Casinos And Videogames, Together At Last! (The Jimquisition)

Casinos And Videogames, Together At Last! (The Jimquisition)

– [Homer] I call him Gamblor!
(upbeat music)
♪ We ain’t gonna linger and lie low ♪
♪ When there’s hard cash coming back ♪
♪ No way I’ll just sit here when I know ♪
♪ That there’s hard cash coming back ♪
♪ Hard hard cash ♪
♪ Don’t want no easy money ♪
– You ever feel like
Rockstar Games has become
the thing that Grand
Theft Auto used to parody?
The excesses of runaway capitalism,
cynical business practices,
heartless amoral business people.
A lot of that has come under fire,
consumerism in America has been a big part
of the satire of Grand Theft Auto.
Not in a subtle way either.
Red Dead Online and GTA Online
are the equivalent of
that episode of The Office
where Dwight opens up Hay
Place, a place for hay.
The theme park, made
just out of hay bales,
in the parking lot of the office.
Where every little element,
every tiny aspect of
the fun is charged for.
And I think about that often when I look
at a lot of modern video games.
This idea that they’re like theme parks
that charge and entry fee to get in,
but then subsequently
charge more and more money
to get the most out of the experience.
And Red Dead Online, GTA Online,
coming from Rockstar, it
just feels grimly poetic.
Especially when you consider
that they produce these games
under the label of Take-Two Interactive,
which is one of the
most greedy publishers.
Headed up by one of the
most greedy executives
in Strauss Zelnick.
A man who would probably
throw a baby into a river
for 20 bucks, probably.
I’m not saying he definitely will,
I’m saying he probably has.
I mean he probably would, not has.
He hasn’t, Strauss Zelnick
hasn’t thrown baby.
But I’m just saying if
it was in the newspaper,
Strauss Zelnick throws
babies in rivers for money,
I wouldn’t be surprised.
There could be something
you could parody in GTA,
Rockstar, before you go ahead and do it.
Anyway there’s a casino
in GTA Online. (groans)
They went ahead and
finally did it, did they?
They finally just gave up
the pretense, did they?
They finally decided to cut
straight to the effing chase
and plop a casino smack dab
in the middle of a video game.
At a time where loot box
regulation is a hot topic
and stories of children being tricked
into spending hundreds and
thousands on micro transactions
are getting wider news attention,
Rockstar finally unleashed to
The Diamond Casino & Resort
upon Grand Theft Auto Online.
And you better believe real
money can be spent in it.
In a roundabout fashion, naturally.
Yep, after the industry has faced credible
and correct accusations
of sticking gambling
in their games via
monetized randomization,
Rockstar went ahead and
put a literal casino,
with a literal gambling,
where literal money
can be spent to literally
gamble, literally.
It’s so utterly brazen
one almost has to admire
the sheer nerve.
Of course you can’t
directly spend money on it.
A lack of direct expenditure
is how the industry
has been able to get away
with exploitative micro
transactions for so long.
Virtual currency creates
degrees of separation
between your wallet and a
game publishers coffers,
reducing said publishers accountability.
And I would never use
the term money laundering
to describe virtual currency.
I would never do that, that’s
not fair, I wouldn’t do that.
I don’t even know why I’m bringing it up.
Let’s not start colloquially
calling it money laundering
just to be snidey.
In GTA online you can
spend your real dollars
to buy the games virtual dollars,
which in turn can be spent in the casino.
And these are genuine
bonafide gambling games,
so much so, that games in the casino
were actually banned in countries
where gambling laws are strict.
In fact shortly after
the update went live,
news broke that over 50 countries
have these games blocked.
This news should, in no uncertain terms,
demonstrate that the lines
between in-game gambling
and real gambling have become so blurred
they’re singing “Song 2”.
I mean think about that.
An update to a game has had
to be severely restricted
in many, many, many countries
because it’s far too much like
real gambling to let stand.
And people thought I was
off my beautiful tits
when I suggested that in game gambling
was getting out of hand.
And here we are a triple early video game
with a virtual casino plunked into it,
where you can spend real money on it
