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100 thoughts on “CASINO(1995) DINNER SCENE..”

  1. 0:51 Sam tries his hardest to get her attention by calling her a name and she f-s him off like it's nothing. Ticks him off even more. LOL

  2. If I was Robert De Niro and that was my wife I would have bitched slapped her and chewed her out in front of fucking everyone in the fucking place tying up what she did to her daughter

  3. Its a dam shame Sharon Stone never quite landed a part as good as this again because she was fucking ace in it!

    this is the same man who fucked ur wife twice stole money shot an officer house steal from people caused u tin of heat and called u a Jew mltterfucker the same man who fucked up the Vegas operation squeezed a guys eye out from a vice and stabbed a guy from a pen

  5. Ginger McKenna only wanted money and she never loved Sam! When ever they would fight she would always go back to him!
    Ginger McKenna was a great character and Sharon Stone played her well! I hope Sharon Stone wins an oscar one day! She was nominated for an Oscar for this role! Sharon Stone was very young in this movie!

  6. All that fucking effort to get her to go home with him, and he calls her a whore as soon as she enters the house, lol

  7. imagine gettin reprimanded n told to act nice by that psychotic, homicidal lil goblin mothafucka; i'd legit crack up n start laughin my ass off right there if i was in ace's position

  8. De Niro is God. Unreal acting. Alas, back when hollywood was really great. Yaa surely are the greatest of all time.

  9. Nicky, that stinky garlic breath thug getting involved in someone else's marriage. He had no right telling Ace how to approach his own wife.

  10. They say never hit a woman, but it was never an issue to hit a crazy bitch and Ginger deserved the shit beat outta her

  11. Now this this is one of them occasions
    Where the homies not doin it right
    I mean he found him a ho that he like
    But you can't make a ho a housewife

    – Kurupt

  12. I love how when it's Nicky's place, you don't fuck around. Yet, whenever Nicky was in Sam's casino, he was fucking up all the fucking time lol.

  13. The amount of stress Deniro puts on his body & mind to act out a scene like this. Even more so in the scene where his rage takes over as he drags Ginger outta the house. I know how stressful it can be as I haved acted in so many plays & to get that amount of rage to come off so naturally & convincingly, it really take its toll.

  14. As the film progresses, Ginger's true colors shine through. Her natural trashiness…. her real self is coming to true fruition. Honest to God, she looks more the type that really does look like she belongs married to a "real gem" like Lester Diamond.

  15. Here's the epitome of hypocrisy–Nicky's telling Sam not to make a scene and disturb the paradise vibe in his "ristorante"… despite what Nicky did in Sam's casino. Check out what Nicky did at the Tangier's. Check out "Casino [1995] – Nicky Santoro playing blackjack".

  16. I just want the key to my jewelry and let me go… Dont every woman want the keys to the jewelry box…. LMAO

  17. I'm sure glad ace got rid of ginger and took Amy.
    I always felt angry when ginger locked Amy in her room and tied her up.
    Ace and Nicky sure made when ginger locked Amy in her room and tied her up.
    Ginger was a hooker alcoholic drug addict gold digger and gambler

  18. Sam Rothstein character in casino his real life name was Frank Lefty Rosenthal. Crazy enough he picked his wife up off the street and tried to give her everything she wanted and in the end she died in the streets.

  19. Wise word to all couple who’s trying to fix their relationship:

    “Hey, Be FUCKING NICE! CALM! Be nice. Don’t fuck up in here.”

  20. She ties her daughter to the fucking bed, because the baby sitter didn't show up! 😰 Mother-Of-The-Year candidate, MOST DEFINITELY!!!!!

  21. THIS is why you never get married. It drains the life completely out of you and it's too much work for little reward. Fuck marriage.

  22. Listen assholes Ginger was doing fine on her own and Ace married her because she was making him lots of money. Even later she doesn't tell the cops anything. ACE was stupid to not treat her better.

  23. If this happened nowadays Feminists would blame DeNiro for Sharon Stone tying up the kid, they’d say his masculinity poisoned her and she was in a toxic relationship

  24. Sam should have let her go, as she had asked. He only had himself to blame for hooking up with her. He wanted her to be something she was not, a good mother. In her defence, she was under the influence of cocaine. He claimed letting her go, would disgrace him. She was an escort who hustled gamblers to drop money at the tables. What did he expect. Those aren't qualities that are usually had by women who are good mothers.

  25. 1:20, I love the fact he paused when he saw that she was looking at Nicky waiting for his approval, that’s pretty foul she was following Nicky’s orders instead of Ace, I would’ve slapped her hard at that point she didn’t listen to me the first time.

  26. "So what who fucking blew you in the parking lot before you came in huh" – Ginger total misogyny movie man shes disgraced belittled and berated because she messed around but what about Sam and Nicky fucking every slut in the city.

  27. Deniro played all these mafia roles and suddenly he has the audacity to condemn Trump over nonsense promulgated by the mainstream media? Taking the high ground when you're playing characters a thousand times worse than a President which half the country voted for and who you condemn based on lies from the same media which made you a star? Such a tragedy to see a legend like Deniro abandon his legacy to gain cool points with the ruckus minority in Hollywood. What a tragic end to a legendary career.

  28. I always find it funny how Ace looks as though he's going to hit her but he keeps restraining himself.

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