Burgle Bros 2 Preview (Runthrough)

Burgle Bros 2 Preview (Runthrough)

hey everybody today righto previews a prototype of Burkle brothers to the casino capers but before I could go and please turn your subtitles onto the Klingon channel so that when I make rules goofs you know what they are and if you’ve done that then welcome to the casino everybody here is the situation the burgle brothers are back together and they’re gonna pull off another heist but this time it’s in broad daylight in the middle of the day right under the noses of the security of this active casino that has two floors now I’ve already set it up and we are gonna be exploring the Ritz today you can see the layouts for floor one and floor to somewhere on floor one is the security control room which we’ve got to find somewhere on floor two is the safe which we’ve got to break into and then what we find in a safe well that’s anybody’s guess I will figure that out when we get there and then try to find a way out in the grand finale so I’ve already gone on ahead and set up and I will be playing today as the juicer and the spotter okay and there are a bunch of similarities to the original Burger brothers in fact the core gameplay remains the same every turn you get four actions to move around and peek and try to avoid being spotted by the guards that we’re always roping but there are so many changes to first one right off the bat is there are not tools for you to find throughout your searching as you crack safes instead everybody starts with three abilities although they haven’t been prepped yet over the first three rounds um the the juicer here will be turning on one after another her ability to faint be a crybaby and gather her adrenaline she can unlock these three in any order she wants and by the third round she’ll have access to all of them for the entire adventure for the entire heist although once you’re used they’re gone acts that’s not true crybaby can be used twice same for the spotter here mind tricks telekinesis Precog can’t use any of them yet but over the first three rounds these will become available unlocked okay also the deck doesn’t tell us where we start on the first floor we get to choose we can come in at any of the four corners now we already know the guard on the first floor and totally coincidentally on the second floor is in space a2 and we don’t know where they’re gonna be moving yet but we get to know where they are and then we decide where we’re gonna come in we’re gonna have the juicer over here go first and let’s have her come in very very far away from the guard now like I said right up front this is a prototype yeah I’m sure the final version will have you know a different art style or certainly there will be actual guard meeple tokens instead of me just using some of these heat tokens to represent the guard moving around like I said this should hopefully give you a pretty good idea even though it is just a prototype so here’s another change from the original Burkle brothers in the original burger brothers wherever you came in you didn’t activate that tile not so now she is starting Oh at the VA return I had to decide before we reveal this do I want to unlock adrenaline cry-baby or fainting adrenaline is a useful ability once um she’s already taken some heat so it’s not gonna do much good right at the beginning so let’s not unlock that right away let’s just go on ahead and be prepared to to have a fainting spell just in case we need it to create a distraction alright so she’s got this available she picks one of the four corners again we will start over here and we will find out and we will activate this room immediately before she gets to do any of her four actions and I see we found a poker table and also here’s another new thing not only are the rooms randomized but these chips are randomized as well and so what did we find at the poker table some coffee okay so this coffee basically means whoever drinks it can get one extra action so she’s gonna have five actions this turn instead of the regular four but in fact actually this isn’t too terribly painful because if a teammate is here or adjacent a commotion would be cause that’s the equivalent of an alarm going off in the original Berto brothers but now they are called commotions because things are happening in the day the security they come over to clear up the commotion and that puts heat on us a that is they’re keeping an eye on us the more heat we have on us the more suspicious and if we get six heat on any character it’s all over so the effect of being in the Poe room is not too terribly painful right now if there’s a teammate there or in an adjacent space we would have caused a commotion but we’re not I’m the only one here so we’re totally fine I’m gonna mark this is where I came in and I’ve got five actions cuz I just had a quick cup of joe but you might be thinking well what am I gonna do I’m trapped I’m surrounded there’s a wall over here to my left own what’s this a red wall north of me that’s not a wall this folks is a door this is another new concept you will notice all over the place there are walls but there are also doors and to use a door to be able to go through it we well this kind of someone does something goes in the original game we have to spend in action to try to open the door now I’m gonna do that my first of five actions because of the coffee is I’m gonna try to open the store cuz otherwise I’m stuck and to do it I roll a die and IVD champs on a four or five or six the door is open so oh wait wait wait hold on a second before I do any of this though as soon as I entered here the guard was given a destination for where he wants to go so we find out he’s heading over to d1 here’s where’s his where he’s going I got to stay away from him okay so now I’m gonna try to open this door and get away from this poker table show me a four or five or six it’s a six boom the door is now open okay so that was my first I’ve got four more actions so like regular burgle brothers you can be sneaky and whatnot and peek before you move but hey I’m a thief of action let’s just have my second action just me to run right in here I’m consequences be damned and see what I find okay oh I am at the pool okay now I’ve got four more actions or three more actions did I open the door and then I went to pool although wait before I go on I do have a choice to make for free whenever you want if you are next to an open door you can close it and that might be worthwhile potentially because if the guard ever in his regular rounds is a goes through an open door the guard will automatically close it and then get one extra bonus move so he’ll eat up his patrol which can be problematic so sooner or later he might want to come down here and this will give him more speed if I don’t close this door behind me and since I don’t really need to come back in here there’s nothing in this room what the heck I’m gonna go in ahead and close it now but that means if I ever do need to go through this door again then I got to take time to open it which means you know I’ve gotta roll for five or six but for now I’ll leave it closed because I don’t expect I’m gonna go back to that poker room okay so I’ve moved into the pool where you will notice I have to draw a pool event this is another very new big change to the game because we are here in the middle of the day this is an active casino you have to imagine there’s lots of people walking around gambling and all that I’ve just come to the pool every time you move into a pool room or a lounge room something is gonna happen there’s gonna be an event and this replaces the event system from the original burger brothers where it would only happen if a player took two or fewer actions that rule is completely gone now events only happen when you enter pools or lounge so let’s see what happens at the pool hey