Caller: Trump is Losing Support from His Base

Caller: Trump is Losing Support from His Base

Let’s go to our next call. Caller from the
six to six area code. Who’s calling today
from six to six.
Hello, David, this is Ramon. Hey Ramon. Okay.
So I have a question regarding, um, Trump’s
support. You coming for the, um, 20, 20 election.
I know that he has a strong base and they
are very much very committed to him. I would
say drinking the orange, believe the Kuwait.
Yes, but um, check this out though. I saw
an article, um, very recently that, uh, with
uh, Trump how he is, um, with his, uh, lack
of morality advocacy and how he’s handling,
you know, recent events such as mass shootings,
a lack of gun control and the tariff war with
China. Um, I read that he could be losing
some kind of support, um, whether it’s someone
from people from those who vote for him back
in 2016 and thought that, um, he’s not doing
much of a good job or those who voted for
him who have a moral standards and to feel
that he used to not win the up to that kind
of morality or independence as a whole, who
I believe that he really needs to be reelected,
especially in the rust belt states. So I want
to know if you have any kind of, um, if you
seen somebody like that or what your take,
is it about his support coming in for 2020.
I mean, listen, so what you’re, you’re saying
something that’s qualitative, which I appreciate,
which is there are farmers who are realizing
that Trump’s tariffs are crushing them. We
played a clip earlier this week of a mom and
daughter who vote in and they’re Republicans,
but they can’t vote for Trump because they
think he’s crazy on immigration. Like qualitatively.
Yeah. That there are people who are Republicans
and voted Trump in 2016 who are not going
to vote, vote Trump in 2020 the thing is,
it’s like, so what in the sense of that, there’s
no strategy around that. Right? If people
are on the right and they’ve decided I can’t
vote for Trump again, then that’s great. They’re,
they’re not voting for Trump. They’re already
sort of out of the equation. Then it’s just
a matter of what is it that the Democratic
Party and eventual candidate can do to defeat
Trump and get people to vote.
Find people who already agree with you but
might not be planning to vote and get them
to vote. So I don’t know what the numbers
are of what you’re talking about. There are
Trumpists from 2016 who won’t be voting Trump
in 2020. There are probably some people who
didn’t even vote at all in 2016 who now loved
Trump and are going to vote. I just think
that it’s a non factor in terms of strategy
because the strategy never was to convince
Trump voters to change their minds. It’s some
of them will, some won’t. We’ve got to get
our base out, if that makes sense.
Yeah. And that leads me to my next question
just regarding former governor, former representative
Mark Sanford, who, um, he had expressed interest
in running for president against Trump and
the GOP primary. Now I don’t know if he’s
going to run as a GOP for the GOP ticket or
I don’t know if he’s gonna run as a third
party PR as a third party. But, um, if you
can recall back in 1992, would Ross Perot,
the late Ross Perot, now he ran it as a third
party and it hurt, um, George h w Bush during
the reelection. Do you think that may have,
uh, the same effect or very similar effect?
If he did. So,
I don’t know that Sanford specifically is
the guy to have that effect. But yeah, I mean,
mathematically I would love a strong, a primary
challenge to Trump because it would just delay
the amount of time it would delay when he
can really start focusing on running the general
if he’s running a primary. So I would love
that if someone runs third party and can actually
get to 3% of the vote that would pull republican
votes, that would be absolutely fantastic.
And it could literally be the difference maker
and defeating Trump in 2020 so I’m for all
of that stuff, as long as you know, I’m not
going to support someone where it’s less clear
who they’re taking votes from. Like the Howard
Schultz thing, there was disagreement over
who would Howard Schultz have taken more votes
from the Democratic nominee or Trump, different
people at different ideas. If there’s a republican
running third party who clearly will hurt
Trump, I’m all for that 100%
all right. Now, one quick question. This very
quick. Okay. I’m not yet a member, but yeah,
I have your personal authorization person’s
permission to become a member of the Dina
package show.
Yup. Oh, you’re completely, you, you, I’ve
authorized you fully two by a hundred memberships
for yourself.
Yeah. I just hope, yeah, to have you on the
line of is we’ll ask you
good. Yep. No, I’m completely forward that
and I look forward to welcoming you as a member.
Good. I do that too.
All right. Okay. Thanks. I appreciate the
phone call. Great to hear from you.

