Cobra in the Kitchen | Snake City

Cobra in the Kitchen | Snake City

So, I’m going to lead
you guys into the room.
No worries.
SIOUXSIE: And we’ve
got an audience.
SIMON: Thank you.
SIOUXSIE: Oh, you really
have stripped it out.
SIMON: Yeah.
SIOUXSIE: And it’s in
the room on the right.
It might be that side, yes.
SIMON: The room over there or–
WOMAN: I’ve been ripping
up the kitchen floor.
No, you can go out.
SIMON: He’s got it!
He’s got it already.
Well done!
I can pack my job in.
SIOUXSIE: You’ve saved us a job.
SIMON: That’s great.
He’s got the snake!
Hey, well done!
You don’t need me.
You’ve really got it.
WOMAN: Oh, you’re
the snake catcher!
I can go home now early.
Thank you.
Hey, cool.
That’s a nice big one.
Don’t let go of the head, eh?
WOMAN: It’s about
the size that’s here.
SIMON: Yeah.
Oh, is it?
– Yes.
It’s about the size.
OK, fun and games.
And I thought it
was great, you know?
He’s all enthusiastic.
And he’s got his
plastic toy snake out.
Anyway, we’ve got a job to do.
I tell the crew,
get your goggles on.
Let’s not take any chances here.
They always spit.
The first thing they do is spit.
Goggles on, guys!
The snake knows we’re here, so
venom could come flying at us
from any direction at any time.
And if it gets into our
eyes, it’s like broken
glass and burning hot acid.
Trust me, it ain’t fun.
If they say it’s
as big as that, it
shouldn’t be too hard to spot.
It’s got to be here.
I don’t see him.
A quite surreal situation,
we’re inside the snake’s tank.
That’s what it feels like.
And everybody’s watching us.
There’s lots of people outside.
Myself and Sioux are in
there with the snake.
And we don’t know where it is.
Ouch, ouch, ouch.
I got a nail in my foot there.
OK, there’s so far
no sign of anything.
It could be under one
of these cupboards
because there’s no
backs to some of them.
So I’ll just keep searching
till we hopefully spot it.
There’s a big heavy
bit of marble top
here– unless it’s gone
under this carpet here.
Gee, I pulled a fright there.
I thought that was it.
A bit of pipe,
definitely not a snake.
But I’ll look down there.
I see something.
Go to that side there.
It’s moving.
Run around.
– Yeah.
Yeah, yeah.
– I can’t see what it is.
I’m not lifting up my glasses
until I know what it is.
There’s something in
between the two cupboards.
– Between the two cupboards.
– He’s quite big and all.
Where are you?
Down there.
Down here?
Look down there.
The snake is actually right
in front of Siouxsie’s feet.
But she couldn’t see it.
It was hiding
underneath the cupboard.
I could see it, but
I couldn’t get to it.

29 thoughts on “Cobra in the Kitchen | Snake City”

  1. Ich liebe snakes in the city und das ist meine letzte ich liebe snakes in the city und ist mein lieblings Sendung auf snapchat

  2. If you're going to upload this kind of videos better not upload it i mean seriously i just wasted 3 mins of time watching this crappy video

  3. I love you so much and just want to say I love your instergram account love you both so much I am a huge fan of simon and susy

  4. I just want to go on the record for saying, it's probably not the best of ideas to brag on the child and tell him he's good at catching snakes, etc. when obviously there are cobras in the area. Just sayin!

  5. it was not a spitter, it was a Forest Cobra

    and it took a swipe at simon, barely missing his fingers, and it pooed on Sioux

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