Casino (10/10) Movie CLIP – House of the Rising Sun (1995) HD

Casino (10/10) Movie CLIP – House of the Rising Sun (1995) HD

‘And at the end of the day,
they came to see me With the pictures.’
Why protect a friend Who betrayed you?
‘But I didn’t Want to look at them.
‘I didn’t Want to look at the guys
Who brought them either.’
(# The Animals: House Of The Rising Sun)
Your honor, as you can see,
my clients are elderly and infirm.
Any incarceration
could pose a serious health risk.
(Nicky) ‘Some of the bosses Were so old,
they needed doctors at their arraignment.’
– Pre-trial services recommends bail as set.
– We’re going to take a recess.
‘When it looked like they could get 25 years
to life for skimmin’ a casino,
‘sick or no fuckin’ sick,
people Were going to get clipped.
‘The day of the arraignment, they had
this meeting in the back of the courthouse.
‘See, When something like this happens,
you knoW hoW things are gonna Work out.
‘It’s alWays better With no Witnesses.
So What about Andy? ‘
He Won’t talk. Stone is a good kid.
Stand-up guy just like his old man.
That’s the Way I see it.
I agree. He’s solid.
He’s a fuckin’ marine.
He’s OK. He alWays Was.
Remo, What do you think?
Why take a chance?
At least, that’s the Way I feel about it.
Call Artie. Tell him, I don’t care What.
He’s got to be in my office
Thursday morning before 11:00.
It’s important. I gotta have
a conversation With that guy…
(Nicky) ‘As much as they liked him,
he Wasn’t one of us.
‘He Wasn’t Italian. As far as they kneW,
he could have talked.
‘Otherwise, Stoney might still be alive.’
‘The first one to skip Was John Nance.
‘He found a nice, Warm,
secluded place in Costa Rica.
‘He thought nobody Would find him there.
(Glass smashing)
‘But then his kid got nabbed
by the Feds for drugs.
‘Naturally, the bosses Were afraid
he’d come out of hiding
‘just to save his kid and give them all up.
‘So… ‘
Where you goin’, jag-off?
‘But, anyWay, they, you knoW,
they all had to folloW. Everybody Went doWn.’
Fuck you.
‘Before you kneW it, anybody
Who kneW anything Wound up gettin’ Whacked.’

100 thoughts on “Casino (10/10) Movie CLIP – House of the Rising Sun (1995) HD”

  1. When I first watched this I thought all the hitmen were different people but after seeing this scene a few times I noticed they were the same 2 guys

  2. heh remo… sounds like reno right ? well then what about nero ^^
    coincidents ? a planed anagram ? like in rosemaries ? a lucky dragon of a snap ?

  3. That last hit was a bit far fetched if you ask me, I mean his hands weren't even restricted so even though he may have bled out he still should've been able to pull that plastic bag off in one breath!

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  5. Talk about life imitating art.  The hitman with the glasses and the hat is Frank Cullotta, who did hits for the real Chicago Mob. "Where you goin' Jagoff!!!" POP!!!!!!

  6. One of the hitmen is played by Frank Cullota. Frank Cullota is the real-life "Frankie" from the movie Casino… Joe Pesci's right-hand man throughout the movie and the one who participates in his death. 
    He was Tony Spilotro's enforcer (the real Nicky Santoro) throughout the 70s in Las Vegas and then he turned informant. 

  7. Is Scorsese one of the guys who gets killed in the desert (in his role as the ledger keeper in the count room)?

  8. To answer the question below me I think they get rid of all the ammunition because they're getting rid of the burners anyway.. if you're on a job make sure you do the job right. It gives them peace of mind..I hope I answered your question/.

  9. When I was a kid I actualy watched this scene and I was fucking horrofied! But now this is one of my favorite scenes in one of my favorite movies lol

  10. Tony had it sweet in Vegas from 1971 till the late eighties then things changed. He bought over a crew of robbers Chicago named the hole in the wall gang and they caused many problems for Tony, not that he minded the money they were bringing in! Also he was playing around with Lefty wife and this went down like a lead balloon back in Chicago with the bosses. But all of this was but aside whilst the money rolled in.Around 1980 the FBI got there act together as put tony under real pressure and tried there best to run him out of town at all costs.The big downfall for Tony was when the bosses all went to court and got sentenced for skimming Casino's in Vegas and they needed someone to take the all the blame for what had happened,and guess who they blamed for all of them going to jail? and with good reason too.His protector Joey Lombardo was in prison and could not save him no more.Tony and his brother must of thought there days were up when they went to that so called meeting,as if Tony was going to get a promotion and his brother get made,no chance! They went all the way and new their was no going thing is for sure, the were real gangsters!

  11. "…where are you going jagoff?"Bad enough getting murdered in cold blood by a grey-haired psychopath without having the final 5 words you ever hear being so mean.

  12. The only message I took from this film is, "why be scared of the bosses?". Their A-rated assassins are a pair of geriatric pensioners who probably needed to don their trusses before going out to whack folks.

  13. That last murder, where he stabs the guy through the neck then puts a bag over his head? Is that how it really went down? I mean, how plausible is that? What if he'd had the window up? That would have stopped the murder straight away. A single stab, with an ice pick, to the neck isn't usually fatal unless they get lucky and it a major artery or go through your spinal cord. Sticking a bag over someone's head? Enough air for minutes. This murder doesn't make sense?

  14. This film is a masterpice… But this moment O_o What the hell happened?: 1:26 Where is the blood? the bullet holes? they killed him with toy guns?

  15. When it looked like they could get 25 years to life in prison for just skimming a casino – sick of no fuckin sick you knew people are gonna get clipped

  16. Can someone please tell me who are the last three victims here? They appear subtly throughout the film and appear to know everyone but are never introduced…

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