Burning Down Minecraft Houses (Teens Vs. College Kids)

– See, the strat is…
– It just looks pretty.
-… that it looks so nice
that you wouldn’t wanna burn it down.
– Yeah!
– And then you just don’t.
– Oh my God, this is going down
so much faster than I thought!
♪ (8-bit intro) ♪
– (FBE) Today, you’re gonna be
playing some Minecraft!
– Woo!
– Oh God. (laughs)
– (FBE) The theme of this is
Teens Versus College Kids,
so you have to represent
your generation.
– Oh my God, no!
– I’m pretty sure, since I was seven,
I grew up with it.
– (FBE) The rules are simple.
First, Tori will be building a house.
– Okay.
– (FBE) In 15 minutes.
– Oh, okay.
– (FBE) And then, Kenneth has to
try and burn down the entire house…
– Oh!
– (FBE) In three minutes.
– Okay. (laughs)
– I really wanna burn it down.
– Teens these days.
– (FBE) Your house
has to be flammable.
You can make it weird,
but it has to look like a house,
and it has to be flammable.
– But why, why?
I like building.
– It’s okay.
– I’m gonna do something
a little sneaky. (laughs)
– Oh no.
– (FBE) You cannot use TNT, Kenneth.
– Damn it!
– We’re just gonna make it,
oh crap, we’re gonna make it
a nice little house.
– Ooh, okay.
– It’s gonna be a little messy,
so forgive me.
– I see that.
– Just gonna start
putting things down.
I’m not gonna have a real
organization to it,
as long as I have like walls.
– (FBE) Flammable material, Jaxon?
– Uh yeah, it’s flammable.
– Is it?
– Stop it, no, not now, not now!
– I’m just gonna like walk around
and talk to the animals
while you’re building.
Oh my God.
It’s a baby cow!
– It’s also gonna be low ceilings,
I’m a short person.
I don’t need high ceilings.
I have like three layers of wood
going on the outside,
maybe I should just keep that up.
– Yep, oh you have
three layers going on, damn.
– (laughs) I’m making her thick.
– Two, three, four,
that should be fine for now.
I’m just gonna make it
a nice little house.
Why are you trying
to burn the chicken?
Wait, he didn’t do anything to you!
(cow moos)
– (gasps) Oh my God!
It just mooed, and it was
the cutest thing in the world!
– That is pretty cute.
– I’m gonna make it
like three layers or something.
– I hope this works.
– This is gonna be a nice house,
and it’s gonna be sad
to see it go down, but…
– Ooh, it’s looking good!
– I was gonna let it be
like a Gaudi-esque structure.
– Oh, okay.
I see what game we’re playing here.
– I’m trying to make it
as arduous as possible
to connect all the blocks.
– What’d you do here?
– Don’t!
I’m making it confusing on purpose.
It’s definitely not
because I don’t know how
to play this game well. (laughs)
– Oh, it’s not.
– So I made this way too tall.
Not thinking that through.
– I like that you just realized that.
– I just set up a giant trap,
now I just have to put the lava in.
– Okay.
– And that is gonna start everything.
– I’m gonna need
a lot of buckets of lava.
– I’d pay like $200 a month
for this house.
– This is L.A., okay?
You cannot pay that little
for this house.
(Kendelle laughs)
– (FBE) I’m gonna say no more columns?
– Okay.
What else do I build then?
– I don’t know,
maybe the house part of it?
– I need an entrance here.
Um, oh that’s it,
it’s a deep hallway, okay.
There we go.
Okay, this is where you enter.
Then you come in here,
and you see someone,
you see an arson right out the door.
– Normally I’d focus
on the interior as well.
– Ooh, okay.
– But I don’t think I’d be putting
any tables.
– Oh you know what?
I’m gonna try to…
– Stop it, no, not now, not now.
We’re relaxing right now.
This is not a burning time.
– What should I name my cow?
Excuse me, I need input.
– Sorry, I’m a little busy.
You’re trying to distract me
so I don’t make
as good of a house.
– See here’s the thing.
I don’t think I want to,
I don’t wanna put lava
on your top floor,
because then I’m not gonna know
whether or not
there’s wood there or not
at the end.
– Oh.
– Ooh.
– Okay.
– Ooh!
Ooh, getting so fancy!
– It’s getting nice.
– Oh my Gosh!
– I have to build
a roof and everything.
– Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Oh it’s a roof.
Ooh, is this a little backyard?
– That’s the garden.
– Oh my God, it’s a garden.
– I don’t think this is gonna work.
– Wow.
– ‘Cause she made so many…
How many layers thick is this now,
like three?
– Pretty thick.
– There we go.
It’s like very modern art.
– Uh huh.
That is one way to describe it.
– It’s so nice.
– Look at that.
Everything matches, it’s all woodsy.
It’s like you went out there
and you mined it yourself.
– Exactly!
– And crafted this house.
– Yes, that’s the name of the game.
– And we’re gonna put
a bookshelf here,
’cause we’re intellectual,
and then even more,
a little lectern there, and then…
– I don’t think those things
are gonna burn.
– Yeah, I know,
but I want it to look nice inside.
– Uh, what do I put in the house?
I’m gonna get a bed.
A bed.
– Pro tip, you go that,
just to make it look nicer,
you do backwards, and then…
– Ooh, wow, so fancy!
– Wait, we need to get the cow away,
because if the cow
dies in the fire, I’ll cry.
– Look at that house!
Look at that house.
That is looking smexy!
– Looking good!
– Smexy and to diversify
the color of your roof,
you add birch.
– Ooh, ooh, so nice!
– Exactly, see the strat is…
– It just looks pretty.
– …is that it looks so nice
that you wouldn’t wanna burn it down.
– Yeah!
– And then you just don’t.
