CGR Undertow – VEGA$: MAKE IT B!G review for PC

CGR Undertow – VEGA$: MAKE IT B!G review for PC

I�ve never been much of a gambler. Sure,
I�ll play in a friendly hold�em game if
invited, and I might belly up to a blackjack
table if I find myself in a casino with nothing
better to do… but my favorite game is, was,
and always will be �Is the Prime Rib Rare
Enough.� I�ve never won (as I�ve never
heard a cut of beef actually say �Moo�),
but I guess that�s the point of casinos
in the first place. But there�s a science
to the actual CONSTRUCTION of casinos – from
psychology to security to how rare to cook
the prime rib – that�s fascinated me from
a young age. It�s the same part of me that
watches Bar Rescue to find out what percentage
of patrons who have had three or more drinks
try to punch the bejeezus out of the jukebox,
thinking they look like Fonzie. I came to
Vegadollarsign: Make It B-bang-G hoping for
an intense simulation of these factors. What
I got was an empty wallet, several pictures
I don�t remember being in, and a strange
rash. I can�t say it wasn�t what I expected,
but it sure wasn�t what I hoped for.
Vegas: Make it Big (I�m tired of pronouncing
the actual formatting) places you in charge
of developing a block of land right on the
Vegas Strip, alongside those famous names
you�ve heard so often. To compete, you�ll
have to put up hotels and facilities, souvenir
shops, and casinos. And here�s where the
game functions on a second level: These casinos
can be further modified and customized to
your specifications. You might have two separate
casinos on your lot; one for table games and
sportsbooks and one just as a slots parlor.
In the grand tradition of simulation games,
certain developments are contingent on your
having built certain other developments, and
potentially researching an upgrade or two,
like more advanced card games requiring the
installation of a pit boss station. Not to
mention the rubbish that gets strewn around
everywhere, requiring a cleaner, who requires
his own station, and the maintenance guy,
who requires HIS own station, and then you
realize that both of those smell pretty bad
so you exile them to the corner. Yes, you
can track several different variables throughout
your casinos, from noise to odor to sight-lines
of the security staff. Yet, for all that data,
you�re given very little to actually do
with it. While there is a tutorial scenario
available, it kinda forgets to touch on several
of the mechanics, like actually destroying/deleting/erasing/selling
things you�ve installed or how Slot comps
work. (Though, in fairness, no one really
understands comps anyway, so it�s kind of
a moot point.)
Despite being the object of a deep-seeded
gaming fantasy, Vegas: Make it Big just feels
uncomfortable right from the jump. You�re
not given nearly enough direction, especially
for a simulation of something as intricate
as bilking grandmothers out of their tea money.
It�s ambitious in scope, but between frustrating
controls – like an erratic cursor and having
to use a left-and-right-mouse-button drag
to pan the camera – and graphics that are
crappy one moment and pretty decent the next,
this strip�s best reserved for only the
highest-rolling simulation fanatics. And don�t
come crying to me when you�ve lost your

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  1. oh….

    I thought it was interesting. (unless it has some code to punch me in the face when I first play the game)

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