the bouncers get a tip move the bouncer on this floor to a tile adjacent to me oh dear well that’s a fine how-do-you-do all righty well the bouncers got a hot tip and I this is still where he’s going but now I have to put him here here or here you know what I think I will put him here because if I put him here he’ll just come right through this door and catch me because the bouncers you might imagine they can just go through doors they’ve got a security pass they just swipe the card and boom they go through so I’ll put him up here which means now he’s much closer to where he wanted to go and I better get out of here all right so one action to open the door second action to move but I’m stuck I got a spent my third action of five to try and get to that door show me up four five or six a six yes okay doors open so that was action three and again now I could peek and go in ah this is interesting should I peek and go in or shy peek because if this is a commotion he’s right on me he’s gonna come right for me because there’s another interesting twist to the original Berg brothers formula the original burgle brothers over time you had to keep an eye out for every guard because their speed would change they get faster and slower based on various things it’s much simpler now guards always move three spaces but they get to move in extra space if they go through an open door like I mentioned earlier they also get to move one space immediately when a commotion is created so if I move in here and this is a place that would cause a commotion he will immediately move towards me and that means next turn he’s gonna get me for sure so okay I will I will go on ahead and spend my fourth that low this is for now right open the door moved in here open the door peek and then move um because actually I’m kind of regretting closing this door now maybe I wanted to come back down here and hide from this guy because he’s on me oh I might regret that no I’m gonna be brave to heck with it we’re just gonna move no time for peeking so it was open the door move open the door action for now this would normally be the end of my turn except for that coffee and oh my gosh awesome I just found the control room this is one of our two goals and sorry I it’s the same color as mejia green screen there so you can’t read that at all never mind I’ll just bring it over here as you know this is one action to place dice on the safe this is very important we’ve found the control room we got to get up here we up now we have to find an escalator here to get up to the second floor so we can find the safe right okay so hooray um and I’ve got one more action and alright no reason to close this door cuz he just come right through it and you know I’m not too terribly well yeah if I come into either of these and it creates no I’m not gonna do it I’m not gonna I’m just gonna peek now instead of just moving into these blanks if I create a commotion he will move and then he’ll come after my turn is over he’ll come and he’ll get me immediately so I already took one risk not gonna take another let’s just peek and see what’s down here south of us there is the buffet where okay so this is an interesting one the more we move through the buffet the more food builds up on it and once three food get on it a suddenly on the guard forgets about his old thing and instead he beats feet to get to the buffet because he’s hungry so alright but we didn’t only discover the buffet is down there we also discovered another cup of coffee alright and since I didn’t move in here I’m not gonna drink it but there is a fifth action to be had if we come down to this buffet right I think that was my whole turn it was one two three four five yes I am done Hugh okay and now hopefully I don’t get caught because this guard is a lot closer to me than I thought it was so the guard always gets to move three actions after a player’s turn is over so he’s gonna go one and now he’s hit his first now he’s gonna try and go someplace else he’s going to d4 ah very nice one two three and now I’m a genius because I shut this door if I’d let this door open when you went through it he would have gotten an extra move and he could have come at me that much faster because I closed the door it’s got effectively gonna kind of slow him down so sure okay we’re done with my turn now Jen is up and um here’s the interesting thing Jen there’s another change from burger brothers originally everybody came into the same place Jen could start here if she wanted this is not a good time to be here she’d be trapped with a guard right outside you can she can instead choose any of the other four corners and come in there I think Jen’s gonna come in over here as far away as possible so she’s gonna come in here at the beginning return though she could turn on mind tricks telekinesis or precognition um let’s see here wait let’s see let’s get to telekinesis go on which if she needs to she can move the bouncer anywhere she wants on the floor just to be safe and so now she is revealed there oh this place is slippery and it’s the monorail okay and fortunately slippery means like the original Burger brothers if Jen had moved in here hitting the slippery would have caused her to keep moving but if she’d move from a previous room since she can’t this is where she started this isn’t gonna happen but it is something she has to bear in mind in fact actually I think not understand certain my prototype rules are don’t really cover all the edge cases yet but I imagine they’ll all be cleared up this idea of coming in did um did the slippery happen because did I coming this way too I come in this way actually I guess I probably would because either way it talks about how slippery will have you slip around corners so I’m not sure about this I might be wrong if the Klingon subtitles are not turned on turn them on folks because Paula would have pointed out if this was wrong I’m gonna assume slippery actually does happen upon entry which means I don’t get to hang around here boom we get an extra move and we find ourself over here in a revolving door which is a very cool new idea maybe one of my favorite doors you can spend two actions to move diagonally and that means you can actually like I can move diagonally from here to here completely ignoring doors and walls these revolving doors are awesome anyway so she came in she slipped and found herself at a revolving door and now her turn begins proper with telekinesis if she needs it and she’s got four actions so uh hi and she’s pretty much stuck in this area unless she spends the time to open this door but what the heck let’s just come on ahead down here and again we could pussyfoot around and peek and all that but let’s just jump right into it action one let’s just barge right in to exactly what I want to find the escalator may move to the second floor nice okay uh action to let’s just peek this might be a dead end total waste of time in fact we’ve already found everything that we need to find here there’s other useful stuff here but we found the control room and we found the escalator that’s all we needed to find so before Jen goes upstairs with a third action for a second action she’ll just peek to see what’s down here oh there’s some Intel and there is a slot machine okay which is a place a commotion can happen if you move in there there will be a commotion unless you spend one of your actions to prevent it from happening so if you just move blindly into a slots room and you’re out of actions boom commotion the bouncers are coming for you but since we peeked we know we don’t have to go in there but anyway actually it’s totally fine Jen will like oh so she was here she went one two she was planning on going upstairs for her third action although it’s a bit dangerous this guy is really close by that’s kind of scary but Jen could use telekinesis to just shoo