Can You Complete GTA 5 Without Wasting Anyone? – Part 3 (Pacifist Challenge)

Can You Complete GTA 5 Without Wasting Anyone? – Part 3 (Pacifist Challenge)

[Music] hello everyone welcome to pacifist percent part 3 quick disclaimer before you begin this video contains pacifism of such levels that it may be lethal to small children or those with a heart condition I’m not a doctor how would I know with that out of the way first up in this episode we have to go help the local cosmologists Tonya Tonya’s attitude towards quitting drugs is exactly the same as my attitude when it comes to quitting video games and making something of my life this side mission pulling favors is the only side mission that is required to beat the game so you’d assume that it would showcase the best of the best of what side missions have to offer now dear viewer listen carefully because this quickly becomes complicated first you go to a place then you go pick up a thing then you bring that thing back to the place I feel like we should take a moment to reflect upon the impressive achievements that Rockstar has made in game design but first I need to ask why the fuck is this in the game personally I don’t know why Rockstar didn’t just end the game there you know on a high note but they did add some more missions for some reason so I have to persevere next we move into the mission shop which was lightly named to commemorate the chopping up of the single player DLC to make microtransaction content for GTA online you so in the mission shop Lamarr decides that he and Franklin should go and kidnap a random gang member rather than planning something out perhaps using the element of surprise they just wing it and go ask him if he wants to be kidnapped and he rudely says no this mission gives us the player valuable life lessons like a shitbox van of course can keep up with a sports bike and a fat guy versus a Rottweiler of course the fair guy is gonna add distance that dog so yeah obviously all of this is quiet silly but look how action-packed this scene is I could lose him at any moments oh no he is getting away damn fooled by the power of cutscenes once again in the speedrun of this game you are forced to kill this dog so that it doesn’t cost you time by distracting chop but thankfully this is pacifist percent so I can let the dog Oh Liv I can’t open the correct door until chop gets there so there’s nothing to do but wait I for one think that this gay dog sex scene was instrumental for GTA 5 to be considered the masterpiece that it is today I just can’t see how it would have been rated as highly as it was upon release if it wasn’t for this particular scene so we finally kidnap the guy but unfortunately Lamar uses his phone but hey here’s a thought if you’ve given away your current location why not then just move to a different location and so this weirdly ends the mission where I had to kill no one so chop gets a perfect rating of gay dog sex at a 10 the next mission is complications which involves a bunch of difficulties arising that prevent us from doing what we want to do if only there was a name for that I am so proud of you simian asks us to go repossess a vehicle from gisle who is late on his payments mentioning that we might have to break into the house to get the vehicle as I’m not a moron I went into nighttime to break into the house because clearly everyone will be asleep and I’ll have the least trouble much to my dismay it appears as though this gardener is very committed to his job as he’s blowing away leaves at half past midnight oh come on now rockstar I could buy someone gardening after midnight but playing video games that lace unheard of unfortunately in the process of repossessing the vehicle we stars will Michael into existence Michael not only forces us to drive to Simeon’s dealership but he also forces us to go through the fucking window after Michael generously gives Franklin $15 we all finally get to see what we came here for two guys in their mid-forties throwing down however in the spirit of pacifism I wanted to see if I could beat Simeon without directly Mae laying him Simeon’s fighting stance prevented me from just running into him to knock him over and rag dolling into him didn’t simply having any effects I wanted to try some different tactics outside but Simeon was scripted to stay inside at all costs eventually I found that I could trick him by moving away from one of his melee hits he would even lose his fighting stance so I could just run into him to knock him over give me some space I couldn’t get in any vehicles I couldn’t get any pedestrians to help the ammunition was closed and pushing things into Simeon didn’t seem to have any effect can I at least get a sari and so after all that I was left with only one option to hit a man in the face whose only crime was his commitment to his job that led him to work into 1 a.m. don’t make me have to come back here and the mole of the story is always practice a sensible work-life balance another mission down nobody died so we are really living out this pacifist dream we now move into the next mission father-son where Franklin is quite aggrieved that he has now lost his job and all he has to show for it is 15 fucking dollars and I come back for that drink you are free that’s all I wasn’t really serious about that what holy shit this might be the cheapest motherfucker on the planet see I just came by to see if there’s something I can help you with hold on Franklin what are you offering here look man there’s other ways to make money just talk to Tanya wait don’t talk to Tanya I see you doing well for yourself it’s not too far from here let’s go whatever it was that Franklin and Michael were going to do it is interrupted by drizzle who calls and says that he’s in trouble Jesu is hiding out in the back of a boat while he was trying to sell it it was stolen by the very same people he was selling it to rather than doing I don’t know literally anything else Franklin decides to jump on the back of a boat from a moving vehicle Franklin easily throws off the first enemy the second enemy on the other hand is a bit more of a problem did this guy not read the rules motherfucker this is pacifist percent not shoot people in the motherfucking face percent unfortunately Franklin is unable to help himself and thus he dies all my attempts to knock off this enemy by hitting the boat or stopping the boat were completely futile different camera modes didn’t help me either just out of curiosity I drove in cinematic mode just close enough to the boat to not mission fail but not close enough to progress from the first enemy all I achieved was a goofy never-ending struggle it’s only game why do you have to be mad alas left with no other alternative I had to kill the second enemy myself and I couldn’t even melee him so I had to shoot him with my pistol thankfully after picking up Jimmy the remaining two enemies fall off all on their own we get Franklin off the boat the boat gets away and we end up back at Michael’s Jimmy Haney our James Jimmy and so ends father/son unfortunately we did have to shoot one guy and thus our running total is two melee and two shots and with that the episode is unfortunately over thanks for watching I hope you’re still enjoying it as usual I will continue to justify dedicating the time to make this series as long as you guys seem to suggest that you like it furthermore if you’re interested I have a giveaway for 100usd in my pinned comment I hope you’re all doing well [Music]

