CM Punk Altercation?! Broken Matt Hardy & MORE To AEW?! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2019

CM Punk Altercation?! Broken Matt Hardy & MORE To AEW?! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2019

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Oh wait WWE are announcing something tonight.
Oh good.
Well that’s if the reports coming from multiple
sources are to be believed that say that NXT
will be moving to a slot on USA rather than
the rumoured airing on FS1.
Wrestling Inc say that the show will fill
the 8pm – 10pm Eastern timeslot on a Wednesday,
meaning NXT will be doubling in length.
And also going up against AEW’s Wednesday
night offering too. Kel fucking surprise.
Sources say that USA got much more involved
in negotiations over the last couple of weeks
and that within WWE people think it is a ‘done
Which is something WrestleVotes on Twitter
corroborates saying: “A lot of rumors going
around concerning NXT. I’ll add what I’ve
heard… NXT is moving to USA Network on Wednesday
nights. Not FS1.
And… I’ve been told WWE will make the
official announcement this Monday.”
Yep, so that means we might get the big announcement
on Raw tonight! Just imagine NXT is moving
to USA network! Some of your favourite stars
came from there: losers like Finn Balor, Samoa
Joe, Tyler Breeze, oh no wait he went back…
err No Way Jose? Conga… party… look this
is a cynical move to beat those AEW guys,
so piss off.
While actual network TV time is great news
for the NXT crew who have been killing it
for years now, it could be bad news for the
product overall because it brings it into
the view of one Vincent McMahon.
His vision is based on network deals, he’s
like a T-Rex for ratings.
So expect him to ruin it in short shrift,
I don’t know how he’ll have the NXT guys
lose to the RAW talent on their own show,
but like Ian Malcolm says Life Finds A Way.
And don’t think Vince won’t be involved,
because according to spy-master general Dave
Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio:
He said: “One of the things is that Vince
is so adamant that they don’t lose in viewers.
Which AEW had the advantage because TNT is
so many more homes and is a higher rated station
[than FS1]. So they would be in a disadvantage
in that sense.”
“This is on the USA Network. Vince is not
going to be hands-off for a show on the USA
I don’t know about you but I think it’s
best we put NXT to sleep then, I don’t want
to see it in pain.
Fingers crossed though that things like the
XFL starting up again in February next year
and Smackdown’s move to Fox will distract
Vince from tampering too heavily with the
current product. I’m just nervous now.
Someone who doesn’t at all flustered by
the announcement though is Nick Jackson of
the Young Bucks, who tweeted “Bring It On”
around the time the news got out about NXT’s
And they should be confident, because their
second and third set of TV tapings in Philadelphia
and Boston sold out in around an hour on Friday.
company thanked fans and said they would look
to release more tickets soon once they’ve
worked out “set/camera positions”.
Meanwhile WWE is still working out camera
positions to hide all the empty seats.
The good news for AEW doesn’t stop there
though as according to Wrestling Observer
they’ve reached a deal with former WCW and
current Major League Wrestling commentator
Tony Schiavone.
He’s appeared in a couple of videos on the
Road To All Out leading many to speculate
he might be joining JR and Excalibur in the
broadcast team.
But not so according to MLW founder Court
Bauer who issued a follow-up statement saying
not only is Tony tied into a two year exclusive
deal but: “Unless AEW elects to reach out,
Tony Schiavone cannot proceed with AEW or
any other company doing anything. I was unaware
of him doing the digital stuff until I read
it in this week’s Observer,”
Sounds like no Tony for you then AEW.
But maybe they’d trade Tony in for this
tag team instead, or should that be exchange?
Because after an amazing run with Impact in
which they won the Tag Team Championships
four times, LAX’s Santana and Ortiz have
left the company.
Santana took to Instagram to post a statement
saying: “Last night we wrestled our final
match with @impactwrestling. Our appreciation
and gratitude for every single person there
who had a hand in helping us get to this point,
is absolutely endless. THANK YOU for the opportunity
to show the world our passion and commitment
to this business. And most of all, for the
opportunity to represent our people and culture
on a big stage. We are forever grateful. #ThankYouIMPACT”
While nothing is official yet, both WWE and
AEW have expressed interest in signing the
pair, personally I’d love to see them in
the mix at AEW and continue the magic with
the Lucha Bros.
Someone else keen to recapture the magic of
the multiverse is Matt Hardy, who seemingly
has tired of being Mr Backstage Producer in
a suit and wants to return to the lake of
reincarnation and be Broken once more.
Matt recently took to social media to ask
fans if they liked the Ultimate Deletion video
he did with WWE, and 95% of people said that
Fans then asked if Matt could use the Broken
Matt gimmick in WWE now that he owns it outright:
“I absolutely can, it’s how I desire to
finish my career. I’m very appreciative
of the @WWE & will forever be grateful to
them for giving me my first break. I would
love to be #BROKEN Matt there & actually stay
true to the origins of the persona & fantastical
So Matt is keen to be Broken within WWE, but
it’d be interesting to see if the company
could reach a deal with him as they generally
don’t like people being names they own any
more, like their real ones or the ones that
made them famous because they can go and use
those in other companies.
So if Matt said he would see out the end of
his career as Broken Matt at WWE then they
might reach an accord.
Otherwise this poll and tweet might be obsolete.
And Matt could end up back on the indie scene,
or joining the Bucks of Youth over at AEW
if they would give him more creative control.
Something else that has been rendered obsolete
is the news that was reported earlier this
year that Eminem would participate in the
WWE 2K20 game.
Back at the time Pro Wrestling Sheet’s Ryan
Satin heard from Eminem’s then representative
who said there was a meeting between two unnamed
third parties.
It then came out that Universal had been meeting
with reps from 2K and “came to terms”
on a deal, but interestingly once this story
broke it was the first that most within WWE
and Eminem himself had actually heard about
the collaboration.
Which lead to a lot of finger pointing and
he said she saids and would the real culprit
please stand up, so much in fact that the
deal just kind of crumbled away to nothing
under the strain.
In an attempt to clean out their closets 2K
got back to Fightful about the whole debacle
with an evasive: “Soundtracks and projects
are constantly in development at 2K, but an
agreement has not yet been finalized with
any artist for our impending slate of games.”
Shame this all fell through though, would
have love Eminem in 2k20, the soundtrack will
feel so empty without him.
Speaking of empty without him, that’s how
CM Punks chair felt after he leapt out of
it during an altercation at a CFFC event over
the weekend. Segway. CM Punk to standing up
During the Cage Fighting Fury Championships
77 event in Atlantic City an unhappy fan reportedly
came up and started hurling some abuse getting
very close to the commentary table following
Danny Holmes loss to Christopher Daukau.
On camera we can see security intervening,
sitting the fan back down and trying to calm
Punk who seems pretty rightfully riled.
He can even be heard on the mic explaining
what happened: “I’m sitting here with
a headset and I’m doing my f***ing job,
and he did exactly what you’re doing right
now. He screams bull$#!+ in my face.”
Thankfully things didn’t escalate beyond
that point, but just goes to show that fans
take this fighting thing very seriously indeed.
Thankfully wrestling fans aren’t like that
at all.
Thank you for watching and thank you to all
of the people scrolling away beneath me for
being our awesome pledgehammers on Patreon.
I will use the power of your names to ascend
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been El Fakidor and that was lucha.

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