him away but Jen went one too she is gonna move down here and for three and therefore her fourth action she will spend it to prevent creating a commotion here alright so she stopped and next turn she’s gonna use this Intel because this is very important as well cracking safes has radically changed and to do it we need to find intelligence which can be scattered all over the place there are four of these poker chips our intelligence chips and we need to find these because otherwise we’ll never crack the safe up on the second floor alright so that was her turn she came in she slid and then she had four actions one took it was one took a peek move down here and then spend her last action to prevent the slots from going off and creating a commotion okay Jen is done and at the end of her turn the guard is gonna continue down here and one and I see now he needs to go someplace else and two and wow he’s just staying over here and three alright so he’s done his three moves and now he’s coming over here which means he could be coming for me in fact I know he’s gonna go like this so I gotta get out of here alrighty so it is my turn again and again at the beginning of every turn we slowly activate our abilities or our gear so now I could turn on crybaby adrenaline adrenaline still the last one I need because I haven’t taken any heat yet so now I’ve got two actions although this action I can use it twice so Oh which is create a commotion on any tile and the tile above it so this is really good if Jen were about to get caught and I’m far away I could create a motion to bring the bouncer back to me and I also create a commotion on the other floor ooh yeah I could create a commotion on the other floor which means suddenly right above me this is where the guy’s gonna want to go which means he’s gonna go away from the escalator very nice that could come in pretty handy in fact you know what let’s see I know he’s coming this way anyway so I might as well do it I’m gonna use my first crybaby and create a commotion which means suddenly this is the play she’s going it’s the direction he was going anyway and it’s dangerous because whenever commotion happens the guard gets to move one and I’ve also created a commotion up here on the second floor so he’s not gonna activate it until somebody comes up on the floor actually I’m not sure about that again this is gonna be another one of those weird little edge cases there’s a lot of them I’ve got prototype rules actually I think this isn’t gonna work because the rules do clearly say that you cannot affect yeah so this is gonna work not until somebody gets up here could I create the commotion so okay I’m not gonna create the commotion after all sorry about that folks I’m sure you know this is just my prototype all these alleged cases will be cleaned up in the final rules cuz I’ve just got like some placeholder stuff not a good time to create a commotion quite yet because I don’t think it would work because as soon as Jen were to come up here we draw a card and suddenly what I did would have been overridden anyway so it wouldn’t matter so I’m not gonna use my cry-baby power but he’s coming this way I gotta get out of the way and so do I very calmly walk around do I peek ahead of time um I do want to find some more Intel and then ultimately once I got every time we find Intel we put the dice that it represents onto the control room if we hadn’t found the control room we put the dice on where we got the Intel we need two more dice we have the better throw when we get upstairs let’s just um let’s be bold I mean the guys coming for me anyway let’s just go blind over here my first of four actions and let’s see what we ran into hey some Intel I like that but it’s at the front desk okay no problem if the guard were there or in adjacent space I would get one heat but II he is not he is far away so nothing happened with the front desk that’s my first action now to interact with Intel we need to spend – so my second and third action will be to interact with it which means it goes away and again if we hadn’t found the control room I just put the dice here but since we have found the control room they go right here every time we get intelligence the intelligence goes into the control room and the interesting thing is when we’re trying to hack crack the safe up on the second floor somebody needs to be up there in the room where the safe is somebody needs to be down here in the control room feeding the dice upstairs to the other player which is awesome it is probably the single strong soul by the way I forgot to man and when Jen came in she came in over here this these are the two entrances to the casino they might be the places we have to escape from or there might be other ways we get out of the casino depending on what we find in safe anyway I’m sorry to say I’m sorry I meant to say intel collects on the control room somebody in the control room can send those dice up to the safe where the player trying to crack say can use an ant’s an awesome awesome little bit of a team play that goes on anyway so I’ve done one two three I’ve got one more action and I am just gonna go on ahead and peek because I don’t know if I want to waste my time coming down here and it is a craps table there is a commotion if I ended my turn there beautiful if I just walked down here blindly because I would have been to my turn I couldn’t moved anymore then a commotion would have happened and the guy would have come for me and he would have reached me so that was a well peaked move that I just made okay done back or and now the guards gonna go once again he wants to get over here to the buffet one two and he’s got one more move let’s see where he goes oh wait oh he’s got two more moves because I left this door open he closes it so he had four total moves so he’s gone one two and he’s gonna move two more times let’s see where he’s going next just up here and finally up here alright oh no no no no he wants to go there and he’s got two ways to go no he’s only got one way to go so he’s gonna come back this way pew so he’s gonna be off coming around into this little dead in for a while I don’t have to worry about him nice it is now Jen’s turn she will unlock me she’ll unlock the mind tricks because when a bouncer would activate Jen can force the other bouncer on the other floor to activate instead okay so cool and soon she’ll have a Precog as well Jen’s turn first of all she’ll spend 2 / 4 actions to get to more Intel that goes up their next action and final action she’s gonna take the escalator and let’s see what she finds right next to the guard it’s a front Oh No okay it’s a another front desk if the guard is here or adjacent gain one heat Jen just got her first heat six heat and it’s over if the bouncers ever come to the same spot as us we get to heat so Jen effectively kind of got half a heat you know because I’m every time they hit me on so no avoiding that and now at the end of her turn because Jen has come up here this guy is now activated and he is heading over to d3 and how does he want to do it he wants to go this way so we dodged the bullet he’s gonna walk away so he is gonna move 1/2 through the door three and he’s on his way over there and now I am down here trying to avoid the guard Jen is up here trying to avoid the safe and once we’ve done that me working in the control room Jen working in the safe we can see if we can crack that thing and if you want to see how that’s gonna work out you can go on ahead and hit that eye up in the top-right corner of the screen to go to the extended playthrough I’ll keep searching around sneaking around maybe get to use some my special powers and all that find that safe and start cracking it and maybe even find out what the finale is oh but if you want instead you use go straight to final thoughts your choice in five four three two one

