Cash Explosion December 7, 2019

Cash Explosion December 7, 2019

♪ POP ROCK MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: It is the first weekend of December and just listen to this crowd!>>DAVID: Despite the cold outside, our people are definitely bringing the energy inside our studio.>>ALISSA: Yes and while the only thing we can say about the air outside is that it’s COLD, things are about to heat up on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages.>>DAVID: Starting this Thursday, our 12 day ticket giveaway is gonna make our followers very happy because we’re giving away lots of Cash Explosion tickets. You’ll find details on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter pages on Wednesday. So make sure to check it out. And I just realized right before we came in, we actually dressed to match the– look at that. Look, there they are. Where’d they go? There they are. Where’d they go? There they are. That’s…>>ALISSA: That’s…okay, yeah.>>DAVID: I’ll just set these down.>>ALISSA: All right. Right now, let’s get these guys some money. Let’s play Cash Explosion! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Easily amused. [WHOOSH] ♪ POP ROCK MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA VO: Tonight’s contestants represent towns across Ohio, like Sandusky, Akron, and Lima. Maybe even yours.>>DAVID VO: But they are all headed to one destination: the Cash Explosion Spotlight. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Ready to do this?>>ALISSA: I’m ready.>>DAVID: Todd, come on up. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>DAVID: Hi, Todd.>>TODD W: Nice to meet you.>>DAVID: Welcome to the show.>>TODD W: Thank you. Thank you.>>DAVID: All right. So, Todd, I’m gonna tell you something.>>TODD W: Uh-oh.>>DAVID: Last week…why’d you say uh-oh? [LAUGHTER]>>DAVID: He just assumed I’m gonna give him bad–you’re about to win $6,100.>>TODD W: There you go.>>DAVID: Uh, but last week, our first two players of the night stayed in those two seats throughout the entire game. So, obviously, you would like to do that.>>TODD W: I’m hoping to do that myself.>>DAVID: What number do you think you’d like to find, as far as a total…a game total you think would make it safe and you’d be pretty safe over there? You have a goal?>>TODD W: Nah. Not really.>>DAVID: Just as high as possible.>>TODD W: Yeah. About the highest amount possible.>>DAVID: All right.>>TODD W: A Bonus, too.>>DAVID: Yeah, a Bonus would be nice. Pick your three numbers. Here we go.>>TODD W: Three numbers. I’m going with… lucky August…>>DAVID: August…>>TODD W: Fifteen. That’s my anniversary for my lovely wife.>>DAVID: Awesome.>>TODD W: And then, I got three lovely kids out of that.>>DAVID: That’s perfect.>>ALISSA: Great numbers.>>DAVID: Lock ’em in. Those seem like the numbers you had to choose. No other numbers.>>TODD W: Come on. Two times!>>DAVID: What’s behind the eight?>>TODD W: Two times! Bonus! Let’s go. [DOUBLE SOUND]>>DAVID: OHHH!! That’s how you start the night. Todd, turn right back around here. The word SPOTLIGHT. Hit one of those letters.>>TODD W: I’m gonna do “T” for Todd.>>DAVID: All right. Todd, let’s turn around and see what “T” for Todd does for you.>>TODD W: Come on, come on. Big money. Big money. [WHOOSH]>>DAVID: We’re doubling 2,000. That becomes $4,000. That’s a good start.>>ALISSA: That’s a great start. And what’s behind fifteen?>>TODD W: Come on, fifteen. Bonus.>>ALISSA: $2,200.>>DAVID: Okay, we need big behind the three. What’s behind the three?>>TODD W: Come on, three! Come on, three! Two times! Bonus! [DOUBLE SOUND]>>DAVID: OHHH!!>>TODD W: WOO!!>>DAVID: Wow, you just have to call for it. That’s the secret. You know what to do. Pick another…pick another letter.>>TODD W: Let’s do… “S”.>>DAVID: “S”. What is the “S” for? Everything’s meant something so far. “S” is just a letter?>>TODD W: Just a letter.