Hello to everyone!
I`d like to start my presentation with
an evaluation and imagination exercise.
You own a land based casino, or a gambling hall,
a sports bet agency or a casino online website.
How satisfied are you
with the marketing part of your business?
How important do you think
the marketing is for your business success?
And the 3rd question is:
Who is the artist in the image?
It`s true, the artist is John Lennon, one of the 4 Beatles
and one of the most popular songs composed by him it`s called “Imagine”
is “Imagine”
And now comes what I call the “John Lennon Moment”:
Imagine how it would be like
if marketing to work out perfectly
with optimal resources
and maximum results!
Imagine how would you feel
to have someone in your team
who knows, who can,
who wants and has the passion to
to efficiently and professionally organize
the marketing in your casino!
Or, how John would say: “Imagine!”
Because my simple personal definition
for casino marketing
means looking at our business as it is now
imagine how it should be in the future
and make this transformation.

In my presentation today
I was inspired by this book
I read it with pleasure
and I had a lot to learn
and to apply

In 1985, Edward Bono was publishing
one of his most popular books
“6 Thinking Hats”
a quick-thinking method, simple and efficient,
used by everyone nowadays.
De Bono is famous for his contribution
in developing people’s abilities
to think and be creative,
being the one who introduced
the methods of lateral and parallel thinking.
Hence the 6 hats of 6 different colors.
which the author invites us to wear one at a time

in order to separate information from emotions
the logic from hope and the prudence from creativity.
Being inspired by this book, I would like
to present the “thinking hats”
that a casino marketing manager should wear.

So, ladies and gentlemen, here there are
the 7 Thinking Hats of a Casino Marketing Manager
the way I see them after more than 25 years
of activity in this casino business
These hats are not the only ones, of course,
but I selected them these because these are the ones
that we wear – metaphorically speaking –
most of the time
These hats are the ones that show us
how we must change the roles
we play on the professional stage
because being a casino marketing manager is a more
complete and complex job that one might think.
From the very beginning I want to mention that
there is no order of the hats based on their importance.
that So, I suggest we start with the White Hat
that we wear when we play the “Researcher / Explorer”
A passionate Marketing Manager
always has a series of questions,
about clients, management, changes,
competition, opportunities, threats etc.
Who are we? Who do we want to be?
How is our casino perceived from the outside?
And from the inside?
– Who are our customers?
How many categories of clients there are?
Where are they coming from?
Why did they choose our casino?
How are they coming to our casino? What are their
expectations? How satisfied are they with our services?
Which are their most often complaints? What do they
say about us? What do our reports and figures tell us?
How could we have more customers? What kind of
customers would we like to have? How should we
communicate with them? What should we do to increase
customer satisfaction? How is the marketing organised?
Why is like this and not other way? What results
we have now? How can we organise it better? How easy
or difficult is to change it? What would be the results if
we make the changes? What should we start with?
What is important? What is urgent? What resources do
we have? What resources do we need? Who can help?
Who opposes? Who do we colaborate with?
Who do we compete with?
Which are our arguments and strengths?
Which are our weaknesses?
Which are the news in our field?
New technologies? New competitors?
What new devices have been launched on the market?
How do our customers use them?
How can we use them?
With this White Hat
mathematics is not an option
but an obligation.
Numbers, statistics, charts, trends,
mathematical models, and formulas are
essential aspects of casino marketing.
No matter how interesting the White Hat is
we can`t wear it too long because there are
6 more hats waiting for their turn.
One of them is the Orange Hat that we wear
when we must prove our creativity and come .
with new ideas and projects It is obvious that
one of the main marketing expectations is creativity
and innovation. And this is ok when the novelties
we propose are anchored in the casino reality,
are consistent with our activity field and,
more important than anything, are developed
from the perspective of customers.
As a marketing manager, one should be:
Focused on the changes
Willing to give up your comfort zone and help others
to do the same. Capable to adapt to your casino the
new actions and changes that you`ve seen
in other casinos or even other areas of activity
from which we could learn but incapable of
“carbon-copying” what you have seen on others.
Eager to test new actions and then evaluate them
objectively, so you can select those that have potential
improve them and apply them again with better results.
Focused on having results and profitability, and not
on being spectacular, funny or interesting.
Open to rely on the creative potential of your
marketing team and other casino colleagues;
many of the successful actions originate in comments
received from customers, received directly or through
the front line colleagues
or in the suggestions
of colleagues from different departments.

