Chivalrous Geisha 1969 Junko Fuji

Chivalrous Geisha 1969 Junko Fuji

FUJI Junko
WAKAYAMA Tomisaburo
Directed by YAMASHITA Kosaku
Let’s dance.
Come closer to me.
You don’t mind me touching you
a little bit, do you?
Please stop It.
You must be joking.
Hey, guys. Grab her.
Please let me leave.
No way.
The minister picked you.
Why don’t you feel honoured?
Shiny, why do you hake me so much’?
My right hand has your breast,
and my left hand has your arse.
Men from Satsuma are all good.
It’s time to give up.
You idiot!
We’re very, very sorry.
Apologize to them.
If you don’t, you won’t be able to work
in Shinbashi any more.
You’re just a geisha girl.
You have no right to disrespect
the Imperial Japanese Army.
Why don’t you say something?
Please do whatever you want.
Yes, I’m only a geisha girl.
But I’m also a human being
with pride and feelings.
If you Ignore the fact and
have to punish me,
I’ll be happy to receive any punishment.
Please do whatever you want.
I don’t care if you hit me or
cut me to pieces.
– Nlhon Jokyo-den: Kyokaku Geisha ~
Bring it down a little more.
Hey, what are you doing here?
They’re the Geisha Bandits.
Oh, the Geisha Bandits.
How are you doing?
Could you help me with
the package, please?
Thank you.
Now, I’m going in the pawnshop.
From the end of the Meiji period
to the early Taisho period,

Japan was still immature.
With the era of the coal boom,
which was called ‘Burning Stone’,

Kita Kyushu was full of energy
and new money.

Are you having a good time?
You don’t get this kind of
hospitality in Tokyo, do you?
Oh, I’m still dazed.
Excuse me, Could you come here
please, Shinji?
That must be a pawn check.
Everybody ls here.
You’re going too far.
What’s going on here?
They sold all our belongings
to the pawnshop.
They’re the infamous Geisha Bandits.
Hakata’s institution, the Geisha
Bandits, just robbed us.
Don’t be so stingy, gentlemen.
When you decide to have a good time,
do It until you lose all your
money and belongings.
That’s how men do it in Hakata.
Give it up.
Give it upl
The total is 45 yen and 80 sen.
Thank you very much for
the generous tip.
Excuse me.
Is anyone here? We’re customers.
How can I help you?
We need your geisha girls
as soon as possible.
We don’t want the cheap ones.
We want the top-ranking ones
who meet with the executives.
I heard that a girl called Shin]!
Is the best one.
Okay, she is mine, then.
UmehachL Kama“, Kmumaru
am Hanayu…

We have a lot of money.
See, we have 10 yen.
You must be joking. What can
you buy with 10 yen?
Some people walk In without knowing
that they’re out of place.
How about this pattern?
I heard everything from here.
Just say no.
But they refuse to leave. They’re
going to the coal mountain tomorrow.
They begged and said,
“Please just let us do It once. It
would mean the world to us. “
It would mean the world to them?
Did they really say that?
No way, Shinji.
You have an appointment with
Mr. Osuga tonight.
Rich people can come back here anytime.
Ohama, please tell Kohlde and
Tamako, okay?
Shhii- Wail. Shinji.
Here we go again.
Hello, I’m Shlnll.
Welcome to Tokiwa.
Would you like some sake?
One, two, three, fourl
She wins! Take his shirt off.
Let me try one more time.
You have to take your
pants off now.
Can you help me? Mr. Osuga
has been asking for you.
Just Ignore him. Why don’t
you join us here?
Really? Thanks a lot…
They’ll remember this party for
the rest of their lives.
They used the special word
to get you, huh?
We have a lot of money here.
Welcome, gentlemen.
Why don’t you do something?
It seems like more fun here.
Why don’t you do your
special performance?
This is great fun!
We work at the Hanada coalmine
about 24 miles from here.
