CeCe’s Boat Full of Drama | Basketball Wives

Oh look it, it’s a yacht.
Hello girls.
OG, nice to meet you.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Shaunie set up for us
to go on this boat
and thankfully I’m high
because we are going to be
stuck in a small area
and I don’t need problems.
How was your thing?
You get a lot done?
It was good,
yeah we got a lot done.
– I went to like a cannabis
college and museum.
– Oh, wow.
So yeah, we got to see
quite a bit.
It’s quiet as a boat.
Maybe we should drink something.
Want me to play bartender again?
You could pop that, you’re good
at poppin’ that open.
Oh yeah, I like poppin’ bottles.
Is there anything
you want to say,
Cece, just to clear the air?
Yeah, I mean we were talking
today about how, again like
I said last night,
I can understand
how things could be misconstrued
and that nothing
was intentional.
What do they do?
Let’s go, you know what?
Let’s go to your work,
lets go to
Evelyn’s place of business,
let’s go to
Jen’s place of business,
let’s have a day
at their work.
I really in my heart
don’t feel like
I did say that
intentionally to hurt anybody
and if something
was said like that,
or if I did say
something out of anger,
I apologize to everybody.
But, there are women here
that I’m not going
to get along with.
Are there multiple women here
you can’t get along with?
I just want it to be clear.
Evelyn and I have been off
smoking all day
and Jackie’s plus one better
not [bleep] up this boat ride.
Is your real beef with Jen
and not with Evelyn,
is that a guilty
by guilty association,
are you really pissed off
because she called you dumb?
I’ve been saying
from the beginning,
I felt like it was both of them
kind of ganging up on me
but my issue was with Jen.
Is she guilty by association,
and yall said some
[bleep] up [bleep] about each
It’s virtually impossible
for Kristen to stay true
and to stay loyal to Cece
while being friends
with Evelyn and Jen
and I don’t know
which way this is gonna go.
And yeah, okay,
I said another joke
and I said “Evil Lyn”
because I thought it was funny,
but I didn’t say anything
about her
If you can’t take
it, don’t dish it.
I called you Evil
Lyn, you called me
“ling ling” or “ting ting”
or “lay lay” whatever that was,
so now we’re even.
I feel like,
Kristen’s involvement
with her new friends
is really important to her
that she’s starting not to see
what’s really important,
which is family
and getting my back.
I don’t have an issue with you
Well I never had an issue
with you either,
until I heard about the comment.
Well I apologize for that.
Okay, well I apologize
for calling you “Le Le”. Okay?
I won’t say nothing else.
Evelyn apologizes to me
about the “Le le” thing,
I’m happy that I’ve got
an apology
but I’m still gonna keep
my distance from Evelyn.
Evelyn is evil,
that’s all there is to it.

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