Caught Snooping – Rear Window (7/10) Movie CLIP (1954) HD

Caught Snooping – Rear Window (7/10) Movie CLIP (1954) HD

What– Lisa–
Precinct Six,
Sergeant Allgood.
Hello. Look, a man is assaulting
a woman at 1 25 West Ninth Street,
second floor, at the rear.
Make it fast?
[ Allgood ] Your name?
[ Stammering ] L.B. Jemeries.
Phone number?
Two minutes.
The door was open.
[ Lisa Continues, Indistinct ]
– [ Lisa ] l told you–
– [ Softly ] Oh, no!
Let go of me!Jeff!
Oh, no! [ Gasps ]
[ Lisa ]Jeff!Jeff!
Lisa! Stella, what do we do?
[ Lisa ] Jem Jem
Here they come.
[ Ringing Doorbell ]
[ Talking, Indistinct ]
[ Stella ]
What’s she tying to do?
Why doesn’t she turn him in?
She’s a smart girl.
[Jem] It’ll get her
out ofthere, won’t it?
[Jem ]
Look, the weddi n g ri n g!
[ Softly ]
Turn off the light! He’s seen us!

48 thoughts on “Caught Snooping – Rear Window (7/10) Movie CLIP (1954) HD”

  1. Hey, this is Andy. If you're reading Hitchcock, I'd like to tell you that I'm analysing this sequence for my AS level Film Studies coursework. I think it's OK, so keep up the good work. Oh, and you know that 'Vertigo' film you were going to make? Don't bother.

  2. I love tha moment when Thorwald glares at L.B. after Lisa shows them the wedding ring! Really creepy scene!

  3. They played this in the local theater last weekend. So cool to hear the whole audience gasp when Thorwald is walking to his door.

  4. Absolute masterpiece of direction. The look of anguish on Jimmy's face, the utter helplessness is astounding! That was the Hitchcock touch in so many of his movies: we, the audience, can see the impending doom but the character, Grace Kelly, cannot. That's what builds the tension so well. Brilliant.

  5. Out of context, it's hard to see why this scene thrills.  In context, we are all squirming and equally impotent as Jimmy in the wheelchair.  So, so good.  Makes me want to go out and buy the DVD right now.

  6. Shame on you, Mr. Mason.  Shame! What would Della Street and Paul Drake say if they knew what you were up to, huh? What!?

  7. When Thorwald looks at the camera it gives me the chills…it's like he's not only looking at Jimmy Stewart, but the audience as well!!

  8. The shot where Thorwald looks into the camera is one of the most terrifying single shots in cinematic history. The way Hitchcock makes you complicit in Jeffries' voyeurism with point-of-view shots, and then shatters the sort of fourth wall that both Jeffries and the viewer have, is just magnificent.

  9. this 3min and half length scene describes the theme of "Rear Window" literally and thoroughly. What a perfect scene ever!!

  10. i saw this film a few days ago, i swear i could hear what they were saying sometimes, especially that moment during 2:13, but i saw it in spanish (i'm from south america). Perhaps i'm imagining it because i was so immersed in the movie… but i'm not sure

  11. Truly LOVE this movie-of course, bec. it is 1) Hitchcock, 2) Jimmy Stewart is protagonist…yep, really a great movie moment…

  12. Hitchcock's work with Raymond Burr was fascinating. He loved Burr as Thorwald – that 'hulking quality', brutish, had to be conveyed over a distance and Burr did it to perfection with his walk, his movements, expressions etc. Burr was actually a very gentle and well read courtly type of man, struggling with his secret gay life.

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