75 thoughts on “Chris Sharma – BACK in Céüse – Sport climbing and bolting in France”

  1. That sequence of only ambient sound starting around 7:35 is fantastic! The elements of wind, birds chirping, his hands and feet against the rock, and clipping in to finish the route: they're just so brilliant and raw. Climb on!

  2. yeah, does anyone know what device he is using for daisies on the hooks? doesn't look like a ushba basic. A commericial rope ratchet?

  3. What's that small black ascender device connected to the other end of his hook? I'd always wondered how a route was bolted, pretty cool to finally see some footage of a hard route being put up.

  4. Я в востоорге и переполнен хорошей завистью к ребята, не зря поживающим жизнь, красиво, увлечённо и с любовью к преодолению, труду, верности. дружбе и риску.

  5. Do you know much about climbing? Not trying to insult, just asking. Its just a typical sport climbing system, is this case a ground-up project. Sometimes people rap from above. He is being belayed by his girlfriend as Rachel responded and using hooks to essentially aid his way up the climb and provide stability to drill and set the bolt. The anchor is probably two bolts and there are a variety of set-ups. Chains or other options for lowering. Bolts probably 3/8" or 1/2" or metric equiv stainless

  6. This moment at the end, when music stoped, only wind and sky and rock – perfect frame, i almost felt it like i was there. Music gives motto and pumps, but it also ruins video.

  7. Hello I am a 14 year old Chilean climber climbing at 5.11a to take practicing this beautiful sport one year only and love this sport every time I see sharma climbing motivates me to keep climbing and improve climbing to reach as.

  8. They're called Wild Country RopeMan ascenders. Basically a pulley with a little cam in it that pinches down on the rope when you weight it. Funny to see him using non-petzl equipment to equip routes, but it makes sense, it's such a specialized piece of equipment. A similar thing you could use would be a Yates adjustable daisy chain.

  9. get outta here you stupid hippie mother natures is stronger than a few bolts. You just watched the best climber in the world talk all about the beauty of setting a route and still you say that? Sure climbing is about connecting with nature and being alone on the wall is a profound thing but the fact of the matter is people like Chris who go and set these routes allow others to climb something they may not have been able to do otherwise. Not to mention the safety factor of bolts over trad.

  10. one of the most inspiring people I've seen. Dedication, calmness and an amazing and beautiful spirit… like it very much.

  11. Even climber are strong and talented enough to climb a route of this difficulty, some of the moves look like they would be incredibly complicated to figure out. 

  12. As much as I love Sharma and support what he does. We REALLY do not need videos of anyone bolting climbs. It's just going to inspire a new wave of idiots that are going to go out and bolt shit that doesn't need to be bolted.

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