Burgle Bros 2 Final Thoughts

Burgle Bros 2 Final Thoughts

hey everybody final thoughts time for Burger brothers – and before I get going with that please remember folks this was a paid preview and therefore any subjective opinions I might give you should take with a grain of salt because I was paid to make this video and who cares what I think anyway because you can just go watch the run-through and decide for yourself if it looks like fun right well I’ll tell you what I thought Burger brothers they’re back and they are better than ever this is such a big step up from the previous Burger brothers and that saying something because Burger brothers won is a monstrously popular little co-op game a big big hit for independent developer designer publisher Tim flowers and with good reason it’s a very well designed nice little it’s funny I always used to think of it as a nice little gateway co-op game um but what surprised me more anything else about burger boy I expect Oh Burger brothers – there’s gonna be different types of buildings there’s gonna be different types of events I mean a lot of stuff I expected to be here is gonna be here but what I didn’t expect was just a constant repeated refrain of trying to streamline the game because the original burger Brothers does have a lot of little rules especially when it comes to the guards you know and the way that sometimes they’re moving faster than normal sometimes they’re moving slower it changes based on things and there’s a lot of minutiae to keep track of and that’s why I say I always thought of it as a gateway game but now having played this I’m gonna go gosh why are there all those extra steps the streamline if occation of these guards is so so nice um you know the notion oh they just always have a flat speed you don’t need to keep a die separately as an on table representative are they moving for now are the moving five are they moving – who knows I said they just always move three the only times they move more is if they go through a door that you left open thereby creating a nice little bit of tension I have you close every door behind you if you want to slow them down but that might slow you down as well depending on what you end up stumbling across so that’s pretty cool um or every time you create a commotion what used to be called an alarm that instantly gives them a move which means there’s a lot more tension um because it used to be or I know they’re not going to do anything until I’m done and I’ve got my stuff III oh but now they can effectively move they can interrupt your motion if they’re close by you think of no big deal they’re not gonna touch me I’m just gonna get out of here um but then you step into that thing and something creates commotion boom they’re on you and I mean they can catch you just as quick as before and I mean so that Chiefs two things at once so much more streamlined because of a universal rule set for them with only two exceptions and those exceptions are so cool because they give you more strategic stuff to manage with manipulating the board and you know closing doors behind you huh what were you raised in a barn and also more importantly remembering that they can move they can move on you even when it’s not your turn thereby making peaking a more powerful tool but it’s interesting at the same time as powerful as peaking is to ensure you don’t do commotions are in to assure you avoid the dreaded salesmen the greatest danger of all time you know getting a desperate Shelly Levine just trying to sell you some Glengarry properties or we know anyway um uh-huh you know so peaking is a is a godsend by the same token there are also on things that make peeking dangerous specifically the blind corners that can instantly go out speak ah now the guards right there he’s gonna get my um you know the these new chips that add an extra level of random of you know set up not only are the rooms laid out separately but the contents of the room are randomized as well add so much more and well I will say I always thought it was very very cool the notion of the first game of you know having well ever since pandemic you know every game that follows that formula hey you get four actions every turn one of them has moved do some stuff travel around often in these sorts of games you’ll get into the situation as I did in my extended where oh I just don’t use my actions I’m waiting for something to happen and um you know so you’re standing still I loved in the original burger brothers that idea if you don’t use at least two actions an event will happen that might help you might hurt you that uncertainty was very very cool and it felt very thematic you were constantly having to move if you stand still too long everything could fall apart I love that it’s gone here which is kind of a bummer but I can’t complain too much because it’s a replaced with pools and lounges you know this feels even more thematic than the original because these pool and Lounge things can make me imagine I’m actually I’m in Casino in the middle of the day just trying to be nonchalant trying not to draw attention um but I get stuck y’all win in a sales convention or whatever it might be so the events are still here they can still mix things up and surprise you and again no that was while I loved it in the original Burger brothers it’s another example of another little rule that is easy to forget and if the number one thing burger brothers too does as an improvement over the first one is simplifies and streamlines those but now I got to talk about one more thing the other thing it does is finales it’s not the same got to get to the choppa every single time which was fine there was nothing wrong with that but now that I’ve seen Oh every time you get to that one safe not too safe I gotta say that’s nice too I’ve always thought the idea of yo yo gotta find all the stuff got to crack the safe you know that’s that was always neat but having to do it on two or three separate um floors and the original Berger brothers definitely increase the length of the game now there’s only one safe so yo you can you get any to get out um you know it doesn’t overstay its welcome and I think that’s a huge improvement plus it’s such a brilliant idea somebody’s got to stay in the control room talking into the ear of the other person who’s trying to craft a ideally to yo you know most people doing it so you can just feed those dice and more quickly or most people work on this I I’m really impressed by that this level of teamwork that happens now is Solex I mean this has always been a game about teamwork using your special powers to help your teammate avoid problems and whatnot but you know now it’s baked into the core game there’s only one safe to crack and after you do who knows what’s gonna happen because these finales they are like the big final action scene of a of an action movie yeah you saw the one I just did there are other ones I don’t want to spoil them for you they’re cool they’re clever they’re often hilarious and they are very very challenging it’s interesting that’s where the difficulty scaling for this game comes in um are you gonna play easy or hard when you find out do I have the easy version or the hard version and um man that’s great III my prototype only has three they’re all neat you know one of them is like a what do you call it a not a fetch quest but a uh oh I am escort mission escort missions I mean there’s different things you have to do and it’s just make sure that every game ends with a bang even if you don’t make it I mean chances are you will make it to the safe you will open it but then will you be able to survive have you done enough to be able to do whatever that final boss fight of uh whatever is in that safe requires of you oh yeah so this I’ve I hope some of these ideas are backwards compatible into the original Berger Brothers I have to say because my only complain about this is if I had the original Berger brothers and I wanted and I got this like I I don’t wanna play the original but so many of the ideas I think they could work in the original I hope that’s something the Tim is gonna be putting forward how you know you can change the speed rules in the and introducing this hunt mode I I think they should be able to be backwards compatible hey I mean heck owning both of them and being able to mix and match files I don’t know if any of this is viable you can want to hit that I in the top-right corner screen to go check out the Kickstarter page maybe more of it said there I haven’t actually seen Ian I’m filming a few days before the Kickstarter goes live but yeah folks I mean I liked Berger Brothers I thought it was a sweet fun charming little game a great gateway I would certainly play it any day of the week as a gateway over oh I don’t know like Forbidden Island or something like that oh you know cuz again it was so fun and thematic but this knocks knocks the other one out of the water very very impressed with Berger brothers too and that was the preview folks thanks very much for watching have a very nice day talk to you later so long uh bye bye

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  1. Backward compatibility is certainly on my radar. Thanks for mentioning that in your final thoughts. Thanks for continuing to review Fowers Games products! Enjoy the so much.

  2. As an owner and fan of the first game,i feel like i will have to unlearn the game to play the 2nd one.And i have no desire to get rid of the first one,so as much as i like the game i probably won't be backing it.

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