What’s up guys, today
We are doing another cheap of the cheap of the cheap of the cheap of the cheapskate like somebody who’s really cheap
We got this guy over here called mark,
He is also the cheapest of the cheap, people misplaced millions of dollars in loose change every year
And their loss is this cheapskate’s gain
This dude just went through the whole damn restaurant checking every nook and cranny like
Some days if I’m lucky
I’ll find a dime, mark spends his free time hunting down dimes nickels and pennies all over, Las Vegas. Oh
Vegas see that’s a good place to look for change. Also. Do these people have jobs
Maybe getting a job like like any job would make you more money than this little hobby.
these shoes and all my dress shoes
I get from the shoe repair store
people drop off the shoes they forget about them
Or don’t have the money to pick them up
oh You know what that’s actually good

That’s actually good because I’ve been to a shoe repair store before and it’s like the whole
Store was covered in shoes and bags and stuff that I’ve been there for months
Like people just forget about it
This is grocery budget under $60 a month by
disregarding expiration dates and spending no more than a dollar on any single item
50 Cents
Powerbars 50 Cents, cupcakes 50 Cents peanut butter and jelly one dollar. hold up
He won’t pay more than a dollar on anything
Next to nothing for water each month by refusing to use it in his own apartment
Hey, would you mind if I throw in some laundry with you just a few things not a lot maybe a few things no
eeww no I would rather pay for your whole laundry, then you put it in with mine
Oh first of all you a dude and dude’s socks
The underwear, no Thanks mark you’re gonna have to fuck off
I could see you have asking them for a cigarette but no
He looked like a dirty dude. My name is Marco wondering if you mind if I tossed in a few articles with your laundry
No haha
Why don’t you use all that change you found in the toilet? Huh a lot of people say that I’m crazy
Do you mind if I throw in some laundry with you? No that’s fine.
Thank you, but a couple things here a couple things there
And then you find someone to share a dryer with
Do you mind if I throw some laundry with you just a few items?
See, a dryer is fine cause the clothes are already clean
But washing it and your socks and stuff you let me throw my socks and stuff and then when it comes out
You gotta go through everything like wait wait wait these boxers look familiar. That’s my skidmark from 2015
Bruh, while he won’t spend a single cent on laundry mark does like to gamble
he’s found a way to make sure he’s never parting with his own money
I don’t spend more than five dollars, and I only play the penny slots because you could win up to $10,000
Okay, okay, maybe I underestimated this guy here, so he’s got a gambling problem, but before he hits the slots
He just gets all the change he can find. He’s like, I refuse to gamble any of my hard-earned cash
I will only gamble other people’s money that I find on the floor so on his way to the casino
He’ll pick up all the change he could find one day this dude mark he will get lucky and he’ll win
If for some unfortunate reason I should lose. I’d only lose a maximum of five dollars, not a whole paycheck
Ooh free drinks too!
If I were at a bar the drinks would cost me twelve to fifteen dollars, but by coming to a casino
I played the penny slots win money and drink for free
Doing pretty good for himself. I’m gonna
Have a good ass night tonight for free dress up in my best suit pick a ball of change I could find
Drinks on the house. I win I win. I lose I lose. I only spent five dollars max only five dollars
I know when to stop most people think oh yeah, I’m gonna keep going they double and double and triple
I’m like, no. You got to know when to walk away
That’s some willpower. Well wait it gets better. This guy wants to sell his testicles for
$35,000 I mean I feel like that’s kind of low cause they’re all old and used up
As true do your research I’m not coming at the dude
It’s true do your research. I’m really anxious and really excited and waiting to do is this testicular study
What you do is you go, and you donate one of your testicles.
They replace it with an artificial one and when you check out after 14 days you get a check for
You can buy yourself a brand new BMW
Okay, maybe not brand new, but like almost new or like a Honda Civic and go on like a nice vacation
It’s just one though
I mean, I don’t think this guy cares about ever getting laid again, and as long as you have one you still a man
But that’s not all, apparently this dude has done several
medical studies for money,
and medical trials in order to get free checkups
Saving himself seven hundred and fifty dollars or more in the process
So to save yourself money like to not go to the doctor and pay for checkups
He would be a guinea pig for medical studies. I mean okay. It saves some money. Okay well
I would take up there at home. I would use them for daily, work,
exercise, and for doing other clinical trials. saved on laundry,
Cheap to clean, he saves all the pants from the medical studies and just wears them every day like Oh my workout clothes
Yeah, I got free pair pants out of my ebola studies. These are the Ebola. Why study this is my favorite
Everyone panicked when my friend
and I did this study. It was never tested on humans or animals before, and we were the first two in the country to have it done to us
What? They’re gonna inject me with Ebola to do a damn study
I made some money out of it got a free check oh and the best part. I’ve got some free pants
It’s $5,000 for a week, so why would I not do it?
$5,000 a week that sounds like some influencer money. He doing pretty good. I mean
He’s still got all his hair. This is a really good one
What they do is they stop your heart for one minute, but you still breathe stay there 14 days pays
$25,000. Whoa, whoa!
Yeah, you can just like make my heart stop
$25,000, ooh yes! I will risk death for that. What good is all this damn money. If there’s a chance you will die
I mean, he’s good, skin glowing. He’s still here living his cheapskate ways
I mean, maybe it was meant to be, there is only so much cheap I can afford
Like they don’t get it he’s by himself. He has a job
He’s making all this money, but it’s like
Why would you force yourself to live like this?
When you have money, it’s a mental illness
I feel like I used to have something like that a long time ago where I was really cheap and what me and sausage first
Started dating like he hated it
He was like why you got to go to like a used clothes store and get used clothes
I’m like it’s cheaper, and he just he was just the type of person that bought everything like brand-new
I used to do a lot of things to save money. I would always use coupons
I would only go somewhere if they had a sale yeah, but I was I was nothing like this
But anyways that’s all for today
I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did, make sure to hit that like button in the face and subscribe to join the Wolfpack
*howls* I love you guys so much, thanks for watching bye guys

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