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  1. This looks really fun – just as smitten as I was with the original. How does the layout change with more than 2 players? Are there more than 2 floors (like the original, I think)? Or does each of the 2 floors increase in size with more tiles? Thanks for posting as always, and I have to say that the quality of your production is so good now with the black felt background and the green screen close up cam – well done.

  2. Can I just say I really love that you upped your game with the greenscreen? So nice to be able to read cards and get them back into play so fast! THANK YOU!

  3. I would switch walls and door colors.
    Its hard to see where you can never pass through and easy where you do not need to stop

  4. Paulo, you made a mistake at 22:30, He didn't cut Jen's turn in half, he spent two actions placing dice on the control room.

  5. 05:45 "If they roll 4–6, they succeed. Flip the door to its open side. The player may now move

    into the connected room or reveal it without spending an action." You do not have to spend another action to peek or move to the tile when you open the door.

  6. Wait, so you have a 50% success rate at opening doors? Doesn't this suck big time? And what exactly does it add to the game besides a RNG layer of frustration? Are there at least ways to mitigate the bad luck or or you forced to spend the entire turn rolling dice and begging for a 4+? I find that these dumb mechanics are no fun at all, so I tend to steer clear of games that use them.

  7. Did you shuffle the guard tiles? On both floors it seems to have been the D tiles in order, then the C, then the B, then the A.

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