CID – सी आई डी – Ep 1453 – Death By Laughter – 19th August, 2017

CID – सी आई डी – Ep 1453 – Death By Laughter – 19th August, 2017

Hello everyone.
Laughter is of many types.
Some people laugh like
an inflated balloon.
I want them to stop.
Such an annoying laugh
you have.
It is very troublesome.
The mosquito bit you.
That’s his passion.
The mosquito bit you.
That’s his passion.
You are troubling me.
That’s your passion.
The teacher asks the kid
to recite the alphabets
and the kids begins slowly.
The teacher tells him to name
with each alphabet
and the kid begins stating..
– Stop it now!
I will beat you to pulp.
Will you let that guy perform?
Mind your own business.
Got that?
What did you just say to me?
I have paid for the show.
Go on now.
– Not a word more.
If you say a word more,
then you are doomed.
I will deal with you nice
and easy
Easy there.
You think you can scare me?
– Yes. Come on.
Show me what you got!
Please go and check.
Why should I go?
I do not wish to go to him.
And he is leaving.
He is not leaving.
He has been fired
but he is still in his cabin.
All right. You always
put me in trouble.
May I come in?
Do you need anything?
Sir, do you need anything?
Who called us?
– I made the call.
My name is Mohit
and I am the manager.
Where is the body?
Was he an employee here?
– Yes, sir. His name is Vijay.
He was alone for a while
and he wasn’t coming out.
And when we saw him..
– Why do you think
he was killed?
You will know once you see him.
Sir, what is wrong with this?
This man is laughing
even after he is dead.
We have never seen such
a corpse.
A man died smiling.
This is indeed strange.
I do not understand.
There is a wound on his face.
He had that bruise
on his face for a few days.
This is not the reason
for his death.
It is something else.
Sir, can it be natural death?
No, Purvi.
It cannot be.
Look at him.
He was laughing.
Could it be that he was
very happy
and he died of a stroke?
Sir, he cannot be happy
as he was furious.
Why is that?
What happened?
Any fight? – No, sir.
There was no fight but I had
fired him.
‘You cannot do this.’
‘I work so hard.
You cannot fire me.’
‘I do not want
this termination letter.’
‘So now you will teach me
how to run things.’
‘Go back to your cabin,
pack your stuff and leave’
‘before I call the guards.’
‘I will file
a suit against you.’
‘You will see what I can do.
I will sue this company.’
‘I will not spare you.’
‘I work so hard
and you fire me.’
‘For no reason!’
‘I will not spare you.
– Just get out.’
A man who is fired,
dies in his cabin.
And he carries a smile
on his face
as if he is the happiest
man in the world.
Dr. Salunkhe can tell us
why he is smiling.
We have to send the body
to the forensic lab.
Not just the body, Daya.
Send everything in here
to the lab.
Let us see how he died.
As per them,
he was a rude man
and he must have
a lot of enemies.
And he must be fighting around
with people often
and he must have got
the bruise in that.
But how will we know
who killed him?
Daya, Abhijeet..
Get the CCTV footage
of the office.
We will know
when he got the bruises.
Show us the footage
of a few days back.
Bring up the footage
of Tuesday.
Let’s see the footage
of Monday.
He does not have the bruise
on Monday.
So he fought someone
after work on Monday.
Let us find out what happened.
The corpse and Salunkhe
are both laughing.
What’s wrong with you?
– What is it?
What’s wrong with you?
– What’s wrong with you?
Why do you always bring
such troublesome cases?
Listen to me, Salunkhe.
If the case were simple,
we wouldn’t be needed.
And now stop this act
and tell us what happened.
I do not know.
– Then who knows?
I don’t know who knows.
I do not know.
For the first time I have seen
such a laughing corpse.
First, I thought that it was
a case of tetanus because
when a person dies of tetanus it
leaves a smile on the face.
But not this wide a grin.
I do not know why he laughed.
Quit laughing.
I mean to say that let us
move ahead.
What about the death?
How did he die?
He was poisoned.
This man died due to poison.
I found poison in his belly
and his mouth.
So he ingested poison.
He ingested poison about
half an hour before he died.
And this is no simple poison.
It’s like a plant.
the things we got
from his cabin..
