Carnival Cruise Lines Announces A Strict New Non Smoking Policy

Carnival Cruise Lines Announces A Strict New Non Smoking Policy

hey everybody its Bruce here with
traveling with Bruce got an update for
you from Carnival Cruise Line
new smoking policy is in effect starting
November the 20th 2018 that’s today’s
date it used to be that if you got
caught smoking on a Carnival ship you
ran the risk of getting fined up to $500
on your ship account those days are over
family of four now are at risk because
whether you’re on your own or with your
family you get caught smoking now on the
next port of call that the ship is going
to have you’re off the ship and everyone
in your cabin is going with you no
exceptions so for example mom and dad
two children a day two of the cruise mom
or dad are smoking on the balcony you
get caught and chances are you will you
are going to be held up by security
you’re gonna be all in front of these
guys you’re going to be escorted off the
ship with your belongings and your
travel mates the next port of call and
God help you if it’s in Belize or
on Duras or in Spain or who knows where
because you’ve got to figure out how to
get back home on a one-way ticket
without any warning I mean trying to buy
an airplane ticket for less than 24
hours of timeframe
one-way you’re looking at you know even
in the Caribbean you looking $1,000 a
person one-way ticket back to the USA if
you’re an American it can be a nightmare
why is the cruise line doing this look
at these photos they’ve had it Carnival
is just not interested in playing games
anymore with with smoking passengers so
that they’ve had there have been
instances over the years where cruise
ships have caught fire from smoking
related incidents and they cannot take
the chance with a billion dollar cruise
ship to have people playing games on
their balconies trying to smoke
cigarettes to not get caught because it
only takes one cigarette to ignite an
inferno and fire is the number one
problem for cruise ships too bad for the
kids too bad for mom dad doesn’t matter
no mercy get caught smoking the entire
party in the cab
is off the ship at the next port O’Call
and there’s no way around it you don’t
get any refund for your cruise you don’t
get any compensation for it you’re gone
I wouldn’t do it if I were you
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bye for now

35 thoughts on “Carnival Cruise Lines Announces A Strict New Non Smoking Policy”

  1. I am a smoker an agree that the smoking in designated areas only should be enforced. There are always people that think that rules are for everybody but them. Sometimes a fine is no big deal so they have to get stricter with their policy.

  2. pound sand peter mautner. That being said, I have been smokinf for many years and I have found the rules for smoking are getting stricter and stricter. However, rules are rules. I think California has the strictest rules of any state and since I have lived here most of my adult life I know that there are laws and rules and you just have to adjust.That is pretty much what life is about. There are certain places on the ship where you can smoke. So go smoke your cigarette, cigar, pipe…or whatever and then carry on. Bitching and moaning isn't going to change anything. As for you Peter Mautner hysterionics doesn't do a damn bit of good either

  3. Thanks Bruce for all your great tips and info’ I also agree with u Paul, there should be more designated areas for the smokers, 💨if u follow the rules u should be fine’ as I do always in the designated areas and the 🎰 I will not go in any other areas that u carn’t smoke 💨 on balcony’s suites etc. it’s not worth to be fined or loose your 🚢

  4. 1995 Celebration (Carnival) – Engine Room Fire; 1998 Carnival Ecstasy – Main Laundry Room Fire; 2010 Carnival Splendor – Aft Engine Room Fire; 2013 Carnival Triumph – Engine Room Fire … enough said. Well, almost: If the fire damage you've shown in the video was really caused by a fire starting in a single cabin (ignited by a cigarette or otherwise), then fire detection and control measurements must have been abysmal on that vessel. I really wouldn't want to be aboard such a ship, because fires do happen (kitchen, electrical failures etc.). It's all about detecting them in time and have the measurements in place to fight them effectively.

