California Lottery News: Ep. 45 – April

California Lottery News: Ep. 45 – April

What would you do if you won that amount of
First, you’ve got to get that ticket to us.
We’ve got important information on how to
help avoid issues or delays when processing
your claim!
Hi everybody, and I’m Donna Cordova, with your California Lottery News.
Yes!! It is exciting when the jackpots soar for Mega Millions® and Powerball®.
Plus, I could think of a lot of things I could
do with any SuperLotto Plus® jackpot.
And so could these people.
Anytime a jackpot gets high you see people
buying tickets at the Lottery’s 23,000 retail
Including Lichine’s in South Sacramento…one
of our long-time Lucky Retailers!
Everyone’s hoping for at a chance at millions.
What would you do if you won that kind of
“I’ll pay my fees, because I’m in nursing
“Take care of the grandkids and travel.”
We can all dream, right?
But what happens if you do win?
As soon as you buy your ticket, we encourage you to sign the back in ink.
Always keep your tickets in a safe place you’ll remember.
And wins under $600 can be claimed at a participating Lottery retail location.
Win more than $600 and you’ll want to get that ticket to one of the California Lottery’s
nine District Office locations.
You can find them under the “Win” tab
Or you can print the claim form from our
website and mail it in to us.
After making copies of everything for yourself.
Either way, you’ll want to make sure you do
it right.
We’re going to go now to Mike Bond at our
Sacramento District Office with insight into
some of the more common mistakes people make
that might slow down the process.
Yea Donna.
You may not realize it, but every week, after
you break it all down, the Lottery pays out
about $76 million per week in prizes.
That is a lot of money.
And quite often the claims process begins
right here when you step into the lobby of
a district office and fill out your claim
We’ve been told that some of the biggest mistakes
people make when filling out their claim forms
are messy handwriting, putting the first name
in the last name box, and if you can believe
it, not signing the claim form.
Yup, it happens.
So you better to get it right the first time
and then start make those winnings work for you.
We started thinking about, hmm, we will be
able to pay off a lot of bills.
Probably pay down some student loans.
Set aside some for like a little mini-vacation.
Come on now, doesn’t that sound like fun?
Yea. No kidding, Mike.
You know it’s interesting. It’s not just first-timers.
Even repeat winner can have some questions about the process.
That’s right.
So we’ve put together a brand new video that
walks you through every single step on how
to fill out this claim form properly so that
you get your cash on time.
We’re talking about every box and every line that you need to fill out.
We’ll also explain how to attach your tickets and how to avoid putting information in the wrong place.
This video is now on our website.
You’ll find our videos under the “Happenings”
tab at
And you can find it on the California Lottery’s
channel on YouTube.
Mike, I also learned some things from watching
that video, so it is very helpful.
Thanks a lot.
And please, we do encourage you to take some
time to watch it, because you might get that
big win on one of our new Scratchers®!
Like Super 8’s.
It’s a $1 game with a chance at $888.
Or try the $3 Loteria Scratchers.
Win up to $30,000 on this one.
$75,000 is the top prize on our new $5 game,
Red Hot Crossword.
And look at this!
It’s the new $20 game called $5,000,000 Spectacular.
With a chance to win a spectacular $5 million.
Well that’s going to do it for now.
Remember you can always keep up with all things
Lottery just by going to Facebook, Twitter,
YouTube and Instagram.
Till next time.

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  1. I bought a lucky gems but the guy on sunnymead boulevard won the one million dollars from lucky gems

  2. Have a gaurenteed way to win a lotto draw guys, pick 3 pick 4 fantasy 5 Superlotto, mega millions and powerball, use my system and you will win the jackpot every time gaurenteed. All you have to do is buy every combination. Lol now give me the hate lol 😂

  3. Beware of retailer that watch for losing tickets to be bought then they swoop in to big the winning one my advice is not to scratch it at the retailer, seen many retailer buy their own tickets after they see consecutive losers in a row and if you hardly win at your retailer they are probably playing their own scratcher

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