Can You Win the Lottery With Magic? I Did (True Story)

Can You Win the Lottery With Magic? I Did (True Story)

what up y’all this is Patrick Haize in
this video I’m going to tell the story of how I won the lottery
true story how I won the lottery using specific manifestation techniques and I
also want to talk a little bit about some philosophical principles regarding
the idea of the law of attraction or manifesting now I don’t really like the
term the law of attraction because it’s been so watered down over the years but
still it is sometimes the best terminology to use in the most accurate
terminology so there’s no what I am using that term I don’t mean it in the
same way that a lot of the fluffy new-agey expression of law of attraction
is commonly used I mean it more in the truer like a cult science sense of the
term so let’s see this was probably about seven or eight years ago that I
won the lottery and how I did it was quite interesting I was at my father’s
house in California and I got the inspiration to go play the the Mega
Millions lottery and I was inspired and excited to go do it and so I went down
to the gas station and I got inspired to play certain numbers they kind of came
to me it was 12 18 33 42 56 and then a mega number I forget what the mega
number was so I went ahead and I played the numbers and I went back to my
father’s house and I sat there and I intentionally went inside my mind and
won the lottery inside my mind and I sat in that vibration for like 20 or 30
minutes I just sat there and as far as I was concerned I had won the lottery I
thought about what it would be like how it would feel and I really embodied that
frequency of winning the lottery now I’m familiar with the idea of a parallel
dimension shifting and how by winning the lottery with intention what you’re
actually doing is you’re shifting to a dimension where the numbers that you
chose are the winning numbers and that seems accurate
my experience because even though I felt inspired and numbers came out to me it
was very much a steeping in the energy or the vibration that really brought me
into the vibrational frequency that I did after I bought the numbers so what
happened is I steeped in that energy for like I said about 30 minutes and then I
fell asleep I fell asleep on the chair where I was doing that practice and when
I woke up I could forgot that I actually went and bought the tickets and it was
just one ticket actually I forgot that I bought it though and it wasn’t till
about three weeks later that I was going through my wallet and I found the ticket
in my wallet and I was like oh yeah that’s right I played the lottery and so
I went back on the internet to check the numbers and as soon as I looked at it
like all the numbers look the same and I was like I my heart started beating so
fast that I started getting shaky and I woke my roommate up I was like oh my god
is I lose looking at it and it said that I had won $300,000 and I was like oh my
fucking god I just went 300,000 dollars I was like jumping up and down in my
apartment and I was so shaky and as I looked closer so the numbers were that
came up were 21 18 33 42 56 and then there was a mega number and what I had
was 12 18 33 42 56 so I had four of the double-digit numbers correct and I got
12 and 21 transverse so when I first looked at the paper you know they all
looked the same I didn’t notice that 12 and 21 were transverse so actually I
didn’t win $300,000 i won only a hundred and eighty dollars I felt kind of ripped
off because I mean what are the chances of getting four double numbers correct
right and if I’d only transverse to 12 and 21 I’d have been like it would have
been ridiculous now I missed the mega number but but I
got those four double digit numbers correct and it was absolutely incredible
as far as like the chances of that right so like what are the chances of getting
four double digit numbers that’s to even guess one double digit number is
like that’s hardcore so it definitely worked and what I realized is that
there’s the the key principle is after you get into the vibration of having one
or manifested whatever it is it’s then wiping your mind and forgetting about it
and that sends off the manifestation intention to go and shift your
dimensions or to you know work in the template realm in order to make that
reality possible make that reality a fact and this has been the issue when
I’ve tried to do it several times after that is that I haven’t been able to
forget that I bought the ticket and it just kind of happened there’s a fluke
the first time I went to sleep I fell asleep in the chair and then I just woke
up it was around it was like a Thanksgiving holiday and I woke up and
then I was just you know with my family and I completely forgot about it so I
was able to really vibrate that frequency and really you know embody
that dimension of winning and then completely forget about it and cut it
off and you know in my study of occult practices this is the technique there’s
a certain amount of energy that you need to pulse out into the universe and then
you need to completely cut yourself off from it have no expectations have no
thoughts or emotions of like oh I hope I win or I think I’m gonna win or you know
let me try to like keep thinking positively about it over and over and
over because when you keep going back and forth that’s like showing your doubt
or it’s showing your uncertainty about it and it keeps tethering you to that
dimension so all it takes is a second of you doubting it or a little bit of
energy of not being completely sure or having a little bit of anxiety like oh I
hope I get this I’m not sure if I’m gonna get it see that that will destroy
the attempt to manifest right so so it worked really well for me the first time
but when I tried to do it after that I still haven’t figured out how to to not
think about it right but then again you know I haven’t tried it a million times
after that it was like an amazing experience but you know I don’t know I
haven’t liked him you to repeatedly go back and win the
lottery that just isn’t my you know highest goal in life is to like become a
water lottery winner as great as it would be I don’t know maybe I should try
it again and see what happens but um you know what this does is this brings me to
a philosophical question which or a philosophical statement I should say
which I’ve analyzed quite a bit over the years
and this is the idea of of using powers like the law of attraction for lack of a
better term or manifestation skills and the motivations or intentions behind how
we use them and the reason why I bring this up is because this is a high
spiritual power right so you think of this is like a high spiritual technology
the true law of attraction being able to use that is a it’s a spiritual
technology and you know if we use a high spiritual technology from a lower level
of consciousness essentially that is like the technical term for that would
be black magic that’s like the technical term in occult science right so
essentially using your power to manipulate the unseen forces of nature
for your own animal carnal or lower desires right to feed your lower desires
this is technically black magic right now I don’t see anything wrong with
manifesting abundance for health and in your life and for for your family and so
that you can live a life where you give back to the world but a lot of people
take this idea of Law of Attraction and they’re kind of interested in it to like
get Lambos or to like get more sex or to you know develop power over other people
or whatever it is these are the kinds of things they may be interested in
manifesting and you know while that’s their decision and I’m not here to judge
what I will say is that I think it’s important that people are aware that if
your intentions are to serve a lower desire in yourself like a carnal desire
be very careful if you’re using something that is a powerful spiritual
technique so what happens then is when you start feeding your lower desires
with a power that is as powerful as you know
the true law of attraction right then these lower desires can actually get
completely out of control and they can take you over meaning you can start your
spirit starts being controlled by your animal desires or your lower desires
right when you feed the beast it will grow so be careful of what your
intentions are and where it’s actually coming from if you are actually learning
how to master these kinds of manifestation techniques are interested
in mastering them see we’re all faced with the challenge of controlling our
lower desires this is just a part of life and evolution as a human being you
know we have to learn to be sexually appropriate we have to learn to not be
gluttonous in our activities otherwise we have health problems right so we eat
too much or we could become gluttonous in our desire for physiological comforts
right so we could get addicted to drugs and do a lot of drugs because it feels
good on our body right and you can see the destruction that is a result in
people’s lives because of not having control over their lower desire bodies
right but it’s a different game when you start feeding your lower desire bodies
with the kind of excess that can come from utilizing a higher spiritual power
to do so see when you do this it feeds these lower desires in such an excess
that these lower desires can just grow completely out of control and you see
this happening in the world with a lot of the you know financial elites that
are addicted to power that are addicted to money and they’re destroying
everything in the world because of it right so like oil tycoons that are like
after the oil after the oil trying to maintain their dominance you know in the
infrastructure of this planet and doing it quite psychotically right it’s like
it’s a psychotic addiction to these things right and they they very well
don’t have power to ten themselves anymore because they’ve
learned how to manifest they’ve learned these higher skills of the law of
attraction but they’re using it to feed their lower desire body and the monster
is grown out of control so it’s important for us to be aware that we’re
gonna be using these techniques that every step that we take forward in
spiritual power and spiritual ability we need to take three steps forward in our
own moral development and our own willpower temperament so thanks so much
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this is Patrick Hayes one love

