Casino Royale 1954 (Climax!) – VOSTFR

Casino Royale 1954 (Climax!) – VOSTFR

live from television city in Hollywood Berenson Peter Lorre [Applause] [Music] in the Christian snoring in tonight’s production of [Music] dramatic series from Hollywood gentlemen your host William lundigan good evening this doesn’t look dangerous does it but it’s killed plenty of men and women it’s made beggar’s of many and millionaires of a few mighty few in French gambling casinos this is called a shoe it holds the cards for baccarat king of gambling games and its purpose is to make sure that no one can pull any funny business like dealing from the bottom a game to be played tonight is for the highest stakes of all a man is going to wager his life climax presents Casino Royale on the bestseller by Ian Fleming stars Barry Nelson Peter Lorre and Linda Christian and now Casino Royale [Music] [Music] still in one piece but I would know how you better love you to miss you get like the road you try to kill me well never catch him now if you will please come into the officer what was all the racket someone taking potshots what I wouldn’t know he has someone he was shooting the casino is full of apologies mr. Baum such an act is beyond explanation you had not begun to play so it was not your winnings they were after yeah wasn’t my autograph either well you have our Sherman’s Justyna police will be at your disposal whenever you feel you need protection is licensed that’s very comforting look would you get me some chips why certainly mr. bone seven at the bank and freeze the bank is possibly and friend half a million I beg your pardon but how much is that oh that’s about $1,500 it’s 500 pounds your British money bank Oh sweetie you know this game fascinates me but I just can’t get the hang of it oh it’s like any game yeah when are you lose no cards eight at the bank and a six he lost on to the fella who was shot and now I’m the fella who is messed you happen to see it no I just heard about it back of 1 million back up bank oh now what’s that mean I’ve matched the bank for a million nine at the table and back around well it looks like you’re as lucky as they say hey oh you’re the legend my card sends Jimmy bond they call you I knew you right away I didn’t know I had that much of a reputation oh my dear fellow look here how about you give me the lowdown how to play over drink oh I’m very sorry my name is Clarence lighter right sure what have I got to lose do you ever lose oh boy buzz over there lead on mr. sheep the Bank is open tomorrow very lucky a mr. bond yes and very handsome tell me has he changed much since two dates when you two were he looks just the same uh-huh you want me to talk with him now plenty of time I tell you one good evening he says my men Scotch yes water two Scotch one water one soda bring a deck of cards yes sir you know I’ve seen you before I watched you play a Deauville when you cleaned out the Maharajah what was his name that that was baccarat wasn’t yes you know it must be a fascinating game but to me it’s as baffling as American football well it’s very easy why like twenty ones mostly luck anyway you were lucky tonight to escape those shuts light it looks like the strippers on – I wondered when you’d show up I was on my way out to wait for you at the hotel I’m attached to stationers British Secret Service we’re working conjunction with the dizzying Bureau and your own chaps of combined intelligence agency in Washington all it seems that we very good many friends in cars doesn’t it Oh your car please and keep the change thank you sir okay go ahead light it no you go ahead you explain buckaroo and I’ll explain your job here one player buys the bank he puts up all the money everybody plays against him they can play for part of it or all of it not have been against the whole Bank you go Banco like I did just now you know you’re here to deal with a zipper let’s shift fair he’s the same fellow deal with me kill him you won’t have to can die anyway if you play your cards right have you ever seen the stripper no go on expanding the game well you each get two cards the banker and the dealer picture cards and sends got nothing the other cards carry their own face value the ship rose the toad light creature playing at the table in there he’s the chief Soviet agent for this area controlled to Leningrad section three through Paris and he’s the most dangerous man they’ve ever had you can look now he’s the fanatic he is ruthless incorruptible and everything he does is entirely legal but he has a weak spot and that’s how you got into it oh he’s now you see the object of the game is to get his mate at 9:00 as possible hey I got an ace on the – that’s three well enough I asked for another car to draw a six that makes nine and all if the banker has nine enough as well it’s a tie otherwise we start all over that’s ingenious I knew this denying their yeah I don’t kill they shave what I don’t want his weak spot is gambling you’re going to play Baccarat