>>DAVID: Just a letter. Let’s see how it works. What are we doubling behind the “S”? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [WHOOSH]>>DAVID: 2,500. That becomes $5,000. I will tell you, 11,200 is a good, strong number at the top. Congratulations.>>ALISSA: Congratulations! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Tim, come on up here. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: Hey, Tim. How you doing?>>TIM: Not bad. How are you?>>DAVID: Good. Thank you. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>ALISSA: Whoa!>>DAVID: What is going on up there, Tim?>>TIM: I got the family up there.>>DAVID: You got the entire family…extended family here. Let’s talk about the–you got a phone call to tell you you were on the show. Who was it that called you?>>TIM: My son, Bryce.>>DAVID: And then how did he tell you?>>TIM: He cussed me out.>>DAVID: He cussed you out. [LAUGHTER]>>DAVID: What did he say exactly?>>TIM: Uh…>>DAVID: No, don’t! Okay, don’t. No. Is potty mouth here with us tonight?>>TIM: Yeah, he’s right up there.>>DAVID: There he is! He looks awfully happy.>>ALISSA: He’s got the big… your big face on a sign to make up for it.>>DAVID: I’m assuming he was just–was he a little jealous that you were on the show?>>TIM: Well he had a ticket in there, too.>>DAVID: Ohhhh. Now it makes total sense. I get it completely. I get it completely.>>ALISSA: You’ll share with him, right?>>TIM: Uh, no.>>DAVID: Not after he cussed him out. Way to go. All right, Tim, pick your three numbers. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: Four… [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>DAVID: …nine… and twelve. [LOCK SOUND]>>DAVID: Locked ’em in. I’m assuming the four is the four-letter words he was saying to you as he called you on the– is that what the four represents? [LAUGHTER]>>DAVID: What’s behind the four? [DOUBLE SOUND]>>DAVID: A Double! Oh, it’s a good night! Let’s turn right back around here. SPOTLIGHT… [AUDIENCE SHOUTING LETTERS]>>DAVID: “T”. We’re gonna double whatever’s behind the “T”. What’s behind the “T”? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [WHOOSH]>>DAVID: 2,000. That becomes 4,000. Off to the exact same start as Todd.>>ALISSA: And what’s behind nine?>>AUDIENCE MEMBER: Double!>>ALISSA: $2,700.>>DAVID: All right. And behind the twelve? What’s there?>>AUDIENCE MEMBER: Bonus!>>DAVID: $3,300. $10,000, Tim, is another great, great total. Head on over to the Leader Zone.>>ALISSA: Congratulations! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Wow. Two great turns in a row. Our audience is on fire. What a great night we’re having so far. We have more players coming up to play after this. Don’t go away. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] ♪ ELECTRONICA MUSIC ♪ ♪ ELECTRONICA MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Welcome back to Cash Explosion. This is, uh…this has been a good night so far. Three Doubles. Two players and three Doubles so far. Charles… ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: Let’s win your money, Charles. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: Ten… [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>DAVID: …seven… [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>DAVID: …and nineteen. And he’s locked ’em in. [LOCK SOUND]>>DAVID: All right, Charles, let’s turn and look at the Big Board here. What’s behind the ten? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: $3,200. Another strong start.>>ALISSA: And show us what’s behind seven.>>CHARLES: Double and a Bonus. Double and a Bonus.>>DAVID: Double and a Bonus is what he’s looking for.>>ALISSA: $2,900.>>DAVID: Got one more chance for a Double or a Bonus. What’s behind the nineteen? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: $3,500. Charles, that’s $9,600. Good news is…that’s great money and your night is not over. We will see you in the Second Chance.