All of this has no trace
of the poison.
He died in the afternoon
and he lost his job the same day
and he had eaten something
before he was fired.
We have to find out what he ate
and where he ate it.
Are you losing your mind?
I am wondering why he seems
so happy.
What could be the reason for it?
That is the mystery.
We have to solve
this mystery, Daya.
We will solve it.
Sir, I checked Vijay’s
credit card and phone details.
Sir, right before dying he ate
in a restaurant close to office
and on Monday,
the day he got those bruises
he booked tickets
to a Comedy Community Cafe.
He must’ve had a fight there.
Go to the restaurant and see
what this guy ate.
And try to find out
how he ingested the poison.
– Sir.
Go to the Comedy Cafe.
Try to ask around. Find out
what happened there on Monday.
I am certain that the killer
was there on Monday.
Hello, sir.
Hello, ma’am.
I am Shikhar. Welcome
to our restaurant.
A table for two?
We are not here for a meal.
We are from CID.
A man had a meal here
and he died in an hour.
He is that man.
Do you know him?
He was seated here.
He had his lunch and left.
What did he order?
His usual order.
His special green salad.
You must have
the ingredients of the salad?
Yes. – Please
give us some.
Exactly the same
with all ingredients.
All right, sir.
Sir, Vijay ate
here a long time ago.
and the dishes must’ve been
cleaned by now.
I don’t know if we’d find
anything or not.
No matter what it is.
Let us take it to Dr. Salunkhe.
He will find a lead.
The flowers bloom
on a summer day.
Let the room be echoed
by an applause.
Shut up!
Try something new.
I am bored of all this.
Bring something new
and unique.
I am sorry, the Cafe is closed.
You have to come back
after seven for dinner.
CID? What is it?
Do you know this man?
Yes, certainly.
Everyone knows him here.
Yes, sir.
He is a maniac.
He is a regular here
but he is very rude.
What do you mean?
He was very rude.
He used to fight
with everyone.
He used to insult the performers
every evening.
He humiliated them?
Sir, our cafe is based
on comedy theme
and he used to shout
between an act.
And he used to spew
nonsense. We were all troubled.
‘I can talk in English.
I can walk in English.’
‘Why do you ruin
the language?’
‘Do you have nothing else?’
‘Friends, I’ll tell you a joke.’
‘There is a box on a box
which is kept on a box.’
‘Hey, box boy!
‘What are you saying?’
‘Please bring new jokes.
– Silence.’
‘Enough with the old jokes.’
‘One can laugh as..
– We cannot laugh.’
‘He is troubling us a lot.
Should I deal with him?’
‘Sir, he is troubling us.’
‘Do something.’
So you did not get him out?
No, sir.
We ignored him
but he crossed all lines
on Monday.
What did he do?
I’ll tell you.
There is a performer
by the name Sanchit.
It was his act.
‘You must know me.
– No, we do not.’
‘I am a very funny guy.
I am simple man.’
‘But my jokes are based
on illness and death.’
‘Stop scaring us.’
‘You must’ve heard
about dead people.’
‘Danger! Danger!’
‘You are a danger to us.’
‘It was a new moon night
and death lays still.’
‘No need to bring up death.’
‘This is a comedy show.’
‘Why do you trouble us?’
‘Make us laugh.
Got it.’
‘You must’ve heard
of certain diseases.’
‘You have an illness for sure.’
‘The way you dress
like a vampire.’
‘Is there an issue with you
since your childhood?’
‘Is there a problem?
Tell us.’
‘Come on now. Hello!’
‘He is a ghost.
A ghost.’
‘Do not be afraid.
Stop scaring us.’
‘I am sorry.
– You there.’
‘What happened?
Are you upset?’
‘I am sorry. Hello.’
‘Excuse me.’
‘What are you doing, sir?’
‘He left since he could not
entertain us.’
‘Do not waste the time
of others’
‘if you cannot
understand a joke.’
‘Why don’t you tell me one?’
‘I might get a good laugh.’
‘He is a psycho!
– You are a psycho!’
‘Why don’t you tell a joke?
– Now you have done it!’
‘Enough of this!
– Enough now!’
‘You have crossed the line.
– Move!’
‘What do you think?’
Was Vijay kicked out
or beaten?