with him and your job is to clean him out for what reason to destroy him he’s been gambling with Soviet funds in his last day two million francs now he’s going to try and get it back by gambling high he’s bought the bank for tomorrow night were the last funds of the Treasury of his body he has 26 million with which to win back the 80 he needs soviet police about his gambling they got wind of it that’s one reason why he’s planning to play high tomorrow night now if he should win back that easy million maybe he can brazen it out but if you won and he hasn’t then what we’ll see that the story hits the newspapers with photostats of his bank statement all the dope French Communist Party will lose face with a very dull bud we have accomplished our aim will be writable Shipra now you you know you each allowed draw only one card all right what else you will have 26 million francs the same as he has I’ll pick it up foil from the casino cashier and give it to you tomorrow night oh that’s hardly a safe margin you’ve won unless so you play tomorrow night and meanwhile watch your step they could could they’ve already tried what what else to have know about him he’s tough he’s good with a gun carries three razor blades for slashing purposes he’s won on his headband that’s one in the heel of his left shoe one in his cigarette-case he always has three armed guards with him there with him now you can look you see them the big fellow with a blond hair that’s bezel fellow who looks like a basset hound the one who walked past just now that Sultan is the third character there is the thin dark fellow see him name of Zarate there it is deepest here still be very careful of them Oh incidentally the whole bunch of them are in the suite right above yours at the hotel oh well then that’s all but my room bug Oh microphone you mean yes I think I have got it could be a four or five nest Oh Mr Bond don’t you remember me Valerie Valerie Mathis we met from the casinos yeah yes of course you are my lucky charm while you were there I couldn’t lose oh it’s mr. Clarence later mrs. madness you like it yeah I was just teaching mr. Leiter how to play Baccarat telling you I think I’ve learned it like a book perhaps I could try it out tonight oh well all right but don’t blame me well it’s nice to have met you with Mathis you wouldn’t care to be my lucky charm I love it but I must return to the hotel me too and perhaps we can go together well if you don’t mind going through a barrage of bullets right now I’m not a very good risk so it was you those men was shooting it but why maybe the need of the practice let’s go good luck minor and to you tomorrow without ah mr. Nassif yo he’s held the Bangkok tomorrow night did you steal a watered mhm tomorrow yes I thought he was good night [Music] yes you said you were on the sixth I’ll I’ll see you too you’re wrong I rather for you to your why would I argue with that down please [Music] did you expect your room to be touched no I don’t know what anyone find it just you can’t be too careful you get dangerously dangerously gambling depends on how and where [Music] [Music] that’s for all time snake [Music] Jamie the shave sent you to me didn’t he don’t deny it I know you’re with him he told you to come to my room because of the microphone naked in the fireplace with machine listening just above what are you talking I didn’t tell you about the mic the wires go through the chimney to his room just above here I didn’t know I forget you can’t lie to me you never could I didn’t know when was it fixed today well it was odd don’t listen to you you didn’t know about it listen to you we sent you here but he doesn’t trust you must be sure that you ask for flimsy sand Jimmy listen to I’m going to so is he you’re gonna tell me those things right now word for word it was falling [Music] Jamie don’t turn down music well that’s fair Oh chef man you were saying Valerie do me you used to love me I loved you too so you haven’t written in a year there were reasons why I couldn’t so what do you want to do now pick up where you left off I’ve come to say you mustn’t play against Lucifer so you know that I’m begging you not to Jimmy you’re a member of combined intelligence who front of the gantry he’ll kill you she plays a part good so you know that to do if you don’t think of yourself think of me I love you I still would I be begging him not to play if I didn’t you might so please please go to Paris privacy you can never love to me maybe I didn’t yes there’s that of course you know women can lie as well as men is that all you want to say go ahead speak up that’s all I’m going tonight Valerie wait maybe I did love you once but not no allowed I’ll see you to the elevator don’t wait music club [Music] but it was quite an act which part of it was true that the schieffer work kid all right even kidding you while you’ve done your job well Valerie I hope he pays you well Jimmy I still love you Schieffer well kids but you can tell your employer he’s wasting his