but you won’t ever get a real payout.
Some users report that they
actually cannot spend money
that they’ve purchased,
they can only use money
that they’ve earned in-game.
This is a led to a lot of
confusion, a lot of argument,
as most of the reporting
on the issue says that
yes you can spend real money,
but there are invariably some
comments saying, no you can’t.
Due to the aforementioned
regional blocking
there’s a lot of confusion out there.
But according to my research
and my double and my triple checking,
doing everything just
shy of trying it myself.
Because screw spending my bloody money
on micro transactions.
It’s looking like in certain regions
you can spend real money
and in certain regions
you can only spend the
cash that you’ve earned
explicitly in-game.
The best thing about micro
transactions in video games
is how simple it all is, isn’t it?
Of course the usual
excuses used to justify
micro transactions have
been liberally applied.
It’s optional, you don’t
have to spend real money,
you can earn premium currency in-game.
But none of the less we now
have a real bloody casino
in a so-called triple-A video game,
where you can waste real
cash on legit casino games.
As I see it there are three saving graces
that could be used to
defend The Diamond Casino,
not that they all offer complete defense.
First of all Rockstar has a hard limit
on how much you can actually
spend at the casino,
in an effort to curb problem gambling.
There’s a hard cap limit
and there are cool downs
to stop you spending and spending
and spending and spending.
That’s more than some
games out there are doing.
Secondly, GTA is of
course an M-rated game,
rated suitable for adults.
This doesn’t mean kids
don’t play it of course,
but at least that’s better
than gambling mechanics
in a game like FIFA, which is
rated as suitable for children
yet needs strict parental supervision
due to its ability to scam children
into cleaning and their
parents bank accounts.
Seriously, I’m gonna
keep banging that drum.
At this point FIFA requires
more parental guidance
then an M-rated game, which
is explicit in its contents
rather than unscrupulously insidious.
And as such FIFA should
be rated accordingly.
Electronic Arts, coward that it is,
never comments on stories about
kids overspending in FIFA.
Instead offering spending
control walkthroughs
to reporters that detail how
parents can stop their kids
wasting money on digital wagering.
It’s almost as if children
shouldn’t be around gambling, huh?
It’s almost as if gambling is
regulated for a reason, huh?
Where was I?
Oh right, yes, I was
detailing The Diamond Casino
saving graces.
I only did two, which was the
the M-rating and the limit.
The third one is that unlike loot boxes,
which create an aesthetic
distance between themselves
and traditional gambling, a literal casino
with literal gambling, is about as honest
as luck based monetized Gaming gets.
You really can’t get much
more upfront and blatant
than actual slot machines.
But nonetheless, this is something
I’m gonna be very wary of
because if there’s one thing
we’ve learned about the
triple-A game industry in
all our years of criticism,
it’s that when a successful
monetization method appears
in one companies game,
the other sharks smell blood
and want a slice of the action.
And if other game publishers
decide to jump on board
the casino idea, you can
expect them to iteratively
make the idea worse and worse,
and greedier and greedier.
I’m inclined to agree
with what Oli Welsh said
in a Eurogamer article when he said,
“GTA’s casino isn’t the
worst of gambling in games,
“but it puts it in perspective.”
Even if we wanna say it’s
not the worst out there,
if we want to say it’s not quite
as insidious as a loot box.
In its complete lack of
subtlety it really does
put a sharp focus on the
long-running problem of
in-game gambling mechanics.
Because while there is
a stunning wow factor
in seeing an actual casino knocking about,
it’s not doing anything a
lot of modern, so-called,
triple-A video games haven’t
been doing for years already.
It’s giving you the
ability to spend real money
on a luck based outcome with
no real financial payout.
It’s just got significantly
less pretentious branding.
And if you do want to say
that The Diamond Casino
is not the worst out there,
that provides some damming
context for existing loot boxes,
if you’re saying a literal casino