Sir, he was not listening
so we had to use force.
So you did not beat him?
I hold no grudge against him.
I was simply doing my job.
About the performer, Sanchit.
What can you tell us about him?
He used to come at night
and never in day.
His jokes were dark.
Based on death and illness.
He used to speak of devils.
His fans were strange.
And they were dedicated to him.
And hence we gave him a slot.
He had a pale face
and red eyes.
And whenever he’d come
he’d talk about ghosts.
His face
was very scary too.
Sir. – Yes.
– His face was white!
Red eyes!
He’d come at night.
He’d talk about ghosts.
He sounds like a horrific man.
She said it. Why would
you say it? She says anything.
Vijay ruined
Sanchit’s performance.
He made him cry.
Sanchit had
a motive to kill Vijay.
Did Vijay fight with the rest
of the performers that night?
He did.
He’d fight with everyone.
But the problem is that we
don’t have everyone’s video.
Thus, it would be difficult
to say who all were present.
They had a motive too.
Anyone of them
could be the murderer.
we must begin
from Sanchit first.
Let us find him.
Do this, take Sanchit’s
number and address.
Yes, sir.
None of the ingredients
in the salad have poison.
The salt is fine too.
The dressing
also has nothing.
We have two
problems now, Freddy.
Two! – Yes!
We don’t know
what poison killed him.
And secondly, as to
why was he laughing while dying?
Do one thing. Call the
ACP and tell him that the salad
from the restaurant
hasn’t been of any help.
I feel he must’ve consumed the
poison which makes one laugh.
I am calling the ACP.
Hello, sir!
Sir, Sanchit’s phone
is still switched off.
It’s off, sir.
– It’s okay.
We’re close to his house.
What is
the flat number? – It is 601.
It seems like he hasn’t
been here in a long time.
Excuse me.
– Yes!
We are from C.I.D.
Does Sanchit
stay here?
Yes, he does stay here.
But I haven’t
seen him in a long time.
When was the
last time you saw him?
Sir, I don’t remember
that. But it’s been long.
He was a rare
sight anyway.
He is a weird boy.
I am very scared of him.
Why are you scared?
He has big red eyes
crooked teeth.
He doesn’t look human.
Anyway, he would be
all alone in the room.
He would only come
out at night.
It’s strange. Everyone
speaks of him the same way.
Yes, sir. I remember
the last time I saw him.
When was it?
I heard something
one midnight.
When I came out to see..
That’s it.
That was the last day I saw him.
Thank you very much.
He left
with a big suitcase. – Yes!
He killed Vijay
and fled from the city.
Sir, we must
check in his house.
We may find something.
We don’t have the key.
Come, Daya.
You must be
put to work.
One minute..
Look at the condition
of this house.
The whole house
was closed.
Yes, it seems like no one
was here from a long time.
Sir, look at this.
I think this is Sanchit’s
picture. He does look weird.
Everything is
strange in this case.
We have a corpse that smiles.
And the murderer seems
to look like this.
What happened?
Why are you smiling?
Sir, I was thinking what Pankaj
would say if he were here.
He’d say it’s a ghost and a
spirit. This is all he knows.
There is paper on the glass
to avoid the sun light.
This is his phone.
The phone is discharged.
Thus, it was switched off.
‘The biggest joke in life’
‘life itself.’
‘Yes, life is a joke itself.’
‘And it’s punchline is..’
– I touched it by accident.
It played. – ‘Death!’
‘It comes in the end.’
‘The timing is a little dicey.’
‘It can come whenever,
‘You won’t come to know.’
‘This is the biggest..’
‘The biggest joke..’
He is psychotic.
What has he recorded?
Sir, I’m sure.
He has killed Vijay.
He sure is mentally ill.
The whole house is packed.
There is no light from anywhere.
All the lights are
switched off too.
Did you see this?
So many medicines at
such a tender age.
But what are these
medicines for?
I have never seen one of them.
What is this?
What medicines are these for?
What are these?
Mr. Salunkhe will tell us.
Hello, Abhijeet.
Do one thing!
Go this man’s kitchen.
And check his fridge.
You want us to check the fridge.
Sure, sir.
There are some things to eat.
