Charlie and the Chocolate Factory All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PC)

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory All Cutscenes | Full Game Movie (PC)

This is the story of an ordinary little boy
named Charlie Bucket. He was not faster, or stronger or clever than
other children. And though his family was terribly poor, Charlie
was the luckiest boy in the world. He just didn’t know it yet. Willy Wonka’s chocolate factory. No one’s been in or out for years. Not since he closed it up and sent us all
home. I know grandpa Joe, I wish we could see
inside. And the world wished along with him, then one
day he ? an unexpected proclamation. Dear people of the world, I,Willy Wonka, has decided to allow five children to visit my factory. Five golden tickets have been hidden beneath
the wrappers of five ordinary Wonka bars. Each of the winners will be shown around the factory personally by me. In addition, one of these children will receive a special prize, beyond anything you can ever
imagine. Beyond anything you
could ever imagine? But I haven’t any money for chocolate. Nothing is impossible, Charlie, nothing.

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  1. I remember renting this game once when I was younger (well the PS2 version anyway)…and now I remember why I never bothered to play this ever again. The models are so, so bad. Also where are the parents?!

  2. Imagine being a kid in 2005 asking for Battlefront II or Psychonauts for Christmas and getting this instead.

  3. we are all laughing at this but im pretty sure the day it came out it was amazing and the graphics were considered so good

  4. I think while Charlie was in the mine Willy killed Grandpa Joe and when they went to the elevator is said "Up and out" doesn't that sound sexual

  5. Believe it or not but this was my first video game I’ve ever plate but I had the GameCube and Gameboy Advance version

  6. (Mom) hunny
    (Me) yeah
    (Wonka) OK never mind
    (Me) (sets fire and jumps in it)
    (Mom) NOO MY BABY
    (Wonka) :/ wow

  7. James Arnold Taylor who’s the voice of Obi-Wan Kenobi in the Clone Wars is the voice of Wonka in this game and he does great sounding like Johnny Depp.

  8. So Mr. Wonka, do you mean the square candy’s eyes look round, or the square candy’s look round themselves?

  9. 12:44 ok so grampa joe can’t go in there to get all the rock candy because its too dangerous… LET’S BRING IN CHARLIE INTEAD!

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