Cheap PC games – pick up the Dead Rising and Resident Evil games on PC for cheap!

Hello YouTube, it’s Tango Echo Alpha here,
armed with my cup of tea as always.
Just another very quick video to make you
all aware of a fantastic deal I’ve just found
out about, especially so if you are fan of
the Dead Rising or Resident Evil franchises
or even just Capcom games in general.
So I’ve just received an email from Humble
Bundle whom are offering the ‘Capcom Rising’
bundle at the moment. At the time of me recording
this video, you’ve got just under two weeks
left to buy the bundle if you are interested
and boy, is this a good deal.
If you pay $1 or more, Humble will give you
Steam keys for Strider, Umbrella Corps and
DMC: Devil May Cry.
Dig into your wallets a little bit more for
charity and if you pay more than the average
(currently $6.88 – or about £5.34 if you’re
in the UK at the time of recording) then you’ll
get some additional great games – Dead Rising
2: Off The Record, the HD remasters of Resident
Evil and Resident Evil 0, as well as Resident
Eveil 6 and the Umbrella Corps Deluxe Edition
upgrade pack.
It’s worth digging even further though, as
if you pay more than $12 (about £9.32) then
you’ll also get Dead Rising 2 and Dead Rising
3: Apocalypse Edition, in addition to all
of the others I’ve already mentioned.
Humble Bundle is an amazing way to build your
PC games collection cheaply, whilst supporting
charities in the process. If you want to pick
up these games, this is an excellent way to
do it.
I hope some of you find this video useful.
Make sure you don’t let your friends miss
out on this offer by sharing the video with
them! I’m Tango Echo Alpha, armed with a cup
of tea as always and I will see you all in
the next video – bye now!

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