No, Abhijeet. Look for
things apart from edibles.
What else is there?
There is nothing, sir.
Oh, God!
there are packets of blood.
I suspected that.
the pictures that you sent
indicate that this man
suffers from a disease
called Porphyria. This disease
makes the person anaemic.
The teeth become crooked too.
Such people can’t
tolerate sunlight.
That’s all right, Doctor. But
what about the packets of blood?
How are these connected to it?
This person is anaemic.
He needs blood all the time.
That’s why the blood is there.
Okay, Doctor. Thank you!
You have helped us a lot.
The doctor says that
this person has a disease
where he needs blood
on regular intervals.
That means Sanchit needs blood.
We can look for him easily.
Purvi, do this. Roll out
an alert in Sanchit’s name.
Yes, Purvi.
Do we have some information?
Yes, sir.
Sir, we spoke to a doctor
from Shankara
Hospital in Navi Mumbai.
She says that two days ago
12 blood pouches went missing.
Blood pouches went missing!
Yes, sir. It was +B blood group.
Sanchit’s blood group is +B too.
I am sure, it is him, sir.
Should we go and
check in the hospital?
He must’ve left an evidence.
Yes, tell me.
Hold on.
Sir.. – Yes! Hello!
I’m ACP Pradyuman from C.I.D.
Who are you?
‘Sir, I’m calling from Pune.’
‘I saw this boy near my house.’
‘It’s the same boy
from the picture.’
‘It is Sanchit, sir.’
You have seen Sanchit in Pune!
‘Approximately 30 minutes ago.’
‘I saw him on the
crossing of F.C. Road.’
Can you describe
his looks to us?
Do you remember
what he was wearing?
‘He wore a black
half-sleeves t-shirt and jeans.’
Please be on the line.
Hey! She disconnected.
Freddy, trace this call.
Let me know its location.
It was call from Pune.
She is lying, sir.
Yes, sir.
How is this possible?
Sanchit can’t be out in the
middle of an afternoon.
This phone call has
been made to deviate us.
And the caller doesn’t
know of Sanchit’s condition too.
Sir, is it possible that
Sanchit hasn’t gone anywhere?
He might’ve been kidnapped.
Why would Sanchit go to
Pune with pouches of blood?
I am sure he is in Mumbai.
He is somewhere around.
If he has been kidnapped,
then who must’ve kidnapped him?
And, sir,
who must’ve killed Vijay?
Sir, I couldn’t trace this call.
And we don’t know
if it’s from Mumbai or Pune.
This means we have
only one lead now.
It is the blood bank from where
the blood pouches were stolen.
The blood bank in
Shankara Hospital.
it feels like you’re mocking me.
Come on, Vijay. Tell me.
How did you die, laughing?
How can someone die, laughing?
Y-You were eating salad!
Cabbage, tomatoes
so how did you..
A salad has leaves too.
A poisonous plant.
A poisonous plant.
Thank you..
I know the reason
behind your laughter.
Thank you!
When did the theft take place?
At night.
My shift was over.
But there were
very few people here.
You were on duty
when the theft took place.
– You must’ve seen the thief.
He wore ill-fitting clothes.
And wore a jacket with a hood.
He was short in height too.
Short height?
He had a pistol too.
He shot the glass using it.
and ran away with
the pouches of blood.
We called the
police then itself.
But nothing has been found yet.
All right. Thank you!
Sir. He was in a hurry.
What do you mean? – It
seemed like he needed blood.
He took the pouches and ran.
All right. Thank you!
Thank you!
What has happened to you?
You’re laughing again.
– I will laugh.
I will laugh now.
I know the reason
of his death and his laughter.
What is there to laugh about?
Why wouldn’t I laugh?
I solved a deep
mystery. I will laugh.
Tell me. What happened?
Well, his salad..
The poison wasn’t mixed into it.
But was made a part of it.
Explain it.
– Look at this. What is this?
It is celery. – No, it’s not.
– Then what is it?
It is a hemlock.
Hemlock! That means
someone added it to his salad.
Vijay thought of it
as salad and he ate it.
the poison reached his stomach.
Exactly. After eating this,
a person while dying
smiles exactly like him.
You didn’t eat that, did you?
– What?
