Cool Jobs: Keeping Our History Alive

Cool Jobs: Keeping Our History Alive

The nickname for the USS Constitution is
Old Ironsides.
33 battles the USS Constitution has been in and undefeated
The HMS Guerriere in a famous
battle in the War of 1812
you know the Guerriere was returning
fire and literally the cannonballs would
hit the side of the ship and fall down
into the water so sailors seeing that
“Huzzah her sides be made of iron!”.
So Old Ironsides.
My name is Charles Hardeman
Petty Officer Second Class and
I’m stationed aboard the USS Constitution.
I’m from New Jersey,
Atlantic City area and my mom has worked
in the casinos my whole life. So we found
ourselves kind of you know whether it be
kind of moving a lot or her changing
jobs and things like that we always kind
of had to flex and adapt. I don’t like to
be too serious I like to kind of play it
cool and have fun. I think I realized
that especially in high school when I
kind of just gravitated toward the
theater and just performing.
We mutually
pledge to each other our lives our
fortunes and our sacred honor.
This ship
was originally built to have 44 guns so
this is where we this is where mainly we
take the fight to the enemy
The best thing about working on the
constitution is the fact that you’re
going to see new faces every day.

With the way duty works if you’re on duty
you’re out here giving tours engaging
with the public
so those duty days you get to look
forward to talking to new people
discussing new topics about the ship.
The questions that people ask will throw you
for a loop some of the things that they
want to know like how old things are the
purpose for something or anything like
that so it makes me just kind of
continue to learn and I’m still learning.
You’re gonna meet people that have
served already that will tell you their
own story, that will tell you their
experience with the Constitution so
that’s that’s good you know don’t I
don’t take it for granted
Hi how you doing guys my name is Petty
Officer 2nd class Charles Hardeman I
want to thank you for joining me on my
journey here at the USS Constitution if
you guys want to learn more about your
service members and want to get to know
your military please click on another
video otherwise have a fine Navy day

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  1. When I last saw the ship it was in a dry dock I believe it was undergoing a replacement of the copper at the time it looked like it was in water in the shots you took was it for a special event?

  2. I Am Just!,
    I Am The Lamb Back From Heaven Through Death Written of in My Holy Inspired Word of Revelations and I Am Calling Out For My 144,000 Military Leaders Throughout Earth!

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