Caesars Hotels Ranked Worst To Best

Caesars Hotels Ranked Worst To Best

Ceasars. Hotel, Casino company and subsidy
of Eldorado in a four mile stretch of
hedonism that is the Las Vegas Strip
Their hotels stand out as
affordable and fun. So for anyone seeking
A list on which hotels to the best bang
for your buck this video is for you.
I’m the Ace of Vegas and I prove this
top 10 list
*It’s the Ace of Vegas*
*The Ace of Vegas*
Welcome back spinners and sharks to Ace of Vegas. So the last time we did a big list
like this we had one viewer ask if we
had a ranking of the Caesars properties
on the strip. Admittedly at the time
I didn’t but with a little effort and
research we were able to put together
all nine Caesars Entertainment
properties on the strip.
Well at least the ones currently on the
strip because of the Eldorado acquisition.
Why did we do them all? Because as you
know I like to go (Even Further Beyond) So saddle up that
segway and prepare to live it up: Here’s
all the best ways to live like a Caesar.
All Caesars hotels from the very best
and the very worst. Number 9: Rio all
Suite Hotel and Casino. The first hotel
on our list is Rio all Suite Hotel &
Located about a mile west of
Caesars Palace there are worse places to
put a hotel on the strip. Rio is a fun
budget-friendly hotel in a tropical
Brazilian atmosphere. Sadly that’s about
where it ends.
The rooms are pretty bland, the
amenities are lacking, and frankly the
location isn’t so great. It wasn’t always
a problem as Rio used to provide a free
shuttle to ferry guests back and forth
to the Vegas Strip. But as that was
discontinued, the popularity of the
resort declined. The dining options are
decent and so is the pool but those
aren’t enough bright spots for the Rio
to climb any higher up on our list.
Number 8: Harrah’s Las Vegas. The Harrah’s
brand has a long history both in and out
of Las Vegas.
I remember Harrah’s being on my list for
the top 11 worst hotels in Las Vegas and
while it *was* high on that list, I feel like
it was critiqued a little too harshly
last time. There’s lots of good stuff to
note about Harrah’s. The valley view rooms are
recently renovated according to one
voter and are frankly excellent. The
hotel as a whole is pretty
budget-friendly and this location is
absolutely flawless. Like Mirage and the
Venetian flawless. But there are a few
things to property struggles with. The
pool being the principal concern among
them. Voters and guests alike hate the
pool area. Cleanliness is concern and a
valid one of that so that keeps Harrah’s
down on the list. And while Harrah’s certainly has its
high points, it’ll have to shine at
number eight. Number seven:
The LINQ. The center of the LINQ
promenade the LINQ Hotel and Casino was
a surprising number 7 spot. Not because
it’s a bad property, far from it, I just
always thought it had a better
reputation. There’s lots of nightlife
very nearby plenty of shopping and good
restaurants and of course it hosts the
LINQ Promenade’s High Roller. You figure
that would draw people to the hotel but
not so much. Evidently the rooms are
decidedly average and the pool is just
weak as all get out. Caesars *really* just
seems to struggle with these pools don’t
they? The location is really good too,
center strip across from other Caesars
properties. I guess it’s just an
overlooked property really, but it’s good
enough to high roll into the lucky
number 7 spot.
Number 6: Bally’s Las Vegas.
Bally’s is gonna be another familiar hotel on
this list here. The resort made a cameo
it’s the number 11 worst spot on my
worst hotels in Vegas. If there are three
problems with this hotel these would be
them. Number one the walls are too thin.
Number two: the breakfast options are too
shallow. And number three it’s not a
strong value for the money. The rooms are
otherwise nice enough, the front desk
staff is friendly and if nothing else it
has a pretty good location for the money.
It’s right on top of the Grand Bazaar.
shops in Las Vegas which I think are a
fantastic alternative to the famous Forum
Shoppes and what more can you ask for?
Spin Bally’s up to Number Six!
Number five
The Cromwell
the exact halfway
point on the list is the Cromwell. This
is sadly a very overlooked Hotel likely
because it doesn’t have a cheesy gimmick
and isn’t presented as over-the-top
luxury like a lot of options on the Las
Vegas Strip. Which is a shame because
it’s very nice. It’s got a great location
like most Caesars properties, and a subtle
but well done French theme. The nightlife
is wonderful there are plenty of dining
options and the pool is surprisingly
pretty cool. The rooms are pretty
average as far as size goes, about 360
square feet or so for a basic room. But
they’re still very stylish even the
casino is sized right. The focus on quality
over quantity is clear the only bad
thing I’ve ever heard about nevertheless
experienced at the Cromwell is the hotel
can be a bit noisy at times. In its
defense the Cromwell is technically a
pretty old hotel opened since 1979. That
aside the Cromwell is a great place to
totally use your rewards (Free Caesars Rewards get it?)
Dancing into fifth place.
number four
The Flamingo
Yeah before you say
anything, this surprised the heck out of
me too. The flamingos is the oldest
hotel on this list so obviously it
suffers a few problems. The rooms show
wear and the decor is a little dated,
but otherwise the Flamingo has a lot
going on for it. It’s a pretty
centralized strip location, has plenty of
restaurants, two poolside bars and overall
a very pretty pool area. It’s also the
only hotel on the Las Vegas Strip and as
far as I know in the world to feature a
flamingo habitat! And well… people like
flamingos. They’re pretty cool birds. This
is one of the few hotels you could
almost call a historical landmark given
