Cewe Nub Main Sampe BOOYAH! Ga Brenti Sampe BOOYAH! | Free Fire Indonesia Part 2 (Vtuber/Episode 77)

Cewe Nub Main Sampe BOOYAH! Ga Brenti Sampe BOOYAH! | Free Fire Indonesia Part 2 (Vtuber/Episode 77)

Halo! my name is Maya Putri. the previous episode of FreeFire is… I played terrible why I can’t hit him?! but! today we are gonna… BOOYAH! what is booyah? okay guys! Booyah is… booyah BOOYAH! play till I Booyah! (win) play till I win? let’s go! I will play in solo mode okay guys so how is your first Booyah experience? you are welcome to tell me in the comment section! today we are gonna celebrate my 1st Booyah as AyayamFire! play till I win! like the video guys! if you guys think that I will get Booyah today! let’s go! free falling in freefire FREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ welcome to Maya Putri channel… where we all joking for 24/7 or is it just me? is there other people here? HOOOO! THERE IS ONE IN FRONT OF ME! there is someone! I don’t have medkit 🙁 please help~ send help~ woah so many people at here it’s so crowded! we will avoid the crowded zone and find a safe place and prosperity help~ help me~ grenade~ oh it looks like… it will feel so good when I can throw it to crowded place RUN!! please~ give me medkit~! my remaining health point is only 50 DOR!!!!!! and I will be dead Bipod, what is bipod? come on! “all the weapons looks the same” quote from a noob (2019) my darling darling~ yes yes! guys, I must focus~ damn, the mushroom is so effective! *fast forward* there’s someone here, but I can’t see him medkit~ medkit! what is “anniversary spray”? to spray the one that is celebrating a birthday? let’s go to the safe zone~ *fast forward* but I want to find more ammo *fast forward* it’s already looted by other player, no ammo 🙁 anniversary spray~ *fast forward* *sound of someone being shot down* I see you! *Maya serious mode* why is it terrible the terrible one is me okay I see motorcycle guys! but I still don’t have a driving permit nice joke why am I bringing machete? *fast forward* what? I am poisoned! *fast forward* my ammo is decreasing please give me pan! where is that person? *fast forward* it’s good, there’s a bird sound *fast forward* Observatory~ what is this? use~ what is this? *Next safe zone and Airdrop will be marked on the map* What? I can read the future! let’s go! I want some mushroom~ NO! please~ I don’t do anything wrong, don’t bomb me *fast forward* it feels like it’s right behind me it’s so quiet~ I want a pan there’s a bat someone is coming which one did he shot before? see? he is gone where are you? 1 more! what? *got shot and not evading, is this bot?* why is he standing still? HUH? this is it? what? only this? guys… Booyah! yay I got bronze rank~ my character also happy! 1 booyah~! quiet, it’s so quiet guys like, I am separated so far from the other players except for the landing such a nice memory emmm, hitting people punching people *insert bruce lee sound* we Kung-fu people and that’s the beginning of my first Booyah~ please accompany me in my journey playing FreeFire okay? or do you guys like to see a pro player playing? please support me! I hope you like it! I am entertained because I got booyah! thank you very much! byebye~ Boo yah~

100 thoughts on “Cewe Nub Main Sampe BOOYAH! Ga Brenti Sampe BOOYAH! | Free Fire Indonesia Part 2 (Vtuber/Episode 77)”

  1. maya kaget sendiri jg guys di menit 5 🙁
    tulis pengalaman booyah pertama kalian di sini!!!!!!

  2. Pas pertama Tama download tuh aku kayak gimana gitu…setiap ada musuh gemetaran (pertama kali aku main 2018) terus, di hapus, aku coba download lagi pas 2019, akhirnya mati tuh mati ke 10 :v akhirnya setelah 2 kali kalah bisa booyah, pas detik detik nya gemeter bgt! Aku booyah main solo :v, terus setelah aku booyah, temen aku ngajak main ff, ehhhh booyah Mulu :v

  3. Kalo main ff nanti banyak like dan subs nya karna kebanyakan boca ff yg like end subs nanti kak juga jago kaya kak idang nia

  4. Kak Maya, mabar kuy:3
    Rank=Gold 3
    Keadaan=Nub tapi rank nya gedhe 😂
    Kuy kak salam dari solo jugak

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