>>CHARLES: Oh, okay!>>DAVID: All right! Congratulations! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Up next, we’ve got Deborah. Deborah, come on up. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>DAVID: Hi, Deborah. How are you?>>DEBORAH: I’m good.>>DAVID: Good. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>DAVID: Uhhh, you look excited to be here.>>DEBORAH: Yes I am. Very excited.>>DAVID: I can imagine.>>DEBORAH: I brought my friend with me.>>DAVID: SpongeBob is your friend?>>DEBORAH: It’s my granddaughter’s.>>DAVID: Oh, I love it. Yeah. So is your granddaughter watching or is your granddaughter here?>>DEBORAH: No, she’s not here.>>DAVID: She’s just watching.>>DEBORAH: Yeah. Grandma’s gonna win the money to take her to Disney World.>>DAVID: Love it. Let’s do it. Let’s get right into it then. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID AND DEBORAH: Five…>>DAVID: Nine…>>DEBORAH: Fourteen.>>DAVID: …fourteen. [LOCK SOUND]>>DAVID: She’s locked ’em in. All right, here we go.>>DEBORAH: Bonus.>>DAVID: What’s behind the five? I feel like everybody wants a Bonus. It’d be nice if it was there. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: $3,000.>>ALISSA: That’s good money. And show us what’s behind nine. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: $2,700.>>DAVID: All right, we need something big behind the fourteen. What’s behind the fourteen?>>AUDIENCE MEMBER: Double!>>DAVID: $2,000. All right, Deborah. $7,700. As I mentioned to Charles, your night’s not over. We’ll see you in the Second Chance. Congratulations. That’s good money.>>ALISSA: Congratulations. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] ♪ ELECTRONICA MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: Well Todd and Tim are still holding tight to the Leader Zone, but we still have four more players left to play. We’ll see if they can make their way over to the Leader Zone. We’ll be right back. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] ♪ ELECTRONICA MUSIC ♪ ♪ UPLIFTING POP MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Welcome back. We’ve had a great night so far with this audience and big money on our board and Anya wants to keep it going. Come on up, Anya. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>ALISSA: Anya, let’s have you pick your three lucky numbers. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: Three, twelve, and nineteen. [LOCK SOUND]>>ALISSA: Here we go. What is behind three?>>ANYA: Big money. Come on.>>ALISSA: $3,100. That’s good money.>>DAVID: All right, and behind the twelve? What’s there?>>ANYA: Double. A Double.>>DAVID: $2,300. Come on.>>ALISSA: She’s asking for a Double, maybe a Bonus. What’s behind nineteen?>>ANYA: Bonus Board. Come on.>>AUDIENCE MEMBER: Bonus!>>ALISSA: $2,700. Well, Anya, that’s $8,100. Great pay day. Stick around for Second Chance.>>DAVID: Good luck in Second Chance.>>ALISSA: Next up is Sharon! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>ALISSA: Sharon, pick your three lucky numbers.>>SHARON: Here we go. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: Four, five, and twenty. [LOCK SOUND]>>SHARON: Come on, baby!>>DAVID: All right. There we go.>>ALISSA: Let’s see how you start your game. What’s behind four?>>SHARON: Double. Double. Double. Double.>>ALISSA: $2,300. That’s a good start.>>DAVID: All right. What’s behind the five?>>SHARON: Double. [BONUS SOUND]>>DAVID: Bonus! A trip to the Bonus Board. When that lights up like that, you know you instantly won $10,000.>>ALISSA: At least.>>DAVID: Over here on the Bonus Board, sixteen of the top Ohio Lottery games.>>SHARON: Cash Explosion, baby.>>DAVID: What’s that?>>SHARON: I have to go Cash Explosion.>>DAVID: You have to go Cash Explosion. She wants Cash Explosion. It’s where she is. What’s it doing for her? How much money has she won behind Cash Explosion?