Cardo reprimands the rogue policemen | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Cardo reprimands the rogue policemen | FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)

Where’s your superior?
Where’s your superior?
Lead the way.
Check the area.
What’s with this mess?
Hey, everyone!
How are you doing?
Did you ever experience
any case of abuse here?
Sir, the policemen
here are merciless.
They hurt us and
let us starve.
Aren’t you police officers?
o what?
Why aren’t you
wearing uniforms?
Who are you?
We are the Presidential
Anti-Crime Task Force.
The President
ordered us to inspect
all the activities
of police officers.
Do you think what
you’re doing is right?
Part of our mandate is
to wear proper uniforms,
especially when
we’re on duty!
We’re prisoners,
but it’s more like
we’re in hell here.
It’s so crowded in here.
We don’t even have
enough space to sleep.
What’s worse is,
we don’t have
any supply of water.
Am I right?
Yes, that’s right.

Sir, we have visitors.
Don’t mind them!
Hurry, I can’t lose
this time!
Don’t worry.
We’re here to help all of you.
Thank you.
I hope the President hears about
the abuse we experience here.
He’s right.
You people have
a lot of nerve.
Is this what the police do?
Gambling while on duty?
Who the hell are you?

We’re the PACTF.
The President ordered us
to conduct random checking
and catch people like you.
We need to see Major.
The PACTF is conducting
inspections at precincts.
Is that so?
Okay. Bring them in.
This way, sir.

These poor people.
They look so tired.
People don’t respect us
because of cops like you.
You know that’s illegal
but you still do it!
Hold it!
Don’t even try.
You don’t want to
pick a fight with us.
Put your hands in the air.
Hands up!
I said hands up!
Grab their guns.
Stop it!

Who are you?!
We’re the PACTF.
The President sent us… apprehend cops who
aren’t doing their duties.
We’re sorry.
But what you’re
doing is illegal.
So even if you’re
fellow cops,
we won’t show you
any mercy.
Get out!
This way!
Move! Come on!
Move it!
Get down!
You’re treating the precinct
like it’s your house!
I’m sorry, Sir.
We’ll put our uniforms on.
You can explain
yourselves later!
Hurry up!
Get down!
Over there.
We didn’t do anything wrong!
Maybe not, Major.
But that’s because you’ve
done nothing but sleep!
You’re despicable.
You’re the commanding
officer here.
But you’re setting
a bad example!
You’ve got a smart mouth, kid.
Do you know what
you’re talking about?
Don’t you know who I am?
I am Major Recto!
Do you know who
you’re messing with?
You’re all just fresh meat!
I’ve been in the service
for a long time.
We’re sorry, Major.
But the President ordered us
to deal with everyone
in our way.
Don’t even try.
I don’t care how long
you’ve been here.
Corrupt is corrupt.
Corrupt is corrupt.
Get up!
Move it!
Unbelievable! A commanding
officer sleeping on duty!
On your knees!
Dalisay, we caught these
gambling and drinking alcohol
while on duty.
And these weren’t in uniform
while on duty.
Besides, this station
is too dirty, sir.
They don’t even bother
cleaning it.
And the detainees told us
they’re being abused.
The reason we don’t progress
is because of police officers
like you who abuse their power.
From now on,
we will be stricter.
And we will replace you
with honest police officers.
Take them to headquarters!
That serves them right!
Take them all!
And you call yourselves

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  2. Buti na lang sobra bait ni coco sa mga tao lalo na sa hirap na tao …but sa acting sorry sir but yung lang wala sa kanya .. Baron vs coco sa acting hmmm sovra galing ni baron

  3. Daming Bad comment.. Di nyo na rin nakita magagandang ginawa ng pulis .. Kawawa naman mga matitinong mga pulis.

  4. Coco Martin for senador and soon for president๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‘…. Gnyan ang mga pulis in real life chill2 lng cla rin gmgwa ng mling trbho.๐Ÿ˜ˆ…dpat gnyan dn gwin sknila…..ang gling nyo task force lalo n si dalisay cardo…๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘,,task force gnyan ang gayahin dpat ng mga pulis

  5. On 5:36 their was a gun that Billy was holding but when the major recto pull his gun out thatโ€™s when Billy pulls out his gun.