time [Music] sixth floor I guess for the lady [Music] come on come in beautiful well we’re the peers I’ve done my job now I’m going tomorrow yes to turn it on again and you see Valerie we have a microphone in Ron’s room you were once told so close to him I I just want to make sure about your present feelings oh but you came through magnificently any suspicions I might have had Brad but quite unfounded I did all you asked admirably perhaps soon perhaps even a little more what do you mean nothing I I was just wondering how your lipstick got smudged all right I have no objections to your being kissed by a man you once loved but does open up an interesting angle of speculation which is um did he still love you you said you heard yes but I couldn’t see and you could what doesn’t matter or it couldn’t matter very much bond and I on opposite sides of the fence hello si no please the chef de Partie oh hello this is James Bond yeah look uh what you said about the police I’d like them to keep close watch on man till after tomorrow night’s game I wouldn’t even structure the immediately mr. Vaughn [Music] so many ways I’ve always been able to protect myself now they choose Mr Bond to take me on and and you Mr Bond is very lucky and and Mr Bond has cartoons and I don’t like it tell me does he still love your Valerie of course he doesn’t not now because you see tomorrow tomorrow night I have to win I have to have 80 million francs and no one is going to stand in my way you hear no one [Music] 4:32 please in Dieppe hello ala mr. Rudy please hello mr. Rudy this is lighter speaking I just wanted to make sure that you had that story ready yes it will be later this evening will you be there when I call no I I don’t know what time the game might go on quite late it’s very hard to tell yes I wish you would I’d rather you handle it yourself the story should be in the palace newspapers at the same time don’t you think oh good good yes now all we’ve got to do is hope that he wins yes yes I will and thank you very much I’ll ring you as soon as I have definite news goodbye mr. Leiter that money you have but you kindly put it on the table I believe it to be 26 million francs we want that makes it very awkward because I wanted to you have exactly 10 seconds to do as I say [Music] quite alright thank you I think the calls to me in any case or just a moment will you do me a kind paper will you take this money to the cashier tell him to hold it for Mr Bond who will pick it up later this evening – a mr. Leiter thank you very much why don’t you pick it up it might be for you [Music] 26 million primes correct that’s correct yes sir how’d you make out last night at baccarat I lost my shirt maybe you’re a bad teacher cigarette good luck and make sure you clean him out Thanks sorry you lost your shirt [Music] good evening mr. Baum I’d like you to meet an old friend of mine the James Bond had tipper I’ve always heard of you was a ship well that’s the same you see it’s a nickname of mine after the war I was a displaced person just a number on a passport Lucifer means of me Asafa seemed a suitable name I say you’re a very important cipher you flatter me sir we played tonight huh good luck thanks to you Valerie excuse me beautiful I catch a number six for bombs good evening Oh or deadly Mr Bond we wanted on the telephone hello this is bond yes Mr Bond this is a friend Oh Mr Bond it may be that you still have a certain attachment for a young woman by the name of Valerie Mathis you should know if you win tonight she will lose oh nothing more important than her life this is sir this young lady is part of your own organization why should it concern me if she dies perhaps it does not but the fact is still indisputable if you win she will lose her life pardon me for interrupting your game I only wish to pass on the warning goodbye pardon me have you finished with that bone keep an eye on that girl Valerie Mathis keep an eye on it well thank you very much thank you I’m sorry Valerie yeah thank you the game is back her up ladies and gentlemen the bank of one-million Frank [Music] thank you 1 million francs Banco no card nine at the bank and seven the back of two million francs Banco suivi card seven up the bank and four Bank of full million francs no no Banco 9 another table baccarat sir back up two million francs Paco No seven at the bank and five a BAC of 4 million francs fuck Oh sweetie No 9:00 at the bank and seven back of eight million francs barbar sweetie god six at the bank and three in fact of 16 million No 9:00 at the bank and seven you have beaten him it was the last of his money I need a tea you won’t choose tonight the fact of 32 million francs [Music] the bank of 32 million francs a bank of 32 million francs ladies and gentlemen a bank of 32 million francs sweetly please wait your father mr. Baum the Sun is so big I will have to count the oil go on it the game cutting business tomorrow ladies and gentlemen a banco are 32 million francs card oh you at the bank