I know what you’re thinking Boski what
happened your eye it’s a good question
I’ll give you three guesses either I was
getting a lap dance and her balance
wasn’t so great and she kicked me in the
side of the head
I got head-butted by a dog when I was
going to steal his toy and give it to
Clyde or three my girlfriend hit me the
correct answer is number two Bodie did
this yeah should heal up fine vision not
impaired thankfully so let’s go over the
odd core and jump in this one three
inaugural bed and Boesky meet up game
just back it up
Nutbush all skill $10 flip coming up
with win added bonus material a large
golf zip up everybody’s in for 10 size
large it’s what they got here we go
face down sweat him the real not low
nine nine nine nine six high six high
comes down to the money
thank you so much
let’s go 90
come to the couple they come by every
five seconds bend each raises the hijack
to ten dollars I’m next deck and the
cutoff with Queen ten of spades and make
it $30 Ben calls
oh yeah we sure
you guys got to do a runoff for this
year table set race 212 preflop with
East jackoff cutoff makes it $25 we call
he seabeds $20
the button calls and the big telling me
too soon
I’ve King 10 off suit in the cutoff
actually pulls the bench in the high
Jack races to $10 and we got those
Broadway bloggers so we’re putting in
the three back to $30 his wife Liz
it is on the road usually goes the other
way just about the wife was at home but
busy and look at the fucking puppy mill
the pepper hey no video professional
youtubers I hope you have a crystal my
red man and he’s been featured as a
couple hands I I am playing my players
Jeff post beetle rescue where did the
Busby come from high school nickname
where do they come
Oh shouldn’t full I shouldn’t raise it’s
just gonna be editing you subscribe so
Jeff does it on his phone respects his
reason for doing it
all in a call
I have a decent flop for that rose Ben
for the money
we gotta top set
he went in there with the money I opened
to $12 there’s a caller and the small
blind squeezes 243 dollars I’m putting
him on a big pair and he has $500 I
haven’t covered
yeah he bets $100 can we put him on a
sking here this serious about random
places yeah so I shot three of those Oh
Lisa’s one of us here in big I could at
force I love me
I have Thor’s I could have cracked him
he shows pocket East’s
fresh out of the fuck the big one leads
out $30
I’m pretty sure
it’s five I put you in beaten he shows
king-queen the survivors of the meetup
game we didn’t go broke won a few flips
few Bluffs few sets few good folds bend
each made out nitin it up flop in a
flush first aces that was a lucky flop
that’s for sure to save the Peppermill
no you need to get luckier here and then
you will at the pepper mill because
you’re playing against to line up like
this every day you’re not going to make
much money fortunately for me I was
lucky enough to do so tough lineup good
times free drinks let’s go to tacos El
nice ball
pork taco seven out of ten
pork Moo loss nine out of ten
so where we eating here beef brains
it could be worse screaming yeah
VP yes order already two out of ten it’s
edible that’s why I have this sucker in
my mouth get rid of that taste of brains

100 thoughts on “(Cash Poker) STRAIGHT vs STRAIGHT vs TOP SET!”

  1. My wife and I go to El Gordo in San Diego a lot and the one in TJ a lot.

    Can’t believe you’d say 7/10 for the Adobada taco. Best taco I’ve ever had. And I’ve been to the best places in TJ.

  2. I was really hoping it was option A and the whole video was about that lap dance.

    Lap dance? I love lap dances

  3. That dog kick to the eye has to be +EV is some way, people will probably pay you off lighter since they feel bad for you

  4. iam worried mR. Boski. STAY AWAY from cashgames. We are here to obattle 2000runner fields, we are here for a 60 buyin Downswing, we are here to stall for 2hours at the bubble, we are here too share the pain over and over again wen we are OUT of the torunament until we get that 1 god damn TROPHY……Stay away from cashgames fellas and go get that trophy BOSKI

  5. Boski gives out more $ in swag in 1 hand than the westgate spends on food Thursday’s. Looking fwd to a MUG hopefully during the series. I love Wazuzu & pocket aces

  6. Tacos? I like tacos…. I'm from Texas, I saw the coolest sign on the back of a pickup truck. It said, "Beto eats tacos with a fork!"

  7. Do the dealers at Encore carry around their own tip "box" that connects to the table? Do they pool tips? At around 13:15 in the video you can see the dealer put a tip in his vest pocket. This is common practice for all I know. I just thought it looked odd.

  8. Your face was turning as green as your eye after you ate and rated the cow brains. Fun video again. Deach got lucky.

  9. Funny ending but I'm not a taco eater! Maybe I'll run into you when I play in my 1st WSOP Main Event in July! Ps. Have you ever had pig brains?

  10. New action logo in the beginning of your video is badass – the boys at the fire think it would make a cool shirt !!! Always fun when Boski has the gun – keep up the great content !!!