has a less predatory gambling
in it than a loot box.
And you’ve gotta believe the
EA’s and the Activision’s
of the world are looking
at The Diamond Casino
with keen interest because
of course it’s never enough.
DLC wasn’t enough.
Season passes weren’t enough.
Multiple collector’s editions,
per game, weren’t enough.
Micro transactions weren’t enough.
Not even loot boxes are enough
for these friggin’ parasites,
why not just go for the
whole round juicy hog
and start throwing virtual
casinos into games as well?
After all the ways GTA
online has already made money
to be the most profitable game in history,
Rockstar and Take-Two
interactive have proven
that there truly is no
limit to what they’ll try
and make money off of.
I know people consider a slippery
slope argument fallacious,
but with the game industry
every slope we’ve seen
has arrived pre-oiled.
It’s a slippery slope argument fallacious
when slipping down slopes
is an observable pattern of behavior?
Few companies are maybe so upfront
as to have a literal
casinos in their games,
but it’s clear now that such
a thing is not off the table.
And with many companies still
going all-in on loot boxes,
whether or not these games
have casinos in them,
more and more starts to
become a semantic matter.
Gambling has been a part
of in-game monetization
now for years, Rockstar’s
just admitting it in ways
other companies haven’t dared.
Virtual slot machines and casino games
are, unsurprisingly,
rife on mobile platforms.
The realm of amoral business plans,
from where most triple-A publishers
get their horrible ideas.
There are games on mobile
phones that are little more
than slot machines without
real financial payout.
They all certainly take real money
in exchange for virtual cash,
but then you spend that virtual cash
on a virtual slot machine
to win more virtual cash
to spend on more virtual
slot machines and that’s it.
There are no ends to which you’re working,
no goal, no point.
You’re doing it simply for the
thrill of the pretty colors
and the positive reinforcement of winning.
And it’s that positive reinforcement
which the industry has steadily
been using more and more
to con money and a people
who have already spent money
buying a game in the first place.
Even worse, we’ve seen examples of games
deliberately designed to be
less rewarding, less enjoyable,
less playable in order to
falsify the value prospect
of the micro transactions.
A premium replacement for
the satisfying feelings
games used to give you as part
of the expected base package.
At this point and if things
are only gonna get less fun,
but get more and more casino like,
you might as well just go
to a real bloody casino.
I never agreed with the
people who smugly said,
“Just learn to play a real guitar,
“instead of playing guitar hero.”
But if you’re getting
into in-game gambling
for the rush of it all,
just get your ass to the
genuine casinos if you can.
Because I think there are
things you can do at a casino
to make it more rewarding
and more lucrative,
than some of the triple-A
rubbish on the market.
Am I about to say casinos
are better than video games?
No, heavens no.
I’m just as against saying that,
as I am against saying virtual
currency is money laundering.
I would never say that casinos
are better than video games,
they’re just better than
Electronic Arts’s video games.
On a serious note,
obviously real-life gambling
has serious risk attached to it
and it’s psychological tricks
and trappings are no less
potentially addictive than
any micro transaction.
But just follow your old
pal Jim Sterling’s advice,
be careful and stick to my game plan
and you’ll find a casino
way more fulfilling
than a god damn piece of crap loot box.
A casino employs the same
traps, the same lures,
the same psychological manipulation
as a loot box fueled video game.
I mean, that’s exactly what
these video games are emulating.
By the same token they also provide
the equivalent endorphin rush,
the same bright lights and pretty colors.
Plus you might win some actual money,
instead of a frigging pretend hat
for a pretend video game character.
That has no monetary value in
a game that will be worthless
the moment the annual sequel comes out.
You see the video game
industry protects itself
from existing laws with the
argument that what you win
in FIFA or Overwatch or Call of Duty
has no official real-world monetary value.