that it’s one of the only original Vegas
hotels left on the strip from the mob
era. Historical status aside it could
still use a good cleaning. Even if El
Dorado plans on selling it back to the
mob. Only time will tell, but what the
people are telling us now is that the
Flamingo is the fourth best Caesars
Hotel on the strip.
number three:
Planet Hollywood
Planet Hollywood potentially a mistake of a
hotel the sell. Our third strongest hotel
on the list definitely has some star
power behind its’ name; and no I’m not
just talking about Whoopi Goldberg. The
entertainment is pretty top-notch here:
concert venues and performers come out
of the woodwork! The hotel
hosts Christina Aguilera, Def Leppard and
even Shania Twain all under one roof. If
you’re looking for a different musical
experience the Tenors of Rock show might
be for you. And for non musical acts you
can enjoy Chris Ang- Err.. uhm… crazy girls yes
the crazy girls show from the legendary
Riviera Hotel and Casino survived the
demise of the Riviera and has taken up
residence here in the heart of Hollywood.
The rooms are stylish and the dining
options are varied. Quick casual bites
for the budget minded consumer all the
way up to high-end steak houses for
those live in their best lives. It’s
certainly one of the strongest party
hotels on the strip. If anything’s wrong
with the place it’s said the pool is
painfully average at best or desperately
needs an overhaul at the worst. I suspect
you’ll forget all about that by the time
Planet Hollywood rolls out the red
carpet and accepts its award as the
number three hotel on the Caesars list.
Besides it’s got Gwen Stefani and she ain’t no hollaback girl, why would they be?
number two
Paris Hotel and Casino Las Vegas
In a surprising turn of events the Paris
Casino took the number-2 spot on our
list of all Caesars hotels in Vegas. Why is
that? It’s got a very similar theme to
The Cromwell only a bit more exaggerated.
The rooms are bright and bigger than
most other properties measuring at a
respectable 400 square feet. It’s
incredibly budget-friendly too most
rooms that I checked online without a
Caesar’s card turned out to be below
$100 a night on average. Being attached to
other great Caesars properties like Planet
Hollywood and Bally’s just adds extra
points to Paris’ top-notch location.
And a top-notch location it is! Right
across from the Bellagio fountains. There
are over a dozen restaurants on property
including Gordon Ramsay steak in the
illustrious Mon Ami Gabi. A trip to the
pool is also a great option too as you
can lounge in the Sun or even in the
shadow of the Eiffel Tower replica. I’ve
rarely heard anything wrong with the Paris hotel
and I suspect I won’t hear anything bad
anytime soon. Paris gets *deux* thumbs up
and earns its number two spot on our
Number one:
Caesars Palace
Yeah to
no one’s surprise Caesars Palace is the
number one seeded, undefeated greatest
Hotel in CET’s Vegas portfolio.
Since Jay Sarno opened the property in
1966 Caesars has been a staple of luxury
on the Las Vegas Strip. Some even
credit it with the concept of full hotel
theming on the strip, though you could
argue other hotels on this list did at
Regardless, Caesars Palace is a mainstay that
stayed a mainstay through the years. It’s
got a perfect location on the Las Vegas
Strip second only to Mirage in theory,
but in practice you can stay on the
property your entire stay and never miss
a thing. Need a nightclub? Head to
Omnia. Want a *good* buffet? Try Bacchanal!
How about shopping? Forum Shoppes! Chill
by the pool? Please! And by The Matrix if
you get hungry and can find a way to
sneak in, Hell’s Kitchen is one of the
coolest dining experiences in all of
Vegas. And the theme is perfectly
balanced. If you desperately need an even
higher end luxury experience just head
up to the hotel within a hotel Nobu.
Where you get all the benefits of the
Palace itself with that little extra
touch that just makes Nobu worth the
upgrade. If anything is wrong with it, I’d
say that Nero’s Palace would be a more
fitting name since he was more the party
Emperor. But that’s literally the only
thing I could think of.
All hail Caesars Palace, the best Caesars
Hotel on the Las Vegas Strip.
Do you agree with our list? Leave your
thoughts in the comment section below
and give us your power rankings of all
nine Caesars hotels and casinos! If you
enjoyed this video I’d appreciate the
like and feel free to subscribe if you
want to hear from me again. That’s
all the time we have today Spinners and
Sharks; Ace of Vegas is signing out wishing
you strong hands and happy spinning 🙂

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  1. I agree except I'd switch Harrahs and Rio for pool, size, and room size. We always visit Rio, although the shuttle is gone, we have walked and used Boyd's shuttle. Even drop link down to move Rio up. To me linq seems like a high end frat house or hostel. I know kids that wouldn't even stay there at 21, they chose Plaza, Nugget, and a room at Flamingo for a strip home. base.

  2. I have never stayed and a Caesar’s properties hotels only MGM Thanks to this video now I’m considering to stay at the Paris Hotel for my next trip in September 👍🏻

  3. Could you expand on the whole Harrahs being flawless like the Mirage and Venetian? Or did your sarcasm go over my head? I've stayed at Venetian and it was very nice but haven't done Mirage yet, that's next on the list. The Mirage walk thru I did didn't feel very "flawless"/

  4. Great vid you aced it! the rio had hidden legionnaires disease old sagging lounge chairs the pool/whirlpool no heat dead bugs floating expensive food options so it has the the floor to ceiling windows big room but you are trapped off strip.

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