Casino Party Decoration Ideas | DIY Casino Party Centerpiece

Casino Party Decoration Ideas | DIY Casino Party Centerpiece

hey guys welcome back to my channel
today I’m gonna show you how to make a
casino theme centerpiece and setup here
we go
today I wanted to make a centerpiece
that will also be good for guys and I
decided to make a casino theme
centerpiece although I don’t have a
little bit of glitter in there but it’s
going to be fun it’s going to be very
affordable and I’m very excited to make
it alright let’s get started
other than materials I purchased some of
the materials is salt bridges need to
get into this point right now turned out
to be 18 bucks give or take – the paint
which already had from other projects
and mine is e bamboo sticks that I use
for skewers when I cook or we’re not you
know in the summer cooking out and what
else and – to pronounce the papers that
I have in my computer you know those I
already had but other than that
everything else that you’re going to see
in this centerpiece were 18 bucks that’s
it that’s it
all right I’m gonna get started with the
painting we’re not going to need the lid
so we’re just going to just pull so back
and or use it for something else and
yeah it’s going to go this way
and I’m also going to be painting my
letters this is going to be white white
this is going to be the cards they’re
all going to be aces you can choose to
use twos or jacks or tough that’s good
to be a lot complicated I would be to do
a jack and a king and a queen that’s
gonna be a challenge that I will
probably do later on later later on but
yeah well you can’t on the Aces are
pretty simple and the tooth can be
pretty simple in threes but you know
aces are pretty simple and you can also
do dice up I’ve seen those
on Pinterest where most people use the
dice which are only that’s pretty simple
but I wanted to challenge myself a
little bit so I’m going to do the East
which are challenging but also simple so
and for my one letters I’m going to
share it’s two in each packet for $0.99
so they’re pretty affordable so four of
them are going to be red alright so
while I wait for the paint to dry which
by the way it’s all over me I’m always
messy I’m going to be making a few
stencils for the project that I’m going
to need a little later let me give you a
close-up I’m going to need three sizes
small medium and large the small and
medium are going to be for the box and
the large one is going to be for the
core on top of the box and I’m going to
start with the small one so I decided to
spare you from seeing me cut all of
these pieces of paper because I mean
come on you don’t need to see all of
that and it was tedious tedious work oh
my goodness especially these my next
step is going to be to use these as
stencils to do the same on here on my
glitter paper so I’m going to use these
Spade and the three left over or the
black and then I’m going to use the
diamond and the heart on the red and the
same on here I’m going to cut it like
this so I can have more use of my
glitter paper so now I’m just going to
turn my theater paper over you take this
off I’m just going to trace it
for the large ones you are going to need
two of each for the medium ones you are
going to need one of each and for the
smaller ones you are going to need two
of each also and now I’m going to do the
same with the red glitter paper so I
have traced all shapes on both of my
papers here’s my black and here is my
red now I’m going to go ahead and cut
and I will get back to you in a sec
perfect before I start on my card spots
I’m going to make four cards symbol
sticks that I’m going to use a stick or
on top of the box and to do that I’m
just going to use a bamboo stick I’m
going to place a stick in the middle of
each symbol and just glue it like this
now I’m going to try to duplicate this a
scars on the box and as you can see
there’s a symbol under each a and the
one at the bottom is upside down so I’m
going to do the same on here
going to make a bouquet of red and black
balloons that I’m going to be placing
right on top of my box
they are five-inch balloons from Party
City I’m also going to be using white
string so I can tie them together but
you can use anything that you have
around the house and I’m also going to
be using my balloon buddy from Party
because I find they’re easier to blow
these smaller balloons with them if you
try to do it on your own is going to be
pretty tough but you can still do it or
you can also buy a pump
all right so here’s my bouquet of
balloons now I’m going to slow it down
I’m just gonna add some hot glue to the
middle of my box and then I’m going to
glue the string on it now I’m going to
switch to my low temperature gun so I
will pop my balloons because I need to
lose some of these on the box
that looks pretty good and I’m going to
work on adding some more balloons to the
back so I move the balloons around quite
a bit
right now the colors are now well per
person there’s more black to the front
and red to the back but this is the best
way I could balance the balloons on the
the box so I wouldn’t look empty to the
back and now all I have to do is just
add one balloon back here and I’m just
going to add this black one right here
and that’s gonna be it I think I’m gonna
add this one back here as well this is
how it is with me when I’m think I’m
done with balloons I add more now I’m
going to add the cymbal sticks the car
cymbal sticks and hopefully the balloons
won’t pop so I’m going to start with the
space luckily I was able to place the
sticks without any glue between the
balloons it was not enough for them to
stay in place but if you do need to add
some hot glue go right ahead but be very
careful that the glue doesn’t stick to
the balloons because it looks pretty
nasty and they can also pop the balloon
if you try to pull away from the
balloons so yeah so just be careful and
I’m loving the way it’s looking now I’m
going to add a little bit of this white
bowl alright guys this is a this is my
casino theme centerpiece and I
absolutely love it
I am in love with it and I’m very glad
that I did
to do the aces instead of the dice
because it just looks well put together
and it just flows perfectly this is a
very easy project the artists part of
this centerpiece was cutting the smaller
symbols and actually the heart and the
diamond were very easy the three leaf
clover and the Aces face those were very
hard to cut for the smaller ones but
totally doable and like I said that was
the hardest part of this project because
everything else pretty easy and the best
thing about it only eighteen bucks
eighteen to twenty bucks you are going
to spend on this project beautiful I
hope you guys enjoy this video make sure
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35 thoughts on “Casino Party Decoration Ideas | DIY Casino Party Centerpiece”

  1. Sooo adorbs. We had casino night after our wedding reception. This would have been perfect.

    We're planning another casino night for NYE. Cant wait to try this

  2. Omg! Super cute. My anniversary was last May and casino/roaring 20's was our theme. I would have loved this but I did an okay job on my centerpieces. I wish I could share pics to see what you think.

  3. Hi! I just found your channel and I'm loving it! Do you have any ideas for a college graduation centerpiece? My colors are maroon and gold. Please help me
    ! 😁

  4. Awesome!! I’m just wondering where did you purchase the box from? I can’t to seem to find one like that anywhere!

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