Ignoring secondary markets,
there’s no official way to make back
the money you spend on loot boxes.
The fact you can’t win money
protects game publishers
from the law, for now,
but also makes the case
that loot boxes are actively
worse than gambling,
at least from the perspective of value.
In a video game loop box
you can’t win anything
that even the publisher
will admit is worth a damn.
And on top of that they fix the odds
and can change the odds at any time.
Couldn’t do that if you play blackjack.
I seriously, and this
isn’t facetious at all,
I do not encourage gambling in anybody.
But if you were to ask me
what’s worth spending money on,
FIFA or a casino?
GTA’s Diamond Casino or an actual casino?
Well I for one could personally,
only speaking for myself,
I could stand to have a wet
weekend to the Baeu Rivage.
But if you join me on a
wet weekend at Baeu Rivage,
you’ve gotta make the casino work for you,
and that’s the tricky part
since again gambling addiction,
desperation to handle debt.
These are all real issues and
if you’re affected by those
do not come with me for our wet weekend
at the Baeu Rivage, ever.
Just a home and play a video
game after you research
the video game to make sure
it’s not one that will try
and psychologically
manipulate cash out of you
and play on your problems.
Because that’s where
we’re at now with games,
you gotta research them
to make sure that they’re
not gonna try and prey on you.
But if you handle it give
yourself enough a spending limit,
I recommend 60 bucks, it’s
the price of a video game.
And you can spend more
time having fun with that
than you can with most modern
garbage live service games,
then you’re very welcome to join me.
And then we make the casino work for us.
I mentioned blackjack,
don’t actually do that,
don’t bother with that.
The first thing you do,
is you go to the buffet
and you load that plate up with crab.
I say crab because the casinos out here
in MS are by the beach
and they got that good seafood action.
Whatever else happens with your day,
it’s already been a damn good trip
because you got yourself on the outside
of some sweet-ass buffet crab.
What you don’t need to do is find the bar.
The bar has a little slot
machines built into it
and lots of old ladies at those machines.
There’s just a big old pile
of sweet lovely old grannies,
as you take your own seat at the bar.
Here the drinks are of course
straight up effing free,
provided you using the machine.
So you put in the minimum cash each time,
press the button win or lose.
Yes, I think I’ll have
another Jack Daniels,
thank you very much sir.
And nobody said you had
to press that button fast,
take your time.
And you’ll have plenty
of fun spending money,
smashing a button to make colors happen,
like you could in many
triple-A video games.
Now the drinks are of
course free for a reason,
they want you sloshed so
that your senses are impaired
and you may be tempted
to spend more money.
So you gotta be on the ball a bit
and you’ve got to keep some
important math in mind.
And the math here is simple.
So long as you leave the casino
with more booze inside you
then money you put in the
machine, you never won’t profit.
And I always stagger out of the casino
with a belly full of profit.
As well as crab, sweet buffet crab.
Oh, the crab.
This game plan is nothing
new, nothing I’ve innovated.
I mean fair play to the grannies,
they got in there first and
they’re getting hammered.
This game plan is codified
as an old gamblers trick
called the Crabby Granny Drinky Winky.
Obviously I’m being somewhat facetious,
though that really is the low stakes way
I like to enjoy a wet weekend at the Beau.
But the more the lines blur
between in-game gambling
and real gambling, the
harder a case games have
to make in order to
justify why we shouldn’t
all just go to a casino and eat crab.
Electronic Arts ain’t
never given me no seafood,
and unlike with an EA, game
kids aren’t actually allowed
to come into a casino with
their parents credit cards
and spend all their money,
which is a nice little bonus.
Almost as if gambling is regulated, huh?
Almost as if spending money
on wages is something kids
shouldn’t be near, huh?
In any case the point is this,
an actively monetized
casino has no frigging place
in a video game.
Sure, an in-game casino that
uses in-game currency only,
no premium trash, is
something I can get behind.
