In this video I would like to show how I took
a broken project and turned it into this Slam
Dunk walking stick.
I had intended to make another rattlesnake
cane out of this piece of wood.
But as I carved what would be the handle of
the cane I noticed a defect running right
through the middle of it.
Now I’m not one to give up easily and I sure
don’t want to waste the rest of this material.
Theres still some good grain direction in
this piece.
With the curvature of the grain of the top
of the stick I have the ability to carve something
I’ve had on my order list for a long time.
I’ll first have to see If I can carve something
round enough to look like a basketball.
Next I got to see if I can carve the hand
that is palming the ball.
This stick is going to have more of a caricature
and less realistic looking.
I’ll need to leave the wrist area thicker
for strength.
Locating where to begin the head is the real
tricky part.
This stage is making me nervous.
So I’m just going to take my time and try
not to make any mistakes.
I made a little clay mock-up of the nose and
mouth area to help me get the shapes right
when I’m carving them in the wood.
This piece is going to be a bit bulky for
practical use.
It will be more for display purposes.
The shape is coming along pretty good now.
I think it’s going to turn out after all.
The painting process starts out with a couple of coats of gesso primer.
This turned out to be a real fun project for
It gave me a lot of challenges, but I really
enjoyed the process of it.
Thanks for Watching!
I’ll see you on the next one!

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