I see.
I don’t think we’ll be able to come
again, but we’ll never forget it.
I have 10 yen. How much change?
Wait. Did you say 10 yen?
Okay, I’ll leave It with Shlnjl. You
can keep the change as a tip.
In that case, can we have seven
or eight more bottles of sake?
Mameroku, what’s taking so long?
I was just asking her. I’ll bring her
to you right away.
I’m sorry but I can’t take
any more customers tonight.
Show some respect to my boss.
Who cares about these rednecks?
Just show your face.
Who are rednecks?
This is not a place for poor
country folk like you guys.
I get It. I’ll visit him just
for a little.
Boss, I’m here.
You’re finally here.
This is something, isn’t it?
He lust came back from Tokyo
and is really loaded.
It looks like fun. Let me do it.
So, do you have an answer
to our offer?
Shlnjl, you’re finally here.
Are you going to accept our offer?
I thought I’d already excused
myself from it.
You have no ambition.
Mr. Osuga ls not an ordinary
coalmine owner.
He’ll be the next chairman of
Hakata Chamber of Commerce.
Soon, he’ll be responsible for
all the mountains in Kyushu
and will become the richest
business man in town.
He fell In love with you and wants
to take care of you as a patron.
What’s wrong with you?
What’s so funny?
You fell in love with me?
That’s right.
You must be joking.
You treat women like monkeys.
You don’t know what love is.
Shimada is here.
Excuse me.
I’ve been looking for you.
The last horse cart left for the
mountain a long time ago.
What are we going to do without
three veteran miners tomorrow?
We’re planning to walk back.
Sure, with your fluffy legs?
It will be noon before you get there.
I reserved a horse cart for us.
Let’s go now.
Can I have the cheque?
They’ve already paid more than enough.
Have they?
You had that much money?
We gambled earlier and won 10 yen.
You don’t have to worry about
us this time.
Why don’t you join us and
have a good time, Boss?
You idiot.
This is not a cheap bar.
It’s the top grade club in Hakata.
They already made a payment.
I told you.
Leave them alone.
No, I can’t. Who paid for it?
Really? 10 yen is not enough?
Of course not. You don’t know anything.
Stop It. You don’t understand
our spirit, brother.
Let me pay.
I don’t want any money.
I insist.
Let’s stop it. It’s so ridiculous.
They’re throwing bills in the next room.
We’re arguing whether we’ll pay or not.
It’s so ridiculous.
I was wrong. You still owe me
some money for tonight.
Okay. How about a drink before you go?
No, thanks.
I can’t take alcohol.
That’s true. He gets drunk just
by inhaling it.
Shut up. You’re embarrassing me.
By the way, I’m Shlmada Selklchl.
Nice to meet you.
I’m Shlnjl.
Nice to meet you, too.
Hey. stay put.
Why don’t you say hi to our boss?
You’re lust a barn owner. You’re
so full of yourself.
Let me excuse myself.
We’re in a hurry.
Shlmada, I’d like to discuss
some issues with you.
Come with me.
I have no intention of selling
my mountain to you.
Thanks for your offer, but please
close down the deal.
You won’t give me a chance?
Please think it over again.
I don’t mind adding some on top
of the original offer amount.
Money is not the issue.
You may think it’s childish, but
before the last owner died, I made
a promise to him,
that I would make our mountain
the best in Japan.
That’s why I won’t let It go
under any circumstances.
Shlmada, you’re talking tough lust
because you’ve got a
contract with Kanto Electric Power.
Do you realize that the contract
is not finalized?
You may lose everything If you
keep acting that way.
I heard you were very busy.
Aren’t you short on staff?
We’re fine.
Why don’t you stop being so
stubborn and
ask me for help with the miners?
The more we dig, the more money we get.
Other coalmine owners love my service.
I’ll give you as many as you want.
Thanks for your offer, but I have no
intention of making my mountain a sweatshop.
What do you mean by that?