I’m all for the casinos in Dragon Quest,
those are fun and free of financial fuss
and ethical gray areas.
But this slow ,steady,
encroaching, blurring of the lines
between real gambling
and virtual gambling,
it needs to stop.
It’s seriously, all humor,
facetiousness aside,
needs to stop.
Because the predatory monetization
of the so-called triple-A game industry
has already gotten way too out of hand.
Way too manipulative.
Way too close to genuinely damaging.
And this is all without
literal virtual casinos
coming into play.
The Diamond Casino & Resort of GTA Online
may have enough caveats that
people find it defensible.
It may have two or three saving graces
that a game like FIFA doesn’t,
but it still reeks of fish and
not the good kind you’d get
from a wet weekend at the Beau.
If games take cues from Rockstar
and we start seeing this
nonsense pop up more, I’m out.
I’d rather go where there’s
booze, crab and a coastal view.
Plus the Beau is right near Aunt Jenny’s,
and let me tell you about Aunt Jenny’s.
It’s all-you-can-eat
shrimp, chicken or catfish.
Choose one, you only need the one.
They bring them buggers
out quick hot and good
and they are amazing, they are fantastic.
Plus the menu has this
note on it that says
shrimp lovers must pay shrimp prices.
And I don’t know what that means,
but it sounds really sinister.
But I appreciate an element of danger
to the otherwise welcoming
and cozy atmosphere of Aunt Jenny’s.
Any time I got to Biloxi And
I don’t go to Aunt Jenny’s
at least once, that’s a wasted trip.
That’s a waste of time, what
are you even doing there?
Video games are a racket.
They have managed to find workarounds
through virtual currency,
through valueless prizes,
to put gambling in their games
without a gambling license.
And as we saw in the UK,
they are struggling to find
a way to regulate this stuff
because of these little
workarounds that put them
just out of arms reach of the law.
The UK Gambling Commission
said that under their
current legal definition of gambling,
loot boxes don’t count.
But there is pressure there
from the commission itself
to look into expanding, coming
up with new regulations.
And again this is all stuff
that I warn the industry would come
because there is only so
far you can take the idea
of unregulated gambling before
politicians get interested.
Before outside influences are
looking at it and thinking,
well how come they’re managing to get away
with getting gambling licenses?
Why are they getting away with not
giving government’s a cut,
if they’re in places where
gambling is used in that way?
And of course, the biggie
for many watchdogs will be,
why are children allowed
to get into this crap?
But children or not, this
stuff is still gambling
and I will always call it gambling,
even if the legal, the strict
illegal definitions do not.
Because, at least, colloquially
and psychologically
and technically it is all gambling.
You’re putting up money
for a random prize,
that’s a wager, that’s a
gamble and it’s not on.
It’s not on.
I realize I bang on about this so much,
I realize I go on and on and on
and many points I do
re-emphasize over and over again.
But that’s because it’s
pertinent and it’s important
and it should be driven
into people’s skulls.
The game industry is running a racket
and it’s getting away with it
because it’s basically acting like Tom
in an episode with the dog,
where they draw that line
to work out where the leash
that’s holding the dog in place ends.
They can draw this line,
they can taunt the dog so
long as they don’t cross it
and the dogs just snapping
and can’t get to them.
But in the cartoons the
leash eventually breaks.
And the more they antagonize,
the more they take the liberal piss,
the greater the chances
of the leash snapping
and the dog taking their head off.
And I would like to
see that at this point.
I’ve always said, I’ve always said
that I don’t push for
regulation, but now I don’t care.
They are running a racket
and they’re loving it.
And I’m done worrying
about the the implications
of them getting in trouble for it,
they deserve to get in trouble for it.
This shit can’t continue,
they are taking the absolute pee pee.
I don’t know why I decided to
undermine everything I said
by going pee pee at the
end, but there you go.
I’m the only one brave enough
to say pee pee on YouTube,
so thank god for me.
♪ Yeah, yeah, yeah ♪
♪ Oh ♪
♪ Everybody’s thinkin’ bout me ♪

