Collateral (4/9) Movie CLIP – That My Briefcase? (2004) HD

Collateral (4/9) Movie CLIP – That My Briefcase? (2004) HD

Oh, man, yeah.
Yeah, right there.
I’m in the cab, man. I’m stuck.
Thank you. Thank you.
Hey, look. I got to
get out of here.
What’s going on?
This guy tied me up,
But he’s in this building
doing wild shit.
I need to get out.
You all tied up in there?
Get me out so we
can call the cops.
Give me your wallet.
Are you kidding me?
Do I look like
I’m kidding you?
Don’t you see that my hands are
tied to the steering wheel?
I don’t care
what they’re tied to.
I’ll fuck you up.
Don’t shoot.
Then get your ass up.
What the fuck else you got
in here? Ooh, jackpot.
Thanks, for real.
Yo, homey.
That my briefcase?
Your briefcase?
Yeah, it is.
Why, you want it back?
How about your wallet?
What else you got for me? Huh?

100 thoughts on “Collateral (4/9) Movie CLIP – That My Briefcase? (2004) HD”

  1. Holy crap ! Best scene in the movie 👍
    Killing done in 1.5 seconds flat – the difference between wannabes & a professional 😂

  2. I hate when filmmakers use white "thug" because they are afraid if they used blacks they be accused of racism.

  3. Really nice with the low
    compress shots on the first
    guy I like it 😎👍😎..
    Most people think Tom cruise is Kinna a douch. But he is Kinna harsh and has some legitimate gun handling and driving skills 🤔

  4. If you're watching this and you're wondering whether you're a scumbag or not, you are, and that's coming in your future

  5. It's like the character wanted to draw them in close. He could have just pulled his weapon, "Yo Homie, that my briefcase?" and engaged them at a distance. I don't think he would have missed.

  6. I think this and law abiding citizen are probably the only films that I wanted the villians to succeed and I wanted the other guy to die . And he was in both films . Coz the villains were cool .

  7. This is the only Tom Cruise movie I like from him… Best Assassin movie of all time.. John Wick is number two..

  8. I come back to this video every now and then just to please my ear with those gun shots sounds

    Plus to hear tom cruise say "yo homie"

  9. Tom's BEST movie!! This movie needs a PREQUEL!!!!! We need to see Vincent in his younger years, being a hitman. We wanna see him waste thugs like he did in this scene!!

  10. Even in slow motion that's the difference between an idiot with a hot gun and a deadly assassin. I wonder how long TC rehearsed this scene cuz it's perfect and the gunshot sounds in this movie…..makes me think these dudes are to this day laying back there, dead

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    and is waaaaay more reliable than any out of the box 1911 pistols !
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  12. Dear Hollywood please let Michael Mann direct Keanu Reeves in a john wick movie or different action movie entirely.

  13. the only problem here is that there are so many things that can go wrong in this situation, of course you could shoot your own hand, but the guy to his right could of had his gun trained on him, the guy he shoots has time to shoot him after he smacks his hand down and moves his own hand away. I dont think this is as accurate as it is portrayed to be.

  14. I've never seen this movie, but I noticed when thug #1 had his gun snatched, the magazine is out and on the ground after the shooting.
    That means Tom Cruise ejected the magazine when he snatched the gun, drew his gun, and shot them both all at once.
    Pretty impressive. John Wick would nod.

  15. YEah, similar thing with me went down at the local transit stop. I was packing live jaw breakers, a pack of taffy dust, and a string of sweet tarts. Guys didn't stand a freaking chance.

  16. LOL, there is absolutely no damage done. No bullet holes in their chests. No blood at all.
    Slow it down to 0.25 and you'll see.

  17. im like damn that gun shot sounded so good compared to junk these days, and then i remember micheal mann directed it……….

  18. If you think about it, the 2 thugs probably could have gotten away with the wallet and the briefcase had they ran soon as Vincent said "hey homie, that my breifcase"?

    That is unless Vincent didn't shoot them in back as they were running down the alley.

  19. 01:14 watch the bald guy, that's the difference between trained and untrained, also the difference between life and death.

  20. man.i would empty a whole 20 round magazine of 9mm hollow point rounds from a glock to kill these fckers. all in the head.

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