Our mountain represents our lives.
I’ll never give it to anyone.
Excuse me.
Tell me about their contract with
Kanto Electric Power.
Our president heard a rumour In
Tokyo that Hanada coalmine
unofficially got an offer from them
as the sole contractor.
When it becomes official, there will be
no inspections on the supplies,
and the price will be determined each time.
It’s a great deal. In other words,
Hanada will be as well off
as long as there are lights in Japan.
What a jerk.
As you all know, I’m planning lo
buy all the mountains in Kyushu.
For that, I organized a union
for coalminers.
In all of Kyushu, Hanada’s
mountain is the best one.
I want that one more than anything.
I’ll corner him little by little
and make him suffer.
Will you lend a hand when
I need your help?
See. I told you to quit, didn’t I?
She is here.
I’ve been waiting for you.
What did you send a messenger for?
You know I’m always broke.
Hello, Sir.
Look. Everything is gone.
It can’t be helped.
Okay, I have to win this time.
For good luck,
can you please give me a kiss?
Everybody ls here.
How is it going?
Please take your time and have fun.
You did it! We won!
A call girl escaped.
When they find her, she’ll
get beaten up.
Please help us. Please.
We haven’t done anything wrong.
Move this cart to my club.
I can’t do such a thing.
I won’t cause you any trouble.
It will be against the owner of
this gambling parlour. Forgive me.
They’re here!
They’re coming.
Is that you, Oshige?
Who are you?
Oh, you are…
Did a group of three visit you?
A call girl escaped from the
house in Yanagimachi.
Why don’t you answer my question?
How can I help you?
Did anyone visit us?
Only the bill collectors came.
You heard her. Go home.
What? They’re lying.
Start searching!
You idiot. It’s not a gangster’s
You need a search warrant before
going intomyhouse.
You saved our lives.
Thank you very much.
Don’t mention it.
I heard you are from Yanagimachi.
Yes. It’s terrible there.
They make her work until she
can’t stand up on her own.
But her debt is increasing daily.
I thought she’d be killed someday, so…
I understand, but you’ll need to settle
this issue with them.
Why don’t you hop on a boat or
a train right now?
You must be joking. They have
over 300 young guys.
Such a simple trick won’t work.
I can hide him in my mountain, but…
Deal. I’ll take Suzue with me.
Are you going to take her?
It won’t be that easy.
Leave It to me. You’ll be separated for
a while after a long, hard battle.
But, please be patient.
I’ll be back later, but let me take
the girl with me for now.
Go away. If you touch her,
I’ll hurt you.
What are you doing?
You bastards!
Gang members like you are not
allowed in our club.
Everybody, come out! The Banba
Group is here.
Come on!
What’s going on?
You’ve got some nerve, haven’t you?
You don’t know anything.
You must not be from Hakata.
What kind of person are you?
We’ll take care of you. Let
me see your pretty face.
Where is he?
Hurry. Go home, Idiots!
Shut up! Stay away!
If you want to get hurt, just
keep talking trash to us.
Cut it out.
What are you trying to do?
Do you think your toy sword will
make the Hakata geisha girls scream?
Do it.
What are you waiting for?
Knock yourself out!
If you want a discussion with me,
you bring your boss, Mr. Banyasu.
We, the Hakata geisha girls,
won’t run and hide.
Understand? Then, go home now.
How are you going to hurt Shinji?
Like this?
We’ll have a party for the police.
Shut up! I’ll kill you all.
What’s happening?
This whore escaped from the house.
Shinji, is that true?
That’s interesting.
Let me handle It.
I’ll talk to Banyasu later.
Thank you very much.
I’ll find another day to visit you.
I’ll be waiting for you.
I don’t really know how you
formally close a contract.
Can you just let us off
the hook now?
I can’t say no to you.
It’s over. I accept it.
But there will be no second time, right?
I understand.
Mr. President, everyone is here.
I have a meeting for about an hour.
