CG News – 10 August 2019

CG News – 10 August 2019

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Hey guys and welcome back to another CG News
As usual, in today’s video we’ll be taking
a look back at some of the news that has been
going on recently and not covered in its own
individual video.
First up, we now have an update on the DayZ
situation in Australia, which is something
that the channel took a look at only yesterday
and it’s already got some important new
details about.
I’ve added a pinned update in that video’s
comments and, to summarise, Kotaku Australia
has now received information that confirms
that yes, the game was indeed refused classification
in the country due to what the Australian
rating system calls “illicit or proscribed
drug use related to incentives or rewards”.
Furthermore, despite an earlier comment made
by the devs where they stated that this would
only affect the upcoming physical version
of DayZ and that the game was still available
via Steam, the Australian Classification Board
has said that they will be working to have
the game pulled from sale digitally in Australia
as well.
It remains to be seen what will ultimately
happen here, as it’s always possible that
the devs may patch the game to remove any
content that has led to the refused classification
This is something that Censored Gaming will
of course make sure to keep an eye on but,
for now at least, it appears that Australian
gamers will no longer be able to buy the game
within the country.
Aside from that, we have some news on Grand
Theft Auto Online and some new content that
has been added to the game that’s ran into
issues in quite a few countries around the
In the game’s new update, a wide array of
content has been added to the game and this
includes casinos, where players can go and
take part in many different gambling activities.
The gambling is done via the game’s regular
currency and, it’s not possible to win real
money, however real money can still be used
to buy the in-game currency.
Due to differing gambling regulations around
the world, the gambling-related content has
been completely blocked in more than 50 countries.
It’s possible that, for some of the countries
included, perhaps this was a case of Rockstar
being overly cautious rather than the content
definitely not being allowed.
There’s far too many to be able to list
them all here but this includes countries
like Portugal, Greece, Poland and Argentina.
When a player tries to access the gambling-related
content from one of these countries, they
will receive an error message saying that
the feature is not available.
And so, whilst players from these regions
can still access some of the other new content,
such as new cars, this leaves a large portion
of the new update unavailable for a significant
amount of players.
Next up we have some news on the upcoming
Nintendo Switch launch in China.
No release date has yet to be announced but
details on the Chinese version of the console
are starting to pour in and this includes
details on new Rabbids game that is being
developed by Ubisoft China for the Chinese
Tilted Rabbids: Adventure Party, the game
is a party game and sees the Rabbids travel
back in time to ancient China and is inspired
by the classic novel Journey To The West.
It’s possible that this is something that
could eventually be localized for other markets
around the world, but for the time being,
the game is a Chinese Nintendo Switch exclusive
that is being closely designed for the Chinese
market and looks to possibly be a planned
launch title for the console.
Then there’s been some big news for Omega
Labyrinth Life, which is series that has run
into all kinds of censorship-related issues
around the world due to its suggestive content.
The dungeon crawling RPG was said to be not
releasing over in the West, however, only
a week before release in Japan and South East
Asia, an official western release was suddenly
announced to be coming at the same time.
This is a very unusual situation but the game
is indeed now available in Western regions
It’s worth pointing out though that the
Western releases are only available digitally.
The South East Asia version is also available
physically and there is a limited edition
physical version too.
The South East Asia version, which you can
find linked in the description, contains full
English language options just like the Western
releases and so this is something you may
wish to keep in mind.
And then finally, aside from the Omega Labyrinth
news, we have some other news regarding video
game imports and getting games that aren’t
available over here in the West.
First up is Hardcore Mecha, a fast paced 2D
platformer with multiplayer features, that’s
available on Steam worldwide and digitally
on the PlayStation Store in Japan.
Interestingly, whilst the digital PlayStation
version isn’t currently available in the
West, the Japanese version does contain English
language support.
However, that’s not all.
It’s recently been announced that the game
will be getting an exclusive physical release
in the South East Asia region and this again
contains full English support.
And so this is something that fans of physical
versions of the games may wish to keep in
Priced at 23 dollars 99, Playasia will be
shipping copies next month on September 13th
and you’ll be able to find a link in the
description if you’re interested.
And then for another physical release that’s
not available in the West, Playasia has confirmed
that the Japanese Nintendo Switch release
of Dead Or School will contain full English
language options, which is an action game
with detailed anime-styled graphics.
It’s scheduled to be released at the end
of the month on August 29th and so, again,
this is something you may be interested in
and you’ll be able to find linked in the
description below.
What are your thoughts on the stories this
As always, please let us know your thoughts
in the comments below and consider subscribing
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Until next time, thank you for watching.

