Coni’Seafood brings Nayarit-style seafood dishes to Los Angeles

Coni’Seafood brings Nayarit-style seafood dishes to Los Angeles

Back in 1989 we started in our backyard,
I was twelve years old
and I always loved to eat so then I would
just be there and you know helping my dad out.
My parents are from Nayarit, Acaponeta, Nayarit
in Mexico. My dad is I don’t know
naturally an amazing cook.
When I would see lines I mean we have lines
all around my dad’s house.
It was wow.
From there he moved over to this place once
he build up you know some money then we opened here.
By then I was 17 years old,
and then that’s when I started helping out
I was a waitress, then I got into the kitchen.
This is one of our most popular dishes.
It’s the grilled snook that is from
Nayarit style.
So we’re looking at just perfectly the golden
brown so it’s still moist.
Then we have our smoked marlin that I bring out
from Mexico — Mazatlán, Sinaloa.
We have a preparation; it’s with oregano
condiments like pepper, garlic
salt, a little bit of cilantro
and just tomato and onions.
That’s pretty much it.
I bring my seafood from Mexico so they know
that they’re getting the same flavor like the
sweet taste of shrimp when others here
you go to a place and sometimes you know
you don’t get that.
Here you go, you got borrachos.
I kept on the tradition, plus I added a little
more like the marlin tacos or gobernador
tacos or the snooks, langostinos.
I’m so proud of my dad.
If it wasn’t for him I wouldn’t obviously be here
and not known these you know amazing
dishes that I’ve been really successful with.

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  1. You guys disable comments on your videos because you are cowards who can't take criticism.
    You never get better and your readership has dropped off a precipice because of this. It will be entertaining to see you retreat into a safe space when Trump wins in 2020.

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