Christian Blackjack Card Counting Team Co-Founder, Colin Jones, Interview

Christian Blackjack Card Counting Team Co-Founder, Colin Jones, Interview

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in this video American casino
guide author Steve Bourie
interviews Colin Jones who with his
partner Ben Crawford
ran a blackjack card counting team that
won more than three million dollars
during its four-year existence
the team was especially unique because
consisted almost entirely of Christians
and some other teams exploits were
filmed for a documentary called
holy rollers the true story of card
counting christians
are going to start off by showing you
the trailer for the movie
and that will be followed by Steves
interview with Colin we hope you enjoy
I was really excited when I heard about
blank check all Christians it’s
it doesn’t seem like when the most noble
things a person can do in the world but
least we can liberate money from the
clutches at those who would use it for
real purposes
him and that’s a start
so far in the left-field
it might be a professional blackjack
player let alone have a whole team
and the fact that everyone new women
ministry instance or
with just awesome I knew that they were
good godly people who cared about Jesus
cared about integrity and cared about me
that’s what are the main reasons
every time that I going see no I was
CAF bless me you know those two things
going together
never gets old thing about by someone in
Campbell product of
when we look at a casino pretty much
everyone stops and watches
us play we’re dealing with betting hands
and when im losing hundreds of thousands
of dollars lovers
111 thousand dollars month
every once in a while you get people
that are
taking extra pride in their job it
finding out that your card Connor
yeah he’s gonna get back up tonight I’ve
seen enough
the thread back review try to intimidate
human trying to find
pic it the nature of our faces we got
the money if you’ve got the money
summers are trying to take
I think they’ve been the most creative
team changing appearance
and the extra effort to spark theatrics
think that’s about
exclusive treat filed
so I love the idea the camouflage in you
know kinda you’re doing something this
Ron Tom like that makes people reassess
this in a good we will have a great
because the great you’ve got a question
you are watching anyone who’s
here’s the one yes I believe Jesus
should learn blackjack
God is calling me and he knows exactly
when and where
the current surge
how did you and Ben first me I’ll
we can’t really remember but it was
either a bible camp that we grew up
going to together or a church youth
group something like that
and what got you interested in blackjack
and Karen Cox
yeah um as the story goes now
a bed and some friends are getting the
poker and then he had a book called
on how to make a million dollars a
hundred thousand dollars a year
gambling something like that read a
chapter in a I wanna chapters on card
counting in pot
I could do that and he told me about it
and I hated
just got a math degree and I but I can I
do that too and we said
well let’s give it a try and am
that I got into it so you guys started
the team initially it was just you two
yeah initially I we’re playing
I and then you know it’s kinda lonely
and there’s a million questions are hard
to get answered
when you’re starting out and so we’re
talking on the phone constantly
on about it and we decided I
actually he was he was very briefly part
of the major
blackjack team and he did really enjoy a
working with then we thought well let’s
just our money together and play
and pretty quickly a third friend of
ours and they had a lot more money
we had a very smart bankroll he got
involved and the three of us played
for a while I’m and then a fourth
got a mother we actually met here at a
little kinda bumped into I’m
where plan on each other’s tables in
into a scuffle turned into s
us becoming friends and working it nice
couple but arguing over
jumping into each other’s table turned
into it became friends in performance
did that for
on maybe couple years an
that’s how we started well how did you
learn to form a card counting team
and and then why did you choose only
christians well
on we we figured it out as we went along
you know on we
at one point we got a hold of the
manual but that was a really helpful
in a can have to figure things out
yourself anyway and
we and Eunos a lot Rohner and constantly
talking about
how to motivate everybody how to train
players how to on
how to deal with that issues that
and quality of play just all those
things on
and then after after a couple years the
for a bus stop playing together and
that’s when ben and I
start another team in the he actually
you know it was people friends of ours
from church they were asking if we would
teach them how to play in it
it wasn’t all Christians I was in our
goal a it was
probably eighty percent the people on
the team
were Christians and that’s what gave a
candidate interesting angle for the
documentary but
it never was never was our goal nor was
ever all Christians okay well sent you
did have a lot of Christians on the team
then and and did any of them have a
moral objection to gambling in a casino
well they wanna join the team if they
would have had a moral objection to
being in casinos I am I think a lot of
people at an objection
I mean name is a semantics will appeal
an objection to gambling but they
the way we sought ways it was investing
I am
and that there were lot of Christians
they had objection what we’re doing
but the way we saw it was a it wasn’t
how many people are on the team when you
first started
her a well to ben and I
and then we trained one guy and that
turned into him telling another guy that
was a good friend in
and it grew from there it we didn’t have
to go love having
a large team it just kind of as we’re
winning more and as people told people
and i got exciting
it just kinda grew in Telugu got to
unhealthy point and then we had to start