No.. I mean, you just kept on
laughing. That’s why, I asked.
Okay, go on.
Exactly! This
plant can’t be found easily.
What do you mean?
It can be grown
in a particular environment.
Like a greenhouse.
Do they grow it
in a greenhouse?
So, what do
you say about my work?
Isn’t it great?
– Do this, Salunkhe.
Have that hemlock and
keep smiling.
Make sure you have little.
Or else, you will die.
Thank you very much.
Please! Learn something.
Learn to smile.
You can’t even appreciate
anybody’s work.
If he’s Vijay’s murderer
and if he has
kidnapped Sanchit
he must
know about his condition.
That Sanchit needs to be
given blood regularly.
And in that haste,
he has looted the blood bank.
That means, he wanted
to save Sanchit.
But, Thakur,
remember this.
This murderer should be within
the radius of 5-6 kilometres
from the hospital.
That’s right.
And find that bungalow too.
Check if any of those bungalows
have a greenhouse.
Yes. You generally don’t
find greenhouse
in the houses of Mumbai.
That’s why, I’m asking
you to check. Okay?
Good luck! Okay.
Once Abhijeet and Daya
finds that bungalow
we will find Sanchit
and Vijay’s murderer too.
But, sir..
– Yes?
Why does the murderer
want to keep Sanchit alive?
where the mystery lies.
Purvi, did you
find anything from the diary
of that comedy cafe?
Yes, sir.
Sir, there’s one
peculiar thing about this diary.
What is that?
– It’s a useful information.
See this.
There’s someone named
who has appreciated
every performance of Sanchit.
‘I love you. You are great.
Keep going.’
‘Your angel.’
Sir, she has appreciated every
act of Sanchit.
Look at this.
‘You are the one that
makes me laugh’
‘and forget all
the sorrows.’
‘I love you.’
She has written even this.
‘Love you, Sanchit.
Your Angel.’
And sir,
she has appreciated Sanchit
even on the day
he didn’t perform.
Wow! ‘Not everyone
can do what you can do.’
‘You are incredible.
I love you.’
I knew it!
I knew it!
I knew that there
is somebody involved in this.
Angel.. Do this.
Contact the
booking agency and find out
who all purchased the tickets
of Sanchit’s shows.
Sir, see this.
She’s somebody named Priya.
She has booked tickets
on all those dates
the comments were
entered in that book.
It’s Priya..
Angel.. Priya..
What’s her address?
Sir, her address is..
What happened?
– Sir..
Sir, I think I’ve read
this address somewhere before.
Sir, see this.
We found this at Sanchit’s
‘A-54, Vimaan Bungalow,
Navi Mumbai.’
This bungalow is very close
to the hospital.
This is it..
And I’m sure that greenhouse
is in that bungalow.
Sanchit’s angel, Priya.
Please.. Please let me go.
Where will you go?
Isn’t this your house?
It’s our house.
And you know how much
I love you, don’t you?
Look.. I promise you.
I won’t go to the police.
Listen to me..
– Liar!
How dare you lie to me!
You actually sought
the police’s help.
That is why I had to do
this with you.
Do you know what? Ever
since you’ve come into my life
I’ve started smiling.
I’ve always been crying
throughout my life.
I never used to smile.
But, ever since you came
into my life, I fell in love
and I started finding
happiness in everything.
I even started laughing.
Come on, tell me joke..
Come on, tell me a joke..
Come on, say some jokes..
– Please don’t do this..
How can I tell you
jokes like this?
Oh! You can’t do this?
You can’t.
But, if you don’t tell
me jokes
how will I
happy forever?
And if you can’t tell me jokes
how will I laugh?
How will this work?
This won’t work.
You are absolutely useless!
I should’ve killed you
long back.
I thought
when you make me laugh..
there’s greenhouse here..
I’m sure this is
Priya’s bungalow.
Don’t be scared.
It’s not for you.
This is to scare those
And you run away..
Look at that.
Sanchit, it’s you.
I like you a lot.
It started when I was
a kid.
Please sing.. Do something.
I want to laugh.
How do I make you laugh?
I just want to laugh.
Say something..
Say something..
Please say something..
Drop it.
Leave me!
– Give it to me!
I said, leave me!
You are separating me
from my love.