Please take your time and relax.
Then, let me excuse myself for now.
Don’t try to run away from me.
I’ll have my staff guide you
to the coalmine.
It will be a rare experience to see
the underground world.
Excuse me.
Is there a coalmine called Hanada
close by?
Hanada is the next mountain.
How do I get there?
In about 30 minutes, there will
be a horse cart coming.
You should catch it.
Thank you very much.
What did that guy do?
He escaped.
A well-dressed lady like you
may not understand,
but this mountain is hell.
No, it’s not just here.
All the mountains that Osuga
owns are like hell.
The next subject will be the
Nagareyama coalmine.
Yesterday, they accepted our offer
at the price we named.
Therefore, we’ll take over nine
new mountains.
Nine more. How about Kawara?
It’s been a while since we started
dealing with them.
Yes, In regards to that, we invited
a manager from the Kawara coalmine.
This is Harumoto. He is a
supervisor for young miners.
Please welcome him to our team.
This is a map of the Kawara coalmine.
This is our coal bed, but I’m making
the miners work around here,
away from the actual coal
bed, on purpose.
So, all we get ls the low-quality,
muddy coal.
Our last supply didn’t even pass
the army inspection.
You must have mixed it with
a bunch of rocks.
Kawara is here.
“New ‘It.
Why are you here?
Harumoto came all this way to ask
me to lend him some miners.
You and I know each other, so I’d
like to help you,
but we’re suffering from the labour
shortage, too.
I don’t believe you. You guys are thieves.
You’re going too far.
What’s wrong with that? You’re
stealing all the mountains.
Please apologize to me.
Can you hear me?
I’m sorry.
Who apologizes standing up?
Kneel down on the ground.
I’m so sorry.
Please leave now.
Leave now!
Osuga, that mountain is mine.
Don’t lay your hands on it.
I’ll get something done with the bank,
so In four or five days, when he’s
calmed down, give him another offer.
He’ll accept it with the price
of 10,000 yen.
Let’s move to the next subject.
We’re back.
Welcome back.
Our dinner is ready.
It’s unusual. The dinner is ready.
Auntie, you’re getting compliments.
I have an assistant today.
She is really good.
What? You hired someone?
HI, everyone. I’m new here.
Nice to meet you.
Wow. Thank you for coming all this way.
When did you get here?
Stay away from her. You’ll make
her nice kimono dirty.
What are you doing here?
I told her not to help me
but she insisted.
She’s been helping me since then.
This is great. Tonight’s dinner
will make us feel dizzy.
She is here!
Kota, Suzue is doing fine. We settled
the issue with the Banba Group,
so please relax. Okay?
Good for you.
Have a seat.
If you compare our mountain with
0suga’s, it’s like a toy.
That’s not true. Yours ls
more organized.
Stop brown-nosing. You are
not at your club.
Shlmada, when did I brown-nose
I saw an escaped miner at 0suga’s.
They were beating the guy up.
The company will get crushed, I’m sure.
Promise not to get mad at me, okay?
I came here because of Suzue, but…
I was worried.
I thought your company might
be like Osuga’s.
Give me a break.
Take a look at this.
We fight with the coal every day.
You can’t wln this fight If all the
miners are not together.
These are not my words, though.
That was my deceased boss’
favourite phrase.
Hold it just a minute.
Shinji! I have big news!
I know about the visit of the
minister of the army.
That’s not it.
Really? That can’t be true.
They haven’t told the police yet.
You can’t be here.
Come with me.
Please give it to me, okay?
Please listen to me.
Please give it to me.
Sister, come with me.
Kawara… why did he kill himself?
He didn’t kill himself.
Osuga killed him.
One of his miners betrayed him,
and everything fell apart.
He was busy going to his
bank every day.
He was doing great yesterday, though.
He said Osuga wanted his mountain
but he would never sell it to him.
He said if he died, I could have it and
get some firewood from it.
Then, he laughed.
