Chicken Run FULL GAME Movie Longplay (PS1, PC, Dreamcast)

Chicken Run FULL GAME Movie Longplay (PS1, PC, Dreamcast)

hi Mac we need to get out of here and
I’ve come up with a brand new plan well ginger let’s hear it I’ve noticed that
some parts of the fence are quite rusty and I wondered if we could cut through
it I that’s a thought we could use that or bottom life from one of the huts and
I’m sure there are some broken seals around somewhere I reckon if you gave me
those I’ll be able to make some crude wire cutters which may be just good
enough to cut that rusty wire right idea Mac I’ll go and get them but I’ll have
to be careful of the dogs you need this in here Babs
oh sorry ginger I don’t know where that goes
you could ask Mac she’s in not 17 you know I managed to avoid the dogs and find the
other blade you need hi that’s blows and well done him no placing the bolt I
already have through the center of the two wells crossing named in a 90-degree
fashion like so gave her a we better but we can hey presto wire cutters they look
great I hope they be strong enough remain but
it’ll only work on the rusty fence wire oh yes thanks Mac now I have to be able
to get through the fence to get things for our next escape attempt but what
they mean well it’s a bit extreme but if we could disguise ourselves so that the
dogs don’t recognize us then we’ll be able to get out of here
I think we may be able to dress up as mrs. Tweedy do you think it’s possible
hmm sirs like a tall order to me Akane walk medicals but we make pilaf if
she can find some pools some boots some gloves but the key element is message
Tweedy’s long dress if I were you I’d check in the back of
the firehouse okay you work out the details and I’ll get everything you need
Babs will be great from us she’s over than hot 16 and we’ll make the disguise
there right I’ll take the things over there make sure she knows the plan right that’s everything glass will be
able to escape from this farm should we tell the Tweedy’s in case for wonder
where we are of course not Babs it has got to be done
in secret secret well fun but will be tell me all the chickens well how do we go Mack I know our old plan was less than
perfect I whom we need a new plan this time I have a number of escape
ideas I’m embraced let’s hear them okay
which plan you want to talk about my first idea is to make a seesaw and
launch it over the fence hmm to make a seesaw we could easily
find something from that however we’re going to need a big weight to drop onto
the seesaw and jettison as over a fence you feign to eat there I think the
mayor’s pleased to collect the pieces is in hot 11 okay that sounds great
okay which plan you want to talk about mr. Tweedy has brought some fireworks
I’ll bet we could use those to launch us out of here that sounds are you bit
dangerous I’ll need to do some projectile calculations to get us over
the fence you will obviously need some fireworks and the box of matches to
light them yes and I have an idea of where to get
them as this could be dangerously explosive I think we should store them
all with Barb’s and hot 60 yes that probably is the safest place you better
warn them to be ready okay which plan you want to talk about
I have a plan to build a catapult hmm sounds familiar
after all we tried that before yes but from that we’ve learned some lessons we
could try again make a bigger one what do you think wait see maybe in fact one
of my original ideas was for a much larger catapult and on reflection it’s
probably the better plan need an old plan a tennis racquet helada and some
string I also need to find a spoon to dig under the fence where it’s soft and
muddy once you’ve explored more of the farm and collected the things weird will
you hide them I think that hop 15 will be just the place okay which plan you
want to talk about well away via ginger and good luck you you you you are you ready to make the catapult yes
ginger I know what I have to do well done
I just hope I can find everything I’ll be back here as soon as I can you rookie your baby doll wean objects from
around the farm sleep tight angel face the rocks on the
case making me fuel profits you you hey rocky did you manage to get anything
hey good things come to those who wait Dollface you rocky you’re here well how about that
we need objects from around the edge of the farm sleep tight angel face the
rocks on the case well how about that you you’re that quick I think off anything
relax we’ll make him progress oh great you’re welcome you look at this is perfect for the catapult
well done ginger you know I’m really looking forward to this great we might
actually be able to get out of here this time I’ll keep looking you rocky you’re here well how about that
we need objects from around the edge of the farm sleep tight angel face the
rocks on the case yo baby doll rocky you at last I found everything you need
brilliant that will finish things off nicely it’s a cutter pot ready to go
yes it’s outside base in the lake now good job you saved the top of the
problem II to give you a frog medal this completes what you need Babs
oh thank you ginger I’m getting a bit nervous don’t worry
you love it and we’ll all be free at last
all right then it’ll be nice to see if you five will explore it yeah you’re a bright spot so I may evolve you
up you you you here’s the big weight you wanted
brilliant we’re ready to go and go we will all of us come on well done I’m getting a few jabs over
the pins ever from middle Mack have you been able to do the
drawing since we talked to Fowler about the old crate from his RAF days I only
wish we’d listened to his daring more stories more carefully Fowler has
provided the answer who needs rocky anyway
well him I’ve been working on my calculations and I think the idea of a
flying machine will work excellent I knew we’d be able to fly out of here
let’s see it well here are my plans for the old cleat it has to be beg to hold
at all but broken it down into three main components I’ll have to go all
three belt and working before we can fly over the Thames to freedom oh I can almost feel that
grass under my feet firstly we’ll need a big engine well I
guess we have two options either mr. Tweedy’s car or his old tractor in the
barn well I think the tractor is more suitable and we’d never get auntie’s car
it’s about old and hasn’t been running for some time so I guess we’ll need to
oil that well then we can drive the prop shaft from this so we’ll need a decent
length of chain yes he’s gonna work I’ll see what I can
do okay we’ll assemble the engine and not 15 but what about the main body of the old
crate I figured out we should be able to convert one of the huts at 10 would be
good what will involve nice planning will
need some cogs some tools and planks of wood okay that should be no problem but
this is going to take time and we mustn’t be caught by messed up Twitty
we’ll need a lookout do you think you could get hold of his binoculars yes
they must be in the farmhouse somewhere have you worked out how we can build the
wings oh I will need some poles Twain and lots of laundry sounds like a good plan Mac we can build
these in happy 11 we need an awful lot can I help you no
you coordinate the plan I know a couple of rats who do this kind of stuff for a
living problem is they’ll need paying but all
those rats always want eggs well I’ll go and see Bunty and hat – she’ll be well
chat that she can help nice work damn Annette I give you this
well-deserved silver medal you Oh you hello it’s a tiller the hane how can we
help you love we have to get out of here and we need these things
oh sure we can come to some arrangement because we’re desperate I’m prepared to
offer you six eggs I think I must be dreaming this is a big job so 6x in
advance will do nicely I thought you’d say that so I’ve got them here very nice
good doing business with you miss well good Josh all you need meet later back
here and make sure you don’t forget anything now merchandize oh they Spanish what did
you manage to get a books of the finest tools and okay and a box of cocks as you
asked it’s fantastic brilliant work reward us well give us eggs and we will
always deliver you really have this time Thanks you great stuff hain they’re assembling the
engine and hot 15 I’ll take this over there now you gosh this is heavy it looks sick
well done ginger I’m halfway there now brilliant I only wish I trusted those
rats I found this is it for you no sorry I’m
making the wing so I don’t need that perhaps you could show Mac I’ll have
another look at your plans you this should help you great max says we
need an engine do you think all find one my plan is to use the one from mr.
Tweedy’s old tractor you I can see all of Cody not reward you
with it you you you you flippy neck look at this list fetcher
I’m looking Nick I’m looking this is dangerous work miss and no mistake
dangerous or not can you help us of course if we’re risking our tails and
whiskers for you love oh dear I don’t like the sound of this we’ll need at
least six eggs alright ten for this one wouldn’t you say fetcher ten I’ll give
you six eggs now and no more oh I miss after you fetcher after I walk when
everything back here we haven’t much time well oh look you we’re back and we’ve got the love of it
yes miss laundry swine and the lovely Pyrenees things there binoculars you
Nancy well done both of you that’s all right love you can rely on us
once we’ve got some eggs inside us I think you actually deserve them
Thanks look what I found Mac this will be great
for helping to convert ha 10 are we still on track I’ve heard more noises
coming from the barn yes mr. Tweedy’s nearly fixed the pie
machine we are rapidly running out of time there you are
I hope this will help it along fantastic I only need one more night um now I know
wretched rats keep asking for more eggs finally we could manage without them well this is just what you need
great stuff only one more to get keep working I’ll be back soon you I could see all of good you are you sure you need all this poles
chain and an engine it could be an impossible mission you have to accept it
how much is it worth I’ll pay you 2x oh yes please be quiet
fetch up eight eggs six that’s my final offer
done lovely zigzags here you are please hurry totally sorted totally what caused it
all yes and your engines waiting for you just why you need it all part of the
service my love will soon be out of here of course she will miss birds of a
feather flock together be quite you know but I know that it cost us a lot of eggs
but it was worth it thanks both of you you now we’ve got everything we need
fantastic that’s it let’s see we get this engine
running we must time is rapidly running out so let’s stop I admit I’ve missed
Chinese Kanaka I want you up good my goodness we’ve got oil everywhere
I know I’d like to try it again though you know I’m surprised rocky wasn’t more
helpful you last they caught everything we need
I know what we need a rest you must be tired out
well done ginger we should be ready to finish the wings now brilliant
I’m sure this plan will work well soon be out of here for good let me you goodness I’m exhausted here’s the last
thing you need thanks ginger I’ve almost finished now I’m proud of you
let me help so we can try it out you know I think this elf exactly Oh why one Oh Oh