well how many people have any members
did have its biggest point
I’m over 30 on
less than 40 I it’s hard to know
I I don’t really remember remember how
many were
tested out all at one time and playing
their people training built
test it out yeah K
how did you get the money to bankroll
your blackjack team I
friends and family invested in the team
we use our own money for years for
probably four years we just use our own
and as a team got large larger
we thought we had more than a black
checking mech said a business model
it was worth protecting meaning when I
was just a blackjack team
I’m worse case scenario we lost our
money and we’re okay with that
am but when it became something where if
we went on a bad losing streak
people would have to stop working for us
we thought that was worth protecting so
we open it up for the first time to
family and friends that had been asking
for years hey can I for some money into
and we open it up to people said here’s
the terms will offer
and and we let friends and family invest
in it
K where you always successful I
no I mean no we weren’t always
successful you can see in the
huge we went on a 465,000 I losing
streak out at one point
I’m we never we never had a losing year
I am
we had a winning year all maybe eight or
nine years though
that we played by some years there was
very little winnings other years there
with you now
well over a million dollars one in here
and what was your best winning day
me personally or teen hi I guess the
I don’t really know our best winning day
because we
on we had players send in their results
once a week because we didn’t get
bombarded with
result constantly but I do remember a
winning a hundred thousand that one
casino in a day
on the and
at I don’t know I really remember beyond
a mocha how bout you per person I what
was your best wedding day
and I one about fifty thousand dollars
and one
day one time in the middle of nowhere
and what was your worst losing day I
my first the first day I was ever in Las
I lost about forty thousand dollars
and got backed off from all MGM
properties in a bit in the course about
three hours
I lost forty thousand with all our time
to play in any MGM properties and
thought I was
that was a pretty rough first day in
Vegas and how many times are you ask
or told to leave a casino for Canon
I I’ve never kept track the how many
cases have been asked not to play and
guess is it’s over 50 ill
left then a hundred and 50
its broader yeah I am
where you ever forcefully removed a back
room yeah I’ve been back room
what was it like to be back room yeah
and we went on a trip this is our for
our previous team
on this when I played a live a the 4s
went to
Arizona and we played there for about
six days
and at the end of the six days we had
240,000 and chips 21 casino
because we’ve been just winning like
crazy we pride bodin 60,000 there
and one eighty thousand so we had all
these chips and one
with that one guy to catch them all out
even though all for Vista been playing
is a bad idea
so we sent him with all the chips and
after about
I half an hour we hadn’t heard from him
so we sent another guy and their
to go find out what was going on and
after another half hour the last to have
decide to go in there to find out what
was going on and
it ended up in all for this being in the
room at the casino with a handful have
security guards and men in suits
and they they asses how we had cheated
them for that much money
and we spent about an hour explaining
there wasn’t cheating is
card counting and how card king worked
in the past how we knew how
how to play and we said there’s a
million bucks I they ask how we know how
much did that
and we i do explain to them our bet
spread and how it works that was the
only way they’re willing to
cassius out so then they took us cashed
out are hundred and forty thousand
and that said we weren’t allowed in
there again
but I i’ve been that I’ve been hank up
a casino at had to explain to the police
I was only card counting even okay
because he knows that I was doing
something illegal explained it
and by the end of that altercation with
that police officer he was asking for
our website address so we can teach him
how to count cards
can you explain what the Griffin book is
and do you know if you’re in it
that Griffin book is it’s now an online
database a card counters and cheaters
and undesirables
I’m and yes I and i’ve seen I’m a great
fan page I have my
I OS an organ surveillance network page
at can this from
from friends that have got them from
friend that got them from somewhat
someone I the Griffin agency
I isn’t a very big deal anymore now I
guess organ surveillance network and
Sen that biometrika San network those
are larger
yeah I i’ve been in those senses very
early on I made a mistake a casino
told me I had to give them my ID I was
scared 22 years old
and said okay and then found out there
lying to me photocopied it said it in
the graph and I’ve been in Griffin ever
am but that haven’t really slow down my
never that never did and how did you
initially trainer came in
members well we
we first I first decided train a few
friends and I they were very bright just
so they could spot for me
on and through that we got better at
training people
I’m we learned what not to do and over
time we got really get it just
systematically training people from the
ground up because our network at people
most of them had never been in a casino
or if they’ve been a casino
they definitely had played much
30 taking people and say okay this is
blackjack this is how the rules work
this is a play basic Shaji this is how
you count cards this is
how you do it that spread he’s a
deviation you know just we learn kinda
process of taking people
from the ground up I’m just through
through a lot of time in
a actually loaded just how good
businesses are run they have a very
well oiled machine training people
I laughter trained on when did you know
they were ready to play for real money
yeah we had on both at home and at