100 thoughts on “Caller: Trump is Losing Support from His Base”

  1. Dumb Fat Failure Donny has said so many dumb things it defies reality. My favorite is when he says this about Puerto Rico: "This is an Island, Surrounded by water…Big water…Ocean water". Top ten candidate right there.

  2. I’ve only ever seen David Pakman with that psychopathic stare and sociopathic pattern of speech. Like an autistic robot he says things without the faintest whiff of authenticity. Like the left wing version of Ben Shapiro… another sociopathic monster who demands to be taken serious despite his anti-American beliefs.

  3. 51% approval rating and he’s losing his base 🤣🤣🤣More like liberals are losing their base . Be factual and not just a cuck for likes .

  4. If you see a horde of American tourists in your town or city remember that 4 out 10 or 45 out of 100 are Trump supporters.
    So you can laugh at them if you will but do not point them with finger, that is just rude.

  5. Trump’s supporters are some of the most hateful & unempathetic people I’ve ever interacted with. I hope they see past the illusion of “ttump’s greatness”

  6. Glad to see everyone's waking up. After all,,, There are two kinds of Republicans. There are Millionaires, and there are God Damned Fools that vote against their own economic interests, then blame Democrats and Liberals for their losses and shortcomings.

  7. Trump is not a competent person, nor has he ever been. He survives through the con game. This also makes him invigorated to campaign, something he always does. Surely to defeat him will take a magnifieient and united charge. It is so essential. Maybe it ia simple. Lets just ahow the dems can govwrn. We have a couple of good candidates. I am in China. I cant do much. Though I am a US citizen

  8. Andrew Yang is the most popular candidate on Youtube. I have tried to see what the Youtube algorithm gives me for other candidates, and I can't find anything approaching the grassroots movement for Andrew Yang. There are so many videos — hundreds — that I, as a Yang supporter, rarely watch them, I only read the comments sections. It is amazing how little flaming and trolling there is — the trolls get ignored and everyone stays positive. Those comments sections give me hope for America, with Bernie supporters and Trump supporters and people from all over the political spectrum actually talking to each other without rancor.

    Yang somehow strikes the same emotional hunger in many Trumpists as Trump did. I have family members who are Trump supporters, and I can say that Trump support is purely based on emotions, not logic, but they don't necessarily like throwing logic away, either. They can see that Yang is intelligent, unlike Trump. They want someone who empathizes with them and cares about ordinary people, which somehow inexplicably they believe about Trump. but they feel it more genuinely about Yang. A lot of Trump people are hungering for something positive. So, very important, they don't feel attacked by Yang, while they feel attacked by every other Dem candidate except maybe Bernie.

  9. Last rally in NH – many empty seats – they tried to make it look good. Having people spread out among empty spaces.
    All white people – except an out of place Asian of some kind. Likely only person of some color there.
    Trump is a joke! He should be a real patriot and Epps himself!

  10. Thank God not all Trump supporters are idiots, and recognized Trump has been lying to them….over and over.

    Trump = conman.

  11. Trump is not losing support cause he is talking the true language of America white supremacy just the fact after the two mass shootings he go out and said it is violent video games and mental illness not white supremacy it shows evidence right there.

  12. Even if he loses support I don't think we'll get him out of office until Democrats collectively get behind a candidate that can actually crush him on the debate stage. Bernie & Warren would both devolve to yelling over him and appealing to people's emotions vs real policy points. Trump will be Trump which is enough for #Cult45.

    Andrew Yang is the solution but people won't pay attention until it's a election night and y'all are crying and wondering how he managed to get elected again.