>>SHARON: Come on. Let’s go. [THUMP] [COINS JINGLING] [CHEERING]>>DAVID: One, two, four, six, eight… $10,000. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: Well done. $10,000 just like that. We’re gonna move the 10,000 over to the Big Board. We have more money behind the five. What’s there? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: Another $2,000.>>ALISSA: And we’re adding to that total with what’s behind twenty.>>SHARON: Come on. [DOUBLE SOUND]>>ALISSA: A Double! Look at… Sharon, turning back here…>>SHARON: All right.>>ALISSA: …touch a letter in SPOTLIGHT. We’re gonna double whatever you find.>>SHARON: I gotta go for “S” for Sharon.>>ALISSA: “S” for Sharon. What are we doubling behind “S”?>>SHARON: 5,000! 5,000! 5,000!>>ALISSA: 2,100 becomes $4,200, giving you a total of 8,500 plus 10,000. Look at that, Sharon. $18,500. Congratulations!>>DAVID: That’s a good day so far. Congratulations. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Next up is Mike! Mike, come on up to the Spotlight. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>DAVID: Hey, Mike. How you doing? Oh yeah? You hear that?>>ALISSA: Yeah. So, Mike, you’re saying you just want to do the same thing, right?>>MIKE: I’m ready.>>ALISSA: We’ve seen a Bonus, we’ve seen Doubles. You’re ready. You got your friends and family out there?>>MIKE: Right over there. [CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Ready to win that money. Let’s see you do it.>>MIKE: Let’s do it. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: Three, four… seventeen. [LOCK SOUND]>>MIKE: Come on, big money.>>ALISSA: What do we have for Mike behind three?>>AUDIENCE MEMBERS: Double!>>ALISSA: $2,600.>>DAVID: All right. Come on. Bigger behind the four. What’s there?>>MIKE: Come on, Bonus.>>DAVID: $2,500.>>MIKE: There we go.>>ALISSA: All right, we need something big for you behind seventeen. What’s there? [LIGHT APPLAUSE]>>ALISSA: $2,000. Well, Mike, that’s $7,100. Your game is not over. We’ll see you in Second Chance.>>DAVID: Good luck in Second Chance. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: All right, one more chance. One more chance for somebody to unseat our first two players. We’ll find out if it happens after this. DO NOT go away. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] ♪ BRITPOP MUSIC ♪ ♪ ELECTROPOP MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Welcome back. Our final player of the night is William. William, come on up to the Spotlight. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: Hey, William. How you doing? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] [WHOOSH] [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…]>>WILLIAM: Wooooo!>>ALISSA: William…a lot of the contestants brought signs, but I’m really loving the signs that your family brought. Hold up that big peacock sign. [LAUGHTER]>>ALISSA: That is great! They spent a lot of time on it. I like it.>>DAVID: That looks just like you, William. [LAUGHTER]>>WILLIAM: Full of surprises. [DAVID AND ALISSA LAUGH]>>ALISSA: I love it. Well you know what? They’re here to see you win big money. You ready to do it?>>WILLIAM: Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA AND WILLIAM: Twelve, five, and six.>>ALISSA: All right, so why did you pick twelve? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>WILLIAM: The last time I was on this show, I was–my name came up twice. My sister in the audience kept saying “Pick twelve,” which was my month to my birthday.>>ALISSA: Your name came up twice in the Cash Challenge.>>WILLIAM: In the Cash Challenge.>>ALISSA: Okay. So you made it all the way to the Cash Challenge last time. Okay.>>WILLIAM: Last time I was here, and if I’d have picked twelve, my name was under that number.>>DAVID AND ALISSA: Ohhhh!>>WILLIAM: She hasn’t let me live it down yet. [LAUGHTER]>>WILLIAM: So I’m saying I don’t care what’s behind twelve. [LAUGHTER]>>DAVID: You’re hoping this will shut her up?