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  2. i use to play this game but i never got the chance to finish it, the movie itself was amazing because I read on rotten tomatoes that Chicken Run got a positive 97% fresh tomatoes

  3. Its like he doesn't watch the mini map at all omg.
    why didn't he use sprouts in the first hour?
    kinda fcked up that the rats ask for eggs, and the chickens have no problem with that

  4. I only finished the first stage from this game. Because at that time i cant even understand english. I love this game, i played it on my PS1 when i still 6 years old.

  5. Thanks so much for posting! this was one of my favs when i was a kid, and as an adult i always wanted to know the ending! it was such a hard game as a kid!

  6. PS 1 had some good games like
    Parasite eve and chicken run
    PS 2 had some awesome games like
    Crash twinsanity

  7. This game scared the crap out of me so much that once I got caught by the dogs I never attempted to play it ever again

  8. I'm 12 look at thes graphic rubish hahaha I have fortnite on 9700k rtx 2080ti I get 250fps this chicken little game is shit. I'm 12*by the way

  9. 42:58 mac 🖥: I figured out we should be able to convert one ☝️ of the huts.
    Commander knapp: well I figure we should be able to convert more then one ☝️ hut. In fact, we should be able to convert all of the huts! Then the new crate would be much bigger!

  10. First time I got caught by mr tweedy, mrs tweedy adn the dog but the first one I try to get the tools but too hard so I try to plan my self to avoid Mr Tweedy so I try to use the gravy to avoid Mr Tweedy

  11. Nick and Fetcher got this chain for us and I've seen you've got the Engine
    Betty: Yeah after the tractor crush, it was easy
    Ginger: It doesn't seems to that oil, it the way to season to take off

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