and for lost no you lost a fortune by still not quiet rate now he can afford to lose I may win so the bank is broke to continue just a moment the Bank of 23 million francs sweetie now another table baccarat [Music] Kane is in your bag but it is a gun okay and can blow the space of your spine without a sound you will appear to have painted I shall be gone before I count him you will accompany me to the office and give me the money if you call for help I shall fire one two three yes what what happened I miss Matt we Spanish my standing right there beside mr. Liu Xin just a minute ago is this Joe Kane sir thank God yes there 35 minutes hearing the trick where’s Miss Matt Matt I don’t know I lost sight of an excitement look I even followed that the cashiers went away to get that money for you quick when she went to get them you mean that 35-minute bring a penny for every penny of it I don’t know where she went wait a minute Mr Bond the chips have been counted 87 million francs in all oh I made it out of the check it is stable that 35 of it belongs to miss madness where is she oh I think she’s left the casino sit alone but the terrace the bar everywhere don’t forget to put that text somewhere safe sure you put this in Scotland Yard’s black Museum where did you get this mr. baskin should I shake it’s no thank you have you seen miss Mathis no say everybody’s asking me about Miss Mathis she must be a very popular young lady who is she who else was asking for her mr. Barnett’s oh I know about him anyone else mr. Nash Eva – oh he did did he well you know he was a heavy loser so it perhaps he needed a young lady’s sympathy yes it could be well thanks anyway miss matters with Malthus mr. Mathers oh I I am sorry forgive me where is Miss Manners pardon sir I said where’s miss mattes this gun is completely silent I suppose sir where is Miss mattes she has left the table then where is the shuttle services dripper I don’t know who you are and why you are questioning me but I know that Loschiavo went back to the hotel operator operator I did not bring the young lady observers of course there are other they’ll appear show six the Oneidas number is 65 [Music] hello hello ring James Bond at his hotel for me will you hello hello to me to be a slighter have you hittin that ticket well no I was looking for Valerie did you find her no I haven’t yet but the ships on his way across there maybe just to pick up his bags I wouldn’t know but while I check still around you’re still Hut all right I’ll take care of it right now you keep after Valerie [Music] Oh waiter no Mr Bond I am speaking for the shaper I told you before if you win miss Malthus will lose but Lucifer will give you both one more chance miss Mathis will live in exchange for the check oh ho you you have miss Mathis is that it check no I don’t think so Mr Bond I said stand still close the door and put on the lights well it it seems we have a few points of mutual interest to discuss huh such as such as that chick 487 million francs money which was partly supplied by the French Secret Service through its agent our little friend Valerie yeah valerie Maddie’s agent of the durian Bureau oh I only found that out today because you would have died at once but I thought I I although threat of your life over this American not that he seemed to care he he still put his job first he had to maybe maybe in any case it was a mistake if I would have known that the French had supplied it with France in case you needed more money alright well why didn’t you tell me what would the French well why I think I can answer that Oh as you most certainly know Mr Bond no secret agent can never be quite sure what another agent isn’t working for the other side although I I always thought that mute love means mutual trust do you love me to me he’s much too sensible to answer that in any case neither of you wants the other to be heard huh very comfortable considering the fact that I did I want that chick 487 million francs yes mr. Monde you have almost destroyed me you’ve almost succeeded in fact my life depends upon finding their chick so by the way does yours [Music] Oh bad will your soup lungs yeah I just asked you to hit him I I didn’t ask you to hit him so on hey easy not so on tough manner very tough well if he fights again hit him again huh but please only a little at a time now Mr Bond as you might have noticed we we are very serious people you get her health is of no concern to us whatsoever answer that pick him up and just in case you get ambitious Mr Bond believe me huh hello Jimmy it’s lighter again have you found her yet yes yes she’s here oh good then everything’s fine ah super unleaded well I don’t think so oh he will I’m getting out of the papers giving them the whole story so I’ll say good night Leiter yes what is it honey it’s okay sorry I lost your shirt oh I’ll talk to you tomorrow maybe maybe he’ll talk to you tomorrow but only if you have given us that check a long enough to win it take you longer to get it