California Lowball Poker : California Lowball: Sample Hand 1

California Lowball Poker : California Lowball: Sample Hand 1

Time now to do a sample hand of California
Lowball, and make sure that we know what’s
going on. So remember, the first thing is
that California Lowball includes one joker,
which is called a bug, which is wild and that
it helps you complete your low hand; it acts
as the lowest card in your hand when you catch
it. So you shuffle it in, and then it’s time
to deal. Everybody at the table antes; at
my table it’s one red chip. And you deal the
cards; five cards to each player, and let’s
look at your hand. And normally the player
to the left of the dealer would be the first
to act. We’re going to assume it’s been checked
to you, and looking at your hand you have
a pair of aces, not so good. Pairs do not
help in this game; they hurt. And then you
can draw realistically to a nine low, so what
I’m going to say to you is that if I had this
hand, and there was a bet to me, I would fold.
I would only see the draw if there were checks,
if everybody checked. And let’s look at my
hand. I can realistically draw to a seven
low. I have a king low at this time. I can
draw to a seven low, so in the next segment
let’s see if that happens. We’ll see if you
can catch a good hand, and we’ll see if I
can draw to a seven low.

1 thought on “California Lowball Poker : California Lowball: Sample Hand 1”

  1. Usually this game is played with blinds. Ante can be added also but most Ace to Five games are blinds games.

    However your explanations are clear and this is so nice that you introduce this game which is unfortunately not played at lot these days.

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