Card Manipulation Expert Richard Turner at MIT

Card Manipulation Expert Richard Turner at MIT

No matter what hand someone is dealt in life,
don’t let anyone tell you first of all
you can’t play or something’s impossible
I would say take possible out of
impossible. Never shuffle a deck one in each hand. It makes the other players nervous.
So Richard has had an inspirational life
and you know the story of Richard, right?
Blind since age nine although as he
likes to put it he says “I’m not blind I
just can’t see.” When I first started losing my sight I was really mad but the loss of
vision turned out to be a blessing and one
of my greatest assets. You know if we
defeat adversity with honor and
integrity we can turn adversity into an
asset and that can lead to prosperity. “Play
the cards you’re dealt.” I think that’s a
very inspirational message to anybody.
Now when my vision started going south I
was blessed in two ways. One was with an
enhanced sense of touch and the other
was the ability to see without sight
The more you do something the better you
can do it. Now there’s another expression
I don’t agree with and that is “Practice
makes perfect.” Y’all heard that? Now, practice
does not make perfect. You practice something wrong
and when you’re done it’s perfectly wrong.
Perfect practice makes perfect.
There was a period of time when I
practiced, and I’m serious, 10 to 20 hours a
day seven days a week for 26 years
straight. As we all know this place is
comparing stories of people who have had
setbacks in their life and then they
accomplish terrific things I think
it’s just a great kind of message. Do
what you love and if you’re passionate
about what you love you don’t have to
work at it. So find out what you’re
passionate about and then let
that be your guide.

31 thoughts on “Card Manipulation Expert Richard Turner at MIT”

  1. Platinum Rolex Daytona, easily a 50k watch. God has blessed this man, LOVE YOU RICHARD TURNER

  2. Richard is probably the best card mechanic to ever live. If you've never seen video of his skills, look him up. You'll be glad you did, he's fucking amazing. Some of the best magicians in the world contact him for help when developing tricks and methods. He can do things with playing cards that no one else on this planet can do.

  3. He does the best card trick I have ever seen in my life and like penn and teller I have no clue how he does it and I keep watching it trying to figure it out with no luck

  4. "Find something you are passionate about*, and you will never have to work."

    *practice for 10 to 20 hours a day 7 days a week 26 years straight.

  5. So I have watched a few of his videos now and he ALWAYS has the same table. Is he making moves under the table? If not then why have the same table with the same covering? I know he is amazing either way but…

  6. It was such a blessing to meet him… he is also a karate master… I am not joking… it's ridiculous at how badass he is.

  7. Him losing his sight from 9 makes sense now. I seen the blind youtuber who has been blind since birth and he does not keep his eyes open because he never needed to and does not probably know what it looks like but to me it is interesting why would one keep his eyes open (when not needed) and why other does not, but loosing sight after 9 years of life which is already plenty, he probably knows that visually open eyes look better – even if it takes a little muscle work to keep them that way.

  8. He has found purpose and financial properiity in his obsession. He is blessed to be so loved by his family and to be such a people magnet, those are his greatest gifts.

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