In marketing nothing is made alone and therefor
the importance of your team is huge:
Build your team with attention and commitment.
If you are not satisfied,
don`t hesitate to make necessary changes,
but that doesn`t necessarly mean giving up on people,
but helping them work to the way you need.
Say often and sincerely the magic words:
Please! Thank you! Very well! Congratulations!
Be present, listen, understand, discuss
Appreciate their effort and performance
don`t leave unnoticed their achievements
show how much their work matter for the
success of the casino, give constructive feedback.
Help your colleagues learn and develop their skills
and insist for them to work as a team.
Choose to focus on the possitive side of things:
„Every problem has a solution,
every solution has a problem”
Try to be a role model and
an exampe for your team and
don`t ask them to do
the things you don`t do
Create systems, methods and procedures
to help them approach
and solve the most frequent tasks
Trust your team,
delegate and observe
how they work i
n your absence.
A performing manager is the one
whose team works
just as well when he is not present.
Keep your promise
s and do your best
to earn the trust and respect of your team.
The Black Hat belongs to The Negotiator
Very often a Casino Marketing Manager
is in the situation to negotiate.
Offers, rewards and services with clients
budgets and resources with top management
working conditions and salaries with the team members
collaboration details with managers
of other departments
prices and delivery deadlines with suppliers
and collaborators and so on.
Some ideas in this regard are:
Marketing is an investment not an expense.
Measure and demonstrate the results
of the marketing actions
focus on profitability and ROI.
Adopt the Win – Win
negotiation style.
In our case
it is not a zero-sum game,
meaning that if someone wins
the negotiation
the other one loses.
The goal is to have better results
in order to create a bigger “pie”
that we can all share.
Prepare your negotiations carefully
and consider your negotiation’s
objectives and partners
I can`t say that I miss them,
but I certainly
have learned enormously
from the negotiations
with the organizers
of the Israeli and Italian
junket groups with whom
I collaborated in the past
Learn and apply the negotiation techniques, influence,
persuasion and pre-suasion. Study Robert Cialdini!
Negotiate with determination when you must,
but never compromise with what is not negotiable:
fairness, professional ethics, brand values, reputation,
work quality or given promises.
The Pink Hat is for The Communicator
Marketing is first of all communication
and here there is no secret:
success means to deliver the right message
to the right person,
at the right moment,
in the right way and through the right channels.
Easy to say and almost impossible to do it perfectly.
However, some suggestions for the moments when
wearing the Pink Hat would be:
The office is the least recommended place
to organize your casino marketing!
Try to be as visible, as present, informed,
prepared and available for communication
Listen before you speak.
Don`t forget that hearing is not listening
and listening is not the same as understanding
Separate facts from feelings and emotions.
Separate facts from feelings and emotions.
ask questions and try always to speak
about what’s interesting for the person in front of you
in other words, talk about him not about you.
Mabe it doesn`t seem so, but it`s a big difference
between saying
„The casino awards 10 prizes”
and saying
„You have chances to be among the 10 winners”
Marketing actions will never be successful
if there are not communicated
to customers and employees
and it`s your responsibility as a marketing manager
to organize this process as efficiently as possible.
Attention to commercials: their purpose is
to correctly inform and convince,
not to be spectacular, intelligent, funny
or eligible for creativity awards
given in the advertising industry.
Sometimes you are in the position of
representing the company
in front of different publics and so you must master
the Public Relations techniques
Communication with journalists
is never simple and easy
and you must be very careful when
what you do or what you say
gets “on screen” or “on print”
An image worths more than 1.000 words.
Body language transmits
much more information than para-verbal
and verbal communication.
Romanian language is not an option but an obligation.
If you do not know how to correctly speak and write,
you can not aspire to be a good communicator.
Mastering foreign languages really help,
especially English.
Don`t forget that the major annual events in our global field
are in London and Las Vegas.

Wear the Green Hat when acting as a Teacher / Trainer
To be a good trainer you must be first a good student.
Thus, the first condition to teach others
is for them to be convinced
of having things to learn from you.
A good trainer is characterized by:
The Knowledge he has
The professional and training abilities
The opening of sharing his knowledge
The training method and tools
His experience, charisma, reputation, language
How up to date he is with the latest news

Never stop learning and stay informed
about the latest casino and related news
Always strive to be better, know more
and apply the new things you`ve learned.
For marketing actions to be successful,
it is necessary to be communicated
to colleagues involved in their execution,
but this is not enough any more.
They need to understand their role,
the best way to perform these actions and,
last but not least,
contribute to general success.
For example, there is no point in advertising,
promoting or giving prizes
if the way the staff is working for the customers
is characterized by low quality
colleagues need specific training for each department:
casino operations – games and live slots – reception,
casino hosts, F & B, even security and surveillance.
In general people remember:
10% of what they read
20% of what they hear
30% of what they see
50% of what they hear and see in the same time
80% of what they say
90% of what they say and do in the same time

The Blue Hat belongs to The Expert
One of the strategies that lead to success
is specialization and focus on a limited field
in order to become the customers` first choice.
Similarly, a marketing manager who specializes
and becomes an expert
is an asset of the casino.
My recommendations in this regard are:
Understand the principles of games and casino activity
Understand how a casino works as a whole and
what are the interactions between departments
at all levels.
Understand the challenges and skills required
for all casino jobs
Whoever thinks it’s easy to be a roulette dealer
should be able to calculate in mind: 35 x 19 + 17 x 21
By the way the result is 1022 as I use to be
a roulette dealer long time ago!
Identify the main success factors fpr casinos
and how they work in your casino.
Understand the specificity of casino marketing
marketing and how our classic marketing
and management tools and methods apply in our field.
Inform yourself about developments in your field
technology, IT, communication, internet,
they all have an extraordinary dynamics
and if you don`t follow them
you will not be able to take advantage
of the benefits their development offers.
Read everything you can
about marketing and casino marketing

Make the effort to correctly and
objectively evaluate yourself
This is not an easy thing to do
Perhaps you did not know, but 84% of French men
consider themselves “above average lovers”
and 93% of American students think they are
“above average drivers”.
Unfortunately, mathematics disappoints them both
because only 50% can be “above average”.

These are the 7 hats that casino marketing managers
wear the most often
There are certainly other hats too
but what I wanted to convey is a simple idea:
marketing is an essential aspect of any business
and even more of a casino business.
It is a combination of art, method, logic,
talent and inspiration, and, in order to be successful
in this field of activity
one needs determination, passion and effort .

Finally, I included in my presentation 7 quotes
from 7 authors from whom I had very much to learn.

The 8th quote is my choice of answer to
the main question for this year’s Forum:
How to attract new players?
And in this respect the answer is no longer a secret
and I am referring to John Romero
, the author of two great books for our field of activity:
Casino Marketing and Secrets of Casino Marketing
“Driving casino traffic is an art dominated by promise, clarity and brevity”

. Thank you all for your participation
and thanks again to my team who inspired me
and helped me to organize this presentation,
which you can also find on www.andreifrimescu.ro

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