test out process we would be other
people at home and they had to play
a certain number shoes perfectly without
any mistakes
and when they had done that then they
were allowed to do in in casino
test and that was a very similar process
would sit there
we watched them play and if they made a
single mistake
or even if they made us feel not
comfortable handing I’m
t-money then they would go practice some
more and
and tell they could really you know
impressed us
that besides winning what was the best
part about running
a car County the best part about running
at the blackjack team really for us it
was a it was
a lot of very fine cool people II so
he’s joking we pride on at the most
successful blackjack team
but we gotta have the most fun because
the people involved
I am you know it’s kinda like when
there’s time of your life sort things
I don’t think I could I think I could do
it again I don’t know if I would because
it was just really a fun experience
back then and on I was a great network
if people and every day
user everybody enjoyed being a part of
it for
those fiber so years well what was the
worst part about running the team
the worst part about running the team
was having a fire friends
but you know that a that’s right now is
rough but I learned a lot about his
business and immaturity in friendship
and and the fact that we’re still
friends %uh
you now other people now we had a fire I
saw consider them friends they consider
me a friend
that was rather on other than that
losing streak to just brutal you don’t
know if you’re making a mistake ur
or I don’t know if they’re making
because I can’t watch every and played
by the players
and likely showing the documentary you
can tell people are pocketing money or
I so when you’re winning you never think
about those things when you’re losing
you’re wondering is this chest that lack
his something more okay let’s take it
one step further didn’t do you think
there ever was cheating on the team
I yeah
iron I think that I think that there’s a
decent chance at some point
people I violated are
player agreement it’s really hard to
know whether it’s
it’s more that kinda white-collar crime
being sloppy with I’m when they clocked
out so to speak
or whether it was deeper like someone
five or ten thousand dollars and thought
I can’t afford to pay that back to the
team and just kinda
rolled into the results and just knowing
that link the time we ran the team and
just knowing human nature I I’d say it
odds are probably happened we always say
with well as in other a risk but it
seemed like we had two options either
not run a black TechTeam or try their
lower that risk as much as humanly
and hope for the best again and why did
you break up the team
and basically after
when ben and I started that the team the
show the documentary that the larger
scale team
we thought hey this seems worth doing
for a year to
on and pretty quickly with that
wow I wonder if we can run this thing
for five years
and try to have you now an exit strategy
before then and and was really fun for
three or four five years on after a
it started to feel more like a grind and
start to realize
that’s not it that’s going to be a
really difficult career and other
I know the Highlanders you know then
they get a free for many years and all
ally the other there our people that
it’s a career but
it was never a career goal for us on
that combined with an
a lot of allow the people on the team
we ended up having a buncha kids
something and I don’t know if I feel
find around the country every weekend
cell on
yeah and that we never won as much money
the the last few years as kinda will we
I think we just you know how to little
bit the hot streak at the beginning and
and after after enough years is we’re
still making money but it wasn’t a
on I said we had other goals in life and
well unless we’re gonna run a
large-scale team on maybe we’ll try
you know move another we’re moving in
that we start by checking pressure in
the height of their
black tech team because we’re just
interested in trying other things and
working on other businesses okay if
there’s a 1%
misconception the public has about
blackjack what would you say it is
her one misconception people about
either the car gangs illegal or probably
the bigger one is
is people think that they that they have
a system to beat the game outsider
card-carrying am you now I’ve met a
million people say oh I’ve gotta
I’ve got a way to be black jacket and a
there there’s
it’s got to be a very Keckley Matt
Mackall at tonight following your gather
you know anything like that but I think
a lotta am
allowed gambling is bill built on the
idea that oh there’s a way to
there’s an angle that I can I can figure
out on the town
and looking back on it what would you
have done differently
I looking back over by clicking there’s
prior lot I think that would have
than differently on I think
ever we were 23 24 year olds
running a million million a half dollar
business so we didn’t know
what we’re doing but I think the biggest
thing was
on having higher standards for player
players and realizing also why it kinda
person is actually an excel at the job
you can teach a lot people
by a why people get burned out really
quick and the third
difficult difficult job
okay and what you doing nowadays
Iran blackjack pressure dot com and I’ve
I’ve started a handful of other web
sites with friends or or on my own
better on you know that’s both Ben and I
moved into other mostly website on
thats main thing I spend my time working
on right how can people find out more
about you when you work
bill can visit our website blackjack
pressure dot com
thats thats our goal is to have
everything people need to learn how to
blackjack card counting and have a
community repeal can network with others
and a train and find out more about
which casinos to play now play don’t
forget that you can see more of our
educational gaming videos on our YouTube
just go to

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