Collateral (7/9) Movie CLIP – Max Takes Action (2004) HD

Collateral (7/9) Movie CLIP – Max Takes Action (2004) HD

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49 thoughts on “Collateral (7/9) Movie CLIP – Max Takes Action (2004) HD”

  1. Vincent taught Max about courage, he could have killed him but he believed in Max so much that he had him recovered his data…I mean Vincent in this movie is like a master, a teacher.

  2. When I see Tom Cruise running in other films I'm like "Oh, there it is, he's running again." In this one I'm like "HOLY SHIT HE'S RUNNING."

  3. Max! Stop running! You don't stand a chance. I do running scenes in every action movie I'm in! I'm a professional! I do this for a living!

  4. With The FBI on Max's tail thinking he was Vincent, the cop finding the dead body in the trunk, and with Detective Fanning (the only cop who believed him) dead; Max could've gone down as the man responsible for this…. But good thing he saved Annie, not only will she clear Max out of all of this, but she will eventually put Felix Reyes Torena behind bars for whatever he has done, and for also contracting (the dead man on the MTA) Vincent.

  5. An incredible film possibley my favorite tom cruise performance him as a villian is sensational and this is really what got jaime foxx noticed after ray an intense thriller

  6. Let's face it! There's only one person who could possibly run away from Vincent/Tom Cruise and that's Forrest Gump. That guy would run to freaking space 100%.

  7. The seating of the two leads was crucial to certain scenes. For their more intimate exchanges, Cruise would sit directly behind Foxx, out of his peripheral vision and therefore making him more vulnerable and uncertain of his opponent

  8. Can someone name me a Tom Cruise movie where he isn't running at top speed? I've yet to see Tropic Thunder. Does Les Grossman have a running scene?

  9. I don't understand why Max threw the briefcase… Why did he think that was a good idea? Did he really plan on getting away unscathed?

  10. Say what you want abt cruise running in every film but in this one it actually works. He's like a fucking wolf running down a wounded animal. His speed and intensity just add to the mystique of Vincent's character and you can see how physically fit he is

  11. imagine one big ass action crossover film with all those assasins/mercanaries guys: Vincent, John Wick, Jason Bourne, Jack Bauer etc. It would be crazier then Exbandebles. A pure masterpiece of madness epicness & insane hand to hand, & gun fights xD Its not canon, it does not need to fit in some stupid universe or something, where it needs to connect with something, NO!
    Just ONE movie that is totally free, to do whatever it want xD

    Man. Why is Tom cruise not doing more films like this. Where he is the villain? He was so awesome as Vincent. Collateral is one of those A-list movies that never got the love it desearved…:( Man I need to get a suit like that:)

  12. 1:01 to 1:15 was so random and unexpected but made me roflmao. Damn found it real funny even after like a 10th time seeing it

  13. After Max watched Vincent blow away 2 street thugs for attempting to steal that briefcase he goes and does something like that?

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