Casino Workers:  Don’t Gamble With Your Healthcare

Casino Workers: Don’t Gamble With Your Healthcare

With the strength of the Union they were
able to negotiate with the company
better health care, lower premiums per
month, and lower deductibles, and little
to no copay when he went to the doctor.
And because I have a family of six we’re
always having… needing prescriptions and they were actually
a lot lower than before as well.
My prescription… I have a prescription that I have to get every month.
It’s cheap. It’s like 90 cents.
We looked at medicines, and we actually were able, in this contract, to take the top six
medicines that our workers used and get
little or no copay for those medications.
I can remember in the last negotiation
especially our employer wanted to not
really contribute to our health care
plan. And, you know, with a strong union
we were able to negotiate a really good
reasonable price.
What the company offered was a percentage of what our yearly income was and it was going to be
extremely high. Had we not had the union
that’s what we would be paying.
A big problem for our dealers was we were standing on concrete floors, maybe just carpeting.
We would stand on the, you know,
cement floor hard floor and the union
was able to bring in the anti-fatigue
mats to help, you know, with back issues
For the poker dealers it was a major
issue of the constant, and even table
games dealers, there were constantly
leaning, so back issues, so back braces
are now available for anybody who needs
So we were able to have an opportunity
to at least bargain with them.
We wouldn’t have that if we didn’t have a union.

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