  13. Trump is actually gaining alot more people because he's actually improving the country for Americans not illegals , I love in Denver 2 years ago it was nothing but liberals now I see alot more people actually liking Trump keep sleeping on him like in 2016 and y'all will cry again

  14. Love all these lies that the left starts to put out the closer the election gets to us. Remember, Hillary Clinton was going to destroy him in all the poles that were out too. All this tells me is that the left is super afraid.. maga, 2020

  15. Here is a video posted by the FOX affiliate in Phoenix covering a Yang rally in New Hampshire live from beginning to end, with a split screen showing the White House in the background! And with the exception of one persistent commenter who made a bunch of negative posts, almost all the comments by the Fox viewers/Trump supporters who watch this channel are positive.

  16. Those ignorant fools with their silly "little" red-hats, made in China are totally out to their minds and should be held accountable for their stupidity.

  17. If people can still vote for Trump while we can clearly see he is tearing up the global economy idk if they even want the world to exist man

  18. I wonder if president trump will be taking his devoted followers to Greenland after he buys it and starting a new reality show…..

  19. I wonder how these trump supporters are going to explain how they drank the koolaid. Some will probably deny that they supported him.

  20. His base is fueled solely by their hate for anyone different from them… they will do whatever it takes to upset progressives and moderates in total spite of themselves.


  22. Seriously, who else are the right wing Trump supporters gonna vote for? I don't care if he fucks a donkey, some porn star slut, or his daughter Ivanka, as long as the economy is good. What democrat nut job is a better alternative? Give me a fuckin break. It's meaningless anyway.

  23. Why can the Republicans not see that Trump will lose as did Clinton.(Trump won because Clinton lost) is insane that the GOP isnt encouraging someone ANYONE to run against Trump….the republican voters are caught between a rock and a hard place. The GOP has a responsibility toward their voters…many many of whom with either not vote or vote Democrat…

  24. The lessor of 2 evils game will be played on the WrestleMania mentality of US citizens again and Trump will win.
    Social Engineering at its finest. Both parties puting on a show for their combined self interest, clowns in a circus entertaining the masses.

  25. Fuck Trump. Obama never tried to take my guns away, Clinton neither. He also didn't go for my job, education, healthcare, freedoms and rights neither, but every uncledaddy pigfucker who didn't like being talked down to by smart people saw that a lot of dems either didn't like guns or know much about them so they flew into a tard rage and voted. Impeach, but don't remove him from office. That way, his civil war starters jump the gun with piss in their powder.

  26. Trumps cultists would rather drink the poison than abandon “ the dear leader” they are without doubt some of the biggest fuck heads on the scene!

  27. The thumbnail shows that these non racists ex-cavemen heads are spinning from winning so much. When the wall is built 😂 it will give them something to bang their heads against. Hurry up Don"old" Trump.🤡🎈

  28. The dems are wacked out with socialism. They are trying to outdo each other with gifts for their voters in spite of $22 trillion debt load. Totally unsustainable. They brought this on themselves.

  29. The hard-core Trump us will never change. The old adage how are you doing now versus the last election holds true. A recession will end his presidency no matter who he is up against

  30. The only people loosing support from their base is progressives, just look at the subscriber to views of video ratio on all progressive channels

  31. I've seen that same picture of his supporters b4, and it makes me sad every time I see it ! I see dirty broken hopeless angry white men needing someone to blame but too stupid to understand how they got to be poor and minorities get to live a better quality of life even after the traps you people have set up for them to fail ..not feeling too smart now huh ! 😂😂

