Card Games : How to Play Omaha

Card Games : How to Play Omaha

Hi my name is Windy and this is Omaha Hold
‘Em. Omaha Hold ‘Em is similar to Texas Hold
‘Em but with a few differences. It starts
by one person being chosen to be dealer. In
Vegas the dealer never plays so instead the
dealer playing the button here is given to
someone and it rotates around the table with
plays but you know who would be the dealer
were people allowed to deal, just the dealer
so you can play that way with the dealer or
you can just allow the dealer to go around
the table and play. The dealer deals four
cards to everybody and you play two to six
players and you play with a normal deck of
cards. Like poker there is usually a betting
pool that was agreed upon before the games
starts, let’s say it was $10. So the person
to the left of the dealer is player one and
he is Little Blind. We started blinds so that
there is some money in the pot to win in the
first round. Little Blind puts in half of
the agreed amount so if the pot is $10 then
Little Blind puts in $5. The person to the
left of Little Blind is Big Blind and they
put in $10. The play goes around and these
three buttons go around too. You don’t need
the buttons you can keep track of it normally
on your own if you’d like. So after the two
blinds are put in the dealer will put out
three cards into a flop. The cards that you
are holding are called the hold. First the
dealer burns one card so that you know that
he wasn’t looking at the first card on the
top and then he deals three cards to the middle
which everyone will use, similar to Texas
Hold ‘Em. Then there is a round of bidding
after the first three flops are put out and
everyone can either check, call raise or fold.
Once one round of bidding has gone through
and the bidding starts with the person to
the left of Big Blind, by the way. Then the
dealer burns another card and plays a fourth
card which is called the fourth street card
or the turn then again there is another round
of bidding. After that the dealer burns another
card and plays the fifth street card which
is the last one in the flop also called the
river card and then people decide which cards
they are going to use. Use exactly three cards
common and two cards from your hold, different
from Texas Hold ‘Em where you can use any
combination to make your poker hand. Once
you have decided your poker hand another final
round of bidding goes by and then people are
pushed out until the last people remaining
show their hands and it is scored as poker
is scored. The first person who placed the
bet or the last person to raise so it doesn’t
matter the highest poker hand wins and that’s
how you play Omaha.

4 thoughts on “Card Games : How to Play Omaha”

  1. For a minute there I thought the title of this video was "How to play Obama". I guess in that game you deal from the bottom of the deck, and when you run out of cards you print your own.

  2. Would help if you knew how to actually play the game. The small and big blinds are mandatory bets prior to getting your hole cards, then all players match the highest bet on the table. Then 3 cards are dealt.

  3. you are no specialist, i work as a poker dealer in a casino and i can tell you that you make way to many mistakes in this video

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