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    Honestly R* has had a shitstorm coming for them for years with how they treated GTA Online, how much they raised monetisation on anything, how often they introduced a new over prized over powered vehicle that everybody needed, how much they weaponized griefers to mess with people doing the honest grind, how often they released buggy features, broke things and only gave a flying fuck if people could exploid those bugs to make money, how often they just went for patching harmless glitches to combine clothing pieces in a less restrictive way (and if this open world sandbox game is one thing then it's restrictive). They deserve every bit of this shitstorm. *But just not for this dlc*.

    Surely they could have implemented the chips better than what they did here, like by only allowing people to get them as a mssion reward and then cash out in the casino. That part alongside what the game thinks is paid money and what not can get rather messy.

    And btw if you know what you are doing you can legitimately make a ton of cash with gambling in this game. It's not like this is completely sucking your in game bank account dry if you know what you're doing.

    Also I would like to see others follow what R* did here. This is a completely honest and up front implementation of gambling in a mature rated game. If this was tried in any of those "kids friendly" mobile or sports games they'd be done for.

  19. It's money-recycling.

    But I'll agree to call it Money-laundering from now on.

    Seems that many AAA-companies only aim to full-fill fiduciary duties to increasingly greedy shareholders. Which is the nature of the beast after all. Endless growth.

    The investors are the only important ones. We are not humans to them.

    But what happens if you fill a balloon with too much air?

    Thank god for you Jim.

  20. Ok, now im intrigued. Just how beautiful are Jim's tits and why are they so beautiful? Yes, that's the question I'm taking away from this. That and whens the next Jimquisition Wet Weekend Party?

  21. Purchased currency can't be used at the Diamond Casino. Likewise, there's an in-game cap on how many chips you can exchange per hour. I'm a little bothered that Jim didn't research this more

  22. If it was only in-game money it would be great, many players have billions to waste and you could have poker like in RDR2 but online

  23. At least at a real casino you have an ACTUAL slim, one in a million chance of getting rich. Can GTA say the same?

  24. Remember the gambling and casinos in New Vegas? You could literally rig the odds in your favor with your Luck stat.

    Could you imagine if that game was published by 2019 Bethesda?

  25. Does the fact so many micro transactions are the same price mean these companies are acting as a cartel
    Only joking but by definition 😏

  26. I see we have similar philosophies when it comes to getting the most out of a casino. Excellent video, sir.

  27. The new update broke LSPDFR so I tried out the online, I had never played before and within 5 minutes of finishing the introductory mission I was hunted down by a player, because I am a huge blip on their radar. When I tried to get some payback another player bombed me from a military grade fighter. I stopped playing after that.

  28. That Tom & Jerry reference with Spike on a chain is disturbingly accurate. Because I've seen it 10.000 times and know what exactly happens, I cannot wait for that chain to snap!

  29. So, logged in…. not only do they force you to see a cutscene about it, and load in right at the front door making it almost impossible not to get the "Tour" of the place… should you want to giv the area a try (Like I did since I figured I'd see how skewed the chances on things were with money I earned in game) it's likely even playing a game in the building will completely soft lock your game x-x wow.

  30. IMHO if somebody is stupid enough to put real money into game where he cant win real money, RS should be allowed to cash on it.

  31. Reality just hit me like a truck while watching this. I loved BL2. The first thing i think of when I think of that game? The slots… Yes they aren't real money, but that is a BAD sign

    I don't gamble these days but I know 10000000% I will get addicted, again. I used to and it's still hard not to, mainly my vet bills force me to be a responsibile adult these days. If they ever introduced a system like this into BL, I'm fucked

  32. Oh come on, there has been gambing and casinos in games since Pokemon Red/Blue an- wait a moment…
    GTA5 online progresion is solely based on money, money which you can buy with real money, which you can later spend that fake money in a slot machine and Oh, dear…
    Edit: Mmmm, crabs 😛

  33. I feel like legislators just need to sit down and watch some jimquisition to furrow their brows and make them go "haaaaaay waitaminute…"

  34. Question: what do people think of JRPG’s with casinos in them like in “Ni No Kuni or Dragon Quest?

    Personally I enjoy them. You don’t spend actually money to play and you get in game loot. However I’ve heard rumors Japanese game developers were thinking of taking these elements out of their games for western releases.