>>WILLIAM: I’m picking twelve.>>ALISSA: You’re picking twelve. You got it. Is the five and six, those are your numbers?>>WILLIAM: Five and six are– six is my birthday. Twelve six. And 56 is the year.>>ALISSA: Nice.>>DAVID: Perfect. Perfect.>>ALISSA: All right, well let’s see if your sister knows what she’s talking about. You ready?>>WILLIAM: Yes, ma’am.>>ALISSA: Gonna start with twelve.>>WILLIAM: Come on, 5,000!>>ALISSA: What’s behind twelve? [BONUS SOUND] [WILLIAM SCREAMS] [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Wait a second! Wait! Is your sister here?!>>WILLIAM: No. She’s, she’s…>>ALISSA: But she’s watching.>>WILLIAM: Two of ’em are here.>>ALISSA: Two of ’em are here, but the sister that told you to pick twelve, she’s watching and she is like “See?”>>WILLIAM: She’s gonna be watching it and she’s gonna be my first call. [DAVID LAUGHS]>>WILLIAM: WOO!!!>>ALISSA: Well you’ll have to tell her how much you won on our Bonus Board. We got fifteen Ohio Lottery games left. Pick a game. There’s $50,000 hiding on that board. Where do you think it is?>>WILLIAM: Mad Money!>>ALISSA: Mad Money. We’re gonna light that up for you and see how much you’ve won behind Mad Money.>>WILLIAM: Mad Money. Come on, Mad Money. [THUMP]>>WILLIAM: Come on, Mad Money! [COINS JINGLING]>>WILLIAM: Come on, Mad Money!>>ALISSA: Three–it’s jumping! Six, nine, twelve, fourteen,>>DAVID: $15,000! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>WILLIAM: All right!>>ALISSA: $15,000!>>WILLIAM: I’m loving it!>>ALISSA: Now I know you have other sisters, but this has to be your favorite sister now, right? [DAVID AND ALISSA LAUGH]>>WILLIAM: I might even buy her dinner.>>ALISSA: You gotta buy her dinner.>>DAVID: I will tell you this, you need to start listening to your sister with everything she tells you to do.>>WILLIAM: I have ever since. [LAUGHTER]>>ALISSA: We’re gonna take that $15,000, move it over to our Big Board. And what’s behind twelve?>>AUDIENCE MEMBER: Double!>>ALISSA: $3,100. That’s a good start.>>WILLIAM: Okay. All right.>>DAVID: And what’s behind the five? [CHEERING]>>WILLIAM: Double!>>DAVID: $2,100.>>WILLIAM: Need a Double!>>ALISSA: We need big money behind six. What’s there?>>WILLIAM: Double!>>ALISSA: $2,900. Well you know what, William, that’s 8,100 in gameplay plus $15,000. Take a look at that total.>>WILLIAM: WOO!!>>ALISSA: $23,100. Congratulations! We’ll see you in Second Chance.>>DAVID: Congratulations. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] ♪ POP ROCK MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: We want to congratulate our top two winners, Todd and Tim. We are doubling their totals. Todd, your total goes to $22,400. Tim, your total goes to $20,000. These two will meet our Defending Champion, another Todd, in the Cash Challenge to play for $50,000 as well as the winner of our Second Chance game. We’ll be right back. Don’t go away. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] ♪ POP ROCK MUSIC ♪ [TICKETS SHUFFLING]>>ALISSA VO: Tonight’s winning numbers and the winners of a spot on the February 1st Cash Explosion show are coming your way LIVE from the Ohio Lottery Studios in Cleveland. Good luck! ♪ POP ROCK MUSIC ♪ [TICKETS SHUFFLING] ♪ POP ROCK MUSIC ♪ [TICKETS SHUFFLING] ♪ TENSE PERCUSSION MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: One of you is about to claim another $5,000 plus earn a trip to the Cash Challenge. Let’s find out who it is. Charles, come on up. ♪ TENSE PERCUSSION MUSIC ♪ [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Charles, touch a letter.>>CHARLES: One letter?>>ALISSA: One letter. [AUDIENCE SHOUTING LETTERS]>>ALISSA: What’d you say?>>CHARLES: “D” for Darlene, my wife.>>ALISSA: All right. “D” for Darlene. [LOCK SOUND]>>ALISSA: All right, locked it in. Thank you. Head back. