Connecticut Slot Machine Casino Gambling in 2019

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Connecticut slot machine casino gambling consists of two tribal casinos.
Also, two proposed casino projects are under consideration for Bridgeport and
East Windsor. Connecticut’s tribal casinos have no theoretical payout limits,
but return statistics are publicly available.
The minimum legal gambling age in Connecticut depends upon the gambling
activity. For land-based casinos and poker rooms, it’s 21.
For bingo, the lottery, and pari-mutuel wagering, it’s 18.
Pari-mutuel wagering has had a long history in Connecticut,
including dog and horse racing tracks and the sport of jai alai.
Since 2005, only Off-Track Betting (OTB) sites exist in Connecticut.
It is illegal to own a slot machine in the state of Connecticut privately.
Connecticut’s two tribal casinos have tribal gaming agencies, including
enforcement, as outlined in their negotiated tribal-state gaming compacts.
However, the state of Connecticut has its Gaming Division,
which provides oversight of gaming activities at tribal casinos
and regulates sports betting at all OTB locations.
Connecticut’s remaining state gaming control boards are the Charitable Games
Section of the Gaming Division and the Connecticut Lottery Corporation.
Connecticut’s two federally-recognized tribes are the Mashantucket Pequot
Tribe, owners and operators of Foxwoods, and the Mohegan Tribe,
owners and operators of Mohegan Sun.
Through their Mohegan Gaming and Entertainment venture,
the Mohegan Tribe has expanded its gaming interests to international levels.
In 2019, they won the contract to operate two casinos
near Niagara Falls for the Ontario Province of Canada.
If completed, both tribes will operate a satellite casino proposed for
East Windsor together, not located on either of their tribal reservations.
There are two American Indian tribal casinos in Connecticut.
The largest casino in Connecticut is Mohegan Sun with
4,100 gaming machines and more than 300 table games in September of 2019.
The second-largest casino is Foxwoods Resort Casino
with 3,435 gaming machines and over 250 table games in September 2019.
The Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods casinos compete, always striving to be better
than the other. This ongoing competition is to the advantage of slots players as
well as resulting in these two tribal casinos having a world-wide reputation.
A proposed casino in East Windsor may, as reported by the Hartford Courant,
“blunt the competitive threat” of the MGM Springfield in Massachusetts.
This casino is a joint venture of the tribal owners and operators of Mohegan Sun
and Foxwoods, called MMCT Venture. A planned mid-2020 opening may get
delayed. If the proposed MGM Bridgeport also opens, perhaps as early as 2022,
when it will become the second-largest casino in Connecticut.
Expanded gaming in Connecticut, including state-wide sports betting,
is at something of a stalemate.
While MMCT Venture has received federal approval for Tribal Winds Casino
in East Windsor, negotiations with the state of Connecticut are ongoing.
There are no non-tribal, that is to say, commercial casinos in Connecticut
with slot machines. The two tribal casinos in Connecticut are:
1) Foxwoods Resort Casino in Ledyard, located 50 miles southeast of Hartford
and 60 miles southwest of Providence, Rhode Island and
2) Mohegan Sun in the town of Montville, the east end of
the area known as Uncasville, located 17 miles west of Foxwoods Casino.
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As an alternative to enjoying Connecticut slot machine casino gambling,
consider exploring casino options in a nearby state. Bordering Connecticut is,
to the north, Massachusetts. To the east, Rhode Island.
And, to the west, the state of New York.
Theoretical payout limits have not been set in either tribal-state compact for
either tribe owning the Mohegan Sun and Foxwoods casinos. However, these
gaming compacts require they report actual return statistics to the state of
Connecticut. Each month, Connecticut’s Gaming Division provides
these return statistics by casino, including casino hold% and player win%.
Further, the American Casino Guide’s Connecticut entry has annual return
statistics for each tribal casino by slot machine denomination. These “extra”
return statistics are from the state of Connecticut’s
Department of Special Revenue but are not generally available to the public.
Database access requires a special password-protected permission,
which I have recently requested from the state.
Over the last year, Foxwoods has reduced its slot machines by 1,302,
from 4,907 to 3,435 gaming machines,
in part due to its temporary closing of Festival Casino for renovations.
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