back I don’t think so I honestly don’t think so it’s about time we stop joking huh I I think he’s ready for the bathtub Oh Tommy beautiful aye I didn’t mean to neglect your nude who knows maybe maybe you can persuade him huh a battle a battle take her in but if she screams that her first scream he’s dead all right mr. Vaughn where’s that money look Mr Bond as you should know by now I I’m quite without mercy and if you continue to be that ups in a time I’ll have to torture you will be torture to the edge of madness believe me you have no hope whatsoever you hear none no I have gee you’re an ugly little man why don’t you stop talking all right see this tool Mr Bond it’s very handy little tool serves all sorts of purposes Oh my little friend you remember the one that had a gun the path volcano he was an expert with his unfortunately he’s gone but I’ve learned a few of his tricks now Mr Bond are you going to tell me where that chick is you won’t all right I think I know how to make its crew cheering huh look Mr Bond if you if you continue like this I I have to start on pure Valerie you leave me no choice I I cannot let you destroy me I’ve already destroyed you you think soon I’m no hero I don’t like pain but I can tell you one thing right now you won’t get anything out of me pain and killings part of my job and of mine – mr. Baum I’ll bet you will love it how did you find out oh you’re an obstinate man mr. bond but I I think I think you’ve had enough huh where’s that money [Applause] what’s the difference it’s a check the police will trace it – oh please don’t worry about that that’s very easy you see the story will be that amped our little game at the casino remained and you’ve been such a good sportsman and you’ve turned it over to me and lost so therefore you sign the check over to me that’s him huh that way I stuff money where is it I know you’ve hidden it isn’t it somewhere here in that suite researchy but you’re very clever now where is it all right Oh syrup you better go downstairs because there you see mr. lighter might arrive and I’m quite certain you know you’ll be very upset when he sees his friend after we are finished to him who had bad lung and this time you don’t have to restrain yourself I know something when I came in I’m sorry was owning a screwed up gallery shut up screwdriver where we use a screwdriver win where could it use a screw where did you use it I just stopped all right all right have it your way there Mr Bond we have searched your rooms now we are going to take them apart any time don’t find it we’ll take you apart both of you I’m sorry I couldn’t help but I couldn’t stand where they were doing to you you’re very brave I couldn’t be mad like that good night can I see us No keep watching one me as they move whatever happened I want you to know that I’ve always had one memory and I always have one who’s I to go away somewhere with you somewhere quiet where we used to go where the fields name do you remember it seems long ago I thought I thought I’d never seen anything so beautiful peaceful and the warm sweet scent of cut hay to lie on the fields look up at the sky and I would be nothing but laughter and love the way it was on the outside try the number plate hey here it is be grounded thank you Mr Bond [Music] can I have some water oh yeah with pleasure bad give him all the warning huh get me some water too Hey a bad one hey hey basil what’s the matter hmm [Music] I gotta kill him Timmy yes why don’t you huh be fair Mr Bond it’s all in a game where we have both gamblers and lost you made a check see see how the game goes us interesting uh you know suddenly I I find a great desire to live what are you going to do Mr Bond huh what are you going to do well if you want that chick that badly just pull the trigger but then then you lose your beloved Valerie and and if I live believe me I lie about everything and I can lie much better than you much much better so you see either way I win why don’t you pull that trick brings you the Broadway’s smash-hit Linda near our stars next Thursday will be Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy gene Nelson Shari Noah and is a special attraction Mario Lanza incidentally ladies and gentlemen delegates from all over the world are now meeting in Chicago at the 42nd National Safety Congress we salute the Congress and it’s accident prevention work I’d like to ask each one of you to help to by being careful and now until next Thursday and Linda near this is William lundigan saying good night and thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

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  1. I have never seen this film, either on TV or on video. From what I can gather it's a collectable, I tried to buy the DVD of it but 2 of them sold together were £99 This is the only bond film I havent seen, I've seen Never say never again and Casino royale 1967 with David Niven and all the official ones too.

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