  11. Nice playing with you and Ben for a bit. Glad to see my donation went to good use towards the beef brains. Keep the vlogs coming!

  12. No walk into the casino is ever complete without the hip beat of Wilson Philips' classic "Hold on" playing to greet you 👌. Good fun action game 🏆.

  13. Not gonna lie. At first, I was like, "Really, Boski??? Wilson Phillips dubbed in the background???" Then, I was proud of myself for remembering her name from oh so long ago. Then, I was like, "But really, Boski??? Wilson Phillips???" Then, I caught myself not only remembering, but actually singing the song, and I was like, "I love Wilson Phillips (or at least THAT Wilson Phillips song)!" And finally, I was like, "Awesome, Boski! Rocking Wilson Phillips!" Then, I realized it probably wasn't you, and the casino was probably playing it, and I should probably start paying attention to the video 😂😂😂

  14. I grew up eating brain tacos. I still don’t like them to this day. Intestine tacos are much better. Plus al pastor is the best in my opinion. You should have checked those 5’s over 4z to let someone catch up. Thats the tournament strategy in you leading out. In a cash game, time is not against you so players don’t fight for pots unless they are drawing or have it. If you are ever in L.A. again, go to a place called KING TACO. Order their carne asada Burrito. Its 10/10. Trust me. I live in vegas and state line is crossed, I think of King Taco!!!

  15. Oh man Bosky. That 55 hand you pretty much couldn't lose bro. I would have slowed that 1 down. Say they even had A4. In order to beat u they need runner aces or case 4
    Coulda got more value.
    I know I dont play every hand perfect myself not tryin to sound like a know it all bro just sayin

  16. I’ll be going to the Las Vegas strip with my parents in the first of June through the 5th. Hope I can bump into you there. 😉

  17. Wtf, drunk but, comon. catch youtslef on, i did not hear any DMX. last i heard he was having sex with the same sex

  18. Damn! I've got the EXACT same eye going! I fell playing tennis. The fallI also bruised my ribs, and they hurt like a SOB. Sneeze and scream.

  19. $500 offer…
    Hey Boski, AKA Jeff.
    I'm reaching out to You or one of your viewers who may or may not want to make $500 bucks.
    I'm Curt, 50, recently retired Navy with a reliable pension. ($2200 a month) I've lived in Thailand the last two years after retiring for R&R.. but moving to Vegas June 1st.
    It's NOT easy to find a place online from overseas, so hoping to find a 1 month Room to rent, allowing me a month to look around once I'm there.
    If YOU know of someone drama free.. willing to do a $500 month deal.. I'll keep looking here to any replies to this post.
    I can do a Facebook video chat.. I'm non drinker, non smoker, drama free sports and poker lover with a sense of humor. (Originally from San Diego and I do have exceptional references)
    Just giving this a shot.. I think most ads at Craigslist are scams from our friends in Africa.
    Thanks.. Curt

  20. @16:24–WHO HAS THE SAME RING TONE I DO?????? Good, Bad, and the Ugly!!!!!!! Classic. I have the Pink Panther for text messages….

  21. Boski… if you are avail… would love to buy you a drink when I come out to Vegas in 6 weeks. I'm gonna play a few WSOP tourneys starting with the $500 The Big 50. Been following your VLOG for sometime. Best of luck … Bag and Tag dude.

  22. Busted 25th yesterday out the 235 buy inn played awesome just AA got cracked lol Im playin it till I win it Im on a mission no chop lol boski style lol

  23. Enjoyed seeing it from your perspective, and it was great to meet the vlog viewers! And I can't say I recommend the beef brains.

  24. Jeff, I had seen your videos pop up on my page as recommended; I have been following Neeme and Kraut, finally this past weekend, I watched bunch of your videos. I want to tell you I really enjoy them, keep up the excellent work, and good luck on the tables.

  25. Nice video man. Unrelated but Im playing a tourney on ACR and my GF is watching the screen and she asks "so how often do you call Amy?" I thought WTF and I realize she thinks that on each deal I can either Fold, Call or Call Amy!…..She figured if a player was in doubt about how to complete an action he/she could just "call Amy" and ask

  26. Poor amount of choices from Tesla, but choosing red would be a horrible decision…the resale for red cars is statistically lower, the resale market of people that would actually buy a red car is dramatically reduced so u sit on it and are forced to price it near bottom, and the cops see red cars as fast aggressive drivers, thus pull you over and find your weed…

  27. those tacos looked much much better than the hard shell tortilla "tacos" in previous episodes, i think the pastor taco(pork one) deserves a better rank:)

  28. At like 7:28.. the guy says "ur suposed to check that we have high cards". Ahaha if he thinks that was.. omg deaddddd money.. but granted u shulda slow played the fuk outta those deadly 5s :p

  29. I’m a really big fan of both you and ben. I like the way they were playing your vlog within a blog…Asian male 30-50 years old….yada yada.

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