I won’t spare you!
I won’t spare any of you!
Shut up!
I won’t spare you.
I won’t spare any of you.
Mark my words.
The way you didn’t
spare Vijay. Right?
I killed him.
And he deserved it.
He made Sanchit cry.
Sanchit, you know it.
Don’t you?
‘You are leaving because you
failed to make people laugh.’
That day, I decided that
I won’t spare Vijay.
‘Is it fresh?’
‘Oh! Please tell them
that I will be in the meeting’
‘in half an hour.’
You know it..
I told you that my parents
left me when I was a kid.
I was alone.
I never used to laugh.
And it’s because of
Sanchit that..
His jokes make me laugh.
I’m alive because of him.
And Vijay had humiliated
Does that give
you the right to murder him?
Don’t you realise this?
You’ve murdered someone.
You have kidnapped someone.
She had come to me once.
And I got scared when she
told me about the murder.
I even tried to contact
the police..
But she hit something
on my head.
And I don’t remember
what happened after that.
When I opened my eyes
I found myself here.
It was actually she who was
spotted going out of your home
carrying that big suitcase.
Your neighbours
thought it was you.
And you tried to mislead us.
You called up the bureau
and said that he’s in Pune.
Okay, I apologise for that.
But please don’t separate
me from Sanchit. Because I..
you know I’m your biggest fan!
I’m your angel.
Don’t forget that.
Please tell them the truth.
Please.. – Priya..
Priya, you don’t realise
that you’ve committed a crime.
You have committed a murder.
You need medical attention.
But you have to face
the punishment later.
Sanchit, tell them the truth.
Sanchit, please..
Sanchit, please let
them know what the truth is.
Let’s go.
Thank you, sir.
I don’t know how
to thank you for this..
Sanchit, we’ve
just performed our duty.
But yes, if you really
want to do something for us..
Tell us a joke.
Let me tell you one.
‘Mr. Daya slapped the
‘and he fell on the floor.’
‘There’s so much pain in it.’
‘Mr. Daya slapped the murderer’
‘and he fell on
the floor.’
‘Mr. Abhijeet said’
‘you’ll be put behind bars.’
I’m so good..
– Great! – Amazing!
Thank you..

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  1. Is video me sob kuch acchae hey lekin 5:03 or 5:09 me jo admi mara hey uski hasi jara garber hey a kaise huya ap logo ko to kheal rakhna chaiea ta na?

  2. Tum cid walay nahi dekh sakay lekin hem nay dekh liya the dead person's tongue is moving slowly slowy Lool xD 🙂

  3. Marne k kuch vkt bad body ki akdan chali jati h or vo normal ho jati h ye ku nhi ho rnhi salunkhe shb?

  4. श्रभश्रश्रभश्रहहृहश्रहहलहलहलहललहलहज्ञहलऌभंर श्रृभृभऋभऋहहददभदभलदभभलभललज्ञलललज्ञलज्ञलज्ञलरज्ञलमलभलबलबंभं ततयक्षलभलभलहललहललज्ञलज्ञललज्ञलज्ञ हलहलहललहलहलहलहलहलहलहललंभलहलहरभंलबलभभलहलभलज्ञललज्ञज्ञलज्ञज्ञललमलज्ञमलममलममज्ञलललबलबललबलभलभलभललहलज्ञज्ञलज्ञलज्ञलक्षज्ञलज्ञललज्ञज्ञललज्ञललभलमलज्ञलज्ञललज्ञलभलज्ञलललहलहलहललहलज्ञलज्ञलज्ञलज्ञलज्ञललहलभललभलबल

  5. हंरररभररहरज्ञरज्ञरज्ञरज्ञररज्ञहरहरज्ञज्ञररज्ञरज्ञहरलभदभदज्ञदज्ञरज्ञरज्ञज्ञलहलरहरहररहरज्ञयरभरभदलज्ञज्ञ णमभभज्ञज्ञययररलररररररर

  6. क्या अब भी नए c i d एपिसोड की शूटिंग होती है क्या नए एपिसोड बन रहे है क्या

  7. साळुंके साब बहोत आच्ची ऐकटीग कर लेते हैं 👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  8. Thank 👉🙇🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕🙏💕you

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