Challenging a POLICE OFFICER to Basketball Trick Shot WORLD RECORDS *and HORSE rematch*

oh how the tables have turned how’s that
I don’t like it I’m gonna put you in the
back of your car later too so good luck
what does that vary buddy welcome back
to the channel I’m here with officer
George aka the trickshot cop that maybe
saw a recent video in that video I
challenged officer George who is a real
police officer yes I am LAPD is the real
bay not a joke not a youtube stunt to
use a real police officer it’s just very
good at trick shots do in that video I
challenge him to a game of course and
today I’m going to challenge you to
break some world records when do it and
maybe we’ll have a part – of course –
here we go
here we go first record we’re measuring
it out to maybe we’ll go to 40 feet or
so it is the world’s longest behind the
back shot
it was once held by dude perfect someone
else broke it then I broke their record
new world record maybe 37 feet current
record is 37 feet what are you on 40 at
least the campus of George 37 feet is
the mark to beat we’ve got a pretty low
ceiling in here so don’t don’t hit the
ceiling I’ll make it work all right make
it happen
try one a little cold I make it
sillies way to gotta make
I was in there
sir it’s a little fill top huh this
ceiling is not good this this gym isn’t
a nice court but I really really low
ceiling in for the shot you need a
little bit more arc so let’s level Kalos
something different all right no well
hopefully the audio is okay in here it’s
raining that we’re in Los Angeles right
now it is pouring rain I did not know
that it rained this much in Los Angeles
okay if we found the record we could do
in here it’s under hand shot under hand
that’s good for low ceilings so it is
longest underhanded shot blindfold we
need to be 35 feet to set the record I’m
gonna make it happen
I definitely can’t see anything what I
let’s step back a little bit I keep
hitting it too hard
there we go
oh I’m amazed
oh whoa how the feel like bullet shots
are was really weird cuz you think
there’s like a delay in your celebration
yeah I had to wait for you I’m like good
new world record longest underhand shot
5.30 I think you were far back it was 35
let’s go with that 31 35 feet I guess
more records coming soon thank you to
whistle sports for making this video
happen head over to their channel and
check out record smashers it’s a series
I did on their channel that’s all about
breaking World Records I think you guys
will love it we’re going to interrupt
this world record breaking session for a
rematch we played horse before in and
officer George beat me pretty confident
about that i won
you didn’t gonna beat me again I’m ready
I don’t know if we have time for a horse
let’s just play pink cops don’t like
pink lets you play cop we’re gonna play
cop same as last time you have up to
three Tim but if the person shooting
gets it in one or two second person has
wanted to first one is felt cop loses I
won so I get to go further
oh yeah no one in a true trick shooter
knows when your taco this okay we just
got started but just like last time
leave a comment who do you think is
going to win this game of cop comment
Josh or comment come I’ve got three two
oh sure buddy
three tips baby all right back to you
what you got often there no way work to
a pinch I get it to the tips
amazing I don’t want 5e word battle
right now
heartbreaker that means it is my turn
I’m going to throw it off the wall catch
it in the air Ali would you get one
attempt he only gets one I gotta see I’m
going through the length backwards first
try he’s done for that’s it’s gonna be
you know you being practice no I wasn’t
gonna lose the kid getting footage
watching all these videos finding his
weaknesses watch lethal weapon
we’re going to go off that piece of wood
oh I get three tips it was impressive
and co2 see
I’m gonna come back to my word
thank you a method
right how about this juggling but this
is the best I can do oh that’s
impressive but there’s no way you’re
gonna get that you mark him
I think I can handle a taxi sure
One Bowl
CEO to see oh here we go you ready never
do Title I both know you drive the last
time it didn’t work
next shot I need you to handcuff me
I did this at the end of the last video
okay so while handcuffed
no-look three-pointer
all right second attempts oh and I get
the key
this isn’t gonna go well I already know
it’s so good
feel free
okay I got it you get the key yeah go
lose it
come on oh how the tables have turned
how’s that feel
I don’t like it I’m gonna put you in the
back of your car later too so good luck
all right be nervous want to be nervous
never nervous
I’m not used to be a handful well good
game I’ll see you later
hey wait wait a minute thanks so much
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trick shots and again it’s a real cop
he’s a real handcuffs yeah we’re sick
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we’ll see you guys next time let’s go to
the beach
first thing I got right now

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