– And then
enchantment tables everywhere.
Let’s just put these,
’cause I’m real enchanting.
– It’s house-like,
with a little extra barrier.
– Okay, that is safe now.
– It’s a fortress.
– That’s a good place to put a door.
– Alright.
– (FBE) And that is time.
– Alright.
– Perfect, looking nice.
– Looking good!
– And then a jukebox,
right over here.
Maybe two, maybe three.
Okay, that’s good.
– (FBE) Alright, that’s time.
– It’s time?
– Boom, okay, that was my last addtion
I just wanted a boat in here.
– Okay.
– Man, this house is fine!
– It’s nice!
– Bro!
– I’m proud of it.
– Can he give me a tour of his crib?
– (FBE) Sure.
– (laughs) Yeah!
– Bop, bop, bop.
♪ (upbeat music) ♪
Yo, what’s up,
welcome to my MTV crib.
– Whoa!
– Got a nice floor.
– Wow!
– Just for walkin’.
And then we got the two toned roof.
Look at that.
– Ooh!
– Try to spruce it up a little bit.
– Wow!
– Pun intended!
(rimshot echoes)
(canned audience laughs)
– (FBE) Alright, Lara get in position.
– Okay.
– (FBE) You ready?
– I hope so.
– (FBE) Time starts now.
(Kendelle screams)
– Did it work?
Is lava coming out?
– Oh, there’s lava there by the door.
Oh, oh, wow, okay,
it’s already happening kinda fast.
– Okay, shoot, shoot, shoot!
– Oh [bleep].
– It needs to go faster!
– Oh no.
Should’ve built a fireplace.
– So far you’ve only got
a corner going down here.
– Really?
– And I haven’t seen any…
– My trap failed!
– Oh!
Just burn, burn! (laughs)
– Here we go, c’mon, c’mon, c’mon!
C’mon yes!
Okay, lava seems like the way to go.
– I’m telling you, she’s gonna win.
– You ruined the crops!
I don’t care about the house,
you ruined my damn crops!
– Oh, oh, now it’s going
on the other side.
Oh, no, how did that,
wait, how did it do that?
(Kenneth laughs)
– Wait, are you the one
just doing that?
– Yeah! (laughs)
– You’re just throwing
fire all over it?
– Yeah!
– Okay, shoot, I gotta attack
this big tower here,
’cause this is my doom.
– Man, my fortress
ain’t gonna survive.
– A-boof!
– I’m just gonna look at it
from an aerial point of view.
– But I have layers.
– I get that.
– Oh, I see a little,
oh, oh, wow!
Oh wow, okay.
The roof is coming down,
that was the only line
I didn’t layer a whole lot.
– You don’t know what to do
with the lava.
– Shut up! (laughs)
I’m gonna burn this house down.
– These don’t burn!
– See, see, something doesn’t burn.
I think that means I win.
– (FBE) If she is able to burn down
all of the wood in the time limit,
she will win.
– How much time does she got left?
– (FBE) A minute.
– Oh my gosh!
– Oh my God!
This is going down so much faster
than I thought!
– Me too.
– I spent so much time on this!
– Uh oh.
– We don’t know if the stuff’s
burned down inside though.
– Shoot.
– I might have to go see, actually.
– Good plan.
(Jaxon laughs)
– Why am I, no!
– I found an exploit!
– No!
– Doors don’t burn!
Doors don’t burn, doors don’t burn!
– Why can’t I burn this?
– You destroyed it.
That does not count.
– I just destroyed it.
My bad, I destroyed it.
– Why does it take so long?
– The wood is resilient.
– Wait, what’s left?
– This one, that one is left?
This one is left.
I have two pieces of my house
are still left.
– Why won’t this burn?
– (FBE) That’s time.
– No, what the heck!
That’s unfair!
– I see blocks.
– Perfect, I see one block!
I see one block left!
And it’s that one,
she did not burn it!
– Oh my God, are you serious?
– She didn’t burn it!
She didn’t burn it!
– Are you kidding me?
– One block!
– Are you kidding me?
– One block!
(Kendelle laughs)
– (FBE) And that is time.
– I put this down.
– That doesn’t count, does it?
– There’s also, hold on,
these two pieces, also still here.
What are you thinking Blythe?
– This makes no…
– (FBE) I’m thinking you won,
’cause those were there.
– Fine.
– Hell yeah!
– I’ll give it to you, that is so…
– I just need proof.
Ta-dah, look at that!
Look at that!
Look at that!
– My life’s work.
– Now it’s probably
gonna burn down now.
Your life’s work
is burning my house down?
– (FBE) With one block left,
Jaxon is the winner.
– Oh my God!
– My win was a complete accident,
because I did just put in that wood
to fill up the spaces in the floor
that I accidentally
had attacked before,
and I feel good about myself.
And Kenneth is trying to trap me,
’cause he’s a sore loser!
– I will say, you did do well.
Look, it’s almost done.
You were just like
a little bit behind.
– Wow, the bed survived!
– Yeah, c’mon,
it’s gotta be comfortable.
– They’re still in here.
– (FBE) So this means
that the college kids win.
– Fine.
– Woo!
Hell yeah!
– I really do think our generation’s
the one that came up with Minecraft,
so I think we have an advantage.
– I think I did pretty good.
– I think he built a beautiful house.
– I’m proud to represent
the college kids.
I think we’re obviously
the smarter ones,
and that’s why we won. (laughs)
– Ooh, is that how that works, huh?
(Tori laughs)
Uh oh.
This is enough, bye guys!
– Oh shoot.
– Oh no!
– Oh!
– Wow, wow this…
– Not bad!
– I’m, oh wow.
– Holy crap.
– I should’ve just done that.
– Thanks for watching us
burn down Minecraft houses…
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