  35. When this is a subtle way to get everybody to join Jim for a wet weekend meet-and-greet to thank God for him and enjoy a buffet of shrimp, crab, and fried chicken!

  36. So ESRB, where are these games' AO-ratings? The rating, criterias of which are way past fulfilled at this point according to your own fricking guidelines, due to the gambling like mechanics and use of real money. That same rating you slapped on San Andreas just for having a tacky and ridiculous, yet ultimately completely harmless mini-game about player character having consensual and fully clothed sex with his potential girlfriends hidden in its game-files. You goddamn hypocrites…

  37. Do you think they decided to introduce this later in development intentionally to make it an easily disable it as a module for countries that are on to their scheme?

  38. It makes this game all the less child-appropriate. Now, in addition to being exposed to all manner of violent and sexual content, kids who shouldn't be playing this game in the first place will now also be exposed to casino gambling. I do worry that this will give young players false ideas about getting rich at real casinos. The odds are bound to be better in GTA's casino.

  39. That's exactly what I was thinking whilst been bombarded by advertising for GTA Casino. Rockstar = corporate greed.

  40. So when we meeting at the Beau Rivage? Gotta watch for that algal bloom though.
    EDIT: Aunt Jenny's is my fucking childhood holy shit so fucking good.

  41. A Casino in GTA Online would be good fun if it didn't have RMT related to it <.<

    Including how you can just fucking buy money/money making schemes in GTA online with RMT.

  42. Between 2008 and 2012 we had GTA 4, Saints Row 2, Red Dead Redemption, Just Cause 2 and Sleeping Dogs, 5 fantastic open world games with brilliant single player experiences, 3 of which also had incredibly simple but fun multiplayers and added amazing DLC expansions later on and lastly zero of them included microtransaction bullshit for them.

    And now in 2019 we have it as this..

    GTA – Exploitative and only cares about milking it's online mode, no SP DLC in nearly 6 years.
    Saints Row – Last game was 4 and a half years ago, the disaster that was Agents of Mayhem can't be counted.
    RDR – Looks as if it will go the same route as GTA, an Undead Nightmare type expansion looks 99% likely to never happen.
    Just Cause – Became repetitive with no innovation except an increase of technical issues.
    Sleeping Dogs – No sign of ever getting another.

    In terms of gaming I wish I could just go around in an endless loop from the late 90's until 2015.

  43. Literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal literal

  44. Wait…… If we spent money on something that is worthless, yet was advertised as something great…. wouldn't that be mean we were scammed, since the items that come out of loot boxes are worthless?

  45. so its like the publishers literally found a way to conjure money out of thin air?

    …. i don't know what else to say but, f**k these greedy, manipulative, devious, down right evil practices

  46. At the worst timing yes, but this has been asked for since like day 1 of gta Online, shit even in story mode should have had a casino. Its a fun attachment 4 years too late.

  47. I feel this is a dark knight joker situation, some men not pursuing anything logical, those men just wanting the world to burn.

  48. When you think about it, virtual currency is a form of money laundering. If they just straight up charged you a real world money in a micro transaction for a loot box this would be legally easier to pin down.

  49. You don't need to justify yourself to complainers who say you say the same points too often. Those people are pissants (peepeeants?) who have never tried or succeeded at any institutional change before. The topic of the lobbying will change… when the change is made. The change is not made, not even close.. so therefor, it will continue. Don't like it? Us either. Join the cause and get the evil unholy fucks to change their exploitation tactics so we can ALL JUST MOVE ON like we ALL want to!

  50. It's sad that people buy and spend real money on videogame casinos, pathetic really. They're too idiotic to realize they're spending real money to win fake money they can't use irl

  51. Funny thing about the casino. It was supposed to be an update shortly after Multiplayer launched. Before the shark cards were added(because casuals and noobs kept begging for them on the forums 24/7). A hacker saw it in the data but then rockstar canceled it I guess. If you look at the names of the shark cards. You can see they rockstar is making fun of the users.

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