstarter page hit that I open the top right corner screen I imagine there’s going to be more layouts I imagine there’s gonna be more um alright so and it is rest I’ve not done this one rescuing the ride the juicer has found her long-lost car time to drive it out of the casino oh my god there’s a car up oK we’ve just stepped into Fast and Furious folks all righty player one can take one action to enter the car once you are in you can’t leave the car because there’s seatbelts any player in the car may spend one action to drive the car one space only the driving player activates tiles but all players are also on that tile while driving into a room the room acts as if it has slippery mode so you move two spaces instead of one because we’re driving a car on the second floor of this thing destroy walls to drive or slide through well we can just drive right through walls the car cannot go downstairs all bouncers are now in hunt mode they practically work anyway players must drive through all four corners of this we have to bring this building down once all corners have been a reached drive out of any corner than the second floor to win which means I’ve got to get up here I’ve got to get in the car let’s see I don’t have a car icon let’s just say this is our car oh my god it’s actually one of the other characters Wow Wow okay so that was action one action to get in the car of course action three I’ll start driving right okay and what was it we have to drive into all four oh and by the way there is easy and hard difficulty easy as corner markers appear immediately when the safe opens hard is corner markers appear once all players are in the car I’m gonna say it’s easy we have to knock out these four pillars they’re already here oh oh I guess that’s what it means it means if we’re playing hard then everybody’d have to get in the car then we could start smashing stuff I’m not quite sure again like I said right up front this prototype has left me a little bit in the dark on some things but I’m sure they’ll clean all this stuff up for the final version I’ve never really heard of Tim powers games having you know vague rules but vague prototypes that’s no thing and I’m gonna say I’m easy and the corners are there we got smash these and now it doesn’t say we both have to be in the car though all players no must be all players must be in the car to exit right okay so he can start smashing through stuff while I’m just trying to get to the escalator to jump in the car oh my gosh this is exciting okay so that was one two let’s start driving everybody um three I’ll go this way and because it’s treated slippery remember you I saw Silveira front that means I move an extra space boom smashed the first corridor also smash this door okay done this guy even if he wasn’t in hunt mode he’s in hunt mode now he’s moving three to try to chase me he’s cut which means he’s coming for me and it is one right two three he can’t quite reach me to put the heat on me nice all right um meanwhile over here it is time I’m gonna use all four of the heat I’ve got turning it into adrenaline now I kind of wish I hadn’t cooled down in the pool I have four actions for this one action for each Heat I have +4 I have 8 actions goodbye sir UH one and if guard is here or Jason get a heat I just got another heat I’m at five feet – I pull don’t slow me down pool cross wires open all doors on this floor and close all that’s perfect there were cross wires it’s like we planned it so open and close door oh my gosh wow cool alright closed or not that matters I’m not coming back this way but you know I might fall down a what’s it all right that was one two three four five and no but no heat on it and if I I’m really so this guy is always gonna go when they’re hunting they always go to the nearest one so he’ll come for me and one more heat and we lose so that was what one two three four five I need it right so the cars coming over this way but I’m trapped behind doors again ah one two three four five oh yeah this doesn’t matter anymore cuz he’s fine once we were five right well six try to open this door no actually I just need to wait down here because the car can smash through these walls and pick me up onto here five six and I’m just gonna wait and catch a ride okay so that’s that oh whoa no okay no it’s fine it’s fine so we’re both on the floor so that means this guards not going this guard all who goes at the end of each turn which means he goes one and he’s uh excuse me sir pull over and so now we’ve got some heat over here fine no biggie um I think that’s right there’s nothing here about getting caught or you know so you should be fine okay so now it’s my crazy all right so I got four actions one I don’t think it matters but I am still revealing stuff and I had to treat that roulette as slippery don’t care about commotions smash that wall – and there is a new thing I don’t think this is in the original where you slip around corners so I’ve slipped around corners to smash that rolling door by the way all those slippery anyway that’s fine three smash through both of these walls boom boom what happens with the balcony do I fall out of the car and fall to the first floor I’m not sure about that and this season one of those things I’ll have to make that clear does the balcony override I’m gonna assume thumb attica ly not but I mean the whole car could come too right so I’m gonna assume not I’m gonna assume I was safe from that balcony three and I’ve smashed this one and now I could keep going but I have to stay here I wait for my teammate no no for I will just go this way and because my teammate can catch me alright so that’s it the guard goes 1 2 3 alright no problem my turn No oh this is a problem I could jump in the car now but they at the end of my turn oh but no if I’m in the car I can drive the car too so 1 2 3 I’m in the car and 4 out of the way I’m driving four boom smash through the door smash the last one and yea-ah off into the sunset we go over Heidi and that folks was a full playthrough with a few goofs here and there of burgle brothers to the casino capers and you wanna hear some final thoughts again hit that eye up in the top right corner follow the show notes in five four three two one

12 thoughts on “Burgle Bros 2 Extended Gameplay”

  1. 16:23 inverted bouncer and its destination marker. 😉
    20:14 the bouncer could move one more due to the open door (which he should have closed). Mentioned but could be in the subs to help the viewers catch it when it happens.
    27:20 should logically teleport the bouncer 1 left of that to spare another move.

  2. 21:16 "A player can spend one action to roll all the dice on the Safe. This roll can be attempted multiple times, once per action. Any dice rolled are returned to the Control Room
    at the end of a turn which they were rolled." Dice are returned only at the end of the turn, not after they are rolled for the first time.

  3. 02:58 "Activate the room, then

    activate the chip and remove it." The Salesperson chip should have been removed since it was activated by a peeking action. The same applies to the Balcony chip revealed by peeking in a future turn.

  4. At 17:22, shouldn't the balcony tile be removed? In the first game you only fell down from a balcony if you blindly charged in.

  5. what i liked about the first game that is sad wasn't retained for this sequel is the risk/reward of the loot treasures from the vaults. You wanted to get the loot to get that free item and to move on to the next floor but at the same time you didn't want to open the vault since the loots (curses to those gold bars!) always had a negative effect (besides metal decorators going off) for the player who took it. sad to see that part of game play is missing from this sequel.

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