Casino CEO Spent $150 Million on GOP Elections

Casino CEO Spent $150 Million on GOP Elections

are you all remember showing outside and
he is their head of the las vegas sans
uh… and uh… it’s kind of a misnomer
because assays actually only ten percent
of his holdings now
macau has ninety percent
of his holdings
that’s with a sense makes most of its
and and he’s made over twenty billion
dollars for the richest guys the world
and he gave us starting amount
in this election cycle we thought but it
might be a billion hundred million
dollars turns out no we just found out
from too
republican insiders improves
that received the money
that the actual now was one hundred
fifty million
does not report before
is being have broken by propping them
post that sandwiches
also interesting in terms of
uh… how holding a post got that story
and why they got that story
uh… but
first was talking about
uh… why showman allison warner spent
all that money in the first place
exit poll political in the middle of the
uh… election cycle is to look you know
it ardent supporter of
the right wing israeli government he’s a
hawk in that uh…
uh… he’s against unions because god
forbid they should
he should pay is workers just couple of
sense more
please get over twenty billion dollars
he said his number one reason
was that he was worried about how he
would be built behind
uh… to legal proceedings
now legal proceedings that began
before he did any of these contributions
and what are those well one of them
he might be brought up on charges of the
four corrupt practices act
for bribing chinese officials
now improvement that would be
totally and utterly illegal
and in danger
ninety percent of his earnings that come
from a cow
is of course
an island off of china
maybe a little color but in fact listen
to what he said the political quote
a second all mama term
would bring government vilification of
people that were against them
he thinks he would be at the top of that
lists he contends that he already has
been targeted
for his political
athlete that how smart that’s
because if you give all of them fifty
million dollar gift and what is of
course in our system of legalized
to the republicans and the women mitt
romney had won and they had won some of
senate races the center of control the
do you think they’re going to bring up
charges against the man who assured him
that nature by giving him a hundred
fifty million dollars their largest
wealth course they’re not going to do
if you think they were going to do that
you don’t live in this country don’t
understand our political system worse at
they when a politician gets bribe like
this he stays rock it works f
incredibly effectively
we’ll show you that over and over now so
that’s obvious
but if democrats win
he’s already set up excuse
optus as i’ve contributed to republicans
they’ve made an enemies list and they’re
coming after me
not because i broke the law
but because of political risks
and i can guarantee you
that his republican
friends at on capitol hill if used
charged will absolutely said
all or bomb as an enemies list just like
nixon that’s why they’re going after
shell than adults
in fact you know to bring that point
heat the crowding the post also says
quote while in washington d_c_
he’s arranged held meetings with at
least one house g_o_p_ leader in which
he’s expected to discuss
key issues
including possible changes
the fourth corrupt practices act or
the antibody a law that undercurrents
one federal produce casino network
according to a republican attorney with
knowledge of this planet
so he’s going up to capitol hill to say
hey you know what
romero hundred emily those i gave you
any good stand you protect the
if i’m charged with this
and apparently he thinks is a good
chance he’s going to be
well then there’s another hundred and
fifty million dollars in your future
now by the way
why would republicans in organizations
that shobana nelson gift to leak this
alot helping the post
that’s very interesting right
because having impose a lot of these
conservatories is progressive leans left
or whatever it might be while the lead
in the first place why would we want to
hang their their largest over
’cause they’re not angry
he wants them to lead
why does he want them to lincoln ’cause
he’s trying to send a message in fact
i’m not sure i do believe that it’s a
hundred and fifty million dollars in
light of the last
most people look at in dot all well that
seems damaging to me spent on him to be
a million dollars and didn’t get what he
bargained for
well the reality is he might get exactly
what he bargained for when he has an
army of republicans that dining m
against these charges if they ever come
and that is exactly what he’ll get
exactly the message you want to send all
remember what your bread and butter
on the guy with the money and i give it
the last time
and give it to you again next time
see that’s how legalized bribery works
the united states of america
now whether it’s gonna be successful
prevent those charges we’re gonna see
but have a times have you seen president
bomb assay
we’re not looking backwards we’re
looking forward so it was politically
can be informed
i hope it doesn’t do that in this case
in either way i hope
do the charges or don’t do the charges
based on the merits
and not based on nonsense politics

100 thoughts on “Casino CEO Spent $150 Million on GOP Elections”

  1. geez… back in the day, if the Jewish guy running the casinos blew $150 million, the mob bosses would put a bullet in his eye. of course, back in that same day, the mob was trying to buy Cuba, not elections. (i love The Godfather)

  2. The Republicans need the money, but I don't think they want this fight. It will completely blow up in their faces, them all defending this guy is bribing chinese politicians, particularly if it is linked to the ones who are getting arrested for killing people and stuff.