16 thoughts on “Can You Win the Lottery With Magic? I Did (True Story)”

  1. I remember back in 2009 the lottery was $100MM I played it and I felt like I knew I would win. I remember telling my girlfriend this on the phone that I would probably win – because in my heart I felt like I deserved to win. This was the Ohio Mega Millions. My first number hit – and the rest of the ticket was less than 10 digits off all together. I only won like $4 but that showed me there is something real about manifestation and the power of your mind.

  2. your boy is out front of a massive pyramid vortex. where is this? that energy is crazy.

    and nice insight on magic. its all about responsibility!

  3. Good story, and lesson. I think the creator had a lesson for you through that experience. If you had won 380,000 then you may not be exactly where you are at this moment, doing exactly what you are doing. You may have gotten side tracked. I believe that is the way it is for me. Had I gotten comfortable, I may not be where I am, doing what I'me doing. The work that is being done at present on our planet is crucial. We're a big part of that. Thanks for the video.

  4. Great video, I can understand it completely. I manifest like this all the time. As you say the importance is to generate the vibration of it happening and then hand it over to the universe <3

  5. I use manifestation for rain. Here in Australia we are having dry spells, drought in rural areas,animals are dying.
    It's worked a few times even if it was a light rain. Imagine if every citizen were to practice 10 min for rain manifestation it would be amazing

  6. As always, I love all your quality content! I guess it's a strength that I always put out new intentions and have TERRIBLE memory! hahaha

  7. I think the challenge is that you have to be detached enough from the gains that you distance yourself from the results, allowing the Law of Attraction to act, like that (excuse me) Bible passage that says "don't let your left hand know when your right hand does a good deed so you don't take pride in it" or something like that.
    It's pretty hard to master, tricking the Universe that you don't care about something while wishing for it the most.

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