Como Acelerar Free Fire En Android Con Esta Poderosa Aplicacion |  Mejor Método 2019

Como Acelerar Free Fire En Android Con Esta Poderosa Aplicacion | Mejor Método 2019

How are youtube friends?
welcome to a new video for the channel and on the occasion I am going to
teach how to accelerate free fire and reduce the lag on android and before
start remember that the link of download will be in the description without shortening or annoying advertising and if you are new to the channel i invite you to
subscribe and activate in the bell so you don’t miss the best
apps for your android and good several guys in the comments have me
been saying how to speed up free fire on android since i don’t shoot them
they can play well others are closed the game and well here I will teach you
how to solve that problem and I’m going to give some suggestions and
recommendations for them to play good and without lag. well first i’m going to
recommend an application that you already they know her and her name is clean master but
this time I’m going to give him the standard version or without advertising and
with some options available this application I use it mostly for
to be able to clean in storage since sometimes it gets slow but it also works
to play and good at comments more was saying how
accelerate free fire taking 2 gigs of ram or 1gb and a half of ram some me
they have said up to a ram video and well I’m going to give you the answer so that
can play free fire well and without the minimum minimum must have 2.5 gigs
from ram to 3 gigs of ram and right now I will tell you why. Okay
there is a page where if you are looking for minimum requirements to play free fire
on android there he will tell you that the minimum is a giga of ram well that’s
true but one thing is a requirement minimum to be able to play and another thing is
a requirement to play without the bone fluid
I have several cell phones where I do tests with games and applications and
well I have a cell phone of a giga of ram and when you install free fire the truth
I did not do so well in that lousy despite to pass the game booster and apps
that I was recommending doesn’t take me away the lag and still has the quality in
I went down but I didn’t run much free unfortunately I do not recommend playing
free fire with a giga of ram bone no I’m saying don’t play if
they wish they can play or maybe some don’t have money and have a cell phone of that
range but what I mean is that no they can play free fire since it is going to be logged, it will not be fluid and I tell them because it happened to me sorry guys
but there is no solution in that and also I have a cell phone with 2 gigs of ram and I
ran more or less to normal since with that recorded the video and sometimes I have to
remove them with a 2 gig android of ram if they can play but regular
I could say 60 to 70% very clear if is that they optimize cleanliness and everything
that and where I recommend most is in a cell phone of 3 gigs of ram because I
I have one and it is super cool though I play in low quality but I’m doing well
I do not know the gea and that application is going to recommend for you to try it
in the test guys there have the run accelerator trash cleaner
game optimizer also has the whatsapp cleaner and clean in the
gallery if they have duplicate photos already that also produces lag and well
guys too if they want to play well can collect and buy a cell phone no
powerful but a good one to run the games since now free fire with the
with the latest update it has become heavier and gradually goes
keep thinking more so guys nothing everything is lost is in your hands or
if they have a computer suddenly with graphics card or two gigs of ram lo
they can install in the free and if you want a good emulator I recommend smart gaga
or encent gaming since they are faster and fluids and do not install the bluestacks
of the nox player since those emulators don’t work since the stick is stuck
walking button when you turn and it’s pity or so I recommend those two
emulators and well guys that’s it I hope I helped you
if you have any other questions can let you know in the comments and
well guys that was all for today I hope that you liked this video and if you
liked the video can you give me a like and if you are not subscribed channel I recommend
you subscribe and activate the bell so you don’t miss the next ones
videos and with this I say goodbye until the next

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  1. Porfa ayudame ando como desesperado Buscando una Forma de Que free fire no se me laegee
    Antes los grafis me andaban bien
    Pero ahora ni en suave me andaa 😫😫🤯
    Me puedes ayudar o as algun video


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