  3. Obama only got $9 million not $300 million. That's a HUGE distinction. Romney would have been an even worse puppet than Obama.

  4. Some one should tell this idiot he is pouring money into a black hole … oh right he's a casino operator – always a gambler – you lose FUCKER!!!! Spin again in 2016

  5. The only reason someone would give out that much money is if he believes that winning means that he will get more of that back from his side winning, or believes he would lose that much money.

  6. Cenk you might be interested in this clip about gambling controversy in Macau.
    You also have to keep in mind that Big Bo is in deep, deep shit and if the Chinese officials connect Adelson to Bo…

  7. You know what I call rich people being able to get away with serious crimes? Capitalism.

    You know what I call rich people getting prosecuted for those crimes? Communism.

    You know what I call poor people using the same tricks rich people use and getting prosecuted for them while the rich remain untouched? Capitalist america.

  8. I know that murder is illegal and hiring a hitman is illegal but leaving a box of klondike bars in an undisclosed location which will be sent to your disposable phone from my disposable phone at the exact time I find news articles about sheldon adelson being shot through the heart with a silver bullet that has "Die you greedy criminal monster" engraved on it isn't.

    Oh and those klondike bars have an expiration date, remember that.

  9. nothing is better music to my ears than hearing rich people complaining about wasting their money on campaign donations or crappy PACs and their ads.
    The only way it could be better is if they had spent all that money in ads to smaller tv networks and channels instead of the biggest ones.

  10. He makes 90% of his money overseas so it doesn't matter. Also, think about this possibility.

    He has 90% overseas, pushes legislation that closes all casinos, he buys out all the buildings in vegas, and then the legislation gets overturned because its "killing jobs". Cha-ching!

    I know its a long stretch, but don't put it past these guys to use congress like that.

  11. If Sheldom falls it will be a great day for Israel. The man finances a pro-Bibi newspaper that is given away for free and affecting Israeli public opinion. Many Israelis are currently trapped in the same bubble that Republicans are trapped in, and so they vote for rightwing parties that take Israel in a dangerous direction.

    If he is brought down, maybe he will be forced to shut down the newspaper.

  12. Why else do you think he GAVE them that money?

    It's called lobbying, which is a made up word for legally bribing politicians to change their position in your favour.

    It's also so they would get that Romney tax holiday that would allow him to bring in Billions of dollars untaxed from abroad where he has his biggest Casino.

  13. I had hoped I didn't hear an indictment of Obama in this vid but anyway Rachel Maddow has been in the Adelson guy for awhile now regarding this same issue.

  14. I don't know what's worse- all the bribery and corruption, or the way these billionaires openly flaunt that they're using bribery and corruption to make themselves richer at everyone else's expense. They obviously have no shame. Imagine the whole world knowing you're that greedy. $20 billion isn't enough? You'd subert the entire democratic and judicial process because $20 billion isn't enough money for you? I hope they put him on a chain gang and make him pick garbage out of the ditches.

  15. On the bright side, even if Sheldon burns through all his money, at least he's still got his looks to fall back on.

  16. Did you notice how in other countries giving money to politicians is bribery and corruption but giving it to the US politicians is perfectly fine. Have a word with yourself American politics.

  17. This country doesn't make any sense. These billionaires can literally dump millions into a lost cause, we can spend our treasury fighting in some pointless war but when it comes to affordable healthcare, god forbid, and tax cuts for the middle class- oh hell no!

  18. and I hate the fucking braun test labs ad. I don't care about that elegant machine caressing your milk chocolate skin!

  19. Re: Lumosity ad (vasp99). I haven't seen this one in a while, but doesn't YouTube give you the option to skip this ad, after a few seconds (which thanks to PS3 Bookmarklet, can easily be skipped in PS3 browser too)?

  20. "A hundred-and-fifty million dollars down the drain…bwaaaaaahh! I would have been buh…buh…better off if I said yes to a tax increase…waaaaaaahh!"

  21. Now he's going to Washington to convince his Rethuglican buddies on the hill to alter or erase the FCPA…really?

    Sheldon…did anybody in Vegas bother to tell you that the odds are always in favor of THE HOUSE?

  22. Would changing the law after the crime even help him if he is charged and if he is guilty? If it would that would just be another flaw in the system.

  23. Im glad this moron took a beating but I have to chuckle whenyou point out he could be in trouble for bribing chineese officials. Probably true but for any normal person bribing an official in China is business as usual.

  24. Well if he did, and was running for President, I'd be standing in front of those trucks. He does not equal the Mormon Church, unless you're suggesting the Mormon's were doing a fundraiser just for Sandy and he made a contribution… but idk.

  25. Awww po thang couldn't BUY the Election! He won't be able to Bribe his way into Heaven either! Maybe he can take his AC & Freezer full of Ice cold drinks with him to HELL!