It may have been his last words.
He was a goofy 9″!!-
He was so nice, and that was it.
I don’t think he had any
other good traits.
But now, I know how much
he meant to me.
Shinji, I’m so stupid.
I realized how Important he was
after his death.
I’m so stupid.
You must be Shinji.
Show me your face.
You’re one of three people who
smacked my head in my life.
The other two are Mr. Salgo
and my father.
Since then, I’m afraid of
hitting on girls.
No, thanks.
Don’t worry. We put tea inside.
People can be persistent. This way
you can pretend to drink.
Did you…?
It was Shinji’s idea.
As I pointed out at the last meeting,
Japan’s next goal will be
to make an advance into the continent.
Its resources are unlimited.
For that, we can’t just sit here.
We have to work hard and build
up the national capability.
You’re absolutely right.
I had a feeling that you might
come to this party.
This is from Suzue to Kola.
I have a letter from him to her.
When people are In love, they
think alike, I guess.
Come over here.
The minister would like to talk to you.
This is the man I was telling
you about.
I heard you are working hard to
make your mountain the best.
That’s great.
Keep up the good work.
Minister, please treat him with some sake.
No, thank you. I can’t take
any alcohol.
The minister is offering you some sake.
You must take it.
Whatever you say, I really
can’t take any.
You’re a good guy.
I like you a lot.
Let me take some sake on
his behalf.
You will?
I’ll represent him.
Shinji, tell me the truth.
What do you mean?
You’re in love with this man.
Sure, I am.
I keep losing to you.
Shlnjl. The Hakata geisha girls
will do anything for love.
You must do anything, too, right?
If I say yes, what are you
going to do?
His mountain is going to be the
best one in Japan.
The small sake cup is not big enough.
Take this cup.
What’s wrong, Shinji?
Don’t you love him that much?
I’ll take it.
Thank you.
Great job.
I’m fine.
This is something small from me
for Japan’s greatest mountain.
What happened to the party?
Do you know what time It is’?
It’s almost dawn.
So, I excused myself from the party?
You don’t remember anything, do you?
You saw the minister off.
I wanted to thank you and looked
for you everywhere.
I found you lying in this room.
So you stayed here with me
the whole time?
Thank you.
Don’t mention it.
I’m the one who needs to thank you.
Thank you.
The sunrise must be beautiful
in the mountains.
I wish I could go some time.
About the stuff you said last night…
the things you said to the minister…
Let’s forget it ever happened.
I’m an ex-convict.
I was convicted twice in the past.
I came from Tokyo and met my
deceased boss, Mr. Hanada.
He trained me from the beginning.
I pretend to be good but once you’ve
done something wrong, you’re scarred
Please don’t tell anyone.
When I was six, I really wanted a
pair of sandals with red ribbons.
Just the cheap, ordinary sandals.
We couldn’t afford them.
I was chased and got beaten up.
I knelt down on the ground
and apologized.
My mother died when I was 10.
I was sold to the geisha house.
Since then, I’ve been with
many customers.
Sometimes, I have to smile at
men that I hate.
Now I can drink a whole bottle
of sake easily.
Shlmada, I have a lot of scars
just like you.
Do you mind staying in this
office for a while?
I have to go back to the mountain.
Is the boss out today?
The old lady just left for the station
and should be back soon.
Thank you for doing this.
I forgot to tell you. If someone calls,
please tell them
our boss has gone to Wakamatsu
for four or five days.
Wakamatsu? Is everything okay?
Not really. Something bad happened
to our company.
Yamazaki, what’s going on?
Why aren’t you shipping our coal?
Our union president told us
not to ship it.
Your union president did?
He gave us a list of shipments
that are allowed to leave.
We can’t do anything about it.
Where is the president?
I’m not sure. He said he’d
be on vacation.
He didn’t say.
Let me go, please.
We can’t do anything.
Osuga finally extended his power
to Wakamatsu.
Welcome home.
