How about friends once again welcome to my channel today we are going to draw wukong I think so pronounced this huge drawing of freefire and I had lost a lot of drawings of freefire and so it has arrived the opportunity to make this wukong good cameras let’s start our drawing let’s do our sketch with pencil and let’s start with the face first we are going to do the part of the eyebrows and the nose and we’re going to start going down to the mouth and we’re going to start this line in 2 Then we will make the eyes and we start with the part of the edge of the face and all the hair to Once we have the face we will start with the part of the shoulders and the devices that carry this part that they look like bombs so let’s make the devices’ shoulders and part of their chest and arms yyy Once we have the sketch ready we are going now to mark all our drawing let’s delineate it with our designer to make it look much cooler and then let’s give it to me I think I’ll give it color with sharpie markers that is practically all we have at hand and our drawing will be enough cool so now let’s delineate and let’s color Ah I I I Y

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