  5. A friend and I went on a cruise for the first time a few months ago. I'm a smoker she's a vapor. I felt that carnivals designated smoking areas are extremely Fair, I especially loved the area on Deck 10 and the casino area. We did have a balcony cabin. I follow the rules with no smoking, however she Vaped in the room and on the balcony. I paid for the room and was worried that we we would be fined(sp) but we were not. I'm not that bad of a smoker, that I have to light up every 5 minutes, but I'm seriously looking into it vape. No fire damage and apparently no smell left behind!?

  6. hi Bruce i hope they will enforce it many people violate the smoking policy and dont give a shit about non smoking guests many people got balcony rooms just so they can smoke there kick the rude assholes off the boat that may solve the problem

  7. I do understand why the non-smokers have posted positive videos about this policy ; but I;m a smoker and I will never never go on a cruise where I cant smoke , that would be torture for every smoker ;
    And also in my opinion I think its better to have designated smoking areas as people will smoke anyway but the risk of a fire hazard is significantly lower if pple don't need to sneak around the ship and they have a safe place for smoking …you know in case that they drop their fag to floor won;t burn and things like that ….

  8. Your post sounds a little "Chicken Little". The policy is not as "fatal" as you make it. Their policy states… "They will be assessed a $500 charge, per violation, on their Sail & Sign® account " "The assessment of this charge does not allow a guest to continue smoking in his/her stateroom" Meaning, you COULD be disembarked, not that you will.. Your cruise info shouldn't be biased against any potential cruiser, just correctly informative.

  9. I’m a smoker and I say, good for Carnival. It’s just laziness and ignorance on the part of anyone who breaks these rules and smokes on their balconies. I’ve had three hip surgeries and two knee surgeries, and if I think I need a smoke, I get up and go to one of the designated areas. Easy peasy.

    I would never ever take the chance of ruining my family’s vacation due to my own laziness. It would break my heart.

    Hopefully, people will think twice before they light up on their balcony and take into consideration how it will affect their fellow travelers. No one wants to live with that let down, and I hope the selfish ones will be able to see this too. We all know someone, somewhere will light up, get caught and get kicked off. It doesn’t matter how many warnings they’ve received. Stupid people will always live up to their reputation.

    Thank you for this warning. We will be going this fall with Carnival and even though I will probably hear the warning more then a few times, it is always good to know ahead of time.
    Be well,

  10. How about smoke free cruises. At least keep it outside. The casino is hard to breath in and smokers are using non smoking areas in the casino. I used to smoke and I understand wanting to smoke. Just respect the non smoking cruisers. Smoking does not stay in your own private space. Cudo’s to Carnival on the new policy!

  11. I’m going on the carnival spirit in 80 days can I smoke in the casino as I wanna spend a few hours in there and don’t wanna be in and out like a yo yo every time I want a cig please help me

  12. As a smoker I respect the rules on cruise ships, even in the casino if I'm near a non smoker I'll move to light up and only smoke in designated areas. I love it when some non smokers walk through the outside smoking area and complain about the nasty smokers. They might get a drag blown at them.

  13. Well what you completely skip over in this video, you as a non smoker, is that there are designated smoking areas. And if you personally love carnival so much, you should probably mention that, because you alone could cost revenue for people who search the subject and decide if they think they can’t smoke at all, they won’t ever book a cruise. And we all know how fun a cruise is, so just some food for thought.

  14. All these Smoking Rules are just a big Joke to Smokers !!!!! Most of them , do what they think is good for them Period !! Plus, Carnival, Princess , Etc allows smoking on the interior of ships ( Casino, Disco, Bars ) And even if it is not allowed , smokers will always do what they want to!!! Try dancing in a club that has smoke in your eyes !!!!! Not a lot of fun !!! These cruise companies talk tough , but, no one enforces the rules , since, they are afraid they will lose those few Almighty Dollars , that these smokers on board bring them !!!!!! So, I just avoid any Carnival or any ships owned by Carnival to avoid this Problem !!!!!!!!!!!!! Stay healthy , Happy sailing !!!

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