  32. I definitely don't believe that there are people who didn't vote Trump in 2016 but are now fascinated with him and will vote Trump in 2020. There ain't such a group of people. Let me try to describe what kind of person that would have to be. This person, let's call him Bud, didn't want to vote for Trump in 2016 cause Trump's racist politics wasn't far right enough. Bud didn't vote for Trump cause he thought he will take his precious Colt 45 from his cold dead hand? Trump was to soft on immigration for Bud? You catch my drift right?
    I can't imagine a person who would vote for Trump in 2020 and that didn't vote for him in 2016 because of the incredible internal or foreign policy he was leading through these 3 years.Trump was showing his cards from the start, he had it all out in the open. He only managed to fuck many of his voters from 2016 by taking their medical, cutting the taxes for the rich, not draining the swamp but doing exactly the opposite, not getting "the coal" jobs back in the US of A, etc….
    To sum it up; there are many many dissapointed Trump voters from the 2016 but not many, if any, that were so impressed by his policy in the last 3 years, that they decided they will vote for him in 2020. If we don't remove him in 2020 he can stay a President for life for all I'm concerned because the American people didn't deserve better, didn't care enough or was satisfied with his way of running the country. But like I said, I'm almost 100% certain he will loose the election. The only thing that worries me is the possibility of his crazy base going out on the streets and not taking his defeat. But that will only depend on the way the Orange baffoon actions if he looses. If he starts calling it fake news, a deep state coup or a conspiracy by the Soros/Clinton/Dems to remove the best President in the US history – then we're in deep trouble. The National guard will have to get out on the streets and hit the crap out of those maniacs.

  33. 'Someone' is already challenging Trump for the Republican presidential nomination: Bill Weld

  34. Trump's last remaining friend and ace in the hole in 2020 will be apathy. In 2016 there were nearly 100 million apathetic Americans who stayed home, stayed on the couch, and DID NOT VOTE. If even a fraction of those people find a way to get their heads out of their asses in 2020 and show they care about America by voting, Trump would be finished as President. But if they remain apathetic again then the Orange Overlord has a real shot of winning a 2nd term.

    Chances are good that you who are reading this, all of you, knows someone or possibly many people who suffer from this form of socio-political 'apathy'. Wake them up, give them a bitchslap, whatever it takes, but get these people motivated to action. You have until November of next year to do so.

    Personally I believe every damned one of them is owed a bitchslap for not voting in 2016, but I leave it up to your discretion as to the manner you employ to motivate them.

  35. It’s not even white nationalists. Media blows things up. Just register them as gang members and take their gun rights away how you do that to all California men. Nazi and KKK and Antifa should all be labeled gang members because they behave like children.

  36. Narcissist's are always their own worst enemies. He will be his own undoing. We're already seeing that. Problem is they often take many with them.
    Glad there's still those capable of getting a clue when it comes to this maniac.

  37. The dude who called you didnt really know what he wanted to say. Lot of babbling without making a lot of sense or coming to the point.
    Cant people just say what they want to say???


  39. This is like saying “the Muslim jihadists are losing faith in the Quran..” Trump co-opted these band of rabid White racist Americans thristy for tons of BS and lies to feed their victimhood and fuel their cruelty of course approved by Jesus..

  40. If former Trump 2016 voters dont vote for Trump 2020, who will get their vote instead? Kamalla Harris?
    Who is the DNC providing as a better choice?

  41. 1) Regulations are written by lobbiests.
    2) Trump wants to cut regulations.
    Yes you will still say Orange Man Bad and rally around the lobbiests while crying out for more regulations and wonder why you lose in 2020

  42. I knew many Trump fans that were too young to vote in 2016. But now they will come out in full force at the polls in 2020…

  43. The hypocrisy of calling your opponents nazis and fascists while simultaneously generalizing them into an inferior group and saying they are dangerous to society and deserve to be silenced, excommunicated, and even harmed… for having different views on policy

    That sounds an awful lot like something a group of actual fascists would do. Please look in the mirror and ask who the real nazi is. Seriously I constantly see leftists propaganda saying all republicans are racist and dangerous and need to be silenced, yet I have never seen anyone on the right calling for the left to be silenced?

    I suppose it’s easier to attack the character of people you’ve never met than have an objective conversation about how to help our nation

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