Casino Payment  Methods (Deposits / Withdrawals) – Which Ones to Choose?

Casino Payment Methods (Deposits / Withdrawals) – Which Ones to Choose?

Hi, I’m Renny.
I know what you’re thinking.
And yes, it’s about time we talk payment
methods for Canadians in online casinos!
You gotta spend money to make money, right?
And obviously it would be nice to know how
to withdraw any would-be winnings…
So choosing the right banking option in online
casino world is totally crucial.
Luckily, you’ve got several options.
You can pay by credit card, bank wires, instant
banking, pre-paid cards.
Heck, you can even pay by e-wallet.
My take?
Check out Instadebit, an e-wallet specifically
for us Canadians!
And note that not all payment options are
created equal.
Visa, for instance, lets you deposit and withdraw
cash easily, while Mastercard lets you do
one but not the other.
Free guess as to which is which.
Other payment settings to consider before
creating an account with a casino: processing
time and security.
Big ones.
Casino sites usually have easy-to-find ‘payments’
While you’re there, keep your eyes peeled
for bonus offers on certain payment methods.
They’re rare, but a totally real thing.
I know!
Before you go anywhere, read Online Casinos
Canada’s section on different payment methods.
It will give you a solid general idea of how
deposits and withdrawals work in online casinos.
Give trust a try.
You’ll thank me later.
Then check if your casino supports your preferred
payment method and if there are any restrictions
regarding deposits and withdrawals.
Catch all this info in OCC’s casino reviews
See ya later for another video on online casinos
for Canadians – with me, Renny G!
Your Canadian bro.

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