35 thoughts on “CG News – 10 August 2019”

  1. I'm interested on that Chinese rabbids game
    Maybe not playing it
    But if the switch actually will let you change your region to China once it's launched there.

  2. "Your game contains references to drug use and thus will not be allowed to be sold in this country."

    "But it's been available on digital storefronts for years now!"

    "Well, in that case we'll just have to correct such an oversight. Thank you for bringing that to our attention."

  3. Wasn't quite clear what version of the Labyrinth Life game is available. I checked out the play asia store site linked and it doesn't have the ω in the title of the cover art, is the east asia version of the game censored as well?

  4. Many youtube channels has gotten stale after a while that I stopped following them but censored gaming is definitely one I’m always very interested in.

  5. while watching the video i felt the whole time all tense up or nervous and at the and i noticed it was because there was persona 5 music the whole time in the backround, when you are in a castle and you have to pay attention to enemys

  6. You forgot to mention one interesting detail about Omega Labyrinth Life's release. Famitsu had published the physical sales numbers for games in Japan for the Week of July 28th-Aug 3rd where Omega Labyrinth Life broke the top 10 at #9 with 6.6K units sold (which also made it the highest new release that week); however, the PS4 (Censored) Labyrinth Life only hit #26 with 1.9K sold.

    Now that seem incredibly small for a game, but there are a few things to keep in mind 1) This is only tracking physical units sold in Japan, we don't know the digital sales or Asian physical sales. 2) While this is much smaller than the previous OL games, keep in mind that Physical Sales are tracking down year after year while Digital Sales are tracking up (also this is the first title sold internationally, so it may have done a lot better in other regions). And finally 3) I've heard people say that the initial units shipped was only 10K for each version. If that is true (and I don't have a source on this) That means that Omega Labyrinth Life sold through 66% of it's initial shipment in only 4 days while Labyrinth Life sold less than 20%.

    Eitherway, this is a clear victory for uncensored releases.

  7. Oh, I like Dead or School. Not perfect but I find the combat enjoyable so far. Also, has GTA stopped taking money from people who (I believe) it was buying the high roller penthouse then finding they couldn't access it?

  8. GTA V lets you spend REAL MONEY but you can only win fake in-game money LOL. It's only losing without even the possibility of winning. It's not even gambling as that gives you the slightest of chances of winning. This is only throwing money down the drain in complete loss.

  9. Regarding Australia: Pussies. Pussies everywhere.

    Regarding GTA casino: Good. Death to microtransactions. That shit doesnt even need to exist, period.

    Regarding Omega Labyrinth Life: As soon as i heard that the PS4 version was gonna be censored, i immediately gave up on it and went for the Switch version. Heck, ever since Sony is going for a heavyload of censorship because…………..feelings and shit, i immediately bought a Switch (even tho my plan was to buy it only next gen), together with a pre-order for Omega. After 20+ years staying and supporting Sony, unless they revert back, they are gonna get shit from me. Censorship of any kind doesnt need to exist, period.

    Regarding Hardcore Mecha: No Switch version? Then they can keep it.

    Regarding Dead or School: Had pre-ordered from Play-Asia for the Switch already. They can keep the PSJW4 version.

  10. I would much rather a game not get released officially in the west but get a play Asia English language release if it means no censorship.
    It seems the direction we're going in these days, and I'm totally on board.

  11. Omega labyrinth life was not released in sweden, after i contacted the Swedish Nintendo Office they said they do only work with phyaical releases but said if it did not release it's probably becuse Swedish child pornography laws tend to stop games like these. They gave me a link to D3's support and advoced me to ask them directly. This is the awnser i got from D3:


    This is D3 PUBLISHER Customer support center.

    We deeply apologize for the inconvenience.

    Unfortunately, 'Omega Labyrinth Life' is not available in Sweden for now.

    Also, we are afraid that we cannot disclose any details for upcoming schedule via email individually
    . We will announce the information in the web page, so please kindly check them."

    I feel like the D3 awnser verifies the awnser i got from Swedish Nintendo since D3 could not give me an awnser to why it was not released.

    Ps. The censored Playstation version "Labyrinth life" was released in sweden.

  12. I have a question related to censorship (I think): why isn't Animal Crossing translated into Portuguese language? I don't know if it's something of many other games, but neither the Brazilian nor the European versions have Portuguese as selectable language, it's automatically in English… I am trying to find answers but they say nothing about it, help!

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