You were house-sitting for us.
Thank you.
This is the company founder’s
She just graduated from a college
in Tokyo.
How many times do I have
to tell you?
I still have some exams left.
You’ve come a long way.
You’re almost finished.
If you’re mean to me like that,
I may fail the exams.
I’m Yayol.
Nice to meet you.
My name is Shinji.
It hasn’t changed at all.
My drawing is still here.
I’m so embarrassed.
Seikichi has such bad taste.
I’ll have to educate him.
As soon as you walked In, you
started picking on him.
You don’t understand how
thoughtful he is.
You must say hello to your parents.
Do you think she and Selklchl
are perfect for each other?
That was her late father’s wish.
She is in love with him.
He doesn’t say anything, but I’m
sure he likes her enough.
Definitely within this year…
All his miners and I hope so.
If all goes well, the Hanada coalmine
will be propserous for a long time.
Auntie, is Seikichi coming back tonight?
I’ll cook something nice for him.
You sit down and watch, okay?
Your nice dress will get dirty.
Change your clothes.
I’m fine like this.
No, you’ll make a mess.
It’s raining so hard.
Sir, she is here.
It’s been a while.
I heard you were coming and
didn’t know why.
Why don’t you come this way?
Is the offer you proposed still valid?
What happened to Shimada?
He died.
He’s gone from my heart.
You’re so decisive.
I don’t know what happened
between you and Shimada,
but I told you from the beginning
that I get whatever I want.
How much can you pay?
Name your price. I’ll buy you
at the price you name.
Release the shipments of Hanada
You don’t have to act surprised.
I know that you’re controlling the
shipments in Wakamatsu.
I’m not planning to back off from Hanada.
But I’ll let go of the Wakamatsu issue.
How about that?
If he keeps losing, he is no one.
You make me fall In love with you
again and again, Shinji.
Please call Wakamatsu.
What are you doing here?
Shinji is mine from tonight.
You were too late.
Where did you hide the union
president from Wakamatsu?
About the subject, I was just
going to let you know.
You’re a lucky man.
I wish I were you.
Do you want to have a drink?
What are you doing?
Osuga, I don’t know what this
lady asked you to do.
But the Wakamatsu Issue ls between
you and me.
It has nothing to do with this lady.
Please keep that in mind.
Is that what you want?
What are you going to do
with Shinji?
She ls the woman I love.
I’ll take her with me.
Let’s go home.
Move out of the way.
Did it hurt?
I was so glad.
Yayoi is such a nice girl.
You saw her?
That’s why you went to see Osuga.
Yayol will find a better man
for herself.
I’m taking care of her father’s
When her husband ls ready to
take over my task,
I’m willing to leave the mountain.
What are you doing?
Come on, Sister.
She is in big trouble.
Where is Kumehachi?
They said she was so sorry
about what happened
and has been crying at the
police station.
I understand how she feels.
Our union president went to
Osuga’s to apologize.
It’s out of control.
Mr. President.
He said that anyone that takes
Kumehachi’s side will not be
allowed to stay in business in Hakata.
He said to close your business now
if you support her.
You didn’t agree with him, did you?
Kumehachl could have been killed.
That’s why we helped.
You didn’t agree with him, did you?
I had no choice.
He has the Banba Group behind him.
If we don’t listen to him, we’ll
be out of business.
The sign for our club represents
the geisha girls’ lives.
They have no right to control
us like that.
Hello. This is the front office.
Okay. I understand.
Right away.
Osuga needs some company for drinks.
Can any of you go to him?
Hey, do you hear me?
I thought you were a better man.
Hey, stop it.
Stop it.
What? No one is available?
I’m so sorry.
What? They’re starting to act up.
Stop It. That’s how these women
really are.
At the party, we get even
because we act foolish.
Once we’re out, they’re like
‘Ne must have spam them ton much.
Anyone will do. Call everyone
on your list.
Yes. But…
Thank you so much.