  6. Kc sa pnhon ngayun ang daming pulis na tamad dapat minu minuto may nagrurunda sa mga kapulisan head quarters

  7. To actor Coco Martin, aka Dalisay, as well as the writer, Director and Staff of this teleserye:……….. I love FPJโ€™s movies…. I love FPJ and I love Coco Martin as an actor, I also used to love watching this teleserye, but sadly mas nagiging obyus na yung laki ng difference sa mga writers at sa gumaganap sa role Ni Dalisay. Ok na sana tong episode na to but what Dalisay did was wrong. What Dalisay did with the Maj was so wrong that made it seem as if itโ€™s okay to abuse position if your boss is higher. This episode projected more of the reality of how policemen operate in the Philippines. Basta mas mataas ang connection okey lang mang abuso. Dalisay clearly showed abuse of authority and position in this episode that proved his professionalism is also questionable. Although we all know that this is part of reality in the Philippines sa show na ito, in honor of FPJ, sana nag stick kayo how FPJ was, in his movies, di sya Basta basta susuntok, lalaban si FPJ pero di sya ang nag uumpisa. Dapat di nyo kinalimutan mga values ni FPJ sa mga movies niya. Iโ€™m pretty sure kung si FPJ ang gumanap dito, mga malalalim na salita muna ang binitawan niya sa major na yan hanggang sa suntukin sya ng major and doon pa lang babawi si FPJ ng suntok, Hindi Gaya ng episode na to na si Dalisay ang unang nanuntok, ebidensya na nag abuse sya ng position at power na ipinagkatiwala kuno sa Kanya when he got the order from the so called president….. Obviously iba ang writer noon for FPJ and the writer now for Coco para sa teleserye na ang probinsyano but be as close as you can get sa mga major values ng actor na ginagaya nyo,

  8. wow the best tlg ag dalisay cardo galing the best mo tlg kaya dpat lng n hind mtups ag cardo dhil ag galing nila tlg

  9. Mga walang hiya ang mga ito


  10. Mga walang hiya ang mga ito


  11. Slamat ang probinsyano ipinapakita Nio na gawain ng kapulisan kulang payan …marami pa silang ginagawa…

  12. binabastos nila mga pulis natin gagoh kayo oo may mga ganyan nga pero ndi naman sila tlga ganyan mga gagoh may mga nap time naman sila pero sobra na toh prang pinapa mukha nilang ganyan laht ng pulis natin

  13. 1. inabuso ng mga preso – Butete
    2. hindi nagsuot ng tamang uniporme – Wangbu at Bulate
    3. nagsusugal at nag iinom – Manager at Intoy
    4. natutulog – Cardo, Billy, Jerome, Mark, Rigor, at kasama

    sa oras ng duty!

  14. Nyahahahaha ๐Ÿ˜€ miss youuuu cardo ng buhay kooooooooooo. Love youuu! Hahahahahaha kakiliggggg grabeeeee <3

  15. hahahaha pupunahin na naman to kasi marami na naman ang natatamaang mga pulis dito hahahhahahahaa๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

  16. nang aabuso ng mga preso
    pinababayaang madumi ang presinto
    hindi nagsusuot ng tamang uniporme
    nagsusugal at umiinom

    sa oras ng duty.

  17. Black Jackets with big yellow prints in the back. If I were to shoot at these people, they make good targets.
    Not so commendable job for the costume designer perhaps.

  18. Madami na talagang ganyang mga pulis sa panahon ngayon di naman nilalahat pero marami parin talaga sana matanggal sa trabaho ang mga ganyang klaseng pulis lalo na yung mga buwaya!

  19. Dapat maturo an ng maganda kinabukasan ng lahat ng police na ganito inaabuso ng mga police ang mga lahat ng ganito inaa abuso ang mga prisento hindi dapat matulog ang mga Ora's ng duty at nag iinuman pa dapat lang gawin dapat ang mga sinasabi ng mga tao

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