  26. So why didn't he just bribe the democrats and President Obama? I would think that wouldve gotten them of his back and would've put him on the winning side so he doesn't look so bad.

  27. Adelson is a Zionist gangster worthy of Meyer Lansky's legacy. He won't see the inside of the pokey either. The big bucks will inoculate Adelson but at least embarrass the White Old Party.

  28. i never suggested that. I don't know of, or never heard of anyone doing any such thing like stopping charities from making donations no matter where they come from. That would be ridiculous.

  29. Because he also wanted tax cuts and Mitt Romneys plan would have saved tons of money if it would have been passed. Of course the way things are going he might still get that since the democrats are folding like always.

  30. On a scale, the Left is 98% dirty smelly dog shit dirty, the right is 2%. Just think about Maxine Waters, a proven criminal, is wanted by Obama to head the highest regulatory seat over the world finance. Barack gives 0% loans to Banks, think about that, empowered to do so by issuing 40 Billion out of thin air, purchases, A MONTH, of Treasuries. Yes, you are an idiot, cause you compare the 2% to the 98% or lump the two together. For what have the left stood for vs. the right.

  31. and thanks to the idiot politicians, even more so the sellout Dems who now market to the illegal immigrants who would be voters, now both parties follow suit, but Dems are definitely Not Americans anymore, rather they are Socialists who use politics of the welfare state to control in orwellian fashion. If you don't see this, you never studid politics nor revolutions, like China, Russia, Hitler (socialist), who control with welfare sugar. Too much sugar kills you sooner than later.

  32. For using their money to sway politics? Are you stupid? the question isn't are they spending their money, but what are the politics of who they are spending their money on. The Dems are evil controlled who act like dictators pretending to be Progressive toward "freedom", who spread Dictatorships, empower Dictatorships, here and around the world. That is the fruit of their tree since Socialism has been instituted. Though, some socialism in the past seemed like it could work, but did not.

  33. the white old party freed the slaves, the Dems enslaved the slaves, disenfranchised them, mistreated, and segregated, but the whites freed them. The whites were tolerant of religions, even insidious ones like Islam who believe Not in tolerance but Sharia law once a majority is reached, and fundamentally, by the Koran, can and shold Lie ("Taquilla" – look it up), and historically are parasites when the "zionists" have never posed evil to others for thousands of years and are peaceful. Go figure.

  34. wtf are you talking about. Yet you are calling me stupid. It's bad enough that they are using their money to influence politics, but that's not why I dislike them. I dislike them because they are extremely greedy, could give a fuck about about the world and other people. People like Bill Gates on the other hand, even if they make political contributions (nothing extreme), have done good in the world with their wealth. You are clearly an idiot, don't expect me to reply again

  35. But Americans who value freedom should have, except Islamists, and jealous countries all wanting to sway the dems to power by infiltrating our once world powerful country which could have kept the peace and freedoms alive best. But the Socialist world power elites and dummies who empower them, will spell out a new religion of openness and will eradicate all those independent thinkers from their midst before one day turning on the gargoyles who elected them, as greed and lust for power take over

  36. He would have had to got behind the Banks, and the Fed, and China and Russia, who give Billions of power to this Narcisist Chicago Lawyer who Sued the Banks in order to let poverty own homes poverty could never sustain. Oh, and now hes giving the banks free loans, and printing money by the Trillion, literally – WAKE UP!!!!!!!!!

  37. Learn your history. The Gop of Abe bears no resemblance to today's racist GOP/Tea Party rabble. Likewise with the Dems – why do you think Blacks are overwhelmingly Dems? As for your pathetic Zionist apologetics, words fail me. Thousands of years? Zionism was formed in 1897, moron, and they most certainly pose evil – ask the Palestians. And why do you bring up Islam, as if Christians and Jews are paragons of virtue? A pox on all religions and retarded rhetoric. Peaceful Zionists indeed.

  38. I say for us in Canada I am so grateful I live in a Constitutional Monarchy I see this sh*t and draw the conclusion that Republics are just a fatally flawed system of government. Rome France the USA Egypt they are all or were all republics and they are all corrupt to sh*t. Long live the Queen

  39. If it were me, I'd call up China and see if he broke any laws there. If he did, extradite him to China. I would love to see the GOP try to defend him from across the Pacific. Would be poetic justice.

  40. LOL You actually think the right is only 2% dirty? Oh god you're one sad soul. The entire Iraq war bumps that up for the right by at least 50% BASED on all the lies the Right spewed to continue that war.
    Thank you for the laugh today with your moronic comment…are you related to Michelle Bachmann or Sarah Palin?

  41. bribe chinese officials is very common, the chinese themselves do it all the time, Adelson have nothing to worry about there.

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