Don’t treat us like strangers.
We don’t need girls when
it comes to this.
We’ll have a guys’ night out.
Bring the drummers in.
Guys, please go home for now.
I don’t want to put you In
a difficult position.
Stop being silly. We’ll stay
here with you.
We’d happily die for you.
Shin“ No one wants to work.
I don’t know what to do.
What are you guys doing?
The drummers can’t skip parties.
Excuse me for saying this, but
the sound of the drums gets
better with good clients.
We can’t play for punks like you.
You idiot.
Do whatever you want.
I’m Mameroku from Hakata.
I won’t be beaten up easily.
What? You must have gone crazy.
Drag them all out of this club.
Stay away from us.
You think we’re scared?
Shoot it.
Is anybody here?
This is the gun that Mr. Kawara
used to own.
Come up to me If you owe
him an apology.
When you go back, tell Osuga,
If he doesn’t apologize to us, the
lights of Hakata will go out.
I know how you feel, but just for
tonight’s party, please be there.
This is his second visit this month.
We should all feel honoured.
Please talk to me.
I’ve already told you many times.
As long as Koman’s problem Is
we’re not going to work at parties.
Hello. You’re calling from Wakamatsu?
We give up. Can you return our
union president to us?
They’ve been begging me all
day and night.
I’m exhausted. I can’t do this anymore.
I understand. Okay?
Hang in there a little longer.
We haven’t taken care of
Shimada yet, have we?
I’ve been working on It.
It won’t take long.
I’m not asking you this for
my company.
I have 100 guys working for
me in the mountain.
They work all day without seeing
their families.
I can’t abandon them to fate.
Yamazaki, you’re a miner, too.
You understand how I feel.
If you can ship our coal,
I’ll do anything for you.
I’m happy to kill myself for it.
Shimada, please don’t do that.
We’re the ones who need to
apologize to you.
I don’t care what our union leader says.
Let me ship your coal.
How about a drink?
I can’t thank you enough.
Osuga. What happened to the
geisha girls tonight?
This place looks empty without them.
Can you do something about it?
I guess no one is available.
Shlnll. I’m here with Mr. Osuga
right now.
So, he’ll back of from Koman’s
Could I talk to Mr. Osuga, then?
I’d like to hear it from him directly.
Please come to the party.
You won.
We’ve been waiting for you.
Wakamatsu just gave in.
They’ve already started loading
the coal.
Do it. Blow up the mountain.
They’ve just started loading.
I just got a call from the boss.
He said they’ll ship all our coal.
Work as hard as you can.
I’m going to tell everyone.
Pull yourself together.
It’s the Banba Group.
Boss, we can’t wait any longer.
When are we going to fight?
We’re going to kill Osuga and
the Banba Group.
If we don’t, our dead friends will
turn in their graves.
If you don’t want to, we’ll go.
Ready, everyone?
Stop it.
Stop acting crazy.
They died for our mountain.
They protected you guys.
You can’t do such a terrible thing
for your departed friends.
Why don’t you start picking up the
rocks and build a monument?
Why can’t you do things that
will make them happy?
You’re going, aren’t you?
I’m better at acting dumb.
I won’t stop you.
Just tell me.
Is it tonight?
Take this.
Don’t go.
Don’t go.
Don’t go!
Please don’t stop me.
Wag you.
I don’t know about the future, but…
we are in a different world right now.
Don’t you think?
Don’t worry. I won’t die.
You looked so beautiful that night.
I wlsh I could dle under a
cherry blossom tree.
Its beautiful petals would fall
on my body.
Osuga, it’s your turn to die.
Stay back.
Stay back.
Stay back.
Stay back.
Stay back.
Shinji, it’s time.
Please hurry up.
The End
Subtitled by Marukomu

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  1. very cool collection! do you happen to have crazed beast/ a savage beast goes mad by any chance? It seems like one of those movies that's borderline impossible to find.

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