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>ALISSA: Deborah…>>AUDIENCE MEMBER: Good job, Grandpa. ♪ TENSE PERCUSSION MUSIC ♪>>ALISSA: “C”. [LOCK SOUND]>>ALISSA: Locked it in. Anya… [AUDIENCE SHOUTING LETTERS] [LOCK SOUND]>>ALISSA: Locked it in. Sharon… [AUDIENCE SHOUTING LETTERS]>>ALISSA: The “C”. [LOCK SOUND]>>ALISSA: Locked it in. Mike… [AUDIENCE SHOUTING LETTERS]>>ALISSA: “C”.>>MIKE: “C” for cash.>>ALISSA: Locked it in. “C” for cash. And William… [AUDIENCE SHOUTING LETTERS]>>ALISSA: Now William, are you gonna look to your family? They’re telling you what letter to pick?>>WILLIAM: “S”? “S”?>>ALISSA: All right. “S” for sisters, right?>>WILLIAM: Yeah, sisters. I’m not making that mistake again. [LAUGHTER] [LOCK SOUND]>>ALISSA: All right. Locked it in. Now it is time to find out who is going to the Cash Challenge? Reveal it for us. ♪ TENSE PERCUSSION MUSIC ♪ [CHEERING] [PING]>>ALISSA: Deborah! Deborah, your second chance paid off. You’re going to the Cash Challenge to play for $50,000. Congratulations! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING] ♪ UPBEAT POP MUSIC ♪ [WHOOSH] [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] ♪ UPBEAT POP MUSIC ♪ [WHOOSH] [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] ♪ UPBEAT POP MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: The name we see three times will be tonight’s Champion. Todd, as Defending Champion, you will pick first, but you wanted to give a shout-out to your mother-in-law. It’s her birthday. So happy birthday…>>TODD R: To Betty Jo Lauf.>>DAVID: Betty Jo. She watches all the time.>>TODD R: Oh yeah. Watches and plays.>>DAVID: Happy birthday, Betty Jo. Has she given you any tips on the number to pick?>>TODD R: No. Not this time.>>DAVID: Okay. Let’s see how you do then.>>TODD R: Number four.>>DAVID: Number four. Who’s behind the four? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: Todd W. That’s the Todd standing next to you. All right, Todd W. Where do you think your name’s hidden again? [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NUMBERS]>>TODD W: I’m gonna pick nine.>>DAVID: Nine. Who’s behind the nine? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: Deborah. All right, Tim.>>TIM: Number eight.>>DAVID: Number eight. Who’s behind the eight? ♪ DRAMATIC MUSIC ♪>>DAVID: Todd.>>TODD W: Woo!>>DAVID: All right, Deborah. If you find Todd W’s name right now, he wins the game. What number would you like?>>DEBORAH: Number five.>>DAVID: Number five. Who’s behind the five? [AUDIENCE SHOUTING NAMES]>>DAVID: Deborah! Wow. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: I promise you, Todd, your and Tim’s name is up there somewhere. Right now you need to find either one of those to keep this game going.>>TODD R: Number twelve.>>DAVID: Number twelve. Do we have a Champion or is the game over? Who’s behind twelve? [CHEERING]>>DAVID: Todd R. There you go. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>DAVID: All right. Todd… how ’bout a number?>>TODD W: Oh man, it’s a tough one.>>TODD W’S WIFE: Ten!>>TODD W: If the wife says ten, let’s do ten.>>DAVID: You heard the wife say ten. Who’s behind the ten?>>TODD W: Come on, ten. Come on, ten. Come on.>>DAVID: Tim!>>TODD W: Oh, Tim.>>DAVID: All right, Tim, you’re up there.>>TIM: Number one.>>DAVID: Number one. Who’s behind the one? Is this game over yet? [CHEERING]>>TODD W: YEAH!!!>>DAVID: Todd W! [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING]>>TODD W: WOO-HOO!!!>>DAVID: Todd Wagner of Sandusky, you are tonight’s Champion. You win $50,000. You’re coming back next week to play for more.>>TODD W: Woo!>>ALISSA: Don’t forget to log onto our social media accounts this Wednesday for your chance to win some tickets.>>DAVID: Goodnight, Ohio! Todd W with the W!>>TODD W: WOO!!!>>DAVID: Congratulations. [APPLAUSE AND CHEERING CONT…] ♪ POP ROCK MUSIC ♪ [WHOOSH]

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