100 thoughts on “Can You Complete GTA 5 Without Wasting Anyone? – Part 3 (Pacifist Challenge)”

  1. Introducing the 4th Challenge me to something for 100 USD giveaway thingo. Best of luck

  2. This is just 11 minutes of you bitching and moaning about the missions with some of the lamest clichés I've ever heard. The player is forced to shoot an Armed Security Officer in the head during the Prologue so basically the series should've ended right there. All you're doing now is dragging your feet with a series that basically failed right when it started.

  3. So ive been struggling with trying to become a professional player due to me getting frustrated at all the shit teammates i get on latter (i do teamplay as well but latter does still matter) but seeing how shit your rng can get and you pushing through it mades me feel i can to, love your content man keep it up

  4. Good luck killing the enemys with melee only in the Bank Heist Mission were you carrying a mini gun or in the last mission defending yourself against merryweather and the police 😂

  5. Most of the times i watch a funny yt video i laugh in myself. But at 1:55 i laughed out loud😂. I watched part 1/2 and now 3 continous. I felled youre pain making this.

  6. I bet in the end of the game you'll fight a goat with godlike powers in order to save your friends Trevor, Michael and Lamar from the goat's mindcontrolling powers

  7. On the Simeon situation: Remember when you had a mission fail because Simeon died during one of the How'd the Speedrun End episodes? I think it had something to do with Michael standing on top of Simeon so he couldn't get up, which caused damage that went past the "stop the fight you've done enough" trigger.

    If Simeon being unable to get up merely causes damage rather than being an instant kill, that might be a way to end the fight without throwing a punch.

  8. 3:16
    You’ve spent so much of your life in GTA V that you know how to do something as random as that

  9. 4:55 "playing video games half past midnight, unheard of."
    Me staying up till litterally 5:30: ok then…

  10. you monster why you stopped chop from ducking this other dog, it can duck it for like half a minute untill it stops.
    ps. why u say its gay dog sex?

  11. 4:55 i literaly stopped playing gta at 1:30 AM today so not that weird
    not to mention that Jimmy is spoiled kid

  12. tip of the day landing on your feet and online both decrease the chances if you loosing alot of health

  13. You know your doing something rite when your part 4 was in my recommendations…good calm funny but not overwhelming commentary…keep this up 💪🏾

  14. Why is this in the game? Why TF is tennis and yoga in the game?? Yea thats what a hardened gangster wants to do is play tennis and do yoga

  15. what was rockstar thinking playing video games at midnight tending the yard and blowing leaves I can understand but video games that late how unrealistic lolz

  16. I didn’t have to do the Tonya side story to beat the game 🤔 I waited till I beat the main story mode to do all the side stuff

  17. I mean, Hurting Simeon isn't wasting him, he's still alive so why bother knocking him over or ragdolling at him?

  18. Don’t you love it when someone puts a gun to your school and forces you to nearly kill your boss then you become best friends. God that’s true friendship

  19. Why didnt you beat up simeon? Its not like he died after that, he still call Franklin to take the bullet

  20. Beating simeon isnt actually killing him so the whole belly flopping was more entertaining than necessary but damn i love this series.

  21. This guy an English man Living in Aussie ? Or did his villanious grand parents keep their accent ?

  22. I like how you cut the part where Michael slams the shit out of Simeon with that car door(in the name of pacifism)

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